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12:38 AM
@Unionhawk Rekt
12:57 AM
Ever wondered if accessibility matters? Check out @kolorblindOW's reaction to #Overwatch's colorblind upgrade. What #gamedev #indiedev wouldn't want to see these emotions towards their work? From 2:04:00 here, hope it makes your day as much as it made mine http://www.twitch.tv/kolorblind/v/312970765?sr=a&t=7453s
1:34 AM
@Unionhawk This is fantastic.
As a person with colourblindness I really appreciate it when devs put options like this in the game
@Unionhawk This. This is why a11y MATTERS. Like her joy was just aaaaaugh my heart
@Ash *her apparently but yes :)
SO much happy
Also Ian Hamilton is an excellent accessibility follow.
1:59 AM
@Ash any relation? :p
giggles I have no idea
2:45 AM
(I just checked that out finally and yeah that looks super easy for blizzard to do on their end since they already did color modification stuff for OWL but STILL THOUGH)
@Unionhawk well this does it, i have bought overwatch now
3:17 AM
Power's out for the whole town, battery at 47%... Can only get good data reception near window...
@TrentHawkins i blame @Wipqozn
dunno how many people here do, but for those of you that do use accessibility features in games with them, which ones do you find the most useful? im curious about ones that affect gameplay esp. because that's always tricky
@quartata subtitles
subtitles are my #1 and games are pretty bad at them compared to movies/tv
closed captioning in games akways seems to be such a mixed bag, dialogue is almost always there but SFX...
Being able to change colours of things, also subtitles
3:30 AM
Yeah, subtitles in games are less standardized than in film or TV so
it gets weird sometimes
@quartata dialogue is not always correct, some games do it real well, other games its like reading 3 pt white on white background and a mess
Valve games have closed captioning down pretty well though for instance
Source is the only engine ive ever seen that makes them easy
the tomb raider reboot series does captions well
diff color text for diff voices
@Ash color for UI, or like being able to do color correction for the scene
3:31 AM
and the 50% opacity gray background for legibility
both seem like good ideas. show a sample image and let people adjust reds and greens or whatever colors are problems
not sure if it counts as accessibility feature, but lego games sometimes have quicktime event sorta things where you gotta button mash, and there is usually a cheat that makes it so a single press solves the thing or you just hold down, which is much easier
@GodEmperorDune QTE are the death of me so I appreciate that, that's definitely an a11ything
YES! I was tihnking aobut that but I couldn't find links
3:34 AM
there was another game i just saw that in....
@quartata ideally both but I will settle for UI
@Ash lego is slightly better than a QTE in that you usually can't fail the thing, but it does block progress until you do it
the QTE thing
@quartata Spiderman has QTE autocomplete
think it was the new spiderman yeah
3:35 AM
That reminds me I need to update my WoW addon question and bounty it
and a bunch of other options
@Unionhawk yeah spiderman's a11y is great
I dont think ive seen a game that lets you have your own color profile, but they really should because the developers already have the tools for it
@quartata apparently overwatch does now
Battlefield One lets you pick UI colors too
3:37 AM
Ash was talking abut scene color correction
which would entail a tool like this:
(Ideally I want a thing where I can say "I CANT SEE THIS SHADE OF BLUE MAKE IT NOT THAT" but I understand that's damn hard)
ah, yeah UI is easy but full filter seems like it would be harder
this is source's color correction UI
Because I don't want ALL the colours to alter, just most of the lighter blue spectra
obviously this is end-user unfriendly
but the idea is you click on parts of that image (Select Nearby RGB is the selection option, like the fuzzy select in GIMP)
3:38 AM
@quartata hue
and then play with the sliders
and afterwards save the profile for use in your map
with an entity
@quartata i dunno how that would be overall applicable to like every scene in the game
if all you're after is adjusting red or green colors it would work to have one profile
just little adjustments
might not look great everywhere though
The UI would need to be cut down a lot
most of this stuff is not needed
but i think it could be done
@Unionhawk these look good
I'll watch them a little later
@quartata Literally everything he does is really good if you're in any way interested in game design
