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12:21 AM
Cc @Yuuki
Yeah but it’s Brexit so more like Mace Win-don’t.
Or Mace Lose-du.
@Wipqozn i saw a thing of this where they photoshopped the lightsaber to be the mace but i can't find it now
Q: If I remove Minecraft sound files from .minecraft/assets/objects, will Minecraft be unable to play them?

Fabian RölingThis question was originally asked by Asadefa and for some reason deleted by the asker after I answered it. But it was a good question, so I'm copying it into a new post. Here is the old one for 10K+ users. In Minecraft, there are a lot of cool sounds. I decided to find there location and mov...

12:36 AM
Wheeee, it's winter in Pocket Camp
It's snowing in the game. Meanwhile it's 30 degrees Celsius here
12:56 AM
Well, I had a fun start to the day.
I get to write off my car.
1:36 AM
@Frank Oh shit, are you and yours okay?
@PrivatePansy That's a fun juxtaposition
2:01 AM
@Ash We are. I was on my way to work, so I was the only one in the car.
Q: Physical PEN, Magic PEN and Spell Vamp means in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Engkus KusnadiSome items in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game, has effects and unique that different each others. I don't understand what this mean : Physical ATK vs. Physical PEN Magic Power vs. Magic PEN Spell Vamp And also some hero has over power with true damage. What items should I use for defense again...

Attention all androids: We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with a special message direct from @yokotaro...
2:21 AM
The [holly mistaken for mistletoe] tag on Derpibooru has 612 images
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3:38 AM
tom pitched me a review of an absurd 8-monitor computer rig he found on craigslist. he never expected me to say yes https://gizmodo.com/i-bought-this-custom-18-million-pixel-workstation-on-cr-1830844391
Q: Why do my Planetary Portals sometimes look different?

WrathchildWhile I'm playing Egg, Inc., sometimes my Planetary Portal habs change from this: To this: They'll stay that way for a while, and then some time later, I'll notice the entrances to the habs are back to the first style. What's going on here?

I don't expect people from the US to get my name right, but damn it, at least do it consistently. I have been called three different things in the same email chain
This is the best video game movie adaptation of all time. @Hbomberguy
cc @Ave
@PrivatePansy Especially written your name isn't even complicated 🤔 So if you need me to go kick some American shins I'll allow it
Given an adequate travel budget I could also make this occur
3:54 AM
@TimStone do want tbh
so i can promptly fill up at least 6 of those monitors with twitter and be even more extremely online
Q: Getting out of the first room in Dark in Human: Fall Flat?

iBugI'm playing the latest DLC of Human: Fall Flat, and am stuck at the first scene of the new level. Anyone help me get out?

4:16 AM
Q: FPS drops intermittently in CSGO

abhididdigiI have a decent computer with a GPU and all, however the FPS drops suddenly in-game. For example, the FPS would start around 160 - 170 for the first 4, 5 games always and then suddenly drops to 30, 40 the next game. From here on it follows almost a pattern of rising to 160 - 170 and then 30 -40 i...

4:35 AM
@Unionhawk lol
though on the other note, not sure what a Game of the Year Edition is going to be aside from milking the title to a husk. the Become as Gods edition had all the DLC in it already
i can't look at that and not think something is very wrong here
@Memor-X they misspelled sanic
you'd think they have copy editors for this sort of thing
5:06 AM
Much better @SonicFox5000
Q: Earthbound Get Carrot Key to Return to Pink Cloud

RyanI'm playing through Earthbound and missed Poo's Bracer of Kings. Poo is in my party and I've progressed to the Underworld. When I go to Dalaam and try to enter Pink Cloud the rabbits are blocking the entrance again. When I check them it says "(As strange as this may sound, there are statues of r...

5:47 AM
Q: Issue joining Modded Minecraft Server - AnnotatedSocketException: Protocol family unavailable

AndyI'm trying to set up a Galacticraft server for my buddies and I and I'm getting a weird error message when I try to connect locally through my servers public IP address. Below is the error message I'm getting. I can connect fine locally and I've tried momentarily shutting down my firewall to see ...

