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12:00 AM
and now everyone is going into a death spiral
man fuck that bug
That may have just killed my motivation completely
On the subject of standing in line for strudel, apple, cherry, apricot/almond, or pumpkin
You have 30 seconds
second place: apricot almond
apple is good
12:15 AM
I'd've voted cherry
apple strudel
Since I didn't pull my phone back out in time, and they only had apple and cherry, my snap decision went cherry
you chose correctly
he only makes us vote so we feel important. Our votes don't matter
@Chippies just like real world democracies!
12:19 AM
:( @Uni for president!
@Chippies :leftcomthink:
@Wipqozn lmao
@quartata relatedly, LSC released our platform yesterday
I will not be taking follow-up questions
12:35 AM
@Unionhawk excellent choice
@Unionhawk it gives me some hope for national
@quartata a NPC wants to join now
It rules
oh hey I hadn't heard that
We got the email and he indicated he wished for it to be public
12:58 AM
@Wipqozn friendship ended.jpg
1:16 AM
has anyone here tried any part of the hat in time dlc yet
Q: How do I make it rain in dragon quest xi?

BammaHammaThe title days it all, really. I'm trying to do a quest that involves slaying a monster that only comes out in the rain. I keep passing days at the nearest camp but I've been at it for a while and it won't rain. Am I doing the right thing or do I have the wrong idea, maybe? Please, help me out wi...

1:55 AM
@Wipqozn How goes Two Point Hospital?
2:38 AM
We attached a GoPro to @OhMeatball yesterday and let her run off-leash for a bit. As promised, here's a little #MeatballVision https://t.co/cvqMcURHbf
2:54 AM
looks like Jeph typo'd 3836 as 3636 and clobbered an old comic
Hopefully he has it saved...
3:11 AM
Q: How can I find people who actually want to play Minecraft Survival Mode with?

SNOWDOG947I currently only have one friend that I know who once in a while wants to play Minecraft but recently he's been busy doing other things. Me on the other hand, I have nothing else to do throughout the day after doing chores and working out so I usually spend the rest of my days just playing Minecr...

3:28 AM
Q: Pokemon Go won't let me log in with Google after app reinstall

BosleyI was getting intermittent black screens while using Pokemon Go, so I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. But when I try to log in now, it doesn't give me an option to sign in with google or Facebook like it used to. It just asks if I want to sign in with trainer club or Niantic kids. If I try ...

@quartata Ah, I wondered why my rss feed wasn't showing it properly
4:00 AM
Visualizing floating point precision loss, or "why #gamedev stuff behaves badly far from the origin" The blue dot is end of the desired vector. The black dot snaps to the closest representable point (in a simplified floating point grid with only 4 mantissa bits) https://t.co/o1HKYByIbS
Q: What do these numbers mean in L.A. Noire?

GGMGIn the first case of L.A. Noire, you track down a man to his apartment who appears to have had his gun stolen and used in a murder. In the apartment, you find a notebook with the homicide detective's name, Floyd Rose: However, to my knowledge Floyd is only mentioned in passing as having retire...

Q: How do I get through Vault 15? I'm told I need a rope, but can't find one

ThunderforgeI'm playing the original Fallout for the first time. I beat up some cave rats outside of Vault 13 and made it to Vault 15. However, I can't figure out how to progress in it. I made it to the elevator shaft, but I'm told that I need a rope for it. I've thoroughly searched the area, but I can't fin...

4:15 AM
@Unionhawk Pannen did an excellent demonstration of this in SM64 if you haven't seen it
@Unionhawk Hey, I know that person! They're one of my friends! :)
(The world is weird and small sometimes)
yep, @ash knows everyone
Not quite, just a very weirdly specific branching set of someones
1 hour later…
5:42 AM
Istanbul has blue taxis
w h y
apparently they're electric
and they cost like 3x more
apparently no
they're more comfortable, a number of them are electric and they're all forced to enroll to itaksi
(which is uber but by istanbul municipality)
(because taxi drivers [who are assholes that are considered unsafe by many] protested uber calling them "pirate transportation" and got them banned)
oh and blue ones are 15% more expensive
I'll probably go with them if I need to use taxis
6:37 AM
@Ave because blue is clam and relaxing
2 hours later…
8:23 AM
@Memor-X Are there also taxis with a color that's crayfish?
1 hour later…
9:25 AM
Q: Q : Hacker Experience Upload list dont appear?

