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8:00 PM
If you protect everything they can't answer anything, and thus not get rep (aside from asking questions, but if you have none, then you're fucked.
@Arperum Now that I'm looking some were protected before he was mod. Apparently he just really likes protecting questions from possible spam
to be fair, I can't see deleted answers, so maybe they did get spammed
Questions shouldn’t be protected until there’s actually a problem with new users posting answers to them.
Doing it because the question is getting a lot of traffic is the opposite of that
@Chippies You realise you can skip this step and ping a mod right?
@fredley nope, that's why I let people know about it here
people that know better than I do
@fredley Hey, you should look at that comment @chippies is talking about!
8:03 PM
More traffic == a higher chance someone new will come along with a brilliant answer but OOPS, they can’t post, they leave and never come back and you lose
I think I found a fitting delete reason
@Arperum Link it, it's scrolled off the top of the screen.
@Brant Yea, exactly.
11 mins ago, by Chippies
Whats your name and address? ;) — Serverfrog 2 hours ago
flagging and otherwise "moderating" the site is something I generally don't do, so I am not very familiar with the customs and policies
Killed my first Anaconda.
8:04 PM
@Chippies Best not do it wrong. If you misflag something your whole account gets deleted
63K bounty.
Go go gadget puny pulse lasers.
@fredley not sure if you're serious
@Chippies It's @fredley. He's always serious.
@Chippies We also dispatch helldogs to your location
@badp by the time the helldogs find me, they'll be moderately cool dogs
8:05 PM
@badp Last batch you sent my way got mauled by the cat though, you need to train them better.
@Arperum they accepted his food as payment. They're very flexible.
If you can't find your pen any longer CHECK YOUR FLAG HISTORY
I'll accept a bounty of two hundred (200) rep per misflag in lieu of account deletion
I'll take my chances
@TimStone So I'm in AE right now.
8:11 PM
check invite
@Unionhawk I'm hearing pings but not seeing any invites.
It's not showing up on your comms panel?
Maybe because I'm docked?
Try again.
It's acting like you're automatically rejecting it
8:16 PM
Did you try exiting to menu and coming back in? Weird
I'll send invites to you guys, see if that works.
If you did it I heard a ping but nothing's there
Wings is broken. Frontier, please advise.
Q: What colonies bring to dominion?

BuddaIt is my first game in Europe 4: i didn't play any paradox game earlier and am confused of how colonies work Now I have 6 colonial provinces with total income of my colonies (French Brazil) around 55. With viceroy =20% I earn from colony (Tariff efficiency) 0.75 per month (if we trust economy ta...

I will never understand discos. Everything about them is the worst
8:26 PM
I can't drop
@Yuuki I don't know what's going on with you, I'm currently glitched in "dropping out of supercruise"
@badp My experience (when I still did that kind of thing) would be: get drunk, go to club, enjoy dancing drunkenly, be unable to afford expensive club drinks, sober up, realise how awful the whole thing is, social anxiety, leave, feel shit.
inb4 @spugsley
Q: java.net.ConnectionException: Connection timed out on Minecraft servers

BobEverytime I try to connect to a Minecraft server on any device on my router, I get this error: java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information: I've attempted simple things like restarting my computer etc... Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Q: How to participate in clan war instead of being a spectator

CeleritasI joined a new clan and now that the clan war has started I tried to attack but it says "Spectator can't attack". How do I get out of being a spectator (I haven't used either of my 2 attacks in the war). I went to the clan castle and the clan option and I selected "Yes I'll participate in this wa...

