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12:02 AM
> I like some 'hip-hop' (I'm not sure what that means precisely so I'm using quotes), like Kanye West's cover of Harder Better Faster Stronger
Q: Which door should I go through in the room with many useless doors?

murgatroid99I have encountered a room with about 50 doors arranged in four rows of four on each side of the cube, but with some removed/blocked. Every door I have gone through has brought me to a different door in the same room, but the world map shows that there is an exit to another room. Which of the door...

Q: Is stereoscopy (3D) in Fez's New Game++ used in any of the puzzles?

sean3D glasses are placed on Fez in the intro to the New Game++ (activated in the settings menu thereafter). Does it reveal any hidden codes or information in the levels, or is it strictly just for aesthetics/fun like an Easter egg?

Q: Why do the 'favored' rating change from start of game to end of game in Starcraft 2?

KelseyWhy is it when I start a game and it says the team is 'Favored' or 'Slightly Favored' and then it ends and it is considered even or even my team 'Slightly Favored'? What impacts this? I win where the other team is 'Favored' and I am expecting big points and then it ends and it says 'Even' and I...

Q: What do we do with the "U" pillars?

GimlaoThe controller is vibrating when being near to them, but I don't know what to do with them. =/

Now that I've finished Legend of Grimrock, it might be time for some Lands of Lore
needs a tag-wiki
Also, this needs close votes:
Q: Can you have children in Skyrim?

RebekaIs it possible to have children in Skyrim?

Because I'm too lazy to google it and find out why it's gotten so many questions today
Q: "Can I do X" questions

bwarnerThis question seems problematic to me. Not because of it makes the site look immature (though I think it does), but because it seems to be a class of questions that causes some problems. The basic formula is to think of something that would be "cool" to do in a game, find a game that is very ...

12:05 AM
@Wipqozn Meh. It's not a great question, but I don't know that it's so crazy-off-base that it's close worthy
@Sterno That's why I linked to the meta.
You can get married in Skyrim. Other RPG where you can get married, like Fable, you can crank out children. Doesn't seem totally unreasonable to ask
I know. And that meta doesn't say "Close them all!"
we've closed more than one "Can I do X" question.
@Sterno No, but it fits with this question.
@Sterno This one is a pretty stupid thought experiment based on other games.
It is purely baseless speculation, and not based on any sort of real gameplay experience or any need to avoid a potential consequence of acting un-forewarned.
It is a stupid question and should be closed.
I won't be sad if it closes. But I'm not voting on it.
12:08 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I keep meaning to lobby for a "dear god why I don't even" close reason.
@AnnaLear Pretty much.
Particularly that on in it's original form.
I really kind of want to get "is a thought experiment" added to our NARQ close reason.
though I suppose 'overly speculative' covers that
Ha, yeah, that original version is pretty bad
Actually, overly speculative isn't in there either
(Not actually, I'm too lazy to do it. But if one of you did, I'd up vote it.)
Implementing RT @codinghorror: considering a new "Honey badger don't give a s**t" close reason for Stack Exchange. Only partially kidding.
12:21 AM
I half-jokingly lobbied for a "no one cares"/"who cares?" close reason when I was a mod, but Grace Note convinced me it was already covered by NARQ and too localized
12:36 AM
Q: What's the secret of the technician room in the beginning village?

GimlaoDo someone know what to do with this room ? It's in the village from the beginning.

Q: How to solve these puzzles in Fez?

B.SI think I'm almost finish Fez, but there's still some puzzle I couldn't figure out First, the room with some candles There's a symbol on the ground (only seem by first person view), and I got a half treasure map seems related to the symbol. But I tried for a long time and nothing happens. Ho...

