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@agent86 lol, I follow that one
@BenBrocka I think I found it via something you RT'ed, so that's likely :P
Geordi builds a submersible shuttle to rescue Data, who has fallen into an ocean trench. Worf kills Picard's bonsai tree by screaming at it.
12:02 AM
Wesley's dino experiment mistakenly mixes with Riker's beard DNA, creating the sexy-but-dangerous Velociriker. Troi's mom tries to marry it.
@LessPop_MoreFizz which one is the fantasy frog creature, and which is the game designer? I'm confused :/
@agent86 Jochem loves this feed
Waugh, Diablo theme is gone. Gaming's homepage is considerably brighter at night now.
Youtube's been derping for me all day
stalling all the streams midways multiple times
12:05 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I like how once the render appears he completely loses his train of thought
@LessPop_MoreFizz This is made better not only by it being a remix of a really bad special feature of the worst Star Trek film but also by Star Trek 5 being both written and directed by William Shatner
@LessPop_MoreFizz where the hell did you find this?
The Fall On Your Sword remix is older than the internet
@MarkTrapp I didn't know that remix. Oh well, the more you know...
the less sanity remains in your brain.
@Kappei I hope it's replaced something important in your mind, like the cure for cancer
12:14 AM
Ah, if only we make love to the mountain, cancer can be eradicated by 2020!
@MarkTrapp most likely it replaced the knowledge of what I ate yesterday
and in fact I can't recall that
@Kappei you are today's 10,000 :D
@agent86 All of them?
@Ullallulloo I was wondering how long it would take before someone called me on that, but I was too lazy to fix it. consider him "our 10,000"
12:29 AM
@agent86 :)
@agent86 I lol'd when I checked that question and saw that it was already protected. Those questions get an absurd amount of views in a very short time.
@EBongo I think it had been barfed on at least 3 times by the time I protected it.
@MarkTrapp It's actually only the second best FOYS Star Trek Thing.
@agent86 How long does a question have to exist before 15kers can protect? I was going to throw one on there but I don't think it was old enough.
This is the best one.
12:32 AM
@FAE 24 hours
@MarkTrapp Ah, thanks.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh my
@MarkTrapp Have you never heard this one?
It's amazing isn't it?
@FAE I just flagged it for protect, though it already had 3 delete worthy posts which would have driven it to protect anyway
12:37 AM
DJO - Happy in Paraguay
my favorite star trek video :)
@LessPop_MoreFizz It's growing on me, but not feeling the random other Sci-Fi clips spliced in
@MarkTrapp Yeah, the video is less good.
Q: Do minecarts play nicely with traps?

UllallullooI'm considering lining all my tracks to near the outside in cage traps for added safety, but I'm wondering if building on them causes trouble somehow. Can you build them all right? Do the minecarts go over them smoothly, or do they just crash into them? Does it somehow trap the minecart? What abo...