@spugsley are you going to be joining for the movie today?
8:37 PM
@Ktash nah. I'm not a fan of mass movie watchings
Well fine then. Be that way :P
I learned something neat about myself the past few days
I think I like being someone's assistant. Like, for the fashion show, I was my stylist's right hand person like running errands and making sure people were where they needed to be etc etc. And I realized that I fall into that role A LOT. Like when I worked RAW for awhile, I was the director's right hand. And when I did my photography internship, the only time I really liked my job was when I was doing assistant work (errands, etc)
is there a job where I can do that
what is it called?
I think having one person really depend on me and going above and beyond to make them happy is not at all anxiety-y to me for some reason
Assistant. Or Executive Assistant
I guess the struggle would be finding the right person
Huh. It's 3.14.(20)15 today.
8:45 PM
like photog lady was wow not a great boss but I still liked my job when I was doing stuff like that. So if I had an AWESOME person, I would probably LOVE my job
Yeah, the right person and the right place. Those sorts of jobs usually tend to be with bigger companies or at least in bigger cities
Party at 9:26:54 PM!
@Ktash well, Charlotte is a banking/corporate city. But idk if that would be the right way to go. I think I'd do better with an artist or small business owner or something
or at a gallery
someone I have stuff in common with
Directors at art galleries sometimes need assistants, so that would certainly be a possibility
There are also personal assistants, which are hired usually by individuals or by companies on behalf of individuals
@Ktash yeah I'd like that, probly
8:48 PM
@Yuuki Super Pi day!
I guess I'll noodle on this for awhile
@spugsley That will be a lot more dependent. Often that comes with things like helping out with a family and family things. So that one may or may not be your cup of tea, as it would sometimes likely include some child care
Punching the boss' baby usually isn't great for keeping a job
@Ktash believe it or not, I'm usually joking about punching babies :o
but my photog lady had a kid and I dealt with him alright.
it was mainly, keep him busy for a minute while I do this computer thing
@spugsley What?! Crazy talk. That's totally a real thing ;)
@Ktash :p
8:53 PM
Yeah, often times that's what it would be for many PAs. But, it varies
I was just telling my co-workers I need an assistant.
I have too much that needs to get done.
@Frank You needed an assistant like last year already.
@Arperum True.
Or just an actual team to get the job done.
@Frank Not joining you,even if remote was an option, I've promised to code a rather large website, client want some kind of a metro look. Stupid blocks.
@Arperum Yeah, that wasn't what I was getting at. :P
Mostly the perrenial attitude that IT should be paid at grunt manufacturing levels of salary.
9:00 PM
@Ktash isn't the movie night starting in like no time? what is the link to the rabbitroom?
@Arperum 1 hour.
@Yuuki Ah, Got confused with timezones.
In case you wanted to hop in early
@Ktash Not even. Just UK time/ rest of EU time.
9:01 PM
I was watching some Enchanted, but paused it for now
Of course I decide to have a nap just as the upstairs people come home and start fighting and banging about in the kitchen...and this week is apparently March Break so the kids will be home all week. I sure timed this brain surgery well.
Yep, a week later and you would have been in the hospital and you'd have to miss all that!
@Ktash I'm currently listening to some music, so not joingin in yet.
@KevinvanderVelden next time I will try to schedule it better.
Q: A haunted dead giant is following me around skyrim

nuptubeA dead giant has been following me around skyrim it first showed up at Pelagia farm and I just thought "well a giant must've attacked some farmer and he was killed by the ai" BUT NOPE he appeared just as I was walking out of whiterun The weird thing is he is always empty My main question is: ha...

9:18 PM
@AshleyNunn Everyone gets it wrong their first few times
Q: tag people inside answer

Furkan Is there a way to add people and thank them inside answers? In this question I wanted to thank TimB for improving my answer but writing "Thanks to .." didn't seem correct.

9:51 PM
Q: How do you unlock the canon in World 3 in the New Mario Super Bros. DS?

NN101How do you unlock the canon in World 3 in the New Mario Super Bros. DS? All I need to know is which level and where in that level. Any help will be appreciated! :-)

@Ktash blows horns, throws confetti
@Yuuki ping (since I'm sure you'll want to know we're starting soon :P)
@Ktash Do you have the captions set up?
I remember someone wanted them because they had bad speakers or something.
9:59 PM
Ah, no, but I can do that real fast
10:22 PM
oh I don't know if I will be able to join, I am so tired :( (and also making food right now)
Q: What are the success rates for hunter for hire?

RapitorWhen you send off hunters it goes through a list of grades for "chance of success" From E to "sparkling" S. What are the success rates of each letter/sparkled letter? Should I not even bother sending off if it's below a certain grade?

