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12:00 AM
isn't this just depressing
"you're a lost cause and I'm not wasting a cent in you"
"I voted trump because people thought Hillary would win for sure and I felt the need to have my vote count for something" was something more than one person said when interviewed
dunno if it's actually a thing
Q: How do I quickly increase city civilization rating?

vianna77I already added a lot of fountains and gardens, increased the clean service and work time + wages + rations are all happy faces (+3 each). The city needs 70 points of city civilization rating, but the max I managed to have is 50. Is there a way to improve it permanently? I already check this g...

Oh my god
Why is PHP an acronym for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor"
Who thought of that
Who is responsible for that bullshit
And why is it @Wipqozn
someone familiar with the GNU's Not Unix project?
A recursive acronym is an acronym that refers to itself. The term was first used in print in 1979 in Douglas Hofstadter's book Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, in which Hofstadter invents the acronym GOD, meaning "GOD Over Djinn", to help explain infinite series, and describes it as a recursive acronym. Other references followed, however the concept was used as early as 1968 in John Brunner's science fiction novel Stand On Zanzibar. In the story, the acronym EPT (Education for Particular Task) later morphed into "Eptification for Particular Task". Recursive acronyms typically form...
12:14 AM
Why are software people so dumb
cURL — Curl URL Request Library
LAME — LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder
Nano — Nano's Another editor
Because yeah I can think of several really fucking stupid acronyms
Nagios — Nagios Ain't Gonna Insist On Sainthood
PINE — PINE Is Nearly Elm
PIP — PIP Installs Packages
RPM — RPM Package Manager
WINE — WINE Is Not an Emulator
12:16 AM
ATM - ATM Teller Machine
XAMPP — XAMPP Apache MariaDB PHP Perl
There are only two hard problems in programming: cache invalidation and naming things
YAML — YAML Ain't Markup Language
You're just going through the list in that wikipedia article aren't you
@0xabad1dea "…Like, why would you even do that?" "I dunno, why do people use PHP?" "What's PHP?" "It's a recursive backronym" "A recu…GTFO"
12:17 AM
@Unionhawk well I'm just filtering the things that matter
also Saab — Saab Aeroplan Aktiebolaget
I'm not including PHP's stupid fucking acronym meaning in my final report.
Or maybe I do and list it as part of my decision analysis
@TimStone I thought PHP was Pasta Hypertext Program. Because it resembles spaghetti
HURD — HIRD of Unix-Replacing Daemons
HIRD — HURD of Interfaces Representing Depth
mmm, pasta
"name of web framework (weight 1): PHP - 0, Django - 9, Flask - 10"
12:18 AM
they're all pretty weak names
PHP isn't really a web framework, in the same way that Python isn't really a web framework
Well, ok
It does web things
see also Slack's... creative use of PHP
Which extension gives me / commands but not a /shrug
More like: the most common usage of PHP treats program output as HTML
12:19 AM
I blame @TimStone
You kids these days
@murgatroid99 It can be used to do web things and is most commonly used to do web things
Use /me shrugs like you were raised on IRC
> Asynchronously curl’ing to localhost (or even another web server) provides a shared-nothing, copy-in/copy-out way of exploiting parallelism. In practice, this is safer and more resilient to error than the locks-and-shared-state approach that most other general-purpose languages provide.
@Unionhawk Exactly. Python can also do web things, and is commonly used to do web things. But that doesn't make Python a web framework
12:21 AM
> curling to [...] even another web server
I guess the difference is I've only ever seen PHP in the context of web things
is that even possible!
@Unionhawk oh let me assure you there are PHP bindings for GTK
And, that Python is a good programming language
Q: What do the symbols on the map mean while fishing?

VemonusI've noticed that while fishing, the fish are marked by icons on the minimap. I seem to remember learning that blue markers indicated trophy (read: inedible) fish, while the yellow markers indicated edible fish. What do the large circles with rings around them indicate? From experience, these ...

Q: Wimpod respawn rate?

KarlyrOn Route 8, a Wimpod was there on regular playthrough. I encountered it, lowered it below 50% hp (trying to catch it) and he ran away. I wasn't able to respawn straight after, so I just kept going on my journey. Now that I'm done with the main story line (a week or so later), I came back there,...