But oh man, that psychedelic vibe
There's also this classic:
12:43 AM
What is this I don't even
Data: The original Brony Artist?
@MarkTrapp The Jandrewedits are... special.
Data is the moderator to r/ClopClop
@MarkTrapp .........
Spoiler alert: don't go there
12:45 AM
On that... disturbing note, sleep. Night all.
oh god the Jandrewedits are so good
Sadly, the Jandrewedits site is down. :(
Too much Riker around here... Goodnight guys!
@Kappei Night!
I hated how the Borg always figured out the random phaser frequency pattern. They should have just had some dude rolling a few 10-sided dice and plugging that in for the frequency
12:51 AM
oh man, I've never seen these before, this is epic
@FAE Was making/eating/cleaning up supper. Can talk at length now. Short answer is: "I researched all the D3 conversation achievements over the last 2 days, nobody had asked about them at the time so I began posting my information in QA format, via Question&Answer simultaneously to which Alok took offense and as they saw the questions I was asking/answering, they took it upon themselves to ask those same questions as I was doing so = duplicates.
Whoa, the site looks so…. naked now.
@FAE Given how I started 2 days ago, I didn't notice the Deckard Cain question and that duplicate was entirely my mistake as I hadn't re-searched since before I began the in-game testing. Once that duplicate was closed, I searched for the others and they were not there. As Alok takes offense to the idea of asking as you answer, they decided to trip me up. I took my time formatting and niceifying my questions and answers, thus giving them time to do so.
@FAE In the future, to avoid this, I assume I will have to open multiple tabs and have all my Q&A's typed up in advance for a mass submit so that there will be no time for someone to take offense and decide to mess with me. Additionally, this experiment has made it clear that the ask-as-you-answer mechanic is not well received/understood by some/many. Perhaps it is a bad idea or some user education is involved.
@skovacs1 Yeah, my apologies for assigning blame to the wrong party when I observed fishiness btw.
I knew there was Something Fishy™ afoot and just didn't know what to make of it.
> Perhaps it is a bad idea or some user education is involved.
The latter.
@LessPop_MoreFizz +1
1:00 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I meant needed, but ran out of time editing and accidentally typed involved.
@skovacs1 No, I mean User Education is involve,d because it is not a bad idea.
Awwww, D3 came up 300 questions short of managing to become the #1 tag on the site within the timeframe of the contest.
@skovacs1 either works tbqh. the point is that it is not a bad idea, therefore the solution is user education.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Speaking of tags and knowing how you like to torch them, as the only things about D3 that I didn't figure out intuitively was the achievements, I've been using the tag on most or maybe all of my questions. Isn't this a really meta/misused tag?
@skovacs1 I feel for you with regards to having somebody swoop in and ask a question you were planning to ask yourself, but it happens. Your answers are fantastic though, and that's what's important in the end. (It's also why question upvotes are only worth 5 rep)
@agent86 so, apologies if this has been asked 10 times by now, but is it known when winners will be posted?
@EBongo Usually it's the monday after contest.
1:05 AM
@EBongo I'm guessing sometime early next week.
@Brant It's all good. I figured that since the contest was over, it might be a good time to experiment while people were still frequenting the site.
Contests end after SE staff go home for the week most of the time.
A: At what quests/points in time do each of Deckard Cain's talk options become available?

skovacs1I did a run through with a new character, noting when each of the conversations became available. There are a few that the exact point in the quest is not 100% because a friend joined and I didn't want to hold them up by running back after every single objective. Once you've heard a conversation,...

@skovacs1 I like the use of this tag for big games like D3 and Skyrim, for the record. When question count hits critical mass. My opinion.
This certainly doesn't deserve downvotes either.
1:06 AM
@EBongo despite our enthusiasm, they don't work overtime to give us free stuff :(
@skovacs1 I have largely thrown up my hands on the subject. I don't like , but it has enough defenders that I don't feel like fighting about it.
@LessPop_MoreFizz this is my opinion as well.
coherent policy is largely blocked by special cases such as this, but I lack the will to fight these battles.
@Brant No. Neither do the closed questions really, but meh. The internet populous is known for nothing if not their misdirected actions. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Hopefully some of us came away more knowledgeable for the effort.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Fair enough. 500 questions is a pain to retroactively fix. It's just not really an area of expertise in specific as it is different for each game/system, etc. At least it has a tag wiki.
Jan 24 at 22:14, by Grace Note
It's the same essence - the actual system element is identical and meaningful. It doesn't and isn't used on its own, but it is effective even across games, both for league purposes and for categorization.
@agent86 I will say that of all the bad cross game tags, is the least bad.
1:12 AM
@agent86 I disagree in the general case. It's not identical. It may be meaningful though, if only for categorization, so I'd say it's fair enough. I just thought I'd ask since LessPop is pretty knowledgeable of tag burnination.
@skovacs1 Incidentally the answer to your question will partially answer this question:
Q: What is the fastest way to complete "The Art of Conversation" achievement?

EBongoI know from reading this question how to finish up the follower conversations, however to get "The Art of Conversation" I need to complete almost all conversations in the game (I believe there are a handful that don't count). I've beat the game at this point, so I believe all conversations shoul...

