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4:51 AM
Q: Haloform Reaction of Furfural

schrodinger_16My instructor pointed out that furfural undergoes haloform reaction - I don't understand how. I couldn't figure out the mechanism on my own, and couldn't find much online either. (regarding the products, or the mechanism) Could someone please help me out? As far as I know, only methyl ketones a...

7 hours later…
12:12 PM
Anyone have experience with getting vector drawings into ChemDraw as templates (similar to github.com/itc/chemdraw-templates). The drawings in the template are still editable (can be recoloured), but when I try and export from Adobe Illustrator as eps/svg files they lose all editable information when stuck into ChemDraw
12:47 PM
Have you tried turning your computer on and off?
1:29 PM
No clue, unfortunately. Never heard of that functionality before in fact...
2 hours later…
3:28 PM
@Loong Question: What "happens" when a Mod is rarely active on a site?
Are they required to relinquish the position (or something like that)?
Specifically, I'm looking at Manish here..
Now that I've noticed, he (seems) rarely active on Chem.SE ._.
@paracetamol Nothing much; a mod who simply doesn't do anything doesn't actively cause any problems on site. If the workload for the other mods gets to high, they could ask for an election for an additional mod.
Thanks! o/
@Loong Follow up: Do I need someone's permission before I nominate him/her in an election? O:)
@Not Hullo! o/
^^^^ Question arose because my candidate for a future Mod election, doesn't seem to use chat much (so communication is an issue)
@paracetamol First, the mods and community managers would have to decide that we would need to elect another mod. Then regular elections would be organized by the community managers.
3:35 PM
I think this came up a little while ago and there were no plans for more mod elections! @orthocresol is on a roll right now ;D
@Loong Yeah, you just said that O:)
You can see such an election right now on math
They are still in the nominations phase.
In the event we have an election (which won't happen in the foreseeable future), how should I go about candidate nomination? O:)
@Loong Thanks!
@NotEvans. I don't want Ortho senpai to go away :'(
^^^ I've only voted (towards the end) of the last election; so I wasn't active during the nomination phase...
(Hence the question)
I remember voting for Loong, Philip and M.A.R >:-D
(I didn't really know ortho back then)
I don't think I've ever been around when one has happened, Loong was definitely already a mod long before I ever made an account
@NotEvans. Woot! My account is older than yours! :D
Though I suppose you won't be doing my bidding any time soon, huh? :(
Wait, no...
Your account's been around longer than mine :'(
Shakes fist at the gods
3:43 PM
I think I joined when I was an undergrad but didn't bother posting, just .... stalking
I joined when I was in my final year of high school; posted a lot (because I found the rep system very attractive) O:)
@NotEvans. "Stalking", eh? I think I understand why @Jan left and never came back XD
I miss Jan - he always had the answer
Oct 3 '16 at 20:22, by Wildcat
That very moment when you refresh the page and realize @Loong is not a moderator already... :O
@Loong I see you still relish that day? ;-)
3:49 PM
I just want to say that the memory of when I actually became a mod here could be wrong.
^ Um, that too O:)
@Not You have a candidate score of 25/40
I have 26/40 ;-P
(Scroll down. Run query)
Loong's a 39/40 (tied with Klaus) :D
@Mart and @Jan are the only one's with 40/40
Congratulations, though I'm afraid I don't want even more excuses to procrastinate by being on here!
@NotEvans. Meh, I'm a rookie here. If you didn't consider luck and the badges/rep HNQs bring me, I'd probably be 5/40 ;-)
But wait, @M.A.R's got 24/40
I'm totally going to rub this in his face though XD
@M.A.R. Hehehe >:-D
Har har har har!
Fuahahahahaha! \o/
Bwahahahaha! \o/
Although I still don't get how the program works ._.
4:10 PM
@Loong I think you were a mod before me.
@orthocresol less than a second maybe
Although, it really counts when we clicked the mod agreement later.
Hmm, by that measure I was earlier by a number of days.
I vaguely recall you were away when the results came out.
I was in the Channel Tunnel ;-)
4:50 PM
Q: Explanation for the trends in nucleophilicity—Orbital interactions or electrostatic attraction

Apoorv PotnisThe trend of halide nucleophilicity in polar protic solvents is $$\ce{I- > Br- > Cl- > F-}$$ The reasons given by Solomons and Fryhle[1], and by Wade[2] are basically as follows. Smaller anions are more solvated than bigger ones because of their 'charge to size ratio'. Thus, smaller ions are s...

Q: Order of halide nucleophilicity in DMF

AbcdThe order of nucleophilicity for halide family in DMF is: $\ce{Cl- > Br- > I-}$. I understand the reason for this must be that DMF, being a polar aprotic solvent, is unable to solvate the halide ions. I was told by my teacher that this is true only for DMF and DMSO, while in other aprotic polar...

Why are they not receiving answers?
Nothing better than this
I have resigned to the fact that in aprotic solvent the trend is explained by orbital sizes. — Avnish Kabaj May 11 at 7:52
I bountied apoorvs question
Acetone is also an aprotic polar solvent, then why is the order $\ce{Cl^-< Br^-<I- }$ in it? — Abcd 4 mins ago
Experts please consider answering these questions. Thanks.
Ron has literally stopped answering now ...
Please come back :"( .
2 hours later…
7:10 PM
@Abcd This topic is annoying for me with too many posts already. So don't count on me with this. BTW ron made unholy amount of answers, probably answered about this too.
Strength of nucleophiles is just another weak doodad which fails easily if used for wider amount of variables.
1 hour later…
8:27 PM
I think this post is valid here too
Q: Are people voting less than they used to on Physics SE?

Time4TeaIt seems to me that the level of voting on Physics SE is noticeably lower than on most other SE sites that I frequent and lower that it has been in the past (I have been a user on the site for several years). A casual look down the list of most recent questions shows that the vast majority are on...

We get more than 40 hits on decent questions
But votes never exceed more than 10

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