12:22 AM
@Unionhawk That's because it's so terrible that its primary value comes from its deep integration with Apache
Or at minimum a tolerable one
@murgatroid99 Right, yeah, that's kind of what I figured
I recommend the "applications" page
or pretty much any link there
if (!class_exists('gtk')) {
    die("Please load the php-gtk2 module in your php.ini\r\n");

$wnd = new GtkWindow();
$wnd->set_title('Hello world');
$wnd->connect_simple('destroy', array('gtk', 'main_quit'));

$lblHello = new GtkLabel("Just wanted to say\r\n'Hello world!'");

Though, when I say "deep", I mean "Apache will happily run the PHP interpreter, and dump the output onto a socket"
> Last updated: Monday July 21 00:00:00 2016 UTC
@badp PHP extension modules are their own special flavor of insanity
12:24 AM
I didn't realize how large of a bullet I dodged when I eventually determined that I should do everything in my power to not use PHP.
@badp i thought RPM was redhat package manager
> Is it PHP (weight: -∞): PHP: 10 Django: 0 Flask: 0
@Unionhawk Using PHP builds character. And mental trauma
@Unionhawk tbh it's not that bad, and uses a application model that makes a lot of sense for early web apps
Back in my day we had PHP 4 and it was terrible
12:26 AM
you know what's only slightly less awful than PHP?
@RedRiderX Right, for when you're in the "It's just a prototype; we'll rewrite it in a real language when we actually want to go to production" phase
Oh yes also some people are talking about php 4 and not 7 so there's that
has 'amount';
has 'name';

Dear <% $.name %>,

    We are pleased to inform you that you have won $<% sprintf("%.2f", $.amount) %>!

The Lottery Commission

die "amount must be a positive value!" unless $.amount > 0;
@RedRiderX I'm talking about PHP 5.6
@murgatroid99 Given how our client meetings have been going lately, if I said that, they'd probably ask me why I didn't do it in a real language to begin with
12:27 AM
@murgatroid99 i've never seen a project actually get rewritten into a real language
@GodEmperorDune That's the joke
@murgatroid99 well then
Either way, my experience with Flask has been significantly more positive than my trying to learn php
did I say slightly less awful than PHP
I like Flask
12:28 AM
I mean
i like my django
but getting it running on IIS was a strange thing
@GodEmperorDune The way I see it, Django is good if you need a database, and Flask is good if you don't
I'm skimming through the flask docs and then I read
> Context Locals
@murgatroid99 i haven't used flask that much but that seems reasonable
and I reflexively became very very sad
12:30 AM
Django is also good if you are starting out as the framework provides a lot more structure
less space to hang yourself and whatnot
I have flask and a database. Maybe Django would be better for that, but I don't actually know.
It's also a fairly small application to begin with, so
django has a scary amount of magic in its orm layer
@badp yes
don't anger the ORM layer
we're using an ancient version at work and it's actually kind of awful because you can't tell it to prefetch specific columns
I remember doing some ugly stuff to get it to do certain kinds of queries without resorting to plain SQL
12:33 AM
Django's logging set up is also a large pain in the ass
which means that if I want to get a column of a table it wouldn't normally fetch
it's a request to get a list of things and another request per row
which is not happiness
it is in fact the opposite of happiness
I remember: I suck at wrapping.
i also have a set of django test cases that work when i invoke them at the app level, but fail if i run all the test cases from the project level
pretty sure some squirrely import is at fault
12:50 AM
Sooo... I just read a book CC @Wipqozn
Now time for sleeping
1:08 AM
user image
best hat so far on someones pictures lol @Vemonus
@TimmyJim That is pretty good placement
1:19 AM
and how long did that take
I have SSDs so it didn't really cause much agony
same. I'll do a full scan now
I... I never knew Dexter is supposed to have a russian accent. What is this
1:38 AM
the tv show?
@badp Darkly Dreaming, or Laboratory?
Q: What effect, if any, does "choosing" an enemy strategy have?

Oblivious SageIn the advanced battle options, you can choose from 3 different strategies the enemy might take (shown below). Is this available purely to view the effects of what those strategies would have if the enemy chose them, or does guessing which strategy the enemy will choose give some sort of benef...