The "everything" conversation achievement.
@LessPop_MoreFizz yeah, I just don't think we have a strong case for exceptions at this point. most of what I got when I asked "why?" were things I couldn't apply generally or explain to others - it was a lot of interpretation and subjectivity.
@EBongo I can probably determine an optimized minimum process to get all the achievements since I have all the first and last availabilities. I can check for overlap and ease of access jumping through the quests. I'll give it a shot.
@EBongo, are you playing the diablos tonight? haven't seen you around recently.
I should play the diablos.
1:16 AM
for @Wipqozn - "donutello"
But I am busy watching a no-no in progress
Man, the optional dungeons in Act II are much larger than Act I. Do they keep getting larger?
@skovacs1 Huh, how did he know you were going to ask the questions? Anyway, just delete the duplicates and move on. Next time, link them to the relevant Meta questions
@agent86 This makes me want to think of others like Raftfael (strap a red raft to a turtle) and Micaelangelo (tape a yellow microphone to a turtle) and I haven't thought of one for Leo.
@Mark no they shrink dramatically in Act IV
1:25 AM
@YiJiang I started asking about each of the conversation achievements. It's pretty easy to tell what I was doing. I ask about the Cain conversation achievement, then Leah, then Adria, then Haedrig, then Shen, the Kormac, then Lyndon, then Eirena. It's not rocket surgery to see a pattern in progress as I was doing it. Technically, since mine were 7 minutes and 28 minutes after Aloks, mine are the dups. You're saying to close mine?
@Skovacs Legonardo
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yes. Perfect.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ah. In The Ruins in Act II and it's reminding me of Torchlight in a good way
@skovacs1 I mean delete them, to get back the lost reps from the downvotes
There's not much point in keeping them around now
@mark they stay big but become really rare in Act III.
1:27 AM
The questions, not the answers I mean
In IV they get tiny.
Also, "rocket surgery" hehehe
@YiJiang you do know the origin of that phrase, right?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Rocket scientist and brain surgeon
@YiJiang kk. Love to, but "To allow for possible reopening, you may delete in 2 days"
1:29 AM
@skovacs1 I don't think a mod would mind if you ask them politely now.
Also, never seen that before, hmmm
It's from that, @Yijiang
@LessPop_MoreFizz he must've had a lot of patience to actually type this out.
@agent86 I'm out of town. Sunday maybe.
1:32 AM
@krazer that's compiled from many screenshots.
@YiJiang You have now
Sebudai is a legend of rage though.
@LessPop_MoreFizz What is this actually ranting about? I haven't read it all, but the comments all seem rather generic.
@EBongo :( I have phat lewts for you.
@LessPop_MoreFizz so much rage and not a single spelling mistake.
1:34 AM
I'm going to have to charge you rent on the use of my stash.
@skovacs poor play by his guild in the hardest raid dungeon in vanilla wow.
@Krazer And yet abundant grammatical errors.
Minus 50 DKP!
@LessPop_MoreFizz I thought BWL or MC was.
1:38 AM
@krazer no, Naxx40 was the final/hardest.
MC was the first/easiest.
Q: Does "Big Stinker" count as "Bad Medicine?"

agent86I'm currently using the "Big Stinker" rune on my Gargantuan: Big Stinker The Gargantuan is surrounded by a poison cloud that deals 15% weapon damage as Poison per second to nearby enemies. I was considering stacking this with Bad Medicine as a passive: Bad Medicine Whenever you deal...