I should patreon hmm
interesting also: a lot of games don't offer ways to change font sizes. which seems like a giant no-brainer if you're coming from desktop applications
3:45 AM
@quartata iirc spiderman does
god, I'd love to be able to make our corporate app resize in a nice way but alas
that would pretty much require taking an axe to the entire thing
and yeah, there is different font needs for playing up next to a pc vs projecting onto a big screen and sitting far away
which needs to happen anyway
but that's only partially related
So often colour stuff is like just adjusting red and green and thats....not helpful :(
Like i am sure it is helpful for a lot of people but not me :(
@Ash yeah ideally it lets you color pick everything, less than ideally at least cover the main colorblind combos
3:50 AM
Well those sliders would allow for pretty much whatever, it's HSV. I just meant that most adjustments probably wont be so big that a profile wouldnt be presentable from map to map
WoW has various colourblind filters, but they don't really help me much :(
They're probably the same as Overwatch had/still has lol
ideally you should be able to pop that window up any time if you need a quick adjust, throw in some presets, ...
@Ash maybe they'll reimplement the overwatch design
that would be SO GOOD
Like that would fix my entire problem
3:52 AM
does wow still have an ungodly number of UI mods though?
how customizable is WoW anyways
I assume it'd be a bit more work there since all this really does is implement OWL color changes on the client but like
the same principles apply
@quartata With mods or without?
I just want customizeable nameplate colours
that's aaaaaaall
just wondered what Blizzard even lets you mod
a lot
3:55 AM
they werent a big fan of cosmetic mods for OW
(never played WoW at all)
@quartata back when i played (long long ago), there were thousands of wow mods, most of which were cosmetic
this was on top of some stuff that wow let you do inside the vanilla game client with lua scripting
raid helpers were all over the place
even class specific mods
multiplayer games often justify not having closed captions because they think they give an advantage, but it seems like to me it's an advantage everyone should have. i dont think getting the most expensive headphones so you can hear footsteps is fair to anyone
@GodEmperorDune Lua? huh...
@quartata yeah there was a youtube video posted in here about how to do it properly so no one is overly advantaged
it might even be one that @uni linked earlier
I think he gets into it yeah
in singleplayer games it's not a problem because most NPCs smell sounds from anywere... which admittedly is also dumb
I'll have to watch it then. Probably need to have falloffs for the sounds displaying captions
4:04 AM
aaaaaaaaaaaa yay
@Ash ???
I am revered with Storm's Wake now so I just need 250 pet charms
I want this SO MUCH
@Ash like give 250 belly scritches to a good boi?
is the bee a mount
@GodEmperorDune giggles I wish, I think it means WoW pet battles
@quartata no
4:05 AM
@Ash then you can BEE friends
I am pretty sure they're going to make the bee an achieveable mount
hell yeah
(There's a bee you ride from the meadery in Stormsong somewhere iirc from flightpoints)
nightmares havent got anything on killer bees
@Ash more like meaderbee imo
4:06 AM
Like I'd ride it, have the bee pet and it would bee perfect
they should let you construct beehives to complete the bee experience
@quartata there is a bee incremental on ios that does this
@GodEmperorDune excuse me what
Also today for a world quest we fought the Beehemoth
oh of course
4:08 AM
@Ash you make hives and hire bees and sell honey
@GodEmperorDune eeeeeeep
(I like bees as much as I like whales which is A LOT)
not sure if there is an android version and it gets repetitive
the ads were annoying too
I found it
Imma gonna try it
Sorry sorry sorry we just ran into one of my hyperfocuses I'm sorry I will shhhh about bees
4:14 AM
@TrentHawkins My eyes! Power outages were widespread, and they said some areas might not be fixed until morning. So I turned in, and was staring at the ceiling for a bit... and it turns out I left the lightswitch in the on position.
@TrentHawkins who needs eyeballs anyhow
@Ash well TIL
(whales, trains, bees.)
@Ash Clearly not I! Eyes are fine though. I'll just have a built in targeting reticle for a bit.
@TrentHawkins basically you're like that much closer to superhero status. Or super villain, maybe
4:33 AM
@Ash Hmm... villain... I should take a refresher on the evil overlord list.
5:13 AM
Q: How are the corruptor arrows supposed to work?