@AshleyNunn Well we will have another one a little later if you are up for it then
Otherwise, possibly tomorrow
@Ktash No worries if I don't make it, I went grocery shopping today and took a 2 hour nap, so I am not really a lot of fun :P
Hmm, yeah, that's something I should do too...
My parents took me, which was nice because then I could replace a bunch of stuff that went weird while I was out of my house for two weeks and then get some new tasty bits
10:43 PM
Ah bummer, I missed it.
When is the next showing?
And do I have to let it use my mic in order for the page to load?
Next showing is probably about an hour or so out. We'll try to make some noise in here about it and I can ping you
No, you don't
@Ktash That would be appreciated :)
@Ktash Hm, I tried loading the room you linked and it said "failed getting media"...time to google :)
If you just click don't allow, it should let you through....
Alright great, working now.
I'll be back for next showing if I remember :D
Q: Scientific mods

BirdI need to know more scientific mods for Minecraft (version doesn't matter). That's what I know: Mad Science, Advanced genetics, BioTek, Biotech, SCIENCE (INJECT YOURSELF WITH DNA!), Gravity Science Mod, Genetics for Forestry, ???

^mod rec
Is that on topic or not?
I always forget
10:53 PM
Last I heard, still on topic
I feel like this particular case would be off
since he's not trying to solve any particular problem
@Ktash reccomendations are off
he just wants mods
I have no idea, but that case in particular is about as recommendation as it can get
Q: Scientific mods

BirdI need to know more scientific mods for Minecraft (version doesn't matter). That's what I know: Mad Science, Advanced genetics, BioTek, Biotech, SCIENCE (INJECT YOURSELF WITH DNA!), Gravity Science Mod, Genetics for Forestry, ???

10:54 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Game recs, yes
> Asking "can anyone recommend a mod for game X" is very, very close to a game-rec and should be treated the same way. - Oak
> Questions shouldn't ask for lists of things [....] I agree with Oak - Grace Note
A: Is "mod rec" really an umbrella category that we want to use? Or is it confusing the situation?

agent86I've written extensively on this subject (mostly here and in comments therein). I'll provide my still-too-long tl;dr version: Closing is our go-to solution for too many things. "I want to find a way to like this game more" or "what is the most fun total conversion mod for (game)" is a bad prob...

Usually the go to meta I see on this topic
@Ktash That is the most recent one, afaik
Votes on the answers would be 100% opinion-based
answers for the MC mod question, that is
There is also this post
Basically, no vote or consensus on it, but generally not closing them
My understanding
It seems like we're supposed to decide case by case
Generally I agree with what these posts are saying
but I think that in this case, the question warrants closing
11:01 PM
Basically, I think the current idea/guidance is that if there's a core problem, then we could answer it in terms of that core problem
And if a mod happens to solve it then fine
That question, as it stands, doesn't have a core problem. Or, really, is unclear about it. But I think it could be saved with a user edit/clarification on what their goal is
I'd say VTC as unclear. Not as off-topic
@Ktash I commented to that effect
@Ktash aaaand VTC-ed as off-topic
Unclear was probably the better choice though
Meh, it was already 2 votes towards it. Likely it will get closed as that anyway
I literally could have gone either way on that but frankly I don't think it matters much tbch
11:18 PM
Q: Are there any taunts that can be used as an attack?

Webhead101In SSB4, I heard there was a taunt that could hit, which ended up being Luigi's down taunt, I think. I do not play this game really often, so I was wondering, are there any other taunt attacks? I have seen some that look like they should be attacks, but I haven't quite tested them out.

> Paradox will simply have to make a great game even better through free updates. Shams believes that this will make it more convenient to use Steam instead of downloading a pirated version of the game.
11:39 PM
My Steam icon is round. What is this madness.
> Four is to inebriation what the St. Louis arch is to the West: It's the gateway drink, the point of no return
This is great wisdom. And very very true.
First movie is winding down now
@LessPop_MoreFizz I feel I’ve known this but I’ve never really known it.
11:54 PM
@Brant same. The instant i saw it in print, I knew it to be true.
First showing just finished. We'll start the next one in about 10 minutes
Q: Cs GO Damage dealt, and died, over 400

reallyCSgoI have read that in cs go, the damage that is shown, is the damage that would occur if you have infinite health, such the AWP with 400+ damage. Although I would like someone to explain me how is it possible to deal 418 damage and still die..... (proof in picture)

@Ktash The universe is conspiring against me today. Are there any showings tomorrow?
@Ktash Oh hey, can i join?
@PrivatePansy Sure.
@John And yes.
11:58 PM
@Yuuki Yay

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