Seems like the OP speaks Chinese
Should I comment in Chinese to repeat what Oak said?
12:59 AM
@YiJiang I don't think you need to. He looks like he was a solid enough understanding of English.
@Wipqozn That's because I edited the broken bits out
Well, at least looking at the comments
@YiJiang I know. I think he has a good enough understanding of English that he'll be able to understand oak's message.
Although I'm not saying "Don't do it", just that I don't think it will be necessary.
anyone here like Video Games Live?
@murgatroid99 I would really like to- oh hey thanks
@murgatroid99 Yes.
Oh snap, they are streaming it?
that's awesome.
"why did you bring an MP3 player to a concert?"
also, haha
this is awesome
1:22 AM
I have a new laptop with no middle click, and I just accidentally did it somehow and have no clue what buttons I did to get it to work.
So I know it's possible, and I just can't do it, which is even more frustrating than just thinking it's impossible.
Ugh I would have to get up and go in the other room for that.
Probably easier to just ask a question on Super user and tag it with
@StrixVaria Usually either a three finger click, three finger tap, or pressing both buttons at once if they're physical
Holy crap 3 finger tap worked.
2 finger tap works as well.
Now I'm not sure how I didn't think to try that.
I did try pressing both physical buttons at once, which was not it.
1:28 AM
Ah, two-finger tap/click is right-click on Macs
I don't know the first thing about navigating a Mac, and don't intend to ever know :P
@murgatroid99 Friend of mine has met that guy a few times.. Idolizes him a bit he does ;)
@StrixVaria My respect for you has just increased.
Flute Link? Wheeeeee...
Flute link is pretty awesome.
I hope they come to Halifax at some point, although I doubt they would.
whoever is managing the camera for this is terrible
why are you focusing on flute link when she's not playing, and just standing there
1:34 AM
KL in May, but there's no way I can get there. Singapore has one in '13
Depending on when there Toronto and Ottawa shows are I'd consider going to those
One of those that is.
Mmmm, 950 page D&D module
@Wipqozn Yeah man, willful ignorance is pretty awesome.
My question about the Shield of Valor is getting really crappy answers.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Exactly my thinking.
1:43 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't plan on ever using one. I don't see what benefit knowing how to use one would gain me.
Apparently VGL was in my hometown last week, but I wasn't
@StrixVaria And that's fine, it's just not really something worthy of accolades.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Fair enough.
1:59 AM
every time I file a bug report I want to title it "Fix your shit"
2:11 AM
holy shit tommy, no one cares about your guitar collection. Return to the show.
A&E why are your reality shows so insipid and yet watchable.
This 'Last Chance Driving School' has me hooked purely because I recognize the locations.
Yay, I played four DnB songs in a row! That's an endurance record for me.
I don't know what "DnB" is.
I assume it's slang for drugs though.
Drum and bass () (also written as drum 'n' bass and commonly abbreviated to D&B, D+B or DnB) is a type of electronic music which emerged in the mid 1990s. The genre is characterized by fast breakbeats (typically between 160–180 bpm, occasional variation is noted in older compositions), with heavy bass and sub-bass lines. Drum and bass began as an offshoot of the United Kingdom rave scene of the very early 1990s. Over the first decade of its existence, the incorporation of elements from various musical genres led to many permutations in its overall style. History In the late 198...
2:23 AM
@Mana Do you like Death Grips?
@LessPop_MoreFizz whuzzit
@Mana LP from Death Grips
@LessPop_MoreFizz o
that's from the the first record.
it is very raw, dark, confrontational, kind of bracing shit
@LessPop_MoreFizz hm. Sounds like the kind of stuff I do not want to be listening to before writing an exam.
2:25 AM
@Mana This is a track off the new album that is pretty amazing.
it is like the horror core answer to salt 'n' pepa's push it.
@Mana It might wake you up and get you pumped to write.
@Sterno I don't get it: indie games have historically trended towards more literate audiences. If the questions and that are indicative of anything, I don't like the trend. Heck, Legend of Grimrock was supposed to be an unforgiving throwback to games people played 20 years ago: gamers in their 30s don't tend to use textspeak.
Oh man, and the new Sigur Ros supposedly leaked too. It's a wonderful night.
@LessPop_MoreFizz WHAT
@LessPop_MoreFizz But I haven't seen crazy shit, so I can't really relate to the lyrics, y'know?
supposedly that's the martial arts guy for Korra
2:30 AM
@Mana But you've SEEN FOOTAGE
Hai guys
Anyone here know things about enums?
@RavenDreamer I know some things about emus
My brother nearly lost a nipple to an emu at an australian petting zoo
but I digress.
@RavenDreamer What's the question? And what language?
@RavenDreamer I know some things about enums
2:41 AM
@RavenDreamer ok, what about enums in C#?
I have an enum defined likeso
 public enum soundStyle
        nether = 0,
        hyper = 1,
        mega = 2
There's not terribly a lot to know about enums
@RavenDreamer all those assignments are superfluous
2:42 AM
what am I doing when I run this code?
@NickT Yeah, I just added the 1 and 2 because this line wasn't working
@NickT It can't hurt to write it out explicitly
> if (modeLimit > mode) return;
I know, but what else is there to comment on
(where both variables are the abovementioned enum)
Is that how you compare enums?
enums are just glorified integers iirc
2:43 AM
@RavenDreamer It seems like it should work
You can't rely on the enum value to translate to any specific integer, and AFIAK C# won't let you do it: you have to cast it
        public void Draw(SpriteBatch sprite, SpriteFont font, soundStyle mode)
            //if hitCount < 10, return
            if (minorGreeble) return;
            //if modeLimit is greater than mode (i.e., we're below what we should be), return without drawing.
            if (modeLimit > mode) return;
            sprite.DrawString(font, counter, position, color);