BWL was the second.
From easiest to hardest, 40 mans went MC->BWL->AQ40->Naxx
@MarkTrapp these come in three sizes: small (the map fits in your minimap, more or less), medium (a single level, but it's probably 4-6x the minimap size) and large (two levels about medium size).
there are a couple of larges in act 3, but mostly smalls. almost all smalls if I recall in act 4.
by contrast, lots of larges/mediums in act 2
I might go so far as to say there's also "tiny" - you can see the extents of the dungeon all on your screen at once.
things like the cellars in act 1 would be tiny.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I remember Cthun being pretty hard pre-nerf. More so than the 4 horsemen..
1:45 AM
Saw it this afternoon!
@agent86 There are also some cellars in Act 2, but your point is still valid. Act 2 has the larger randungeons. Act 1 has more random events. Act 3 has...frustrating lords of pestilence. Act 4 has...Diablo or something?
oh my god lords of pestilence
make me and my disintegrate spec bleed all kinds of pain
(400 ms latency don't help there, nosiree)
@RavenDreamer If I die, it's most often from those things since they're one of the few things that don't seem to die before getting a chance to hit me and they hit hard. They give Act 3 any semblance of challenge (when I'm not messing around with achievements (I swear Crispy Critters has it in for me)).
@skovacs1 oh, yeah, I wasn't trying to say I'd made an exhaustive list; just sort of characterizing the types you find in the various acts is all. there are "tiny" dungeons in act 3 as well.
and yeah, I hate hate hate act 3
act 3 can die in a fire and burn in hell.
the monsters are BS, the dungeons are crappy and overly long, ugh.
also Blizzard, if you're going to throw some kind of completely unfair overpowered POS monster at me, at least let it drop something within ~5-ish levels of my level, please?!
1:54 AM
I still don't have a combination of stable internet and computer that can play diablo 3 :(
@Krazer Yeah, wasn't strictly linear. but Kel'Thuzad/Sapphiron were tougher than C'thun.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Sacred
@LessPop_MoreFizz Feces
C'thun wasn't so much hard pre-nerf as he was mathematically impossible and bugged into the stratosphere.
@skovacs1 The Mets just ended a streak that was sitting at 8019 games and over fifty years.
This is basically a day I never thought was going to come.
This one requires more context. (Read as a Hanar)
@RavenDreamer First no-hitter in Mets history.
1:57 AM
They pitch one or failed to hit anything?
(Is this epic good or epic fail)
@RavenDreamer Epic good.
The mets have been no-hit like... 7 times.
But no Met has ever pitched a no hitter.
10 people have pitched no-hitters and then joined the mets. another 10 pitched no hitters after leaving the mets. But never as a Met.
10 disc collectors set of The Avengers! :D
Lol. it' already up won wikipedia
@James I'd like to know more about... "exclusive memorabilia"
2:04 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Pitching - So the Mets are a baseball team? I guessed as much since the name sounded familiar and that's what I thought they were. Good for them and their supporters, I guess. I'm sure those who partake of sports gambling on what seem to be long shots would be quite pleased.
@skovacs1 here I though you meant the Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard :P
@Krazer Doesnt matter to me, Normal and 3D versions on blu ray of all the movies will round out my collection in general and for all 6 movies that is about $20 a movie.. sooo.. it works out :D
@LessPop_MoreFizz Heh, just saw that. It was so unexpected CNN considers it breaking news.
crashes through the normal interface, now that its back.
2:11 AM
"Error establishing a database connection" DENIED.
@TimStone (That's the point.)
I still just can't believe that this actually happened.
2:35 AM
Q: Humble Bundle and ARM

GaiusSenseiI know that all of the Humble Bundle games can be installed on Linux systems. Is it possible to install and run them on my phone (a Samsung Galaxy Note), since I have a variant of Ubuntu (ARM-based) Linux installed? The minimum system requirements does not specify any requirements regarding x...