AlanThe descriptive text that displays during map loads says that Corruptor arrows turn a machine hostile to ANY other machine. However, I just shot a Longleg with a Corruptor arrow, and it was standing right next to another Longleg and it did not turn hostile toward the other. What am I missing?

Q: How do I test for a named item in a players inventory? (Minecraft 1.13)

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Q: Do i have to download and install more data for the DLC of FFXV if i already fully updated the game?

BeavoruDo i have to download and install more data for the DLC of FFXV if i already fully updated the game? I have the standard FFXV version of PS4, already fully completed the game (all story/side-missions done) so i'm willing to buy the DLCs (the three character episodes, comrades and royal dlc edit...

6:02 AM
Q: Cannot update Amazon Prime app on my PS3

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1 hour later…
7:07 AM
Q: Diablo 2 - Does Dracul's Grasp cast life tap on Javazon?

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2 hours later…
9:23 AM
playing botw with linkle
"A MAN?"
9:34 AM
Q: The Platinum Chip in Fallout 3 New Vegas

KeltariI never played Fallout 3 or later, so the story is new to me. I was watching a walkthrough and Mr. House explained he spent 200 years LOOKING for a chip to "upgrade the OS and drivers?" WTF?! We learned from Yes Man that the Securitrons can be reprogrammed by at least one other person. In 20...

9:46 AM
Well, that was the most amusing Ultra Greed / Ultra Greedier fight I've ever had in The Binding Of Isaac. Eve with her bird, revenge fly, some other wandering familiar, and gnawed leaf. Just damage myself once at the start of the room and hands off the keyboard. :D
10:40 AM
@Ave :/
Still want to make that dialogue patch in my copious free time ha ha ha sob
just do what I do
and don't do your responsibilities
oh and @Ash, bacon was quite tasty, but it's way too expensive for what it is
I think we paid like 15try for 100g
which is like 7 slices
Yeah it's quite an expensive meat
@Ave depending on what your local meatscape is like you might be able to get "bacon ends" for much, much cheaper, which is just all the weirdly misshapen slices they couldn't fit into a nice rectangular packet
bacon is usually imported, so that's not quite possible
There's a lot of stuff I don't miss about living in a small rural town but easy access to bacon ends is one of those things.
Aah. :/
10:49 AM
I might look around to see if there's any butchers that deal with pork in christian regions of the city
And yeah the problem is that if I don't do my responsibilities I end up futzing around with Metroid Prime randomizers or remaking Dungeons of Dredmor or something instead of modding BotW
But if I ever do make that mod in a fit of madness I'll be sure to tell you about it
(although it will be for the WiiU version since that's what I have, and I have no idea how compatible the versions are)
they're rather compatible I believe
I should probably get around to doing my responsibilities too, otherwise I won't be able to go to work tomorrow
1 hour later…
11:54 AM
yay I did the first part of today's adult stuff
(started washing clothes, will hang them later and be done with adult stuff)
12:24 PM
@Ave that's fair! For me it's easy to acquire because I have family who raise a pig or two every year so they supply me with much pork. But if you don't have that I can see how it would be much harder.
12:48 PM
Bingo bango bongo
bish bash bosh
fish bash zsh
1:14 PM
Thane gets some feedback from Fiona before he leads the World’s Largest Chicken Dance on Sunday at noon! @OktoberfestZinz #TeamFiona https://t.co/6ckNKBjSfM
Q: How to I unlock Death Wish?

Shadow Z.I downloaded the Hat in Time DLC recently, but I do not have access to the Death Wish mode. I have beaten all of the boss battles What must I do to unlock Death Wish?

1:40 PM
hanged up clothes
2:10 PM
Q: Setblock Signs in MCPE

DM01131Is there a way in which I can /setblock signs in MCPE WITH TEXT? I wanted to have command blocks that setblock signs with text in them. I tried: /setblock ~ ~ ~ standing_sign 0 replace but I don't know how to do the acctual text. Is what I'm asking possible and if it is, how can I do this? Tha...

2:20 PM
Re: I got laid off at Telltale None of my sleepless nights or long hours on weekends trying to ship a game on time got me severance today. Don’t work overtime unless you’re paid for it, y’all. Protect your health. Companies don’t care about you.
@Unionhawk Stuff like this makes me really glad I never bought any of their games
Sucks these folks are out of jobs, but seems like a complete trash heap of a company
Although sadly a lot of gaming companies seem to have similar issues
I guess it used to be really good at once, then eventually went into hell as a result of management
2:54 PM
I learned that if you paid market price of tuna for me I would cost 5700 dollars!
(I am at the aquarium)
3:11 PM
@Ave ugh that reminds me I have a bunch of laundry to fold
@Ave hue
@Ash is this that fancy Japanese tuna market? I thought each fish was priced individually
@Ash yay that sounds like a funday sunday
@Ash also I humbly request that you share any other cool TILs
TIL that the Goliath Grouper farts a tremendous sound to signal its mate.
3:31 PM
Yes Goliath grouper, extremely same
You guys, Nike's robots.txt says "just crawl it." #seo #webdev
3:48 PM
Q: Trying to implement Minecraft's beta & alpha passive mob spawning system into Minecraft 1.12 and failing miserably