6:08 AM
(It's a floppy-disk themed USB stick that comes as part of the premium physical version of the next Doom expansion arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/12/…)
The expansion is free, but you can buy a physical copy for $40 or $166
Millennial: *puts in Floppy-Disk Themed USB* oh yeh look how retro i am
Me: *takes USB and bashes it on table before handing it back*
@Unionhawk got insurance?
The $166 edition comes with "A pewter statue of John Romero's head on a spike."
@Memor-X yeah my rebuy is only like 1.3
and I'm at 241 credits 400 assets
6:15 AM
@Memor-X It would be hilarious if it was both a floppy and a USB stick
Anyway there's no way a millennial wouldn't know what a floppy is.
take 2 landing on this planet
glide engaged... this time pay attention after glide
@Unionhawk fgkdfhhf
ship secured
@PrivatePansy google after they stop getting the porn
@Ave lol
6:27 AM
@Ave rekt, fam
I got my intern to watch hbomb's sonic SLA
I am a proud worker
fellow worker @Ave
comrade @Unionhawk
6:43 AM
Ugly Christmas sweater is now an item in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
Literally the word Ugly is in the name of the item
now we're watching the bonus for it
7:24 AM
woah hbomb just posted a new thing patreon.com/posts/help-me-choose-23260959
1 hour later…
8:36 AM
my gf: "I feel like my E levels are too low and T levels are too high"
her tests: almost no T (very unhealthy), around 2.5x the amount of E that's considered "very high" (VERY VERY unhealthy)
@Ave you gotta balance the R and K levels, otherwise you get rekt
@Ave uhhh oh crap thats bad
It's really bad
we're talking like 2500ng/l here
time for doctor to adjust meds or what?
for E1+E2
@GodEmperorDune yep. I'm urging her to go to endo.
yeah that's good, i hope they can fix it easily
9:10 AM
Morning chat
Morning @Kevin
Morning @Kevin
9:42 AM
When your automated newsletter has no human editorial oversight
It goes on for about a dozen screen lengths
GitHub banned the repo, proving they have no sense of humor
9:56 AM
@Wrigglenite yes
10:16 AM
At least you'll get the expansion first
10:51 AM
Wtf major Poweramp update
Great, more stress I don't need
@PrivatePansy a masto friendo did that iirc
11:07 AM
Q: How do I optimise expedition and gym output?

LawPionI noticed that when assigning spirits to an expedition, gym, or dojo, apart from the basic level/rarity/type information on each spirit, some of them have an upward red arrow icon while others have a downward blue arrow icon or no icon at all. You can even sort spirits by "condition", so I'm gonn...

11:58 AM
@PrivatePansy I've been called by the wrong spelling of my name even on messaging systems that shows the correct way (Moacyr instead of Moacir)
The main difficulty with mine is the ordering, which like most East Asian names have the family name come first
12:42 PM
today in aveland: "hey its me ur uber" but as a phonecall
Ubers call me all the time they can never find my place
1:01 PM
Q: What happened to the alien-space-ship button?

bitmaskI noticed that the ask question button is no longer on the alien space ship, but now a boring old button. Further, the ship doesn't even shoot lasers when I mouse over it. I couldn't find anything recent/relecant on meta about it. Why has it been removed? Since when is it gone? Can we get the ...

Q: Hunting required in Read Dead Redemption 2?

tigrefurryThis might seem like an odd question and you are welcome to pronounce me crazy ( :-) ) but I would like to know if you are required in RDR2 to hunt or otherwise kill animals in order to sustain yourself or to progress through the storyline. I would love to buy the game to explore its huge open w...

