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12:13 AM
TF2 Medic Mercy skin. I want
12:26 AM
Q: What are the differences in causal controls and regular controls?

WondercricketIn Pokémon Sword/Shield, there is an option in the game settings turn on “casual controls”. The I -game description of this states This mode makes it easier to play with one hand Earlier this year, I was gifted with my first child so I often find myself playing games with one hand. When I ...

@Yuuki I know I want it, after the let down that was the lack of continuation of the Starkiller saga
I really want this thing...
That's a lot of money
It's like... $300 less in USD ;_;
12:53 AM
Boo. My video card is failing. It can only output to three screens. :\
Somebody in Toronto is selling the DJ808 for $1000. That's only like a hundred more than this one
@GnomeSlice Wat
1:14 AM
Episode 3 is out!
@Frank Hooray!
...Of what?
@SaintWacko Arqade attempting to save the world with lots of bullets.
And the occasional explodey thing.
Today I learnt that climate change fiction is a thing, and it is exactly as horrific as it sounds
1:40 AM
Wow that guy is good
Q: Is teamunlocked.net a safe website to download games?

Sudhanshu BharadwajIt claims to be a website where one can download pirated games for free BUT Do the games downloaded from there actually work? Do they have any sort of Viruses? Or are there any other negative effects I should know about?

Anyone know why my rep shot up like crazy
I hit 20k+ in like one night and got 0 notification about it
until i noticed how high it was today
Nov 13 at 18:30, by Ash
Prepare for rep bumps - https://stackoverflow.blog/2019/11/13/were-rewarding-the-question-askers/
well that's something
went from just barely scraping by top 10 all time to breaking top 6
2:08 AM
Q: My Steam is all messed up

Sean XieA while ago, my steam store stopped working. There would be an ERROR: -101. So, I decided to troubleshoot the issue by visiting the online steam forums. I can't access those either as Google claims " The connection was reset. " Even more, I think this issue is also affecting my CS:GO server conne...

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3:51 AM
Q: Markdown or HTML for gamepad buttons

NolonarI've been wishing for this for a long time, but it seems nobody even mentioned this so far. I'm talking about markdowns or HTML tags for gamepad buttons. When talking about how to perform certain actions, we sometimes name the buttons that need to be pressed. For PC, we have the <kbd> tag. So f...

4:33 AM
Q: Identify old 3D game about launching bombs

cavpolloI'm trying to find more information about an old pc game (around the 2000's) that I used to play a lot. As far as I can remember the desktop shorcut was called "blastd", but that has gotten me nowhere. The basic premise was that you were supposed to launch bombs with parabolic paths, guided by ...

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5:34 AM
Q: 54 Games Missing From Steam Library

William KunsSince Steam forced it's new "improved" UI on its users, 54 games have vanished from my library—and that's just ONE Steam account; two others are similarly afflicted. All owned games show up in Games Owned in user profile, but one cannot MANAGE the games (install or launch, et cetera) from there. ...

6:12 AM
@Lazers2.0 funny enough since the change i had games show up. in the old UI free games would no longer appear if you uninstalled them but since the UI Change i got them back (a couple were Yuri ones)
1 hour later…
7:16 AM
Q: Where is Lava Warriors

Glitchcode 2447I found a Minecraft map a long while ago that I thought was called Lava Warriors I've been searching for it on and off using that name and all I can find is the Skyblock version. The version I'm searching for had four teams colored red, green, yellow and blue they all get placed in an arena with...

7:41 AM
Damn, I fell from top %1 to %2
7:56 AM
@Ave all time Rep ranking on Arqade?
@Memor-X yep
1 hour later…
9:19 AM
ok, despite having an English Dub Mugen Souls should be played in Japanese because not only do you get Peon Voices but during G-Castle battles the refereeing and Ryuto's intel are voiced, and you hear the Shampoorus as you fire them out of the canons
9:39 AM
Q: What's the advantage of a pre-built stove/fire/barrel?

KonerakWhen playing the long dark, I can easily make a fire outdoors. I even get the stones for free, all I need is matches, tinder, fuel (and accelerant is optional). Now sometimes I discover locations with a pre-built fire opportunity: a barrel, a stove, a belly pot fire... However, I still need the...

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11:00 AM
Q: How to stop autoplay of videos in Epic Games Launcher?

1000Gbpssince the beginning of this game client's life there is a significant performance drop when the user opens the page of game X - the main trailer or next gameplay video automatically starts playing. Wasted MBs/GBs of traffic, sometimes this hiccups the whole machine. Already asked their support an...

11:21 AM
Q: I lost my house

EddiSo I’ve been watching a few videos to find your lost house but some people weren’t so helpful suggesting hacks BEFORE you lost you house and that isn’t much help and I’ve lost my big house I made in minecraft in creative mode and as I am new to it I accidentally pressed the spawn point button and...

