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12:48 AM
ゴルドーサドンデス。 #スマブラSP #SmashBrosSP #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/wZmMrPkIyA
Q: Tooltip Damage and Multiplier Stacking

hoodratstuffRecently a video was posted to Youtube featuring a one second solo kill of the scorchbeast queen in which the player expends only twelve bullets. He posted an image link in the video showing a screenshot of the rifle he used, an automatic two-shot handmade with the tooltip damage reading 7539. As...

1:08 AM
@Unionhawk That was intense.
1:23 AM
Q: Is this a videogame question only website?

Warrior cat lover foreverIf there is a website with questions that aren't videogames can you tell me what they are?

1:47 AM
Q: Is this a videogame question only website?

Cat whispererIf there is a website with questions that aren't videogames can you tell me what they are?

2:39 AM
Q: GTA Sa - How to pass Key To Her Heart mission (hot coffee)?

123iamkingI see several people have problem passing Key To Her Heart mission (hot coffee): A Key To Her Heart - Hot Coffee Mod key to her heart [SNP] Key To Her Heart - Hot Coffee modded I can't spank the girl (Millie) hard enough to pass the mission. Some say turn on the Frame Limiter but I have tried...

I [20M] feel threatened a video game character is stealing my girlfriend [20F] (h/t @legaladvice_txt)
2:55 AM
Q: Any drawback to keep many prisoners?

BuddaThe longer I play the more prisoners are in my prison. Some I can ransom, but already more than 20 are sitting that I can't ransom... Is there any drawback keeping them alive?

Q: How to make a selection of blocks disappear in a fade effect

TheTimelordsFootwatchI'm building a TARDIS (Doctor Who's Time Machine) in Minecraft, and for when it disembarks, it fades away. Is there any practical way i can do this in Minecraft or should i make a texture pack? Reference - P.S - I have all the sounds ready, that's not the problem.

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4:13 AM
Q: hack mini-game tips and tricks to succeed even with low skill for EYE Divine Cybermancy?

Aquarius PowerI am using all settings at max difficulty on this hardcore cyberpunk game. Is there any way to successfully hack even not having high hack skill? what order we must click the buttons and how? Bonus: And a way to make the hack sounds less painful?

@GodEmperorDune Chrom isn't real so no matter what happens he's not replacing you......unless your girlfriend goes to japan and buys a Chrom dakimakura which she can then marry, then you're screwed
4:28 AM
Q: How to play a ranked Custom Match in Black Ops 3 (PS4)?

user7211I want to play online multiplayer but I want to host my own match because I ONLY want to play on the Nuk3town every time. BO3 removed the nuketown game mode where you used to be able to play nuketown every time. Do I really have to just keep quitting the game over and over every time multiplayer...

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5:50 AM
(TIL Assassin's Creed Odyssey will display a progress bar on the loading screen if the load time exceeds 30 seconds)
I don't usually get this because the game is installed on an NVMe SSD and and the system has an eight-core processor but I'd suppose this is pretty much expected if you're playing on a console...
(and I only managed to drag the load time to >30s because I was running Folding@home in the background)
Q: What is this strange gateway?

SaintWackoI encountered this gateway in the Western Forest that I don't remember seeing before. I can't interact with it, but I can walk right through the opening.

Just spotted John fishing scooters out of Lake Merritt with a grappling hook. He got 12 today; Bird pays a small fee for each.
literally from trailer park boys
cc @BunsGlazing
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7:43 AM
i just discovered that there are two sister stingrays named cookies and cream and life feels precious again
cc @ash
1 hour later…
8:47 AM
Q: Can i kill/catch legendary animals only once?

kl78I killed the legendary bear and the legendary coyote so far. Now i wanted to start to catch some legendary fishes. But i wonder, can i kill/catch all the legendary animals only once per type? Or do they respawn, have multiple random occurences or exist several times on different locations?

9:13 AM
@GodEmperorDune are we sure these aren't pokemon?
Also, morning chat
Morning @Kevin
@Kevin _( ._. ) ( ._. )_
Q: How can i command self to fly in creative mode

Milche PaternIn Minecraft 1.13.2 PC JAVA creative mode I want to execute multiple functions (from function files) To be executed is a serie of circle ploting in order to create a circular tower. The code for the cercle:05 function file is working has expected in game. It clones the block from underneat the...

