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9:12 PM
I made the mistake of tuning into Sky News for coverage of the Berlin accident. What a mistake
I have acquired a far better hat.
They featured some professor speak for some 30 minutes about how the Germans should stand up for their own security by closing the borders, accepting no more immigrants, use snooping programs and stop worrying about their whole heritage stuff about how poorly it went last time
I now see you can be a "professor" without being a "bloody expert"
I assume he teaches PE
@badp no, he "professes" to know something about german domestic policies
@MadScientist It is. He's got a release date and everything.
In Trumpworld, you're whatever you say you are.
9:16 PM
@MadMAxJr that's why he's president then
I love the part where the key to security in Europe is keeping all migrants from Lybia in Italy and all migrants from Turkey in Greece
That will certainly help with everything ever
@badp I stay with mainstream newspaper sites, that avoids the most stupid crap that might get to TV or other places on the internet
Well Europe plans to jettison Italy and Greece before lifting out of the ground as a flying continent.
I think as soon as Brexit happens we should fast track all immigrants straight to Calais
or directly leave them on the other side of the channel
we need to just all sign onto the one world government and then everyone will be citizens and no one will be an immigrant
9:17 PM
Obviously I don't really think that
@MadMAxJr havn't you seen Doctor Who. in the end every country builds it's own space ship and flees earth before it is destroyed by the sun. Britain is left behind and in the end enslaves a Space Whale to escape
I think Italy shouldn't cry about its position in the Mediterranean since it's what made its fortune, but others should help too
ofcause they didn't have Brexit then so it's possible they'll be the first to build a ship and Brexit earth now
Q: How to testfor if a mob has less than x health?

Just Some GuyLately I've been trying to create a custom boss in minecraft. I want it so when it's health is less than x, or when it has lost a quarter of it's health, something happens. However, when I used this: /testfor @e[type=cave_spider,name=Joe,score_bossHealth_min=9,score_bossHealth=12] It didn't work....

@badp It would be nice if the EU could try to handle it together, but it doesn't look like this will happen anytime soon, or ever at all
9:20 PM
@MadScientist most countries are in
other countries prefer put billboards up
and that's irresponsible
i mean here in the US we have lots of space for new people, it frustrates me to no end that we are so paranoid that we don't let more refugees in
Yeah, you'd think sending them to the midwest would be punishment enough
@GodEmperorDune but the areas of the US with lots of space are the last that want them
@badp there's space in the cities too
@GodEmperorDune lots?
9:27 PM
Is enabling ssh on my home pc a good idea? I'll use non-standard ssh port, have root disabled and lock to ssh keys.
@arda do you need it?
would it help you close other ports?
@badp I sometimes do.
SSH kinda lets you do all the things
@badp probably not as much as in rural areas, but it's not like we are packed like sardines
ssh with passwords disabled should be reasonably safe
9:29 PM
@GodEmperorDune With the notable exception of NYC.
the weakness is usually the passwords, not ssh itself
non-standard ssh port only helps to keep the logs clean, it doesn't provide any security
@Yuuki which is where ellis island is
9:41 PM
Q: Why will my Minecraft on pc keep crashing?

Night_Of_Raider GamingMy minecraft always crashes when I hit the play it loads but then it comes back with a crash report and I can't even see the minecraft home screen. How can I fix this? My parents think someone has hacked into my minecraft. Crash Report ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Don't be sad, have a hug!

wait what
oh my god did that happen again
what in the fuck
@GnomeSlice What somebody posting Friday in chat?
Yeah it's been happening a bit lately.
Does Minecraft require OpenGL 2.1 or will it require it 'in the near future'? I can't tell from a quick search.
> In contrast, Facebook is allowing users to check in as safe on a page called “The Attack in Berlin, Germany,” although it’s not yet certain it was an attack.
a surprising turn of fearmongering from facebook
@MadMAxJr iirc pixel format is intel graphics, but I'm not sure. They've got a page dedicated to it though
9:47 PM
they love to delete that kind of shit
don't think that one is helpful either
@GnomeSlice what term would you prefer they use?
> in what the police said they believed was an attack.
from NY times
BBC uses "attack" as well
They've done this multiple times in disaster/attack scenarios with large numbers of injuries
Would you prefer there to not be a page at all?
9:55 PM
@GodEmperorDune incident?
Why don't we just generalize it to "thing" then?
"Attack or it could be some drunk guy who crashed into people we don't want to make a judgement despite what the police say in berlin" is a little wordy
@GnomeSlice incident is pretty vague
@GodEmperorDune Well the situation still seems pretty vague.
They probably gave it the name that most people would search for, even if it wasn't confirmed
10:01 PM
Also true
the real question is whether it will get flagged as "fake news"
Don't worry
Everything is.
CNN: "The Sky is Blue"
@Unionhawk I think we're still on the anti-Clinton thing.
Even though it's been a month since the election.
@Yuuki the Clinton Negative News network?
> "Man, Trump's picks for cabinet are really weird and kinda disturbing."
> "But Clinton's emails, man..."
This was a real conversation I had.
10:05 PM
@Yuuki Sigh...
I've never understood why the emails thing was even a problem
Honestly, that doesn't bother me. The fact that you still can't discuss Trump in isolation without some kind of Clinton comparison a month from the election is what bothers me.
@Yuuki i mean he is still campaigning after he won
The election is over. It's done. Trump is the President-elect. We should be able to talk about his policies and decisions without some comparison to Clinton. Or Obama.
can you imagine the shitstorm if Clinton did a thank you tour of her states during the transition period?
Or Bernie Sanders.
Or Vermin Supreme.
Or Joe Exotic.
10:08 PM
or if clinton lost the popular vote but won the electoral college and the russia hacking stuff was favoring her?
Q: Can I get Master of Rings achievement after selling some rings?