Q: How does the amount of money in the Coffers relate to the resources received in Miscellania?

Timmy JimAfter the Throne of Miscellania quest, you rule the kingdom of Miscellania. You can assign workers to resources to gather for you and manage the kingdom. Part of managing the kingdom, is depositing money into the coffers. I usually keep 3.2 million gold in it at a time out of the maximum 7....

Q: What factors affect system influence radius?

Oblivious SageAs your systems grow, they project an influence radius. Uncolonized systems within your influence can only be colonized by you, and there are techs that allow you to slowly convert systems colonized by other empires that fall within your influence. What factors affect your influence radius? I'm ...

@TimmyJim it took me like 5 minutes to get the placement right because I was doing it on mobile lol
@Vemonus wow
1:40 AM
@badp I never realized it was supposed to be Russian when I watched it as a kid. :o
is it not?
it sounds Russian to me
@Vemonus also I just realized today, after like 125 days of being on this site, that your name is @Vemonus and not "Venomous"
@badp It probably is. I just never picked up on it.
I say "supposed" because I always watched the Italian dubs
and he just talks "normal" there
it's on Quora that's how you know it's accurate
I've seen it in Russian which is extra amusing
/r/tacobell is good actually https://t.co/JB0hlTV2S5
1:53 AM
btw I wanted to remind you that 2016 will continue until morale improves
We have at least 48 more months of 2016 ahead of us
better get comfortable
2016-61-20 might be when it ends
Good old 20th of japentuary 2016
but it will probably go on
2016 will continue until 1/1/2017
Because that is how years work
2016 doesn't care about your "facts"
It's still gonna be 2016 in your heart
Rejecting eternal 2016 strengthens eternal 2016
It's up to you to minimise the dumb in the month naming scheme
but not much else
Jatwoary, Fetwoary, Martwo, Twopril, …Tway? Twune. Twuly. Twogust. Septembis. Octobis. Novembis. Decembis.
Januatry, Februatry, Marthree, Threepril, Thrray? Trine? Tru-ly? Threegust. Septemter. Octoter. Novemter. Decemter.
Latin makes things easy!
Oh yes this is happening
Embracing eternal 2016 forces us to look to the past rather than the future
2:02 AM
Januatry, Fequadry, quad
It also means we don't have to file taxes, hmmm
Januatry, Fequadry… Quadrch? Hmmmm
Though I think it'd extend Obama's presidency indefinitely
I mean I don't think we can survive 38 months of 2016 anyway
This is good enough
@Unionhawk no, Trump will still start on Jatwoary 20th
until Japentuary 20th
or Janonuary 20th
Well, no, since that's not the next year
He starts January 20, 2017
2:04 AM
Well you see, it's not like eternal 2016 means there is going to be a 2017 afterwards
@TimmyJim Venomous was already taken when I tried to make my 30th or so character on MapleStory so I kept altering it until it got accepted ¯_(ツ)_/¯
There is no afterwards
2016 swallowed all of our future forever
BTW I have Beer for Breakfast stout which is interesting /cc @Unionhawk
As a result what we would once have called January 2017 is now merely Jatwoary 2016
I mean did you expect to find any silver lining in eternal 2016?
i see 2016 has finally taken @badp's sanity
2:06 AM
Everything is still terrible
Q: how do i make it so that when you shoot somebody with a bow it will replace a specific item in their hotbar with another soecific item in minecraft

SmearyAverage04So, im making a dead by daylight realm in Minecraft and (if you've ever played DBD you know what im talking about) i have made it so that Micheal's stalk uses a bow and Spectral arrows. I want to make it so that when he shoots someone (because he starts with a wooden sword) his sword "upgrades" t...