XirtamWhen i clic upload button , normaly it appear a list of soft that i can upload to the server , but this no more happen , it changes from "upload ..." to " upload" without that list !?

1 hour later…
10:33 AM
@Wipqozn I still need a haircut, my hair hasn't been like that in over a year
11:13 AM
what the hell
My dealer service department isn't available until next Wednesday
So you're telling me I have to deal with a broken radio, and by extension broken android auto, until then?
11:34 AM
@Ronan FOREVER 16
So that released last month. I didn't even realize.
The opinion on it seems to be "meh"
Q: How do I generate Minecraft mods for MCPE?

OneOf6inMDI am experimenting with MCreator v1.8.0 on Windows, and want to export Minecraft mods to a Kindle Fire running Minecraft PE v1.6.1 and BlockLauncher v1.20.1. Is it possible to export from MCreator and import on the Kindle Fire? If these tools won't get me there, are there alternatives you can r...

@Memor-X Also, I think it might have originally been a Shadman comic that first showed this, but not sure
and I'm obviously not going to google it at work right now
Note: it was a SFW comic, not a pinup
oh wait, no, it wasn't Shadman
The Super Crown's some spicy new Mario lore
12:07 PM
@Wipqozn That doesn't even make any sense
If you don't age your haircut doesn't change either
I don't want to say that something @Wipqozn said made sense... but it did.
But I have shorter hair now, you can cut your hair without aging
Nope, you just reset every day
Wait, I'm stuck in a time loop?
Nah, the rest of the world keeps moving on, just your body is stuck
12:24 PM
Q: If i reject a relic, can i get it offered again in the same run?

kl78For some tactical reasons it could be wise to reject a relic offered as reward (e.g. Dead branch, bottled relics,...). I wonder, if i get offered the relic and reject it after a elite fight, is there a chance that i get the relic offered again after another elite fight in the same run? In that ...

This directly contradicts my I'm a growing boy comment, and it's starred so you know it's true
Nah, you're just fooling yourself
12:54 PM
@Ronan You may be a growing boy but you wont go past 16 since @Wipqozn will manage to kill you before that
So you dont have to worry about your hair
can I be done with this slayer task yet
come on
At least it's going way faster now that I've upgraded all the way from bone bolts to a rune crossbow with broad bolts
for like, +50 ranged strength and +20 ranged accuracy or something absurd like that
This is also a demonstration on why I should always bring a gem even if I'm using the runelite plugin, since mobile doesn't have that lol
so all I know is I still have some more to kill
@Ronan It's like the cells making up your body are stuck in a groundhog day loop
since I'm still allowed to kill these guys (this is a slayer task only area) and I haven't gotten a "you have completed a task and gained 10 points for a total of 309" notification yet
@Moacir That also explains it
This skill came out in 2005 lol
this game is old
yes, finally
good task good task good task...
> 150 desert lizards
1:09 PM
@Unionhawk I don't know Runescape, is that a bad task?
Hold on, the Soul Calibur beta starts at 11AM my time, on a Friday. While I'll be at work.
Ew :(
Clearly the solution is just to call in sick
I've done that (legitimately) recently, though.
@Slowpoke Womp Womp
@Slowpoke Is there any possibility that you work from home? Say you have personal matters to solve but you will be contactable or something like that
1:17 PM
@Moacir I don't like to work from home for non-legitimate reasons, because I actually work from home fairly frequently for legitimate reasons.
So best not to push it.
I have a few days to figure out what to do (one possibility just being "go to work and play later, you loser, why do you need to be playing the very first minute")
Being an adult with responsibilities suck sometimes
I actually loathe responsibility.
I miss all the free time I had in high school and college, so much.
@Nzall yes
They're low HP, which is fine I guess, but in order to get the kill, you have to use ice on them when they're below 5 hp
and it's in the desert so I have to be geared for that too
It's a melee task at least which will help me with my 1 more attack/defense/strength/hitpoints level for 85 combat, but otoh it's click intensive
1:41 PM
@Slowpoke just send your daughter to work in your place. I'm sure she's at that age where she's still adorable enough that no one will want to hurt her feelings by calling you on it.
@Wipqozn She needs to go to school :)
@Slowpoke just send your son to school then
Look at me solving problems
Haven't seen that one yet
1:57 PM
Everyone's timelines today. #Bowsette
2:33 PM
today in aveventures: I tried to convince a VERY anti-lgbt org to use our product
2:48 PM
@Ave How'd that go?
@Ave I assume you did that because you got orders from your company to do so? Because no offense, but you were probably the least appropriate person in your company to try and convince them
like, you've only worked there for a week, you are the kind of people the prospective client is against and AFAIK, you're a linux admin, not a sales drone
sorry, I could probably have stated that second point a bit better, like less offensive
Q: “Ask a question” wizard prototype