Diarrhös DesaströsSo as the title says, I'm trying to implement the old passive mob (sheep, cow, chicken, pig) spawning system from the alpha and beta until b1.7.3 into Minecraft release 1.12. And I fail. Why do I want this? Nostalgia. And because in newer minecraft versions passive mob spawns are so rare, the...

4:04 PM
Q: why does Don't starve upon starting say 'error during initialization'

sakib6198I have a acer swift 3 with intel graphics 620 with 8gb ram. I tried installing direct x but that didn't help

4:53 PM
Q: What is the speed solution to Year 25 "My First Shredding Memory"?

SvishI have the following solution to the puzzle, which solves the size challenge, but for time I need to shave off 7+ seconds (target = 132, my best = 139), and I don't understand how... 🤔 Basically, I think the problem is that the humans aren't getting out of the way at the end (when there's no mo...

@Ave Oh I hadn't thought of that part of the equation... I found it a little strange that you've had 0 exposure to bacon
Seems like Istanbul would be urban enough to have haram stuff like that but
@Wipqozn This is generally all companies, not just gaming ones.
5:11 PM
@Frank gaming seems to be a lot more....obvious
@Ash To a degree, yes. Crunch, especially, is endemic in gaming.
It's also an incredibly good argument to unionize.
game( develope)rs rise up
5:31 PM
Our friends and members from Telltale: We see you. We are you. Take the time you need to rest and recover, but know that we are here for you. Only we, the workers, can forge a better industry. Our statement on the Telltale layoffs. https://www.gameworkersunite.org/blog/statement-on-the-telltale-layoffs
Q: Drop table for pots in Ocarina of Time

Smilez221Does anyone know the drop rate for items in pots in Ocarina of Time? I found a table for basically everything else (here if you're interested) but it doesn't include most pots. I know some pots drop the same thing every time (for instance, there's one pot in Goron City that always drops a Deku St...

Oh hey, @Unionhawk has Gifted combat intelligence.
You should all learn from the example set by @Unionhawk
5:46 PM
I just finished reading Avalanche, the last book in the Secret World Chronicles.
I miss City of Heroes now.
6:30 PM
Q: I'm a woman and about to lose my dynasty

StudokuAfter a bunch of political scheming and clever marriages, I made my wife queen of Aquitaine, making my son the heir to both Valencia and Aquitaine. Then he died. Then my other son died, leaving my daughter as heir. Due to the marriage, she was a member of my wife's court and I couldn't restrict ...

6:47 PM
Q: Play Diablo 2 with PS4 controller

Kolob CanyonI decided to try Steam because it has a nice controller mapping feature to Big Picture Mode. So what I did: Mapped the keys to PS4 controller for Diablo II config Enabled Steam Overlay (in both the global and game settings, this has to be enabled for the controller to work at all) Open Big Pic...