You could say Happy New Cycle of Seasons but you know it's soon gonna be nuclear fallout tornado season all the time anyway so
Merry New Pain?
@TimStone coffee stouts are great
MadTree has a Cuban espresso imperial stout which is absolutely divine
Yeah, this one has coffee, maple syrup, and scrapple-because-Delaware
We wish you a Pepsi™ Christmas® We wish you a Pepsi™ Chrismas® We wish you a Pepsi™ Chrismas® Existence is pain©
There you go, ftfy
2:11 AM
@TimStone eenteresting
2:42 AM
Atlas Reactor looks like an interesting game.
Turn-based MOBA
Your mom looks like an interesting game
Your mom watches Star Trek: Voyager
Whoa dude, too far
I liked Voyager, for the most part.
I actually enjoyed it BACK IN THE DAY as well, but it's fun to poke fun at it
Crazy Janeway best Janeway
2:57 AM
so bad
It did have the best doctor, I guess
I never understood why Kim was a senior officer
Like he was an ensign. Fresh out of school. It made no sense.
Also I like how the character of Neelix changes completely between episode 1/2 and the rest of the series
@Wipqozn he was a "bridge" officer but he was the lowest ranking of them.
I believe he only technically outranked other ensigns.
3:16 AM
Huh. Prenda got indicted and arrested.
@Frank Nice!
3:42 AM
@Frank yay
Q: How to view individual gold in the new spectator UI?

AequitasIn the old spectator UI you could view each champion's current gold and total gold earned by clicking the gold bag at the top of the champion scoreboard. With the new UI you can bring up the champion scoreboard by holding "tab" but the individual champion gold button is no longer there. Is ther...

4:34 AM
Q: seconds with this water-activated gel alleviation masks

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5:28 AM
Q: Fell off an island in the end help!

KorjanconWhat do you do if you fall off an island in the end in creative? I fell off one and now I can't find any island!

5:48 AM
I wonder what to do about adfoc.us links in posts, found here and here. It's kind of spam; those who click on the links get an ad, while the poster possibly gets some $ from that. Affiliate links aren't allowed, are they?
I thought of suggesting an edit, but... the first of these posts looks like it better be deleted altogether.
Q: Do "creature crossings" do anything?

VemonusI was having Ignis drive me to my next quest destination when he suddenly stopped to let about 10 beasts run across the road and said "It seems we've reached a creature crossing," to which, Prompto asked "Where do you think they're going?" Gladiolus replied "Why don't we follow them and find out?...

@zaq Just suggest edits (if you cant make them)
Why do you think the first one should be deleted?
6:14 AM
Tomorrow, I make cookies. lots and lots of cookies.
@TrentHawkins What kinds of cookies? :)
@Ash essentially, scuffles. I have only recently (like, yesterday) learned their true name, Growing up, we always called them rollup-cookies. Using my Grandma's recipe (such as it is) though.
Yum :D
Giving packages of them to family as Christmas presents. We all loved them, but haven't had any in a few years. Also have to do a separate vegan batch, because vegan relatives.
6:29 AM
@TrentHawkins That's awesome.
I haven't done any Christmas baking this year :(
Had to buy a whole 2 liter carton of almond milk for 1/3 cup.
6:50 AM
Q: What are these Horadric runes in the corner of Overwatch?

santyclauseAfter a particularly successful game of Overwatch I went to watch my highlight of the match since I enjoy inflating my ego like a bouncy castle. After having done that I went back to the main menu and glimpsed rapidly changing characters at the bottom left of the screen. (See below) This s...

7:03 AM
hey uh math nerds, I saw some simplr way to solve a type of quesrions, I askdd teavher, she said I was weong but didnt tell me how it is wrong, can anyone help?
that is a x b + c x |b| = d
You have 4 variables and just one equation? What is the question asking for?
thats an example,sec
Basically, split it into two equations, one where x < 0, and one where x > 0
yes thats the normalway
but as long as first variable (a) is bigger than second one (c), and the thingy (x) is same, theres no way x can be x<0
7:20 AM
I think I see what you're saying. The method you have there looks like it might be right.
But it's not simpler. It looks like you're splitting the problem into at least 4 cases, depending on every number in the equation.
Your teacher may have said that it's wrong because it's hard to follow. It took me a couple of minutes of examination to be reasonably sure that you're actually covering every case there, and I'm not actually sure you got the right answers for all of them
Technically, you didn't mention the b=0 case anywhere
@murgatroid99 I can just see it, its longer on paper but simpler on mind
like cpu vs gpgpu
@arda Maybe you find it simpler. But if you want other people to accept it as correct, you also need to be able to express it clearly
I think you also missed the case where a = c and d < 0, where there's no solution
And you just didn't mention the case where a < c at all
I think if you add the missing cases in, you're up to 7 or 8 different cases just for that equation
Anyway, I should go to bed
7:41 AM
I just said the "as long as first variable (a) is bigger than second one (c), and the thingy (x) is same, theres no way x can be x<0" to her, not other cases.
8:17 AM
Q: Egg hatch availability

JerryWithin a species evolution family, only the earliest species was available from an egg. For example, in the Bulbasaur family {Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur}, only Bulbasaur may be hatched. With Generation 2 species recently introduced, some evolve into Generation 1 species which are also availab...