Jon ChanYou're all probably wondering who I am and where Joe is. I'm one of the developers on the Developer Affinity & Growth team with him, and I'm excited to tell you about a prototype that we'd love your feedback on. Questions and answers are what Stack Overflow is all about. The starting point for a...

> [ ] I need help with Minecraft crashing.
> Great! Here's the Mojang support site!
3:15 PM
We have a new pet!
@Yuuki how did this meme start? some of the artwork is fantastic
The Super Crown's some spicy new Mario lore
I could've sworn this was posted here before the weekend.
@Yuuki ah so bowsette is a trans girl, v. cool
Or bigender
3:17 PM
shame that insurance doesn't cover mushroom crowns for transitioning
Or something else :p
Either way, it's also cool that it's seemingly not an issue for Mario.
@Yuuki yeah the whole mushroom kingdom is quite woke in this aspect
Japan went wild for Bowsette over the weekend, there's been a lot of art from some prominent manga authors/artists.
@Yuuki And ...other artists
3:20 PM
ok i thought this was some sort of existing obscure character that went wild and not like a new thing with fresh fanart
@SaintWacko Honestly, that's the least surprising part of this whole thing.
because a lot of this art is very good quality and i didn't know it's possible to crank that out in a weekend
@GodEmperorDune Manga authors work fast.
Some artist can pump out good art really fricking fast
That's also why death from overwork is a common trope in stories about manga authors.
3:23 PM
@SaintWacko not good, not bad
@Nzall yup, yup
@Yuuki :/
@GodEmperorDune Yeah...
@PrivatePansy oh great, the targeted political ads are hitting YouTube.
3:56 PM
Not related to your video, but I got an anti-Fletcher ad (she's a Democrat running for Representative in Houston).
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🤠   🤠🤠🤠 🤠 🤠 🤠 👇 🤠🤠 👇   🤠 🤠   🤠  🤠   👢 👢 howdy. i'm the sheriff of cowboy hat face
4:13 PM
@Unionhawk more like the sheriff of obsolete memes
@PrivatePansy I know the point they're making but I am just like OMG THE WASTED FOOD
Q: How do I get "Olympic Spoiler"?

Awesome GamesI'm having some difficulty getting Olympic Spoiler. I know that you get it after doing something after the Olympics delayed pop-up, but I don't know what actions to take.

4:33 PM
@PrivatePansy This video stressed me out
4:43 PM
@Wipqozn It's fun but buggy af
For me it's been minor stuff but also like 'Did you guys even test your game?"
People with a low tolerance for bullshit would not like it in its current state
(but again, I'm having fun)
5:02 PM
@Yuuki lol
IMO, if you hate Trump, you vote for a Democrat, regardless of the candidates' merits. I don't like doing partisan politics, but you need to pick a side this time around.
@Sterno Yeah I've heard it's pretty buggy
I'll probably take a look at it in the new year
@bwDraco We're getting into TIF territory, but basically yeah. Also, I can't imagine anyone who believes Ted Cruz is willing to stand up for Texans when he won't even stand up for his family or even himself.
@Yuuki Yeah if you guys want to continue this further hop on over to TIF please and thank you gentlepeople
Also it appears that thing which killed me wasn't a bug but just my own failures as a commander
Yeah. I'm not really here to talk politics beyond a brief reply.
Yeah figured, but just wanted to toss that in there
5:12 PM
@Wipqozn Did that surprise anyone?
@Yuuki It surprised my cat. She believes in me!
but yeah it was a new alien I came across, since I haven't done a full WOTC run, and I was completley caught off guard and had no idea what was going on
So I was just being shot by invisible shit
and it killed @krazer :(
and then all shit started to go downhill
so now I need to either evac the mission or restart, because only 1 soldier is standing, and another is bleeding out
I’m not feeling sushi today, so what to food?
Let everyone die instead of restart. Dont prolong their suffering. We all know soon or later everyone will be killed with your tactics.
@Yuuki Mexican
5:24 PM
@Yuuki sushi
5:37 PM
If anyone in here is interested, the Magic: the Gathering Arena open beta starts on Thursday
It's free to play, but you start with a limited card pool and you have to either earn the other cards or buy them with real money
5:48 PM
Q: Old freeware (Glace Game) freezes Windows 10