@PrivatePansy So is calling your landlord to make a noise complaint just not a thing in the USA?
I just don't understand why you'd call the cops for that
I mean they could live in a house, but I was under the impression they were in an apartment
1:20 PM
@Wipqozn Song?
Oh, don't
@Moacir huh?
No idea what you're talking about
whistles innocently
Luckily there is a history that can prove that once again you made a boo boo
So I wont be called crazy for this
1:35 PM
RIP Google+. I never use you directly but I'm pretty sure you're tied to various other web accounts I have
1:51 PM
Me too
2:17 PM
@3ventic uh, maybe for the new design?
2:33 PM
Bridge fam!
Guess who got acknowledgment of receipt from CIC today
Me I dod
This means they have my stuff and are processing it and I didn't fuck up any forms
This is real and happening
2:45 PM
You're going to be Canadian, eh?
You think December isn’t metal? WELL, PREPARE FOR SURPRISE NEW AGGRETSUKO TO MAKE IT METAL AF. 🤘🎄🤘🎄🤘 (hell yeah that’s Rancid’s @timtimebomb singing Jingle Bells) https://t.co/QSRDELuoNO
@PrivatePansy something like that :p
@3ventic Maybe the SE mail server is just really, really slow
@3ventic @Wrigglenite @PrivatePansy Looks to be a bug, and appears to just be limited to Arqade. Sounds like a fix is in the works.
3:05 PM
@Wipqozn And here I was hoping to get that beta participation badge I missed out on.
y u gotta ruin my dreams
@Yuuki Its what I live for
Cc @Frank
3:23 PM
> Farms can be built in Tundra
oh damn
> Canada's unique improvement is the Ice Hockey Rink.
And does our cultural victory involve winning the World Hockey Championship?
@JasonBerkan no, but our hockey rink improvement produces a bunch of culture
And also production
@Yuuki It's perfect
I guess it is time to find out if my computer will run Civ VI.
3:37 PM
> Fixed authority ships occasionally firing Plasma rounds when scanning ships
> Fixed connection issues around "COL 285 SECTOR CV-Y D41 7 E"
oh wait that's a planet even
@Wipqozn @Ash being Canadian, Civ having Canada.. hmm.. something is fishy.
@Unionhawk Maybe the string/Integer/whatever they use to store that region returned an overflow?
they've been in Service status: upgrading for like 8 hours now lol
@Ash Yaaaaaaaaaaay
(good yaaaaay, not sarcastic yaaaaay :p)
Hmm, bridge people! Do I know anyone near San Diego California?
I mean, yes, one person. Do I know any bridge people
4:07 PM
@Moacir so fishy
@Kevin I am so so happy
I really want to play more Monster Hunter for some reason
I didn't think it would be my kind of game but
@Ash I can relate. The one person I know in San Diego California is my girlfriend >.>
I don't know why I kept saying the full thing
That sucks man
Props for sticking with it
@BunsGlazing new expansion in 2019 gooooo
@Ash yay, the plan continues apace!
4:09 PM
My ex thought Pembroke was too far
@Yuuki I probably won't be done the main game for a long time. How much content?
@BunsGlazing I mean, we met online. The distance hasn't changed :p
@BunsGlazing They say it's going to be as much content as a G-rank/Ultimate version. So basically about the same amount of content as the base game.
I mean how much content is in the base game lol
But that's dope
Worth noting it's coming out in 9 months
No cross play tho right
4:10 PM
You'll probably be done with the game in 9 months
I have it on PS4
@Wrigglenite oh yeah maybe
I dunno I played destiny for a long ass time and never finished everything
Q: Minecraft 1.8 Server: EULA.txt does not get created

DuelI downloaded the 1.8 server.jar file. When I open it, it says I need to open EULA.txt and set eula to true. But the problem is, the EULA.txt does not get created! What do I do?

Q: How do I give an answer?

gluggingOn this website I'd like to answer people's requests but I'm not sure how xD.. Is there like an answer button or something or am I just blind.. Probably both honestly ^-^ Basically just how do I ask questions on arcade?

4:38 PM
Q: How do I give an answer?

gluggingOn this website I'd like to answer people's requests but I'm not sure how xD.. Is there like an answer button or something or am I just blind.. Probably both honestly ^-^ Basically just how do I ask questions on arcade?