is this C++ or what
2 mins ago, by Raven Dreamer
I only know C
2:44 AM
@MarkTrapp Hm. I'll try a cast real quick, then.
I concur with Mark
@RavenDreamer oh yeah, that's probably a good idea
Hm. No dice.
does C# share anything with C/C++ or does it just look like them? (cf. C code can be compiled on C++ with little trouble)
I don't think it's generally considered good practice to use enums in a manner in which you'd be performing operations like > on them
2:46 AM
@NickT C# takes the best bits as defined by Microsoft from C, C++, Java, and (IIRC) D.
@RavenDreamer What are you Attempting to do?
@RavenDreamer I'd go with @Sterno on this. Enums should not be used for comparisons
@James Draw only under certain conditions.
And for that matter, what is failing? compiling?
Enums are Integers underneath
2:47 AM
@Sterno run time. It's not displaying even when it should be displaying
So you compare them like you would an int
@Sterno ah well
3 mins ago, by Raven Dreamer
2 mins ago, by Raven Dreamer
4 mins ago, by Raven Dreamer
        public void Draw(SpriteBatch sprite, SpriteFont font, soundStyle mode)
            //if hitCount < 10, return
            if (minorGreeble) return;
            //if modeLimit is greater than mode (i.e., we're below what we should be), return without drawing.
            if (modeLimit > mode) return;
            sprite.DrawString(font, counter, position, color);

public enum soundStyle
None = 0


,MIN = None
Erm, ignore that
Ok, screw chat and its formatting, but try that..
It's difficulty to tell why that might be from that code fragment. Can you run it in the debugger and set a breakpoint at that line? It might be returning before it even does that check, such as if minorGreeble is true, or hitcount < 10
2:50 AM
If its not < max its invalid
And in general make your enums have a default of Non or Nothing or something like that that everything else comes between
Yeah, I don't think this is an issue with the enums, but of the logic instead.
To the debuggery!
I'm actually surprised you can compare enums that way. I would have thought it would be a compile error
enums are ints. So I tried to compare them as ints.
@RavenDreamer And you should be able to.. so either minorGreeble is true or modeLimit is > mode
2:53 AM
Paging a player to suggested edits, we have a content edit:
You should ask on Stack Overflow @RavenDreamer :P
@LessPop_MoreFizz Approved: not sure what stacking leaves has to do with killing yourself, but player-placed leaves do not decay
@LessPop_MoreFizz Huh.. Thats what 'approve an edit' looks like ... cause that is confusing to see :)
This had led me to discover that Visual Studio 2010 express is no longer working on my machine. Boo
Hm. This is so weird.
2:55 AM
@MarkTrapp Actually he could ask on GameDev.SE :)
Oh, I see why it's mentioned in the answer. Yeah, wow, unnecessary and wrong information.
(I could use the rep :D)
@James I don't think they think highly of general language syntax/debug questions
I have a switch statement for that enum that changes my draw code, depending. I copied and pasted, and it works in the one branch and not the other. :/
@MarkTrapp Well we don't .. but I could still use rep :)
@RavenDreamer We will need to see more of the code to help you out unfortunately
2:57 AM
Suddenly, I'm in the mood to play around with XNA
Hehe, I installed Unity for the first time on Thursday
Neat to poke around in there
I liked Unity a whole lot more once I realized I didn't have to use Javascript (which I don't know) but can use C# (which I do!)
Well, it's not hitting the de
well, crap
I'm just not adding it to the draw list at all.
Ain't that dandy.
At least your other logic is validated ;)
I always love it when the solution turns out to be: Oh, yeah, I need to actually call the code for it to execute!
It's worse in assembly
so many 1-character errors
"MY Code isn't working!"
^ is using MUL instead of IMUL
one character the difference between life and death!
3:03 AM
I spent two hours compiling for the PC and testing on the PSP wondering why none of my changes were taking place :)
Q: Do I have to steal "Litany of Larceny" items during the quest?