12:01 PM
Q: Is it possible to play the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series in Russian or Ukrainian with English translation?

user598527At least Shadow of Chernobyl mixes heavily accented English with Cyrillic speech. I would much rather play in Russian or Ukrainian (whichever can be considered as the original language track) with full English subtitles, like I did with the Metro series. I don't remember if the game world was ev...

12:42 PM
Q: Permission Commands not working (ChestCommands and LordPermissions)

mystifullI recently installed the two plugins ChestCommands and LordPermissions. But I find that I'm either using the permissions incorrectly or something is going wrong. I'm trying to make non-op's able to use my ChestCommand 'mainmenu' menu, so I tried this in LordPermission's globalgroups.yml file, un...

1:38 PM
@fredley huh.
> Mr Mikalsen says Carlings has sold between 200-250 digital pieces, but a search to find them on Instagram only resulted in four people who independently purchased from the collection and had no involvement with the company.
Q: Is there any known fix for Rockstar game launcher?

Barr JI have bought Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar using the official game launcher, however the launcher keep on crashing, throwing "Rockstar launcher exited unexpectedly" error and often even throws heap corruption error when trying to load RDR 2. Is there any known solution for this situation ...

2:07 PM
Good news: I now know I can heat my entire basement with a single baseboard register.
Bad news: that's because the electrician wired it wrong, and one of the registers was always on. It's also why my power bill looked to have an additional 700W of base load.
2:22 PM
@MBraedley O.o
Q: Getting huge CPU spikes. Causing crashes on win10. Help please!

Impr0viseAt first I thought I had a GPU problem and my screen kept turning black and coming back on. This lasted between 3-10seconds. I have tried multiple gpus and the problem persisted. Upon trying some fixes I have noticed that my CPU is spiking into the 90% region, even when its just sitting on deskto...

Q: como genero una bola de nieve disparada a donde yo vea?

Hielinoquiero hacer un comando que cuando con click derecho (esa parte la tengo hecha) de genere una bola de nieve disparada a donde YO vea y se ejecute algo, como lo hago?

@fredley At first I'm like oh, that's weird, but I mean...I guess it's not really? Although the fact they leave it up to you to fit it on your photo (as I understand this article) is totally room for some hilarity if done poorly
@Ash I think it's more the price than anything, £7500 is... a lot
2:35 PM
@Ash I've just fixed it, but it should go without saying that I shouldn't have had to.
The way the wires come into the box for the thermostat is wrong too, but I could easily tell that what he thought was was the line was really one of the loads.
@fredley Yeah, the fact people have that kind of money to just....throw away on something like that is kinda boggling.
@MBraedley I mean it's nice you had the skills to figure out what was going on, but yeah, you totally should not have had tyo
It's a little annoying because I've basically just lost out on 2 months of data. The majority of the heat was coming from registers that don't have connected thermostats.
There's another thermostat I need to replace, but first I need to supply it with 24Vac.
3:46 PM
Q: Dying Light - do we get new point of each legend level?

Herondo you know if each legend level should give us 1 legendary point to new skill? My question is because I'm on 3rd legend level and I have only 2 legendary points. Do you know is it ok or some bug that I missed one point?

Q: Fix bug in siwa

Flemming SønderstrupHello I have a bug problem. I get a message everytime I try to leave siwa,that I need to install something. But I can't seem to find what it is I need to install or what patch I'm missing, can you help?

3:59 PM
@fredley Can't wait for the first "that guy pirated my clothes" article
so, after almost 2 weeks of having gel nail polish on, I decided to take it off and try my thermal regular nail polish
except, I have no idea how to take it off
aka holy crap I did not expect this much effort
Q: Minecraft inventory glitch?

MoomoozSo I am on the latest version of Minecraft 1.14.4 I know that in the past version of Minecraft when using the inventory and moving items you can click and hold and just run your mouse over all the items to move them into a chest or into your inventory. Now I have to click each individual item in ...

Q: Does Felyne Temper affect arrows as did in classic games?

Arle CamilleIn classic games, Felyne Temper is known to increase damage of not only bowgun bullets but also bow arrows, while Felyne Sharpshooter didn't affect normal shots. (For those who are wondering, Felyne Temper is a random meal skill which boosts bowgun damage in some amount, and Felyne Sharpshooter i...