@Kevin gotta love LDR
Also fun her needing surgery and being unable to help in any way >< (surgery happened already, she's fine, she's going home from her family today I think)
@Kevin I know those feels, it was hard when I had brain surgery and couldn't have World nearby
Hearing stories about her family though I'm again learning how fortunate I am with mine
Anyway, hoooooooooooooomeeeeeeeeeeee time
4:53 PM
I have the theme to "Zack Morris it traaaaash" burned into my skull. It's great.
I'm so happy I discovered this web series
@Ash Excellent
@Wipqozn at first I thought this was a reply to my brain surgery message lol
do you guys think games are going to go online?
like xbox, playstation, nintendo?
@Ash No idea what message that is, but I'm assuming this one is about husband immigration
@William I'm honestly not sure what you mean
I mean like you buy online
like app store & play store
@Wipqozn Yeah, basically it means CIC has our paperwork, I didn't forget anything, I have a formal case ID
@William You already can do that?
4:58 PM
okay so how long until EOL for gamestop then?
because that doesn't seem to work well
@William Well they already are, but if you mean online only, then yes I think they eventually will.
@William You're forgetting that a) not everyone has access to teh internet consistently at speeds that make sense for that and b) some people like having the physical stuff because ownership of downloaded stuff can get....weird
This generation has seen a huge push from all of the big 3 to push folks to buy digital
interesting thank you. As soon as someone goes only digital I predict there will be the death of gamestop soon
@Ash It's gonna happen eventually, just a matter of when. Basically whenever the big 3 think the savings from digital only outweigh the loss of sales from people who won't be able to (or willing) to buy digital.
5:01 PM
there are like 7 gamestops in a 30 minute drive from my house
its insane
PC is essentially already completely digital at this point, with most discs just having an installer that downloads the game online.
I am conflicted I like the ability to buy old used games but also understand where its heading
unless there are transfer rights I imagine years from now not being able to find some games anywhere to play from now
Meh. Digital is actually better for that, even if you have to repurchase, because then you don't have to keep all the old consoles around.
assuming they don't drop compatibility sure
nintendo typically does at most one generation of compatibility
digital downloads sometimes some extras
Though I was annoyed when I purchased my PS4 and my PS3 digital purchases of PS1 games weren't supported. Like, why? Other than you want me to buy them again.
5:09 PM
Until Nintendo fixes their digital system, I'm going to buy hardware from them whenever I can.
@JasonBerkan Because they want you to buy them again :P
Unless it's like Smash where it's a game I want to have on-demand without having to remember to bring the cart.
@Yuuki what is wrong with it?
@JasonBerkan Didn't the PS3 have a PS1 hardware emulator that the PS4 didn't have?
@William The way your account is paired with your hardware is annoying to deal with unless they've fixed that since I last checked.
5:10 PM
@Yuuki I've just glued the smash cart into my switch, I can't see me ever taking it out :P
@Ronan No idea. I assumed the games were software emulated.
@JasonBerkan Yeah they're emulated, I must be thinking of something else
@Ronan Then nintendo releases a system like the old monster rancher where if you put different cartridges you unlock special characters/spirits
Last I recalled, you can only pair one device of each generation to your Nintendo account (which might make sense because people will definitely abuse sharing) but also it takes forever to disassociate a device (which you might want to do if you break or lose your device).
I remember losing a 3DS to water damage and it took months for support to disconnect the device from my account.
One would think that this system should be automated
But nintendo doesn't do such a thing
5:14 PM
@Wipqozn Yeah, I know, it just frustrates me lol
just make a maximum of 5 devices or something like that
So, context. I fell into a lake and my 3DS was in my pocket and it also slipped out.
that is how apple does it
@Yuuki nooooooo :(
@Yuuki if you fell in a lake its kinda irrelevant it slipped out isn't it
5:15 PM
This was several years ago and I've since replaced it.
@Ash eh, honestly, for me it just further reinforces my belief that the internet is a public utility and should regulated as such.
@William It'll become important later.
First option in disconnecting a device is turning it on and Nintendo will disconnect through an internet connection.
If your device cannot connect to the internet for whatever reason, like water damage, Nintendo will ask for your serial code and they'll just disconnect it from their end.
Because in this world not having access to reliable internet just puts you at a huge disadvantage, especially in first world countries. And it's an issue that goes beyond just class divisions too, since there are rural areas which just don't have access to reliable internet, no matter how much someone was willing to pay.
Now if your device is inoperable and you no longer have the device and therefore don't have the serial code readily available, support is confused and it will hurt itself in its confusion.
In fact to quote @MBraedley:
> I don't have a source to back this up, but there are places in Canada where the margins are negative because Canada Post must charge an affordable rate, even if that rate is below cost.
Basically that, but with ISP is how it should be
5:17 PM
@Yuuki clearly an aquatic culture took your 3DS and started playing it
Q: What is a “DRPG”?