Obsidian PhoenixI've recently started NG+ and, having picked up a couple of +1 rings, I decided to sell the old (normal) rings. I've read that to gain the Master of Rings achievement, you need all rings and all their variants. Having sold these rings, is it possible for me to get this achievement with this c...

I'm looking forward to video games set in the Post-Trumpocalptic setting.
@MadMAxJr wasn't that Fallout?
Similar. Just more walls.
10:09 PM
@MadMAxJr i don't know, Vegas had a good wall there
@Unionhawk I've been sitting on that image for awhile now, but nobody was saying anything relevant enough for me to use it.
Also there will be the irradiated fortress of gold near the white house.
@Unionhawk hue
@Yuuki Well congratulations you said something relevant to use it
@Unionhawk Your welcome.
10:10 PM
@Yuuki it's too late, i have already invoked the hue
@Yuuki now i have Maui stuck in my head
@GodEmperorDune Yore welcome.
for the wonderful world you know
Given that image, I'm gonna need that boat.
You must build a boat.
Started playing that lately.
Hmm... it appears there's no "log in on <Day X>" hat this year.
10:15 PM
@Yuuki unless it is a secret
@MadMAxJr then all of hte bridge would have it
Well you'd also be awarded the hat the moment they're taken away.
10:16 PM
I'm gonna get the hat for going a whole day without talking about the day that comes after Thursday.
@MadMAxJr Who's the main character in Futurama?
Maybe there is a hat for denying the existence of hats.
I'd love it if there was a hat for clicking 'i hate hats' that you'd never see but others would.
@SaintWacko People were up in arms about it being a natsec issue, but that wasn't really true. The FOIA concerns were much more relevant but the entirety of the government hates FOIA so no one pushed that narrative too hard
Not a joke: within 5 minutes I dropped an AirPod down the drain. https://t.co/rZpplniA4j
Yeeeah, nobody listened to Alexander Hamilton
Well, not enough people
301 trump, 163 clinton, 3 colin powell, 1 john kasich, 1 ron paul, 1 faith spotted eagle, 68 remaining
iirc estimated final count is 305 trump
@Unionhawk Electoral College?
Someone voted Ron Paul?
10:38 PM
Man, at least get modern and pick the current Paul, jeez.
@Unionhawk I mean... We can't actually expect people to use a system put in place to prevent an unqualified jackass from taking office, to actually stop an unqualified jackass from taking office, right?
Which means that unless one of those 68 votes Gary, Ron Paul, who was not even running for president, won more electoral votes than him
@Unionhawk who voted for an eagle?
Hell, a federal judge in Colorado told the electors for that state that no, they actually can't use that system.
Probably an eagle.
10:39 PM
Faith Spotted Eagle (born 1948) is a member of the Sioux Nation who helped block development of the Keystone XL pipeline. She received one electoral vote for United States president from a Washington state faithless elector in the 2016 election. == References... ==
@GodEmperorDune There were some Dems making noise about this without realising that she was a NoDAPL leader
Because everyone is terrible
ugh i am such a privilege white man
10:40 PM
Honestly the best case scenario we could have seen here would have been trump 269
Which I think would proc a congress decision
@Fluttershy To be fair, they're still faithless electors.
@Fluttershy i love how that is the entire wikipedia page
Of the current congress
Someone try pinging me again.
@me Hello.
10:41 PM
Someone posed the question on Twitter of whether this makes her the first native American to receive an electoral vote. Would seem likely
@Fluttershy ping
Which... Oh right they hold both chambers anyway
Hmm... I'm not getting the notification sound.
And "the people voted for trump!"
@Unionhawk no joke, 52% of republicans believe he won popular vote
10:42 PM
"biggest mandate ever except for that time reagan won like 536"
@GodEmperorDune Try again?
@Fluttershy PING
I just find it funny that with all the kerfuffle over faithless electors not voting Trump, we actually had faithless electors not voting Clinton.
That's actually pretty hilarious.
Still nothing. Wtf.
I was sure caps would fix that
10:43 PM
Try now?
I mean, she already lost the November election. What kind of message are these people trying to send?
CA lawmakers introduce a bill requiring presidential candidates to release tax returns in order to get on the ballot http://www.latimes.com/politics/essential/la-pol-ca-essential-politics-updates-lawmakers-say-trump-should-disclose-tax-1482169382-htmlstory.html
A bit late but still lol
tbh we should federalize federal elections anyway
Can someone ping me again pls. ;-;
10:46 PM
jeez @Fluttershy get it together
@Unionhawk Heyyyy, it's working again! :D
@Unionhawk But then the current government could pull a North Carolina
What, you mean take power away from trump with a republican regular majority in both chambers?
@Unionhawk the republicans would probably go for it if we went back to the original constitutional definition of voters need to be property-holding white males
Instead we get states like CA throwing esoteric rules into the mix to trip up future candidates. It's much more fun this way