4:15 PM
so, I can't seem to be able to remove my gel nail polish 🤔 not sure how to proceed, lol
Uhm, nail file worst case? :o
@Elva that sounds like a terrible idea
you'd ruin your nails :x
also, it's extremely resistant to the nail file, lol
I tried filing the top layer so the nail polish remover would soak in better and it barely does anything
There's a reason it's worst case =p
They're uhm, not intended for easy removal according to the internets: instyle.com/news/…
4:24 PM
@Elva yeah, TIL 🤷🏼‍♀️
hey @Wrigglenite I saw that you removed the nintendo-switch tag from my recent questions... Does that mean that I should not be tagging questions with the platform I'm playing on? (I thought that was a thing on Arqade)
I still think I prefer gels over regular though, they're so easy to put on and they are so durable
I just need to figure out how to get them off the easiest way :P
@TheUnhandledException Correct, console tags should be used when the choice of console is important to the question
Thanks. I just found gaming.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/4638/… which appears related
There's this old meta which is still relevant
Q: Should questions always be tagged with either a console/platform or with "multi-platform"?

JaydlesWe appear to have instant consensus that a game tag (or game series tag) should be applied to all questions on specific titles. Should we also look to apply either a console or platform tag (iphone, OSX, Xbox-360) or a "multi-platform" tag to any question that refers to a specific game?

4:26 PM
It's tricky -- having not played this game on any other platform I don't know if the platform matters...
Q: Is there a finite number of enemies in Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime?

JoshWhen exploring the first two levels of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime we're finding that we can easily get overwhelmed when the Gumball ship gets surrounded, because of the delay in getting from one side of the ship to the other. It's much safer when we can pick the enemies off a few at a time.....

Q: Can you put multiple gems into the Gumball ship's equipment?

JoshIn Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime I have received three different types of gems inside little presents: In the early game (Ursa Major campaign) can more than one gem be added to the ship's equipment? I can't exactly determine what happens, because Can you put multiple gems into the Gumball...

Should I mention the platform in the question body if I'm unsure if the platform matters? Sometimes the port of a game differs from one platform to another, and I have no idea if that's true in my case
Generally it's unnecessary, but if you believe the game may have been changed with regards to porting to the console you're playing, it doesn't hurt to mention in the body
@Elise same!
Generally console tags should be used when the game either makes use of some of the console's functionality, or when various ports are vastly different between each other
4:29 PM
@Elva I'm learning as I go :P
Of course, if a game is only playable on a single console, the tag is unnecessary
when I was putting the gel polish on, I didn't know it stays sticky and needs to be wiped off
had one hand under the uv light for almost half an hour 🤦🏼‍♀️
until I decided to look it up, lol
@Wrigglenite Got it. Thanks for the advice and the tag cleanup!
Feel free to ask anytime you have doubts
4:41 PM
@Elva @Elise I mean, worst case is you go to a nail salon and pay them to remove the polish
@Nzall that's more than I'm willing to do 🤷🏼‍♀️
Assuming you have time for that
if nothing at home works, I can just leave it on until it chips off with time
soaking in nail polish remover seems to be working very slowly
might try the foil thing on my other hand...
The foil thing is what the salon does for gel (I've seem them do it)
So I highly suggest that
(They also use stronger acetone that you get from a beauty supply store, but it should work reasonably well with regular remover, foil, and some patience)
@Ash mine's non-acetone, so I'm not sure if it's gonna work as well
4:54 PM
It might take longer, yeah
but I've been soaking my left hand fingers for like 20 minutes now and i can scrape the gel off a little
yeah, the foil will just accelerate that som,e
hey bridge
I do the foil method for stubborn glitter polishes a lot
how you all doing with the crazy dramas
4:55 PM
We are mostly ignoring it, dont bring it in here please.
foils are so much effort though 😂
ok hahah awesome
but yeah, I'll give it a go for the rest of the nails
@Elise They are but trust me, it's weird chemistry magic
@Ash yeah, foil is magic for many things :P
4:57 PM
So true :P
@djsmiley2k-CoW We try to make this a drama-free space for the most part. If you want to talk about Drama that's not directly related to a game, we got the This is Fine channel
TIF is not just for drama, though
it's for news/politics, and the SE stuff isn't really either
I for one am never dramatic
@TimStone That's because you're @TimStone.
I don't think any of us are dramatic.
5:21 PM
The holiday fruitcake...is cooking!
@ToxicFrog ooooh
@Ash this year we're going for a bunch of smaller 4-6" cakes rather than one huge 10" one
Q: How to delete a game file?

PhoenixOkay, so there are currently two accounts in my Switch system, and I wanted to see if the second account (lovingly named as Guest) has a different save file or something. I soon found out that it did; I was sent to the character creation rather than from where I left it off in Account #1. Anyway...

Q: Please help find way back to house on Minecraft

SharonnMy daughter has spent a long time making a big house in creative mode of Minecraft and now someone else has played in that world and she can't navigate back to his house. Can anyone help? She did go into survival mode and killed herself and re spawned but it didn’t take her back to her house. S...