HiB 5 is now up to two million US dollars in sales
Also, I just tried playing Psychonauts, and it's playing rather choppily for a 7 year old game
Is there any way to, uh, make it run better?
The system requirements are all fairly tame, so I don't understand why it's stuttering so much
2:56 AM
@YiJiang :( I own the PS2 version, so can't really help, but it's a problem worth debugging - the game is really, really quite good.
It is, I quite like the story, though the graphics might not have aged quite as well
Well, havent yet received an email from lauren
Seems I wont get the mouse
The prizes are out already?
I dont know
as far as I know, no winners have been selected or announced.
2:59 AM
Oh ok
I'm certain there will be a meta update or contest site update when it happens, along with much rejoicing amongst the winners
Ok good.
I wouldn't plan on hearing anything until monday at the earliest, though, as those guys work business hours
Going with the comment of yin yang
(they're not voulenteer fanatics like us crazy people)
as far as we know, no Diablo 3 contest winners have been announced. stay tuned for early next week, maybe?!
there, for the pin list, as this is likely to be a FAQ...
3:05 AM
And we're back to the old site. I had forgotten what it looked like.
@fbueckert always a sad day when we lose our "event" site layouts :(
@agent86 The best part is, there will eventually be a new event site layout.
@fbueckert indeed. I wonder what the next big thing will be?
Holy crap, my video card is outdated. One within the price point for the contest has triple the performance.
Oh, hey. The Pokemon/Nobunaga crossover is coming out in a couple weeks. Where did THAT come from?
@agent86 A wild guess says it could be Borderlands 2.
@fbueckert hmm, possibly.
I'd forgotten about it, honestly. Although I'm excited for it...
3:13 AM
That's OK. Contest or no, I'll always be a loser.
And by that, I mean I seldom win contests and am thankful that I'm at least guaranteed(?) a shirt. The shirt is more or less a sure thing, right?
@skovacs1 well, y'know, there is a "no losers" clause in the guaranteed shirt thing. so your chances are looking pretty poor, tbh.
@agent86 I'm sure I lost something. It wouldn't be typical of me if I did not. Pride. Dignity. Self-respect. The respect of others. e-peen. Rep. Patience. Temper. My mind. Take your pick.
@skovacs1 ah, this is a common contest-related disease. I don't think I ever walk out with as much of any of that as I did when I started :P
"gamingcontestitis" - the inability to control one's self when imaginary reps/hats and/or prizes are on the line.
3:30 AM
@YiJiang I've never any problems running Psychonauts. It's a great game. Without more details about your setup, I can't really troubleshoot much. Is this the Steam copy? OS? What else are you running at the same time? Have you tried a restart? Basic things like that are a start.
wow, fastest Dragonvale question to hit 10k views yet:
Q: How do you breed a Pearl Dragon?

EBongoThe in game announcement that stated that May 31st was the last day for the Emerald Dragon also mentioned that the Pearl Dragon would be the gem dragon for the month of June. How do you breed a Pearl dragon? What incubation time indicates that you got it?

@skovacs1 Steam copy, Windows 7. The computer is a laptop from '08 with 2.8 GHz Core 2 Duo and a Radeon Mobility HD graphics card
Hmm, I just opened up the system info thing and there's a warning pointing to system logs complaining about the fact that the desktop experience has degraded because the system is out of video memory
If I alt tab out of the game I see it constantly running at close to 50% CPU utilisation, which means it's using up one core completely
4:02 AM
Q: How do I breed a Forge dragon?

Ben BrockaI've heard of a new hybrid dragon, the Forge dragon. How can I breed one and how will I know I have a Forge dragon?

4:32 AM
Well Poop
Drawsomething finally updated to say "Zynga"
4:55 AM
@BenBrocka I feel compelled to ask "How do I breed a Peridot Dragon" just to get a jump on things
5:06 AM
@BenBrocka For what its worth, I have only bred a gem dragon at the normal breeding cave.. Notta one at the epic.
So yay, Steam is being retarded. Again. By not launching.
Q: What are the best weapon types for each class in Diablo III?

katDoes it matter what kind of weapon you equip, for example a crossbow vs. a sword ? Are any specific classes stronger when using a certain weapon, for example a Wizard using a wand ? I am most interested in hearing about the Witch Doctor class.

6:02 AM
SO many flags cast just now.
When the mods are away, the trolls shall play I suppose.
6:28 AM
7:23 AM
Q: is It necessary to install all update of skyrim or only need last of them?