7:38 PM
Oh no
@Chippies, Rebecca Black (cc @fredley) and RIP @OrigamiRobot were on a covert mission together but got ambushed. NOW THEY NEED TO USE THEIR POWER OF FRIENDSHIP TO ESCAPE!
Also @GodEmperorDune and @Ronan are upgrading their soldier bonds. They're currently training in the training centre to become best friends.
I'm already best friends with everyone
Well you'll about to become even better best friends with @GodEmperorDune
That's the benefits you get. Hopefully there's no drawback if one of you die.
I mean, not that I plan on killing one of you, but you never know when a more valuable soldier needs a bullet taken
Am I not the most valuable?
Although come to think of it @Ronan is my only grenadier. I should really train someone to do that, in case he falls.
And also for those missions when he's tired
He needs a little nappy sometimes
I'm a growing boy
7:43 PM
@Ash is also my only sniper, which I also should fix
I've got a bunch of specialists and rangers though
8:45 PM
WEll that worked out!
Just did that ambush mission, got a flawless victory, and @origami got promted into a sniper and Rebecca Black into a grenadier
So basically Rebecca Black is the alternate for @Ronan
@Wipqozn are the promotions random? you don't select which one?
@quartata They're random unless you use the guerrilla tactics school
This was just a covert mission that I just tossed two randoms on along with @Chippies
Are they uniformly random?
Or does the game adjust for what you're missing?
I think the game does factor in how many of each soldier class you have, but that's just based on observation
@Wipqozn you're welcome
8:54 PM
@Chippies I hereby grant you the gift of not being put on meat shield duty for at least 1 mission
@Wipqozn hey, I saw "2" first
@Chippies My phone is more generous than I am
@Bridge, we should start a @Wipqozn union, to protect us from all the mistreatment we get
@Chippies I was always afraid the plebs would rise up against me, but I always assumed it would be @Unionhawk leading the charge, not @Chippies!
@Wipqozn eh, I'm not leading, I'm just throwing in a suggestion for someone else to pick up. My job here is done, back to being mistreated and not caring
9:00 PM
@Chippies Excellent. Apathy wins again!
Apathy is my most outstanding quality
9:20 PM
@Wipqozn I swim silently through the crowds. You will never see or hear me coming.
9:44 PM
So if a bonded soldier dies there is a negative drawback!
The living soldier goes berserk
Sorry @GodEmperorDune, but in my defense, that mission was bullshit. Almost all the enemy pods just all spawned together. Gosh darn terror missions.
I'm surprised I didn't lose more of you!
@Wipqozn more like the commander was bullshit, amirite @Ronan?
The only one who got out of the mission unharmed was @Unionhawk. That's what Gifted combat intelligence will do for ya!
You folks just need to be more like @Unionhawk
On the bright side @GodEmperorDune wasn't my only leveled ranger
That's xcom baby, et cetera
10:02 PM
Q: Can my units walk through my own toxic gas?

Buns GlazingThe Toxic Gas Grenade unit creates a persistent (for a while) area of effect that instantly takes down any enemy who wanders into it. I've used it a couple times to zone out doorways and windows, but am wondering if it's safe for my units to walk through the gas zone to get inside. For example,...

10:14 PM
@Chippies we should....
Uh oh it's spreading
Looks like a few folks are going on meat shield duty
10:30 PM
How do I keep managing to go to the gym the 1 hour a week it's womans only
The moral of the story is I should have done one more xcom mission before I headed off, since if I did then it would have been into the 1 hour a week it's the mens only hour
Luckily the gym is close, so now I'll just do one more XCOM mission and then head down again
Well at least it's close by lol but you do seem to run into that a lot lol
10:46 PM
@Ash I do
11:00 PM
Daaaamn @Fluttershy is off to a good start
He's going to replace @GodEmperorDune no problem. He'll become @Ronan new best friend.
Seriously @Fluttershy holy crap. Save some aliens for the other folks to kill.
wake up, look at my yuri feeds
はやく なかよく なりたいのだ #クッパ姫
hang on, who's the new girl *googles*......when did Bowser get Gender Swapped?
@Unionhawk is @Ronan new best friend!
Sorry @GodEmperorDune
@Memor-X its fan art, people do as they want?
@Wipqozn Hahaha aww
@Ash yeh but all of a sudden there seems to be alot of this Gender Swapped Bowser like this as if it's a new thing, which is surprising
apparently it's got something to do with that crown but haven't heard of any new Mario game
11:16 PM
shrug okay
at first i thought Shadow Queen was being introduced to Smash
Might just be some random fanon thing
The Super Crown turns Toadette into Peachette, so the extension is that the crown turns anyone into a Peach-lookalike. Bowser seems to be largely the favourite application of this so far
@TimStone following these links it looks to be coming from a new Mario game, was one announced in Tokyo Game Show?
i only really watched it for Jump Force to see any new character reveals like Black Cat Characters returning
11:44 PM
for fuck sakes
I'm lsoing due to a bug
Enemies went invisible with vanish but the're not unvanishing like they're supposed to
so I literally can't kill them or finish the mission
oh thank god flanking them works still
but they're supposed to unvanish when they attack. God that's frusrating. I lost a great soldier tot hat bullshit bug
My calculations were correct
Holy shit

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