Detective ChimpFor example, the Metacritic review for Labyrinth of Refrain calls it a “DRPG”. I have found other video games tagged as “DRPG” in blogs, but with no explanation of the term. They all seem to be Japanese RPGs but I thought the initialism for them was JRPG. Are DRPGs some subset of JRPGs? Other se...

@Wipqozn Isnt that what PirateBay wanted to do? To operate a series of satellites and cover the entire world or something
It took a few months to convince them that I had actually lost my 3DS in a lake and I wasn't trying to scam them to let some friend play with the two games I bought digitally.
So, my SO is helping me clean my house. She claimed that there is rat poo in the house and I think it's gecko poo
@Wipqozn Somewhat. Out here, you have access to reliable Internet almost everywhere through your cell phone. Your data plan may prevent you from downloading multiple GB games, though. But for e-mail and regular browsing, there is adequate cell coverage.
5:20 PM
I did a little googling and looks like both poo's are similar
Getting anything faster on a farm is an exercise in frustration, though.
But gecko one is a bit white on the tip
So, here is your share of useless knowledge for today. If in doubt if its gecko poo or rat poo, check if it has white tip
there is a pet chat moacir
because I doubt we know much about your issue
@Moacir hahaha thank you for that information, but if I suddenly see gecko poo in my house I have....so many more questions
@Wipqozn That would be nice
Non issue
Just a random fact
Also I think the word is Gecko at least
5:23 PM
@Wipqozn For sure - we have places we cover where we can't get more than 2/1 or 4/1, because the infrastructure is just not feasible
Its that small lizard that walks on walls and eat cockroaches
Its gecko, right?
@Moacir gecko sounds right, yeah
I rather see geckos than cockroaches
Anoles can also walk on walls, but geckos are particularly good at it.
@Moacir true, I just live in Canada so seeing geckos in my house would be a surprise
5:25 PM
@Ash I live in Brazil, so both are "pretty common"
@JasonBerkan Here that depends. For the most part it's likely true but the costs can be ridiculous
@Moacir ah, yes, that makes sense :)
@Ash Public telephone companies are nice.
5:55 PM
Stardew Valley multiplayer will be live on Switch tomorrow.
When for PS4?
No idea.
Doesn't really matter I got it to play with my ex and she's gone
6:16 PM
You could always hook up with Penny.
Q: Specific vine wall isn't graspable

CarcigenicateI'm in the Foundry, trying to get to the second Heartstone. I seem to have run into a game breaking bug though, and would like to know if I'm missing something, or if there's a workaround. When I get to here: I need to run across the small gap in the vines. The problem is, Death can't grab th...

6:32 PM
TikTok — not as cursed as we originally thought https://t.co/0s3RyRMMdf
@Unionhawk what is this tiktok thing?
I don't know
i've seen parody refrances floating around my TL but have no idea what it is
Chinese social media app.
thanks @Yuuki
6:38 PM
It’s kinda like Chinese Vine.
7:18 PM
> First tournament I ever went to, drive 2 hours to Silver Springs MD to compete in what I thought was an unknown tournament. M2k shows up. Needless say I did not do well.
Q: Minecraft sounds not working using javaw

kugickHi I've being trying to get Minecraft sounds working lately without success using javaw.exe, but strange enough with the console oupout (java.exe) my sounds are working. Since this is just a workarround and doesn't solve the issue itself, I would like to know if any of you know what could be caus...

7:36 PM
Q: How to abandon "mission board"-mission

PeterCoI got the "mission board"-mission. Unfortunately I have activated this mission in a abandoned system with only a abandoned space station. There is no chance to visit a working mission board in this system. Every attempt to activate/deactive this mission in another system tells me something like...

7:54 PM
did anyone else get an email from stack overflow thanking them for participation in the ongoing beta of Arqade Meta?
@Dragonrage yes
apparently i have a spot on the leaderboard now, which appears to be a nonexistent page
meta sites are not supposed to send those mails at all, that's a bug
ok that onebox was huge
@Dragonrage grats
8:14 PM
@quartata yeah, when there are multiple images, the tweets get massive in onebox
decided it was not important enough to bother to get the one image
just dril getting his ancient youtube channel demonetized
8:48 PM
Apparently, my LastPass subscription is grandfathered in to a lower rate. Like 50% off.
9:02 PM
@MBraedley grats
Q: Minecraft - Executing at player NOT looking down

4P5I've searched everywhere I can, and I currently can't find a way to /execute as a player who is NOT looking down. Is there any way (in 1.13 or 1.14) to test for this?