RevFor improving game and also solving buge's: Is It necessary to install all update of skyrim or only need last of them?

Q: Is there a way to change the skills so that right mouse is not always secondary

Jim ThioIn diablo iii I saw a build where people are using offensive or defensive skills on 2 numbers. Sample is http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#aYk

7:42 AM
So either levels 27-30 are incredibly long, Acts III and IV are incredibly short, or I accidentally Diablo III wrong. Just finished Act II on Normal and I'm already a third through level 27
8:15 AM
@Lazers @RavenDreamer My interpretation of what this question is trying to ask is if Skyrim patches are cumulative
^ One character edit to bump post :|
Ignoring all the spelling and grammatical errors he previously made
2 hours later…
10:10 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz yay for facecams
@MarkTrapp You accidentally Diablo III wrong
@agent86 It's a turtle PLUS a pun! What more could I ask for?
11:14 AM
Q: Can i use an xbox360 controller for il 2 sturmovik 1946?

mrminecraft3000I was wondering if i could use an xbox 360 controller to play IL 2 sturmovik. I know you can use one on flight simulator acceleration gold edition which i have also got but i have a rubbish joystick which is why i asked the question.

11:39 AM
@Wipqozn I'm sure you realized the copy of the Ship you got from me comes with its own giftable copy of the Ship?
@badp it seems to proliferate itself
@FAE Kinda, the IR copy comes with two gift copies, each of which comes with another gift copy and then it ends.
So Wipqozn's gift won't give an extra giftable copy
@badp Ah okay. Tristan gave me a copy which came with a copy, so I didn't know how far it extended.
@badp Wow, so that's actually 4 gifts?
@YiJiang yep
12:04 PM
and time for town, later all
12:16 PM
it's going viral!
12:41 PM
Q: Can I trust Origin the same way I trust Steam?

ShurikenI would like to get the same type of answers this question got. Can I trust this "Origin" DRM (Digital Rights Management) software platform? Has anybody done any independent verification on how this platform works? Does the "Origin" platform install anything particularly nasty...

Q: Why do I keep losing?

Nick122In Minesweeper, I had to figure out the rules. I have been playing easily on the smaller levels. Now whenever I use the larger levels the following happens... Take a look at the point at which I lost. The mine I clicked was touching the "1" which was already touching a different mine. The "2" it...

@RavenDreamer That's basically what @EBongo did :P Technically the answer was unknown when she asked, though it was discovered fairly quickly
1:01 PM
@BenBrocka fyi, he.
I haven't exhaustively tested my assumption, but I have enough data to extrapolate.
Gamecenter full name doesn't indicate that, that's what I've been going off
I think it's high time now to pack up the shit in this partition and wave goodbye to Win7
I mean, it's very high time to reinstall Windows
I might as well do so with Win8 rite?
Q: Where can I find the Gary Hudston project?

Mark KramerI'm sure you've all seen the video for the Gary Hudston Project for Portal 2. My question is: where can I find that level to play for myself, is it available for download or did they literally create that level for just one person to play and no one else?

Q: How does drop system work in Dota 2?

DrakeValve has recently launched a virtual store in Dota 2 where you can buy various items for your hero. But I heard that is possible to "drop" this items also for free, in game. How does this system works? Is it completely random? Is it possible to drop all items available in the store?

just the time to save important stuffs. Such as Raven'sGamze.7z
1:22 PM
@badp Yes, noticed that last night.
So if anyone wants it just give me a ping.
@BenBrocka oh, well, I'm just saying I haven't asked him to drop trou and prove it, but I've known him for a couple of years now/met him in person, etc.
tortoise swoosh
@agent86 Oh, weird name for a guy then
I mean that in a polite way
@BenBrocka lol. I asked him about that once, and I think he said he never intended for anyone else to see that ID.
@BenBrocka there's a bit of history on his "primary" handle on our blog (which is woefully underused at this point) withoutthesarcasm.com/?page_id=27
@Lazers I don't like this question.
I think it's likely to solicit opinion, debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion
however, there's "precedent"
33) As a player, I want to be able to disable companion conversations so that I'm not annoyed hearing them all the time. GLORIOUS! We're well aware. ;)
Quote does not like multiline
Yes, please, let me toggle off companion conversations!
1:40 PM
@Sterno what is this a quote from?
crashes through shootmania
@Fredy31 shoot people with all of ONE weapon!
But the force of Shootmania will be a level editor that is easy to use
If you believe their experience with trackmania
Replaced reupload with original
oh okay it's a different video
also I'd appreciate it if Youtube didn't suck so hard this weekend
2:05 PM
Q: In Diablo III Why the merchants have Huge profit margin?