user218676After playing this game in my childhood for hours, I wanted to pick it up again. It is a freeware game called Glace. You can find the game here https://archive.org/details/Glace . It is a very small game (< 5mb) and installs easily and with no problems. Sadly however, it will not work. I tried u...

@kessjrause @ZackKeller_ @stirpicus When we requested the animation for Rhys turning off Hyperion monitors in Tales from the Borderlands ep 5, the requested anim was worded as “Rhys flips off the monitors as he runs by.” What we got back was so good @ItsMeNickHerman decided to just go wth that. #TelltaleMemories
6:04 PM
Q: Attribute modifiers in inventory

Marcel Burdon KsiężakHow do I make items give you attributes when they are in the inventory? It only works when the player holds the item or wears it, but not when the item is in the inventory. Please help.

hi bridge
it's 9pm and I'm finally home
fact: I work from 8 to 5
but yeah the way back was fun
some guy selling flowers insisted that I was a girl and shipped me with my coworker who's double my age
salesman: "Perhaps flowers for the miss next to you?"
coworker: "he's male"
s: "no"
c: "he is."
today I: boyfailed
@Yuuki Sushi (serious suggest: Indian food)
@Wipqozn I'll get Indian food tomorrow.
@Ave rude
@Ave You've had a lot of stories lately that are a mixed bag. Where on one hand I'm really happy someone correctly gendered, but on the other there's someone else in the story being shitty. Sometimes it's one person doing both.
@Wipqozn And even when someone correctly genders, there's something else a little fukt going on. Like the salesperson trying to pair @Ave with their co-worker who's twice their age.
6:17 PM
So it's like I want to be `someone correctly gendered you that's awesome', but then there's the shittiness and it's just ahhh
@Yuuki yup
Q: How do I track which Korok seeds are left?

splattered bitsAll I’ve got left to do in Breath of the Wild is find all the Korok seeds. I’ve found almost half. I don’t actually want to walk every square inch of Hyrule looking for them. Are there any guides/maps/etc that I can use? I’d like something that I can check off/track as I go.

@Lazers2.0 ... how is there no korok seed map question/answer yet?
I could've sworn there was one for me to tag to this.
@Yuuki I think it's because almost no one has the patience to collect all of them
@Wipqozn A map definitely exists because I've seen it.
It's such an obvious question that I'm mostly surprised that it hasn't been asked here before.
inb7 this ends in a dumb "actually, this is a recommendation question" hole
6:35 PM
@Unionhawk oh that's a good point, I should mod close it. Thanks!
maniacal mod-laughter
(this one is slightly weirder than that one the other week)
(but eh)
@Unionhawk Did you mean to press f to pay respects?
6:57 PM
Looks like Netflix finally added a police procedural I can actually watch in Belgium
It's like every single one of the commonly broadcast ones, like CSI, Law & Order,... aren't available in Belgium
@Wipqozn I'm not out to coworker so I don't blame them
Q: Are there an infinite number of enemies?

MSaltersJust trying out WarFrame, and it seems that on most missions the number of enemies is literally infinite. Areas that I have cleared out are repopulated when I get back to them. If I don't re-clear the areas, I'm attached from behind. Is this indeed the case - are the enemies just boring distract...

Q: How do headsets distinguish between game audio and voice chat audio?

DennisWhile researching Xbox headsets I have read about multiple models that can regulate independently volume levels for game audio and chat audio. Which technology enables that? Is this some protocol agreed on between Xbox and headset manufacturers? In which separate channels is the audio informati...