@Unionhawk No, they set rules to ensure that Republicans control the board of elections on voting years
10:47 PM
@TimStone congress could pass the same rules for the IRS
if clinton hadn't released taxes, they probably would have
There's no hat that is a yellowish combover? Hmm. stack probably doesn't want to get political.
Seriously, everyone is replying to the ACLU's call for national popular vote to be a thing with "BUT THEN CALIFORNIA AND NY WOULD CHOOSE EVERY TIME" to which the only proper response is "YES BECAUSE THERE'S MORE PEOPLE THERE THAT'S HOW A DEMOCRACY WORKS"
@Unionhawk but now swing states choose every time so...
@Unionhawk there's some old timey ones where electoral college and popular vote split, maybe @sterno remembers which one
10:52 PM
@GodEmperorDune These were because of states that did not choose electors via a popular vote
Like one where Colorado was a new state, and the legislature chose
@Unionhawk isn't that coming from the people who are bitching about how they voted for Clinton who had the popularity vote but lost? if it were reversed people who voted for trump would bitch that he could have gotten in because of the collage electoral system and change it back
@Memor-X if trump had won the popular vote but lost electoral college i would still want it abolished but laugh at his campaign for not having their shit together
That would have been really special
Since that's not realistically the way a split would ever go
Heh, Trump has already released a statement saying that the Ankara shooter was a "radical Islamic terrorist" even though the Turkish government was quick to blame the Gulenists (as they are wont to do, mind you, but still)
Erdogan: It was Gulen. Totally Gulen. Trump: Is he a radical Islamist? Erdogan: ...Yyyyyes. Trump: WE WILL END HIM OURSELVES Erdgoan: :D
Incidentally, Berlin was claimed by ISIS
10:55 PM
my headcanon now hopes that Trump had some magical crazy luck to pull this off and the next time someone tries to run a presidential campaign without staffing a campaign falls on their face
You mean you hope he falls on his face in 2020?
There's been no #ISIS claim for the attack in #Berlin despite what several media outlets are saying
@TimStone it's like they are trying to make a meme out of "thanks Gulen"
@TimStone Dammit
@TimStone ten oudda ten
10:56 PM
@TimStone oh but they will. they'll be in their caves and see the news report and go "look, see, we did that, we're good" and then it'll be revealed it was just some nut job who lost his job
@Unionhawk i mean the whole "i could've shot someone on 5th ave and still won" could have applied to Obama 2008, but his campaign had their stuff together on top of it
Well and it's important to note that ISIS will take responsibility for anything remotely resembling their cause
blame everything on the old-as-urmom guy. He can definitely pull all these terrorist stuff off
Which makes the "Well if we destroy ISIS bad stuff will stop happening" notion very confusing
10:58 PM
@TimStone This is also true
They are very quick to go "Yeah we did that" if something is even halfway successful
Which is probably why (I think) they didn't claim Ohio State
That was 25% successful maximum
News : ISIS claims responsibility for attack
Sterling Archer: well duh ofcause we do. we were tying to get rid of the coke but thing went wrong. i blame Woodhouse
new fun game to play. every-time there is an ISIS Claimed Terrorist Attack remind yourself of ISIS from Archer and try and think up how they caused it
I should probably read this book in more than one sitting shouldn't I?
Especially given that I have work tomorrow
@KevinvanderVelden That would be responsible. We don't do responsible here.
I only read 188 pages
I'll go to bed and read some more, it's only 130 more
11:04 PM
@KevinvanderVelden depends on the book and why you're reading it
*downloads @arda's new Pearl Avatar*
@arda yay! thank you *starts looking for Ruby and Sapphire being lovey dovey*
@Unionhawk Well, before we making changes to the election system, the question that needs answering but nobody wants to talk about is "what exactly is the United States?"
Is the US "everyone that lives in the United States" or is it "all the states in the United States"?
There's an important ideological distinction to be made there.
Although either way, the Electoral College is a bad (i.e. wrong) resolution.
11:10 PM
@Memor-X not ruby&sapphire, but you might enjoy this thing that's invading my dashboard (which I'm not a fan of) tumblr.com/tagged/lapidot
@Yuuki are you talking about citizens vs undocumented people vs foreign nationals or states vs territories?
@Yuuki ours isn't perfect but maybe the US could do what Australia does and have people vote for their local representatives and the party who has the most elected representatives wins government and the "president" is the party leader
.....until he gets stabbed by a colleague a year later who takes their job
that way no one can bitch about voting in the wrong person. just voting in the wrong party
@Memor-X it's australian for "impeachment"
Q: What determines who you take as a prisoner?