8:32 AM
[anxiety attack intensifies]
@arda sends calm
@arda throws buckets of calm your way
@fredley This explains all the screaming earlier.
i had an anxiety atta k yesterday too snd holy shit im feeling terrible
@Yuuki Another case where you can blame Belgium for being terrible. The part where the really dark side of this colonization is mostly not told about over here. No need to tell people that you had a king who did near-hitler levels of genocide.
9:01 AM
Q: Xbox 360 Arqade Won't Turn On After RROD?

GipsyDAs the question suggests.. I have an Old White Xbox 360 Arqade that recently RRODed on me. I left the system aside for some while to allow to cool, and then get the error code. When I decided to switch it back on to get the code, the power brick went bright red and the console didn't start up wh...

Morning chat
@arda I like the complete mashup you made of @KevinvanderVelden's name. Especially because it's not my name that got mashed up for once.
@Arperum That's okay Aprurem, we can mash your name up to look like your face whenever you want
9:17 AM
@KevinvanderVelden It's generally my real name that gets mashed up. Especially my last name.
Parperum, el alma de Cuba
@Arperum I don't think I know your real last name so I can't mangle it
@KevinvanderVelden You are one person who can figure it out through one way of contact we have established (and that is probably in extreme disuse for you, namely facebook)
@arda I believe in you, and IT giants don't really believe in academic titles
No stress
Wait I have you on facebook? When did that happen
9:23 AM
Lots of the seniors I respect the most in our company had a… troubled school history
Employers seek knowledge, and the ability to learn, not pieces of paper
Speaking of pieces of paper, I'm supposed to get a shiny microsoft piece of paper in jatwoary sometime
@KevinvanderVelden Quite some time ago.
University is important for your ability to make connections and having people teach you things and evaluate your study is excellent
but then again you probably don't want to university in Turkey anyway
Also a less shiny piece of paper that says they want me to keep working here after this contract expires
@KevinvanderVelden you're working for Microsoft now?
9:25 AM
@KevinvanderVelden jatwoary best month?
@badp nope, but the company is a silver partner thingamajing
Not as good as Japentuary
@Arperum I'm just following @badp's eternal 2016 naming scheme
@KevinvanderVelden That works.
Someone made a PIC32 cluster, it's pretty damn cool: hackaday.com/2016/12/19/80-pic32-cluster-does-fractals
9:28 AM
anxiety attack vol3
so to explain what I'm doing, I'm trying to fall into a safer plan, basically moving from maths area to language area in high school. There is a common exam, and I really wouldn't mind getting a job from the language stuff (I can also still try and enter CS), and well, I can also just get a job abroad as developer as self taught. Talked with family, friend, everyone is like "Thats fine by us"... and I go talking to school counselor... "Leave language aside, you're going to be an engineer"... fml
9:45 AM
Q: Stuck on level 6 in Vim-adventures (15 keystroke limit)

KrishnaIn 'vim-adventures' level 6 (part 2), I have tried doing the puzzle many times. I am still unable to meet the 15 keystroke limit for correctly manipulating the sentence 'Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop.' I only have got w,W,b,B,r,x,X,e,E,h,j,k,l,: at this po...

9:56 AM
Q: Creating custom command

blueherobIs that possible to create custom commands?Such as when a player type /hi he will get a message "hello!" I have search on google but the only result i got is using trigger command.

10:15 AM
Hmmm, automated updates from source control on systems I can't touch except to do that
And they work \o/
10:51 AM
@arda how is that safer?
@badp less competition in area, easier univ entrance (second level) exams
Q: That is the best way to start a new ship in space engineers development branch?