9:33 AM
Q: Is character customisation any different from on the Wii U and 3ds versions?

Super SI've watched a bit of Super Smash Bros Ultimate gameplay and wanted to ask a bit about the game. I feel one of the most important parts of the Wii U and 3ds versions was the ability to challenge people using the customizations that you worked hard to get the equipment and specials for. I want to ...

10:19 AM
Q: How to prevent my temporary horse from disappearing after Hosea stables mission?

erruerJust after the gang had set up the new camp at the beginning of chapter 2, I found a random event where a guy gets killed by his horse. I took the horse which has some pretty good stats, bonded with him and kept him as a "temporary horse" until Hosea stables mission. The thing is, when I do the ...

10:35 AM
I really need to manage my PTO days better next year. I thought I had to manually take the 24th of December off this year, but in reality, that's the day the 11th of November was moved to because that was a Sunday. So in effect, I have an extra day off I didn't account for
Let it roll over for next year?
My boss asked me to let a week of days off roll over to next year because scheduling things
@Kevin I legally can't do that
Huh? Interesting
Like, in Belgium, you can't transfer certain types of PTO days to the next year
Okay, does your company keep track of which type of days you used for which day off?
10:39 AM
We only have ADV days and legal holiday
Huh, lame
I have the minimum 4 weeks PTO + 1 week PTO, the days everyone gets can be used in the first half year of the next year, and the extra can be used for 5 years (unless otherwise specified in contract)
But hey, this is your bosses problem, you get the PTO regardless. They just have to let you tack it on to the front
@Kevin I mean, you live in the Netherlands, where I think those days are counted differently
Hence me calling it lame :p
@Nzall Aren't there HR software that automatically manages these stuff for you?
@Kevin It's because in Belgium, your vacation days are based on how many months you worked the year before. In the Netherlands, your vacation days are based on how many days you worked that calendar year
@PrivatePansy Probably, but our company is only 5 employees, so we don't use that software
we have a couple of spreadsheets and also need to manage it ourselves
Our boss occasionally updates on what he has registered so we can see if the count is correct.
11:30 AM
just solved two big technical hurdles at work
@Ave That's a rude way to refer to your colleagues
@Ronan What do you mean? I jump over my colleagues all the time at work
@Unionhawk On the Yogscast Jungle Jam there is a skin for Elite Dangerous (Cobra Mk III Ship Skin). Not sure how rare or limited this things are, so just a heads up.
@Unionhawk Also nice avatar
11:55 AM
@PrivatePansy it only really becomes an issue when you start jumping on their heads to flatten them I've found
1:01 PM
Q: Would it be acceptable to post and self-answer questions about a game I developed?

PhilippSupposed I am the developer of a newly released game. Would it be acceptable if I post and self-answer a couple of questions about my own game? Assume of course that: They are questions a player might reasonably ask about my game and which would usually be considered on-topic. The questions and...

1:23 PM
Q: My ps4 controller keeps turning

Fc11Idk if anyone else is having this problem I checked all over google and couldn’t find anyone having the same problem as me. When ever I play fortnite my screen would randomly turn to the left and that really gets annoying when I’m trying to shoot or build I also got a new controller and it does t...

1:56 PM
Update: I'm at home now. We've agreed to give me a full day off today so I don't have half days left, but since I already was at work for half a day, I can take half a day off next year without it counting towards my vacation days. Kind of like a compensation day
@Nzall Yay
almost 4 weeks of vacation
You can start working on your backlog of games
And if you dont have one, you can buy games to create one :D
@Moacir oh, I DEFINITELY have a backlog
But right now I'm mostly replaying the Batman Arkham series
Finished Asylum on Saturday and am now working on City
but I leave on a 3 week trip to Spain on Friday
And I have about a dozen games installed for that trip
Q: Can't launch Gears of War 3 in offline mode on 360?

GipsyDI just downloaded Gears of War 3 after a long while to my Xbox Hard Drive, and decided to play launch the game from there. When I went to launch the game from the drive, the Xbox displays an error message simply stating that I can't launch Gears of War 3. So I went online to Live, and the game l...

