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12:11 AM
@Wipqozn Oh shit, is that what the 4.0.0 announcement was?
@Nzall But EA bad...
@SaintWacko Maybe? I don't really follow POE, so I'm not sure. Their website has more details though.
12:27 AM
@Wipqozn Also, yes, you should make time for PoE. It's a lot of fun
12:40 AM
ive been considering doing a teaching stream for warframe where i help people with missions or help people learn how to play/build.
That would be neat
12:58 AM
ill have to play around with my stream settings to see how it works.
i could stream through discord fairly easily i think
not sure if i have it setup for twitch
2 hours later…
2:48 AM
@SaintWacko I mean I don't think anyone thinks EA makes terrible games. At worst mediocre maybe
It's mostly their business practice that gets them flak
3:28 AM
Q: What do farming cycles control?

UnionhawkThe Hardcore Harvester relic says "Farming cycles occur every 1 minute instead of every 5 minutes". Obviously this means that crops grow five times faster, but is there anything else controlled by farming cycles that will happen 5 times faster? Should I check my compost bins more often, for insta...

3:52 AM
@PrivatePansy well because of those they made some bad games, like the ones where their macro-transactions had to be removed and the game is unplayable
well unplayable as in unbearably grindy
1 hour later…
5:10 AM
Q: How to use the odradek to hide?

AlanI recently received an Odradek upgrade that is supposed to let you generate a holographic structure in which you can hide. I got busy doing other missions and forgot about it, and now can't remember what it said about how to use that feature. How do you create a holographic structure with the O...

2 hours later…
6:57 AM
I should find a way to sell $150 or so of bitcoin
7:29 AM
Q: What games name is this and is it PS2, or PS3 or/and PS4?

Zachary WhitakerWho is the girl with white hair that also wears a black thing over her eyes and black closes?

8:23 AM
@Ash After playing this game for a few hours, I doubt the accuracy of 'stupidly' in this claim.
This is tougher than I thought it would be.
1 hour later…
9:29 AM
Q: What is the earliest moment in the game where I can kill Phineas Welles?

MMMEven though Welles revived me from my eternal slumber, I do not like him in the least and I want to kill him as soon as possible. What is the earliest moment in the game where I can kill Phineas Vernon Welles? I was hoping for his lab but unfortunately he locked himself in a room made of bullet...

2 hours later…
11:27 AM
Actually a Juinea Pij sounds ok
12:11 PM
Q: How to initiate pokemon trade with friend?

PTwrI got Sword, he got Shield. . We are sitting next on same couch, connected to same WiFi. We got online subscriptions active. Dynamax fight works both in Local Connection and in Internet mode. We can join each other without problems. Random people from other side of globe can join our trades. W...

Q: what's the use of the parent item/generated in making texture packs

JoeI've been making a texture pack for a datapack in Minecraft 1.14. in the json file for the items (where I allocate the path for the textures I think) I've been using: "parent": "item/template_spawn_egg", but when I came to searching up an issue with the spots I found that they used a different ...

1 hour later…
1:13 PM
Q: I have 2 almost identical computers and I wonder which one to get

BenWith black Friday knocks at our door I have a question. This is the first one, sorry for the Hebrew I just copied it from their site. the price of this one is 3,100₪ (The equivalent of 892 U.S Dollars) It has SSD 256GGB This one cost 2,990₪ (which is equivalent to 861 U.S Dollars) Sorry again...

1:25 PM
@Lazers2.0 V2C shopping recommendation
Q: What do the red switches do in Superliminal?

AsunezFrom time to time, in the recently released game Superliminal (portal-esque game based on perspective) you can find red switches that can be interacted with like this one: They can be only flipped once, so once flipped you cannot interact with them anymore. Is there any purpose to them, or are...

1 hour later…
3:02 PM
@Coronus Oh, this tour is MUCH harder than the last one.
I'm not doing nearly as well.
1 hour later…
4:16 PM
Q: Where does Junkrat's RIP-Tire name come from?

Teleporting GoatI assume it's a pun but I'm not a native speaker and I don't get why it's named like that. Is it RIP as in "rest in peace"? Is it a pun on "riptide"? (Considering he's Australian. afaik that word seems important in Australian culture) Does "rip" just have its literal sense, "to tear", like a ti...

4:55 PM
Haha, today's weather forecast is just fog
5:38 PM
Q: I accidentally retracted my flag. How can I put it back?

HackerOriginal Question asked: Is there a way to make a piston push a block and make it into an item? Possible duplicate:How can I make an automatic cobblestone breaker? Is there still a way to alert the duplicate to an admin

Q: I accidentally retracted my flag. How can I put it back?

HackerOriginal Question asked: Is there a way to make a piston push a block and make it into an item? Possible duplicate:How can I make an automatic cobblestone breaker? Is there still a way to alert the duplicate to an admin

5:58 PM
Q: How to get to the East and West world now that they're blocked by cursed rock?

Ryan_LIn older versions, the walls were just Extremely Dense Rock, and with luminous drills or enough black holes you could tunnel right through. Now though the cursed rock kills you very quickly. In fact, it hurts even if you don't touch it; just being where it used to be hurts. So what can I do? ...

6:13 PM
Coworkers are here decorating the new office for Christmas. They had a 4 foot fake tree with coloured lights from the old building that they weren't going to use, so they gifted it to me for my new place and I am inordinately excited about this.
@Ash Free christmas!
6:35 PM
My mom apparently has a box of ornaments for me that she's been saving for me over the years, too :D
How to get all the starters in the new Pokémon game on switch twitter.com/Arekkz/status/1195284623410040832?s=19
Cc @Yuuki @GodEmperorDune @Ash
Oh man, Baba Is You get level editor and online level sharing in 2020
@Wipqozn Oh, wow, easier than I thought :P
6:59 PM
@Ash Are you allowed to celebrate Christmas in your Bahai'i religion or however you write it?
Allowed? Sure. Do we place the same emphasis on Christ's birth as Christians do? Not really.
But we're supposed to like...still be a part of our local reality and stuff. :)
(Also, it's spelled Baha'i, you were pretty close.)
7:40 PM
Q: Why do I get a popup saying hardware configuration has changed?

DaddyMikeSometimes when I start Modern Warfare 2 on my Windows 10 laptop, i get a popup asking me if I want to set optimal settings because my hardware configuration changed since the last time I played. If I press yes, my resolution drops, the game takes up 1/4th of my screen... Why do I get the popup if...

So I'mma gonna put up my little tree and some decorations, and it's going to be lovely and welcoming and festive and nice.
1 hour later…
9:02 PM
Q: How do I retexture a sign?

LeafAs far as I can tell, the Birch Sign just uses the Birch Planks texture. So, if I were to want a sign made of wool, I would change the texture for Birch Planks to wool. However, I did this, and the sign didn't change. Since there's no "Birch Wood Sign" texture in the "block" folder, how would I g...

1 hour later…
10:19 PM
10:44 PM
Q: How do I get up the slippery slope between the two ridged walls in Bogano?

EllesedilIn the Subterranean area of Bogano, your character learns how to wall run pretty much right next to a massive slope that you can't run up that is nestled in between two really tall walls that are ridged. Presumably, you're supposed to use wall run to jump between the walls to reach the top bef...

Q: Is there any reason to not limit a games framerate to your monitors refresh rate?

TigersEye120The title mostly speaks for itself: For example on a 60Hz monitor, do I get any benefit from >60FPS? I am aware of this question, which asks for the exact opposite, and the accepted answer states some advantages of capping your framerate. I want to know whether there are any advantages of not ca...

10:57 PM
hmm trying to decide whether i want to get the new star wars game

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