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6:02 PM
@orthocresol You could also flood the page with .
Guys, guys
For the past few days, I thought of some things for TRE II. I wonder what ideas you guys have. @Loong @Ortho
Should we just picks a tag and clean its questions?
@Loong ouch..
@Rubisco If you write a meta post, I'll tell you all my ideas ;)
@orthocresol Not now, for two reasons.
1. Since I prolly will run, people might consider it as dirty politics and campaigning for election and that stuff.
Mm... okay.
That TRE will be @Rubisco's masterpiece or revenge ā€“ depending on whether he's elected or not.
6:05 PM
2. I reckon the meta will become full of people that don't know where there are and if they do, they're too excited to realize it during the elections. It will predictably be cloudy.
So I'll leave it for when all the unnecessary over-enthusiasm goes away
@Loong Or rite of passage
Q: Should we create tags for common functional groups?

bonOften when I am tagging organic-chemistry there seems to be a lack of tags beyond this very broad one. reaction-mechanism seems to be very popular at the moment and generates quite a lot of good questions but doesn't really help to narrow down questions very much. Since the most obvious way to or...

This is quite a bit of work in and of itself, I think.
That one. THAT ONE
I'm starting to hate that question
@orthocresol here is the to-do list: dx.doi.org/10.1351/pac199567081307
6:22 PM
18 mins ago, by orthocresol
@Loong ouch..
Apart from that, I think that quite a few more one-taggers have cropped up since TRE I.
@orthocresol We could activate this: meta.stackexchange.com/a/233897/271002
Another complaint I have is that carbonyl-compounds is a bit too broad at the moment and is getting plopped on every other orgchem question. (In my opinion.)
@Loong Hmm, I meant... questions with a single broad tag. Not tags with a single question. (I actually got rid of those earlier today.)
@orthocresol I see.
Hmm.. apart from that.. I can't think of anything right now.
@orthocresol So, the obvious solution to this is to split them up into aldehyde/ketones (which can be left as carbonyl-compounds) and carboxylic acid derivatives, i.e. acyl chlorides, acids, esters, amides, anhydrides, etc.
This has been proposed before and Mart didn't like it though, so we would have to discuss that a bit, I suppose.
On top of that we already have
@orthocresol TRE II: Doing whatever Ortho does
6:33 PM
We can ALL flood the front page together!
@orthocresol Mhm I'm with ya
@orthocresol Mhm I'm with ya
@Rubisco Mhm you're with me
@orthocresol Mhm we're together forever
cue Rick Astley playlist
Q: How do I open the "current working directory to your local project" in Git terminal on a Mac?

MeganI need to add a project I just created in Xcode on to Github so the repository can be added on my Git page. Through my research, I've found the steps to do this, except for the second step it says: "In Terminal, change the current working directory to your local project." How do I do this?

Read the comments.
6:40 PM
@orthocresol I have just checked the structure of the nomenclature rules. However, that is probably not the best solution for us. For example, ketones and aldehydes are in different sections but together with other functional groups.
@Loong Hmm, how would you do it?
I am not sure. Did we clarify how to handle potential cascading tags?
What's that?
Ah.. not that I know of.
6:48 PM
Would a question about amino acids get all four tags?
I suppose, the way we are doing things now, it would get all four tags.
@Loong A very interesting thing to discuss.
But I'm leaving everything for after the election.
I suggest you two do too.
@orthocresol I guess that works now. But it could become a problem when the site grows and we add more tags.
Mmhmm, and there is a limit of five tags, right?
@orthocresol Mhm
7:01 PM
@Rubisco Actually, I have an even grander suggestion... Elections are so boring!
But I will take my time to think about it before I post it on meta :)
@orthocresol You sound dangerous . . . almost as if you know the results . . .
I am impressed that someone does such calculations with so many non-coherent units:
A: Can filling up a 75 gallon water heater tank without opening a faucet cause damage?

CominternI wouldn't worry about it at all. A gallon of water is roughly 213 cubic inches. Assuming that you filled the tank completely (which is unlikely - see below), you would have displaced 213 * 75, or 15,975 cubic inches of air inside your plumbing. One atmosphere of pressure (14.7 psi) is defined a...

American units.
gallon, cubic inches, atmosphere, psi, ft column of water, 3/4", feet
@Rubisco Nah, I just think we need more drama like Physics.
7:05 PM
@orthocresol This one for sure
I just don't like the drama type where a valid contributor I met is rage-quitting.
All the other types are good.
That one I can prolly handle
Emphasis on prolly.
Don't go Ortho.
Sep 23 at 17:49, by orthocresol
Bye guys.
I'm off.
7:08 PM
Off to sleep haha
1 hour later…
8:21 PM
@orthocresol NBS 1.1 eq give conversion of 97% :D
After 3h instead of 18
If someone can tell me the name of this molecule I would be glad !
@Shadock 1,3,5-tribromo-2,4,6-trichloro-1,3,5,2,4,6-triazatriborinane
Wow how do you do ? ^^
1,3,5,2,4,6-triazatriborinane is the preselected IUPAC name for the parent structure.
Lol, I thought I was inventing a new molecule ^^
It looks quite hard to synthetise
8:37 PM
@Shadock Not necessarily, it looks doable to make such borazine dervative
I just have my bachelor in chemistry so some things looks pretty hard for me to do. I need to read about that.
That looks so weird for me ^^
Borazine is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula (BH)3(NH)3. In this cyclic compound, the three BH units and three NH units alternate. The compound is isoelectronic and isostructural with benzene. Like benzene, borazine is a colourless liquid. For this reason borazine is sometimes referred to as "inorganic benzene". == Synthesis == The compound was reported in 1926 by the chemists Alfred Stock and Erich Pohland by a reaction of diborane with ammonia. Borazine is synthesized from diborane and ammonia in a 1:2 ratio at 250ā€“300 °C with a conversion of 50%. 3 B2H6 + 6 NH3 → 2 B3H6N3 + 12...
I was reading haha. Well that is the same structure than benzene that's why this is stable. I wouldn't think that before
9:32 PM
A: Not your ordinary hard water deposit

galenaAfter I started taking a blood pressure medicine with potassium in it, my toilet bowls developed a blue ring around them. Nothing I have tried removes the rings.

2 hours later…
11:18 PM
Anybody in here who can tell me where Iā€™m going wrong with Galvanic cells and electrode potentials atm?
11:48 PM
Okay, found it. Wikipedia has a sign error. *swears loudly, violently and Russianly*
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