2:09 PM
Why go on vacation if you're going to just play games? :p
@Kevin That's mainly for in the evenings and when it's raining
the vacation is 3 weeks, about 9-10 days of which we spend the evening in the apartment we rent playing cards
and since I don't play cards, I tend to play on my computer then
Man I can’t believe how unfit I am after I left the army
Aand I just remembered when I visited my grandma's place on Sunday, I forgot to take home the lap protector I use to put my laptop on
Well, you have the rest of the day off!
2:26 PM
@GodEmperorDune omg I love this so much.
@Kevin I can't easily retrieve the protector, so that'll have to wait for Thursday when I can ask my father to pick it up
She lives too far away from me to make a quick bus trip to and fro
2:40 PM
Wow, there’s actually one stage that has no OSHA violation
What is going on with my network connection?
it happened again
"… did you go to men's room" -metro staff
Or maybe it is just my podcast web player that's to blame.
today in "if you don't want me there then just stop talking on news comments about how them t words are going to hurt your children"
(or if you don'r do that, speak up against those who do)
@Ave Take it as a complement (question mark?)
2:48 PM
@PrivatePansy I'm pretty sure respawning counts as medical assistance
@MBraedley I already do
Also just because there are asshats fighting on our construction site doesn't mean they're working there. You shouldn't fault the construction site owner just because some fire-breathing-asshat showed up
Also, this is the 6th game, you can't say these are all first time offences
@Ronan You do kinda have to die first though
Quite sure dying is against OSHA regulations
Is it technically dying if it's only temporary?
3:00 PM
Buddhists say yes (I think. Don't quote me on that)
I'm not sure why, but I'm pretty sure comparing respawning to reincarnation is sacrilege
You mean coming back as a worm isn't the same as changing class in Overwatch?
My girlfriend got me a copy of Monster Hunter World for PS4 in a bargain bin for $35
3:18 PM
@PrivatePansy Actually, I don't think dying is against OSHA regulations so much as certain causes of death would be against OSHA regulations.
Companies don't get fined if you have an aneurysm at your desk and die.
@Yuuki Letting someone die on your site, to be more precise
Now if you had a heart attack and it turns out your building didn't have a defibrillator on the premises...
Then nothing would happen because OSHA does not require defibrillators in workplaces.
IIRC, defibrillators are only required in schools?
Sure, but they do require handrails. And stairs. And clearly marked exits. And you not fire lasers at people working on your site, or shoot at them with jets, or flood your site with lava.
Who knows, maybe it's not an actual regulation and it's filed somewhere under "best practices", which is what they did for defibrillators.
@PrivatePansy I'm not sure there's a rule saying you can't flood the site with lava
That's the last time I will watch Youtube while updating my GPU drivers...
@Kevin The one about flammable liquids (technically it's about oil and other petroleum products, but not including lava is probably just due to - I quote from the video - "a lack of imagination on OSHA's part")
Lava isn't flammable though. It just sets things on fire
@Ave Ah, but these are metric bytes, you see
3:27 PM
I can only imagine an OSHA meeting where they argued about whether or not to include lava as a workplace hazard.
> Ryu is like the Kevin Bacon of fictional crossovers. If a character hasn't been punched in the face by Ryu yet, they've probably met another character who has.
> Helga [Pataki from Hey Arnold!] was in Nicktoons Racing with Spongebob, Spongebob can fight the Ninja Turtles in Super Brawl World, the Ninja Turtles are in Injustice 2, Batman has met Spawn, Spawn is in Soulcalibur II, Soulcalibur characters are in Namco x Capcom with Ryu.
Granted, there's one not-a-video-game connection there so I dunno if that counts.
found a gitlab bug
What is happening?
tl;dr you can abuse the webhooks to send @everyone, @here or just regular mentions
Hmmmm. Is it really a bug though...
3:38 PM
probably not
skids would love to abuse it though.
But they'd have to spam the service that connects the webhook first
yeah, so gitlab
I guess it could be used to bypass blocks, but there's also useful use cases
well, it's very well known that webhooks cna be used to do @h @e or pings
but turns out that it's been possible to abuse them with gitlab webhooks all along
In any case, there should probably be an option to disable mentions on @everyone or @here.
3:41 PM
Apparently Inkling is ridiculous right now? Guess I'm going back to Olimar or something.
Damn it, I said don't quote me
@Ave You can disable on role restrictions on discord, right?
@Moacir you can't disable them for webhooks.
Oh, I misunderstood that it was a bot that dealt with the webhooks, not a direct webhook
4:11 PM
Q: Minecraft 1.13.2 forge