FelsSo I played a lot of Space engineers before they added planets and oxygen and all that stuff. You used to just snap a landing gear on a surface and build a new ship (which worked perfectly). Now I started again with a friend on a planet (on development branch). We built small ships by making a sm...

@arda much weaker perspectives however
does language mean "Turkish"?
or is it a broader scope than that?
lqnguage is english+german
11:12 AM
Q: Dalaran doesn't load right

IseI was wondering if anyone had problems with loading screen with Legion ? I run Wow on a good PC (GTX 1070 and i5) and my internet connection is good, but since Legion my loading screens are really long and sometimes I even have to relaunch the game for it to work. Did someone had this problem and...

Q: What is the suggested playing order of Star wars Jedi Knights games?

John DemetriouI own the following Star wars games Dark Forces Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy What is the proper playing order of these games regarding the storyline? Also am I missing any game that is part of the storyline?

stares longingly at the weekend in the distance
11:27 AM
5 more hours =[
@Arperum Staring at the clock will make the weekend come sooner
Abominable porkchops look weird
11:44 AM
@Vemonus heyy I've added you on steam :D
@KevinvanderVelden Is that better?
Let me refresh the page for you
@fredley that's a fancy hat
How did you get that?
@KevinvanderVelden seekrit
(Vote 'today', the solstice)
11:56 AM
dang... for a second i thought it was Donald Trump's hair.
Cricket you're drunk. Go home
It's cricket
@badp wow, we got rinsed
What do they call fist bumps in the UK? British pounds.
Cc @fredley @Ronan
I'm guessing India batted first, declared, forced a follow-on?
Man, cricket must sound weird if you don't understand cricket words.
12:00 PM
I bet it sounds weird even if you do understand them
In cricket, a follow-on is where the team that bats second is forced to take its second batting innings immediately after its first, because the team was not able to get close enough to the score achieved by the first team batting in the first innings. If the second team to bat scores substantially fewer runs than the first team, the first team have the option of enforcing the follow-on, instructing the second team to bat again immediately. In this case the sequence of batting innings will be first team, second team, second team and then, if needed, the first team again. This is in contrast to...
@Wipqozn What the turtle said
what do you mean, it's a good old 477 and 207 out of 10 vs 759 dee
classic scoreline
@KevinvanderVelden That's not weekend.
@Arperum 't is for me =p
For some definitions of weekend
Mostly those of "Not having to go to work"
12:06 PM
long gone is the week-long weekend of 2015
now those were the days
when it wasn't 2016 forever
remember that?
@KevinvanderVelden I still have to work normally until friday, and next week I have an entire week off.
@Arperum I'm off after today until 5th of jan
@KevinvanderVelden :(
> since it's being sold with its original specs and its price hasn't change since it launched three years ago
12:10 PM
"now with the breathtaking digital crown for desktops you will really be able to feel the innovation under your fingertips"
What, how is that a thing
How does a computer not drop price in three years
@KevinvanderVelden because the apple logo on the side is still shiny?
hey, the toppest of the line macbook pro is a dual core 16 GB of ram slug with a slower GPU than the PS4's
Damnit apple, this is (one of the many reasons) I don't want your things
12:12 PM
"but it's got an Apple Watch built in!"
Q: Can two users play on a moded Minecraft server using the same account?

cubicapI have read this and I would like to ask you, if there is any way to do something similar with Technic launcher? I mean I would like to play with one account on a server running on my other PC. I understand why and how to turn off the online-mode but I have not found any file in which I could ch...

12:37 PM
@fredley huh, I got a different hat for it
Q: Super Mario Run parent/child DLC sharing?

freekvdI just bought the level pack in Super Mario Run on iPad for my kid. He's logged on to his own Nintendo Network Id, which is a child account registered under my own NNID. I'd like to play this game myself as well (preferably on my phone, as soon as it comes out on Android). Will I have to buy the ...

@KevinvanderVelden I got the hat fredley got equipped too, no clue how.
@fredley This is where tools->questions with extreme votes comes in handy
Is there a secret hat for removing @Wipqozn?
If not there should be.
Who knows
These actions by Trump "would be unconstitutional and could ultimately constitute an impeachable offense"… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/810972881773613057

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