7:26 PM
hey bridge help me name a server
it'll host an xmpp server
@Ave "bridgeboi"
also xmppboi
@Ave Server McXmppFace?
Alternately, "Tipping Creates Terrible Industry Conditions For Workers And Also <Remaining Diatribe Has Been Moved To 'This Is Fine'>".
@Ave interpres
@Ave What OS will it use?
you could name it "something Xavier" with something being a stealth pun for messaging using the first letter of the OS, so you can quickly remember the purpose
7:36 PM
@Nzall ubuntu 1804
I went with a really dumb and immature inside joke that'll look terrible on a legal document (an invoice)
pls no
@Ave yasss fam
anyways back to restoring prod
I love spending hours in commute and even more hours at work
then coming home to see that a prod server crashed and package updates broke a thing we run
and I can't fix it without a new server because we use a thing that needs lower versions on the same server
There are some government programs here in Brazil that requires an outdated version of Java, otherwise it doesnt work
Q: How do I scroll the user chat during a multiplayer match in CUBE 2: SAUERBRATEN?

beppe9000I know I can scroll the server log using the + and - buttons. I sometimes miss important messages from other players and wanted to scroll up the lower chat.

7:41 PM
And then for other things, it requires a newer version, which otherwise also wont work
oh you're from brazil?
the other person responsible for this xmpp server is brazilian too
Small world haha
I deal with software that requires legacy java too
java applets even
I know your pain. In a lower level, but I do haha
:sunglasses: the more painful my job is the more tech points I earn
if they used PROPER FUCKING TOOLS I wouldn't have my job
perhaps it'd be better if I didn't have it anyways. Java applets need to die.
7:44 PM
I love the fact that if people did what was right it would actually mean less jobs
Around 75% of what I do is because people ignore basic rules and mess everything
And they know the right way to do it
They just dont care
time to work
@Moacir well we'd have UBI if people did things right
yup, 90% of what helpdesk employees do is because a user fucked up and can't fix it themselves
or because they broke even more while trying to fix it
7:59 PM
8:32 PM
so i did 15 hours of work today
and conclusion: I hate tech
Technology came to solve problems we didn't have before
i had to go to two very distant parts of the same city
because for some fucking reason all the video chat tech is for nothing
and this fucking shit starts over in 6 hours
and againand again again again then i have 2 days off where i spend a day just preparing shit for next week
and i barely rest and it starts over again
also fuck debian and fuck ubuntu
yall fucking suck at packaging stuff
it's almost always better to use the official packages bc the supposedly stable ancient packages have bugs
bugs that go unfixed for years
bugs caused by bad packaging
the folder structure of ejabberd on ubuntu doesn't match the official ones AND the ubuntu one doesn't pack in an important package so you can't even run the service
there's an issue on upstream and it just has response of "report to packager" from upstream
Column name or number of supplied values does not match table definition.
lkhfdsllkjhdsaflkjfhdsalkjf WHY
8:48 PM
@Unionhawk Name then?
maybe one of the columns is a reserved word and needs brackets
9:21 PM
@Chippies hue
something something door
something something fit two people
9:51 PM
Q: What's causing insane player movement speed in my modded MC server?

William LeaderSo I've setup a modded Minecraft server for myself and friends, and we've started noticing that our movement speed has gotten faster and faster. If can believe it, it can run about 2000 blocks in about 30 seconds. Whatever it is, it persists between server reboots and its affecting multiple playe...

10:39 PM
Q: How does the Heart Of Azeorth experienced reduction each work?

ChildishforlifeIf I have 90% of a level, and the week resets will I gain a level? or does the ratio stay the same and the amount overall is reduced?

11:19 PM
I just overheard some teenagers (?) in the gym locker room say 'I like it when they play hard to get since its more rewarding' and I want to throw up.
Q: How to play on the same Minecraft bedrock account across devices?

Fireman TimWhat I mean by that is, for example, I have a world that I've put onto a server on Windows 10 Bedrock. I've been able to connect to it on my phone while logged into the same Xbox Live account, but it treats it as two different accounts. I'd like to be able to log onto the server through the same ...

@Wipqozn eeeergh that's bad on every angle
> User 1: guys, i think we're missing the point with Toadete's crown. someone has a better use for it
User 2: queue Waluette, the "new" star to Smash
@Chippies this took me longer to get than I want to admit to :p
@Ash Golly gee why is rape culture a thing I can't understand
11:35 PM
@Wipqozn The DNA Lab is a fun room.
@Wipqozn gee, I don't know. (I hope my sarcasm is palpable because I can't tell anymore, I hate that this particular thing surrounds me right nowl
@Ash it is
@Frank I've moved on for now. Put 20 hours in.
@Wipqozn Boo

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