KyaIf there is a Minecraft forge for 1.13.2 pc included how do install it. My other forge will not cooperate with 1.13.2 is there a way to fix this? I have searched on google, but none of the ways work. Is there a problem with my Minecraft?

4:42 PM
Q: Sidescrolling shooter where you rescue Vietnam POWs

spacetyperI'm trying to identify a game I played this weekend. The main game appeared to be a sidescrolling shooter, where you have to shoot open cages to rescue Vietnam POWs. The environment was destructible, and there was a mission select screen where you move around a little helicopter on a spherical ma...

@Moacir they're just purchase from the store, with some limited. Not a huge fan of that one though, I like a nice simple paint job
Vibrant pack, midnight black,
@Ave is there a way to escape the @s
There is
just not through webhooks
well I could mitm it
but GL doesnt do it?
but why
4:56 PM
@quartata When you get your first ASI, you can put it into Mobile instead. You don't provoke AoOs and you ignore difficult terrain.
@Ave Can't you just make it so the bot that does that doesn't have permission to use those pings?
@SaintWacko it's not a bot, tho
Oh, wups, yeah just saw that
I was confused because it says it's a bot :P
Make a bot that deletes the webhook post so people get pinged and confused :pointstoforehead:
1 hour later…
6:29 PM
Q: What key do i press to turn on "Extra Lights" on ETS2?

ChrisThere are these Light Bars and Lights you can put on them, but i can't figure out how to turn them On pressing a Key on the Keyboard on ETS2 (Euro Truck Simulator 2).

Q: Easy way to find Frost Crystal or Frostwort?

PeterCoFor a quest I need some Frost Crystals **. As far is I know, they grow at the top of a tree called Frostwort. Do you know any easy way to find such Frost Crystals or the Frostwort trees? ** I know how to refine them, I'm looking for a solution to find them in the wild.

7:11 PM
7:47 PM
Q: Which Mario games can be beaten without collecting any coins?

ONOZOn youtube I saw it's possible to beat New Super Mario Bros. U without collecting any coins. Now I'm wondering, which other Mario games can be beaten while keeping the coin counter on zero? I'm interested in every Mario game that has a coin counter on screen during the game, including Super Mar...

Bah. My work laptop has a 4k display, but because of one of the apps I'm working on, I have to set it to 1080p
It won't even handle Windows scaling properly. I had it set at 200%, and shit got messed up.
I think that’s the right audience
If it’s wrong I blame @Wipqozn
Man I've never enjoyed smash online because I only had brawl online
This is good as hell
I like the preferred rules system when it actually finds me a preferred match
(I have it set to 1v1 battlefield no items 5 minutes 3 stock)
8:09 PM
@GodEmperorDune That fox cake looks adorable.
@Yuuki kim-joy was great, i'm sad she didn't win her season
@Unionhawk I haven't touched online. I'm still working on unlocking all the fighters.
And World of Light.
@Yuuki I've got the important ones I think
The links, marth, the Belmonts,
Q: How to change the version of Minecraft AND change all the mods to a newer version without loosing any progress in my World?

Cake EaterSo, I want to immediately mention out that I don't mean asking about changing the version of old mods to newer or something. I just want to update my official Minecraft version from 1.12.2 to the newest one (1.13 or 1.14, for example). But I have 15 mods installed (furniture mods included) on 1.1...

Fighter #69
8:18 PM
I'm also trying to just use World of Light to unlock all my characters instead of doing the reset thing.
@Unionhawk nice
8:39 PM
I've been going back and forth between World of Light and Classic mode. I haven't unlocked many characters yet.
Okay Monster Hunter World reminds me of... Destiny
Also the menu system is confounding
@BunsGlazing PS4?
@GodEmperorDune eeeeee OMG I want like all of Kim-Joy's.
She is my FAVE.
8:58 PM
@Ash her bees were the best, they even fooled the real thing
9:20 PM
Q: How do I make a player fly using command line?