5:49 PM
@ToxicFrog This mostly reminds me I can't recall what fruitcake tastes like.
6:09 PM
Q: How do i transfer animal crossing save data

Autumm PedutoSo i have a New 3ds XL, thing is it’s very old and i found a new cheap one. I have Animal Crossing Welcome Amiibo downloaded onto my 3ds and I was wondering if there was any way i could transfer the downloaded copy onto the new 3ds. If not I might not get a new one.

Well, if you want some, let me know! In 6-8 weeks when it's done ripening, anyways :P
7:07 PM
Pokemon Sword and Shield crashes Roku devices on the same network - reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/dxc5yg/…
7:38 PM
@Ash That's how you know it's fruitcake.
Pls don't bring a cat to such a huge event but I'm going full send on smudge merch
oh I dunno
some cats really love attention and don't care about lots of people etc. As long as it's cared for properly, I don't see an issue
@PrivatePansy So... Your Roku gets Rotom'd?
Heh, not mine, but man it's kind of crazy how poor security on networked devices are
7:56 PM
New pokemon also apparently sometimes completely erases your switch SD card
@PrivatePansy it's crazy how enterprise networking has gone backwards in this regard.
8:54 PM
Q: Where does Minecraft store scoreboard objectives?

Jaïr PaalmanAfter testing out a few datapacks, my Minecraft server is loaded with redundant scoreboard objectives that are no longer updated. I'm looking for a quick way to remove all at once, so I removed the scoreboard.dat file from my world and rebooted the server, but all objectives remain. Therefore, m...

9:13 PM
I got news today that a classmate of mine from high school died in March of this year
Q: Minecraft 1.14 detect selected item name

user240259Need some help getting a 1.14 command block to detect the item in hand by it's display name. This works for find just the item kind: /execute if entity @p[nbt={SelectedItem:{id:"minecraft:heart_of_the_sea"}}] run say hello But when trying to do it based on display name: /execute if entity @...

1 hour later…
10:14 PM
So I just got a bunch of Mortarboard badges
@Nzall sorry to hear
10:36 PM
Q: Executing a command over a long distance

DM01131I'm using MC Bedrock (On Windows 10), and I want to execute a command at 5000 ~ 5000 using a command block placed at 0 ~ 0. I know this is because command blocks have a limit of 100 blocks in which to execute their command. I have attempted to circumvent this with a very long loop of /execute com...

dam tabs, almost posted my yuri here instead of Maid Cafe because the tab order got swapped weirdly
11:17 PM
Q: Which online games don't require servers and allow players using PC and Mac simultaneously?

RyanMy family members and I live in different states and would love to play video games against each other. In the past, we played Command & Conquer Generals and vaguely remember that we could connect directly via our IPs and weren't dependent on a third-party server (or maybe it was for an earlier ...

Q: Terraria Item Stacks

RiotRuthi've been playing around with Terrasavr for building things in terraria and was wondering what are the stacking categories, like for example fallen stars stack up to 99 and dirt stacks up to 999. is there a certain category that stacks a certain way? what items stack at 99 and what items stack at...

11:28 PM
@Memor-X Some of us won't mind
@PrivatePansy doesn't mean it couldn't get flagged :P
11:42 PM
Well, this is mildly horrifying. What have I invited on board?
Oh is this Sunless Skies?
Yup. The Princess is here too
How is it compared to Sunless Seas?
Better in a lot of ways. The game moves faster, the combat makes more sense, and the world feels larger
I always felt that game was pulling itself apart between the story told on shore and the story told on the zee
11:46 PM
Hmmm, I've always thought that the bulk of the story is told at ports.
@PrivatePansy Is it still a roguelike framework?
@PrivatePansy Yes that's totally what I'm speaking to.
It feels like you're alternating between two completely different games
Sort of, but a lot more is now passed down. Your entire ship, most of your experience, some story progress and your map
And of course you can always opt for non-permadeath
One is a text adventure told at port, one is a management game where you could die any moment and lose all the progress you had in the first game.
Also you can now adjust resource consumption and combat difficulty
@PrivatePansy Ah interesting.
If they could actually incorporate the permadeath more fully in the story I don't think it would be as big a problem for me.
11:50 PM
Trading is also now a lot more formalized because you can collect prospects, which are specific orders you need to fulfill, and bargains are now randomly generated at ports
In the first game it felt like an incidental consequence of the game type they had chosen, rather then something that actually fed into the story.
@PrivatePansy Ah that might prevent me getting stuck in a trade route rut again.
The purpose of the permadeath system is to try to give every decision more weight, but the game still suffers from that same issue
and I'm dunking on Sunless Sea a lot, but that's mainly because I really really like playing both halves of the game despite them not really fitting together.
Oh yeah on a related note I'm trying out Cultist Simulator.
The whole card game/clicker UI seems well done

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