Jim ThioI bought some stuff from vendor. Then I sell the stuff back. The price is like 5%. In wow the price different is 50% Anyone know why? Am I doing something wrong?

> We think Invulnerable enemies are a bit ridiculous right now anyway
No wai
@TimStone and so began the years long nerfing process of Inferno
2:22 PM
@Lazers The idea of a "profit margin" doesn't really work when there isn't a market economy and the prices are all created arbitrarily through some magical formula instead of actual cost of production of the good
> As a robot, I want AH durations to be user determined.
> As a moderator, I want more animations to my banhammer ability. There should be only one possible weapon displayed during said ability, which should help with the QA load.
"This spider has captured some large prey." kills it "And what of the spider's prey?" checks cocooned body Out pops a Treasure Pygmy, heh. Wasn't expecting that.
Q: Max Payne 3 is Pausing Itself Randomly

AlexandruI just purchased Max Payne 3 from Steam. This game pauses itself randomly (like, the same behaviour as if you were to hit the escape key on your keyboard), and I don't know what the issue with because I have not experienced this with any other game (and I have a lot of games). Its not just me tha...

Q: Why magic item is rarely on auction house

Jim ThioMost items on auction house are either rare or some socketed magic item. Why?

Amy of you fine gents/ladies purchased the fifth humble bundle?
Any, that is
2:36 PM
@Sterno Oh god Blacksen got his wish.
@Aubergine Not yet, I may get it for Limbo,
Also press up to edit.
(Dude who posted that is basically the laughingstock of EJB for his extremely wrong, often very stupid armchair design rants about wow.)
@RonanForman I'm just wondering, since I own an enormous portion of it (and I am also probably buying a house) what happens if I don't pay above the average soundtrack-wise.
@LessPop_MoreFizz but I want mounts so pets can ride me around!
@Aubergine I already have the Bastion sound track, so I can buy it in a bit and find out for you.
2:40 PM
@RonanForman That would be super awesome of you, thanks. Then again, I'm not sure I would listen to the bastion soundtrack outside of the game.
I prefer more up-beat music.
@Aubergine It's amazing, you really should.
@RonanForman Well, we shall see.
@RonanForman Anyhoot, gotta hit the road (literally). I'll be sure to swing by later.
@Aubergine You don't get the Bastion soundtrack
@badp not buying bastion or its soundtrack should be a crime
@Fredy31 I have Bastion already, its soundtrack is not worth paying seven times as much as I've paid for the bundle so far
2:48 PM
One song made me buy the whole OST. youtube.com/watch?v=GDflVhOpS4E
@Fredy31 I bought it for Zia's Song.
@Fredy31 spoiler alert!
I should play through it, for the 4th time.
I should ask you why its a spoiler, but you would spoil everybody in the chat
It's a spoiler because the video title says "End Theme" and I haven't gotten to the end yet
I dont think any lyrics of that song tell you the ending
2:51 PM
Still Alive also doesn't make sense until you play Portal :P
Just link to the Bandcamp page, where you can listen to all the songs at a reasonably high bitrate for free and buy it if you want
I already have it
I know, but I personally think linking to YouTube for others to listen to isn't the best idea when there are better options :P
I'm not the kind to replay my games, but Bastion, I ended the game, and went right back for the NG+
@badp The video shows 2 :P
00:00 - 15:0015:00 - 00:00

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