Milche PaternIn Minecraft 1.13.2 PC JAVA creative mode What is (is there a) console command to fly in creative mode? This question is a split from Ho do i execute multiple function within another function? for disambiguation where i thought the problem was a 'flying' issue. User @Fabian Röling already answe...

Q: How can I stop SAS from using RCS while enabling it for the pilot?

bitmaskWhile maneuvering I find it useful to have SAS point in a particular direction, e.g. pro-target. Using ijkl (or wasd in docking mode) one can then fine tune the prograde vector with thrusters. However, even if I have a strong electrical stability system, SAS still feels the need to use thrusters ...

9:35 PM
Q: MG 42 Chrome customization special assignment unlock

Roijan EskorIn Battlefield V, there is a chrome skin for the MG 42 that says it can be unlocked via a special assignment. I found this reddit thread that asks the same question, but an answer was not found. What is the assignment, and how can it be unlocked? note: I would tag this as Battlefield V, but th...

The thing that confuses me about Smash's spirit system is what counts as what. What attacks does "Weapon Attack Up" affect?
Inkling has a paintbrush, does that count?
What about the up smash? It's a paint explosion.
Or the down smash, which is the slosher.
I think I broke Chrome...
I enabled a flag, restarted Chrome, Twitch won't load anymore, set the flag to default again, restarted Chrome again, and now Twitch still doesn't load
@Nzall Refresh without cache? Clear cookies?
9:51 PM
control-F5 doesn't work. clearing application data doesn't work
Rebooting also didn't fix things
I'm going to try and reset Chrome to factory defaults
Okay, seems like Chrome factory reset fixed it
10:08 PM
<insert joke about the etymology of "factory reset" and the weirdness of using it in the context of software>
@Yuuki Turns out it was just Twitch shitting the bed
and it just seemed like it was on my end because I happened to make the change and reboot at the moment of the bug
10:43 PM
@GodEmperorDune she had such a sense of fun and delight in everything she made.
@Ash yeah it really came through in the bakes
It did. I wanted her to win so badly.
that was a tough season, there were a lot of really good bakers even in the final
well 3 being a lot, lol
i felt really bad when the winner called his mom and she didn't even congratulate him
@GodEmperorDune :(
@Yuuki she chalked it up to the power of her prayers instead of the baker's efforts
10:49 PM
yeah extremely :(
@GodEmperorDune I know :( I mean he wasn't my favourite but I still liked him well enough.
Q: Need help with hoverEvent value show_entity

SpiceWeaselWhat's the synax for successfully using hoverEvent's show_entity value in tellraw? I was trying to help someone with something else when this problem came up. I've tried various ways but none work.

@Ash yeah
I still love that they do all of that for the glory of it and the cake stand and that's it
10:53 PM
@Ash yeah that wouldn't fly on an american show
also they seem to get more and more cruel with the challenges
I thought some of this series was pretty crazy intense
not giving them enough time to do things properly, and then when they critics are like "you messed this up", you can see their hearts break and it is awful
they should never have left the BBC tbh
here is a brexit related plum meme
I have taken the mace that was on the desk and which you probably considered a breach of decorum Forgive me it was a political prop so heavy and so meaningless
cc @ash @fredley
@GodEmperorDune Mace? Huh?
@Yuuki details in TIF
11:07 PM
@GodEmperorDune you beat me to it. I was delayed debating if the meme was too jokey for TIF, and too news/politics for here.
@TrentHawkins yeah i struggled the same
@GodEmperorDune 10/10
But also mace grabbing is probably TIF
@fredley yeah the rest of the mace discussion is TIF for sure
11:39 PM
Q: Unable to redeem the Gold trial given with Xbox One, "you can’t acquire this item in your currently selected language" error

user598527When trying to redeem my 14-day Gold trial which is included with Xbox One consoles I receive this error (I've tried the website microsoft.com//redeem as well): You can’t acquire this item in your currently selected language. Change your language region in Settings or go to microsoft.com//red...


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