IrishJMASo I was looking through the wiki and saw that I missed an item for the "Litany of Larceny" quest when I did Snow Veil Sanctum. I went back and got the model ship, but when I went to Devin I did not get the conversation prompt to sell him the item. It is the last item I need to complete the que...

It works.
Thanks, StackGaming Braintrust!
If you have any other programming questions feel free to @ me
And for the record, you can compare enums with '>' without casting
Even in C# they inherit from int by default (can make em inherit from longs or shorts if ya want but [shrug])
3:05 AM
@James Hm. I only have two outstanding questions. (one is the level design, which is not so much a question as a thing I need to do)
The other one is a little complicated, but I'll try my best to convey it.
@James I'm making a Bit.Trip Beat clone. This means I've got a "Timeline" sort of thing going, and "beats" get populated onto the screen X milliseconds from the start of the game happens.
In the background, I've got a music beat going.
@BenBrocka Ouch. That's a long time :(
The beats move left via parametric function based on their time since they started moving, which is fine.
I think it's partly because of the storm
My only question is how do I make sure that the beats reach their destination (the player) on one of the downbeats?
I think that's more math than programming, honestly.
3:08 AM
I didn't expect a 15 minute video to be 1 GB after hardcore compression though
@RavenDreamer yeah, it's just math
Are you decoding the audio signal or are you just counting on a timed beat?
find the time where they have to hit, and that lets you solve an equation for when the beat has to appear
(Friend of mine loved altering the world's display based on decoding audio signals)
We get signal?
3:10 AM
@James I'm not sure I understand the question
@BenBrocka Main screen turn on!
Are you interpreting the audio data as you play it, detecting the beats
@LessPopMoreFizz this feels like a dupe. Is this a dupe?
Q: Do I have to steal "Litany of Larceny" items during the quest?

IrishJMASo I was looking through the wiki and saw that I missed an item for the "Litany of Larceny" quest when I did Snow Veil Sanctum. I went back and got the model ship, but when I went to Devin I did not get the conversation prompt to sell him the item. It is the last item I need to complete the que...

Or do you just know the beats happen 5 seconds apart of the like?
@James how are you gentlemen
@James Nah. I just know the beats are every 115.38 ms
3000/26, to be precise
3:12 AM
@RavenDreamer Do math then :)
And keep in mind that because of frame rate you will likely never actually be checking the time exactly
@James That's what's so great about parametric functions, though!
(and human reaction speeds from no warning are about 0.2seconds, w/ warning 0.1ish)
I define where they should be, and it doesn't matter how much time has actually passed.
Can get some skipping if it gets bad, though.
3:13 AM
I just mean your update loop to scan for input might make everything 'miss' by 0.003ms because thats just how games go
That's premature optimization at this point, though.
It's working so far, and that's good enough!
@RavenDreamer Truth :)
I really wish I knew how to do better visual effects in XNA, but I'm kinda afraid to dip into render modes and texture shaders, and all that crazy stuff.
I just wondered something.
Are you pondering what I'm pondering?
To research!
word for 'fellow soldiers'...why am I blanking on it
@LessPop_MoreFizz facepalm
@NickT comrades?
that's it
Q: Is dyed color inherited?

Nick TIf I dye a sheep and that sheep makes babies, will they violate genetics and produce offspring of the same color? The sheep's original color? Does it just re-roll?