VemonusI've raided a dozen or two lobbies now, but I've only taken a prisoner once. That prisoner got freed, but even afterwards, I never had the option to take another. What determines whether or not I can take a prisoner while raiding and is it random which defending character I can take?

Q: Can I make an ender portal on flat,creative,and peaceful

MaddieI updated Minecraft pe and it said that they added the end. Sweet. When I had chosen a flat,peaceful,and creative world, and read and watched a lot of things, the end portal didn't work. Help.

@GodEmperorDune Well, popular vote doesn't make sense if you believe in the latter case.
The difference can be distilled down to "one person, one vote" vs. "one state, one vote".
11:12 PM
@Yuuki but territories don't get representation today, do they?
@GodEmperorDune They "technically" get representation, but it's not real representation.
but i'd rather do one person, one vote
As in they have a representative in the House, but aforementioned representative doesn't have a vote.
or one citizen, one vote, if you want to be pedantic
if territories count for citizenship, they should get a vote
@Yuuki like DC, so annoying
@GodEmperorDune more or less, though it has less to do with doing something wrong and more "the public doesn't like you anymore and we want to keep out jobs next election *stab* *stab* *stab*"
11:13 PM
@GodEmperorDune Yes, but that's a question for another time.
There's no right or wrong answer, we just need an answer to "are we a nation of people or a nation of states?"
Once we have that, we can proceed on what would be the most optimal voting system.
@Yuuki maybe we could have a national vote on that
@arda ^-^
how the hell did i click the wrong reply message?
If you are on mobile, it's so easy to do that.
It happens to me all the time
i mean federalizing would fix some problems (unequal ballot access) and create others (single point of failure, susceptibility to congress/presidential shenanigans with staffing/funding)
@Ash nope, i'm on PC
11:33 PM
Q: Why do certain mobs crash my game?

CrispyCrunch9The following mobs crash my game (that I know of): Pigs, Cows, Bat, Sometimes Zombies, Sometimes Skeletons, Enderdragon, Iron Golems, Snow Golems, Llamas, Villagers, Evoker, All Guardians, Mooshroom, Ocelots, Wolves, Polar Bear, vexes, vindicator, witches. As you can see, I have many limitatio...

The problem I think is how do you convince so many people to make a change and then how do you decide what to do because there are so many people and getting any sort of cohesive agreement is going to be a massive undertaking
And really I think it's just good I am not in charge of stiff
@Ash they managed it somehow 200+ years ago
@GodEmperorDune That is true but A) there were many less people and B) the population with representation was much more homogeneous.
Yeah, that.
So I'd argue consensus was probably a bit easier to reach.
11:46 PM
Not saying it shouldn't be done or tried, it just seems like a massive task
I've been playing Assassin's Creed 3 (the american revolution one) and while it's not that great a story they at least try to bring up that the freedom they're fighting for is mostly the freedom of landed white men.
@Yuuki just so long as it's clear that the EC is neither
@Ash we're some 60% of the way there
The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) is an agreement among a group of U.S. states and the District of Columbia to award all their respective electoral votes to whichever presidential candidate wins the overall popular vote in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The compact is designed to ensure that the candidate who wins the most popular votes is elected president, and it will come into effect only when it will guarantee that outcome. As of 2016, it has been adopted by ten states and the District of Columbia. Together, they have 165 electoral votes, which is 7001307...
@badp california did it :D
...and kind of stalled
it's probably not going very far in the next two years
@badp most of the big states have already joined, and i don't see why small states would want to
11:58 PM
because they're white in these maps

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