I left my ereader at home I feel so lost without it
9:30 PM
I have eaten too much explodes
@TimStone next time eat fewer explodes, problem solved
That does seem like good advice
@Ash Burn down everything
@Wipqozn I just hope I am right and in all my excitement I left it at home
(I am pretty sure that's what happened)
1 hour later…
10:43 PM
@Yuuki this game is great
Monster Hunter?
I have been playing lance which sucks and now I'm trying charge blade
I mean I heard lance is high tier but meh
Meh, weapon tiering is garbage. It really only possibly matters if you're trying to do god-tier speedruns.
And even then, most people don't really care which weapon you use.
Play whatever's comfortable and fun for you.
All weapons are perfectly viable, especially in World
Choose something that looks fun and go nuts
Yeah it wasn't really fun
This one seems fun
10:49 PM
Have a look in the Hunter's Notes for weapon mechanics and combos, too
The Charge Blade especially has so many layers of mechanics
If you like Charge Blade and don't want to bother with Guard Points, the Switch Axe has a similar enough playstyle.
I like the shield though
Main reason I used lance was the shield
Also this barroth hunt is awesome
And yea it seems like a complex weapon
What did you not like about Lance? And what do you like about Charge Blade?
The lance was just really weak for starters and it felt clumsy
This one is way more agile and does more damage
Give Sword and Shield a try too
11:00 PM
Apparently with lance you have to chain moves in such a way that you are continuously doing damage
Yeah I stared with that one
It was okay
I play enough sword and board in dark souls
Lance just has a basic three-hit combo that you can reset by using hops or counterattacks
Not very mobile, though
Yeah apparently good at hitting weak points but meh
Wtf I just almost died to a cactaur
@BunsGlazing Lance is amazing
It's what all the cool kids use
but it's also a love it or hate it weapon soooo
There are cactuars in low rank? That's cool
You should definitely try every weapon though @BunsGlazing
11:04 PM
Meh I liked it at first but it's boring to play
What platform you playing on?
Yeah I will eventually
I've tried the hammer as well
It was interesting I might go back to it
@Wrigglenite did not know that hitting it would do that lol
Hammer rocks
IF you like hammer you need to try hunting horn too
I don't think I have that one
Man all this is making me want to boot'er up again
11:08 PM
You can capture the cactuars with the Capture Net
There's still a LOT of content I have left to do
Have the bagpipe?
@Wipqozn PC I'm guessing?
I'd say Hammer and Hunting Horn have pretty different playstyles
11:08 PM
@BunsGlazing Yes, bagpipe is the hunting horn
Oh okay
@Wrigglenite They do, but they've got some similarities as well. I was a hammer main in Tri, but switched over to Hunting Horn in 3U since I loved it. And then switched back again in world.
I can't see the health of the monster somehow can i
@BunsGlazing PS4.
@Wipqozn nice! Same
11:10 PM
@Wrigglenite and @Yuuki are on PC
@BunsGlazing You can't
I'm scared of this barroth thing
You should be scared
No idea of its near death or not, probably not
11:10 PM
@BunsGlazing Just hit it until it dies
Oh so it's like dark souls
@BunsGlazing If it's near death it'll start limping when it goes to change areas
Oh it's not aggroing me
Also the palico meowing makes my cat go apeshit lol
What does it mean when my health is just a flashing green diamond and not a bar
The health and stamina bar will turn into diamonds when out of combat
If it's flashing red, it means it's below... half, I think?
Oh. Well why is it flashing? Not full?
Oh okay
Weird ui
11:14 PM
You can hold L1 to see the full UI again
Nice. Thanks
If I don't fight the monster for a long time does it heal
11:31 PM
@BunsGlazing No... well, kinda - If I remember right; they regain health slowly when they sleep (very slowly). They only tend to do this on their own when they are near death (limping), and will only regen HP until just above the limping point.
Fuck I used a lot of potions
11:44 PM
Yeah he went to his hidey hole and went to sleep when he was almost dead

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