@LessPop_MoreFizz whahahahahahahaha
that made my day.
3:37 AM
@Mana Yeah, I love that he stepped up his game past a standard vandal edit
@NickT because you are not communist?
Was in here twice again
@RavenDreamer I'm not?
Actual TF2 gameplay for engies:
3:40 AM
I'm assuming not.
@Mana blargh. I remember now why I disliked Myst.
Because you can't do the stupid piano puzzle?
@BenBrocka LoL
@BenBrocka Well, Myst 3. I didn't own Myst.
I was too young.
I'm a year younger than you and I wasn't too young for myst
@Mana This new Sigur album is gooooood.
sleepier than the last two.
3:44 AM
@James Oh, I do have a programming question for you.
I couldn't play Myst because it forced itself to full screen at 640x480, which ruined my other monitors.
@James I have a "Score" stat that I want to always be X amount of digits long. Is there an easy way to pad it with
Nevermind. I realized the answer.
Aw man you NEEDED a sweet, high tech 640x480 monitor
3:45 AM
no other way would you get the photorealistic, several frames per second action
@RavenDreamer "Score: {:06d}".format(score)
@Mana nice bedtime music.
@NickT C#?
3:45 AM
sure, just mix in some IPython or whatever
@NickT I'm more familiar with "Score %d6", score"
@LessPop_MoreFizz Aww. So there's no like big BAM, DRUMS ENTER, SINGER SHOUTING moment?
Something like that.
@Mana Fewer.
@LessPop_MoreFizz As long as there's one, I can repeat it for days.
and that's all I want from a Sigur Ros album.
3:49 AM
@Mana this new one is just all... floaty textured layers of sound
What do we do about user who are insulting other users with their username?
@agent86 Compared to the usual fare on Urban Dictionary, I actually found those definitions highly literate. Though I agree that nearly every word in the English language is a synonym for "whore" on Urban Dictionary.
@OrigamiRobot I could change his name.
@OrigamiRobot You flag them
@OrigamiRobot Unclear what the source of his aggression is incidentally. I don't quite see why you'd go to the trouble of answering a question if you are going to throw in "bet u don't know that". It would tend to be a good assumption that the OP does not know the answer to a question they asked.
3:59 AM
@EBongo The fellow he's insulting wrote an answer that contradicts his
He's had that username for a long time
Maybe it's short for Finnish Oak or something
What was his name?
Actually, I guess it doesn't matter, Mana already handled it.
@MarkTrapp Yeah, @foak and @oak have no beef other than crossed pings.
So YOU are the reason I got like a gazillion notifications about chat in my stackexchange inbox! — Oak Dec 22 '10 at 19:36
4:04 AM
@LessPopMoreFizz Ah. His answer is a little incoherent, so it was hard to tell. Given that it is his first answer, he's off to a great start. :(
Dunno why he didn't just call himself Oak: user names are not unique
So what's the point of making health potions "harder" to obtain in the Ultra-hardcore mod? Don't you still need to go into the nether, find a fortress, kill a blaze and get some netherwart?
that seems fairly end-game
What did they do to make them harder to obtain?
glistering melon takes a gold brick vs. nugget
so 81x as much
4:15 AM
@James The Metal Colosseum glitched out on me again. Grrrr
@EBongo Maybe its just that Colosseum???
I think I went form a plant to an air.
How much does a golden apple heal though? Wiki only says "grants regeneration for 4 seconds"
@James I spent the whole day in their with an Iron dragon, and now he's back - no award or anything, just over.
@EBongo At least that confirms that it has nothing to do with not having a metal typed dragon in there
@James Indeed. It also confirms I won't be getting the "Metal Competitor" achievement any time soon....
4:20 AM
You Effing Enderman! You put that flower Right back where you got it from!
@NickT Ah. The people who created it (MindCrack server) have done speed challenges on their channels for things like getting to the Nether quickly: Etho for example can go from nothing to Nether portal in 10-15 minutes. Presumably when they planned it out they wanted to protect against that.
Woo! My transparency works. I can Gimp!
@NickT I believe that ends up being 2 hearts
@NickT The health potions are made so much harder because they are instant heals instead of regenerations
4:39 AM
doesn't seem like a huge bit of difference between a 2 heart heal over 4 seconds and however much instantly
especially when most of the people seem to die outside of PvP
Regen is useless in combat, instant is very useful
So why don't people just write out the guessword in Draw Something?
Ronan and I have already discussed making the recipes a little easier
4 ingots instead of 8 for an apple
Q: What do I do with this legacy weapon unlock?

sarge_smithSo, 1.2 is here and suddenly all those legacy levels mean something. Somehow in the deluge of info, I missed the part where they told me what to with the legacy main hand weapon parts they mailed me. So... anybody want to post that up here, so I can make this weapon?

@MarkTrapp why don't people just cheat at any old game
4:41 AM
8 ingots for a melon
@NickT It's not cheating, based on the rules of the game. Draw something: if your partner guesses correctly, you both win
I thought just the person guessing wins the coins
Unless I'm missing a rule that says you can't write it out
you can, and people do that, but what's the point then
I thought both people got the coins but honestly I have not been paying that much attentiong
4:42 AM
I dunno, the whole game seems pretty pointless. There's no competition, and progression is fake
Wikipedia says both get it
@MarkTrapp Its just a challenge, that is all
> Each player earns one to three coins if the drawing is guessed correctly, which build up to eventually allow the player to purchase more shades of color for drawing or "bombs".
Heads up to DragonValer's that there are reportedly new dragons called Dodo and Steel out there. Currently hidden (ie not in the market). I've already got a question on Dodo. I suggest we get a question up for Steel as well (likely to be a highly viewed question in the next few days)
Can you draw something well enough for the other person to guess.
4:42 AM
sounds like a lot of casual games
or is progression in Farmville less trivial?
@James For whom? The drawer to make sure the drawee guesses correctly? Just write the word. To make sure the drawee is stumped? Draw squiggles.
@EBongo Until they are confirmed to exist I do not think we can.
@James Confirmed by one of us?
@MarkTrapp I cant explain enjoyment of playing a game in the intended manner even when you do not have to to you :P
@NickT Farmville has imposed rules at a technical level: you can't do X unless you wait or spam your friends
4:44 AM
@EBongo Confirmed by anyone.. I am thinking a question about 'potentially' future content is generally closed?
@James That's what I'm getting at though: the intention is for you to draw something for your partner to guess correctly. The best way to do that is to write the word out.
@James It's been confirmed by many on the wiki. It's not potential, they are in the game now, they are just hidden - ie not in the market. Although, I've yet to independently confirm (trying). There are lot's of pictures and stuff on the wiki, if its a fake, someone's going to a lot of trouble.
Oh Ok
well then clearly enforced rules don't make a game entertaining as I find Draw Something mildly entertaining and Farmville pointless.
Ill put up a steel one if ya want then
4:46 AM
it's something to do when on the bus
I thought ya meant ya just caught wind of an ungotten so far :)
@James By all means. Some source content: dragonvale.wikia.com/wiki/Steel_Dragon
I will still let someone else answer it :P
Q: Are there any checks for cheating, or is the game based on trust?

AnthonyBlakeI have been playing Draw Something for 24 hours and I have noticed that a few random opponents spell out the answer if they cannot draw it. This kind of ruins the fun, but I can imagine it would be a very quick way to earn coins which would otherwise cost money, to buy new colour packs. So my q...

@EBongo what! New dragons again? Crap
I just started 2 rainbow dragons
4:48 AM
@James I followed @BenBrocka 's lead on Bloom and just answered my own, but I haven't accepted yet to allow other answers. When I saw it, I didn't know how long until a big announcement and wanted to get it out there. As the days gone on it looks like they aren't going to announce right away.
@NickT My scrub-sense is tingling
As soon as they do, everyone is going to Google it, I'm sure.
Q: How do you breed a Steel dragon?

JamesSeems the new dragons are coming fast and furious as I am trying to keep up. What are the successful combinations in order to obtain a Steel Dragon? I would assume Metal with some form of hybrid (Bronze maybe?)

Answer away if ya want
And I hate self answering
There's a dodo now too? When did they release these?
There was an update to the game within the last 48hrs I think
4:50 AM
Q: How large are the planets in Star Wars: The Old Republic?

datahead256How large are the planets in Bioware's Star Wars MMORPG? How do they compare to the continents in World of Warcraft?

re-open? bit late, but w/e
@BenBrocka Looks like the became available sometime yesterday. That's when the wiki got wind of them at least.
Ah. Oh well, they're not worth wasting the gems to speed my rainbow breeding
@BenBrocka It's sort of an interesting statistics experiment - they can release new "secret" dragons, but there are enough folks breeding any combination at any given time that they won't stay secret long.
Yes, agreed they are nothing to write home about.
Are we talking about a game here or some sort of transgenic fantasy farm?
Glad they put more effort into the Dodo dragon than the other "impossible" hybrids that are just color swaps though
4:58 AM
@BenBrocka @James I just checked, Steel is available in the market. Rumors of a "Dandelion" and "Eel" as well, unconfirmed.
Pics/didn't happen
What's steel look like?
The dodo makes sense, for whatever reason they didn't announce the Frostfire dragon (fire and cold) until a couple days after it was released too

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