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Legend: The lake's name comes from a treaty between two neighboring tribes of Native Americans, and means "You fish on your side, I'll fish on my side, and nobody fish in the middle". Truth: It means something like "Fishing Place at the Boundaries -- Neutral Meeting Grounds" or "Lake divided by islands".
@WadCheber Ahh, I've heard of that one!
@WadCheber Been there.
2:08 AM
@randal'thor My ex lives just across from the lake.
What's up guys? Looks like I missed an eventful day
@SSumner Mos Eisley was nuked from orbit.
So I gathered
1 hour ago, by Shog9
PSA: Mos will remain frozen until the SciFi mods decide otherwise. ALL mods have been instructed to freeze any SFF chatroom if a valid flag is raised unless/until a SciFi mod is able to intervene.
@SSumner Also, someone flagged Shog.
So basically no talking about anything remotely controversial
2:11 AM
@WadCheber Really? :-D
@SSumner So it seems. When Mos Eisley thaws, this room will become the place where people are sent when they insist on rehashing pointless debates about off topic crap.
@randal'thor yessir. Axelrod did it, and Richard validated.
It was removed.
He said something that ended with "STFU", and a flag immediately appeared.
@WadCheber Shog's message was removed?
@randal'thor Yep.
Did he get a 30-minute suspension?!
(I assume that's actually impossible.)
2:14 AM
CMs and Mods sometimes become snarky
Yeah I've noticed
in Agents of Nothing, 4 hours ago, by Richard
I daringly validated it and it got system-deleted
so no, it doesn't appear to be possible.
@richard you are my hero
It happened between me and shog on that suspension post if you remember @randal'thor I know you saw my comment. He edited a comment after he posted one because it was snarky and a personal attack.
I can't imagine what reason he might have had to be snarky...
2:17 AM
If you're referring to my conversation I was exceedingly polite and formal.
@CandiedMango I saw a conversation between you and him in comments there, but can't remember what was said. Frankly I'm surprised he'd admit to saying anything bad enough that he felt he had to edit.
As for what happened earlier I have no idea.
Who's this Nathan?
Foreign mod?
@WadCheber yeah but not chat-suspension :)
2:20 AM
in Agents of Nothing, 2 hours ago, by Mike Edenfield
if puzzling:se outlasts sff:se I'm gonna be pissed.
This ^^^
@MikeEdenfield Don't worry: Puzzling is on a short road to being shut down after they kicked me out.
@MikeEdenfield I know, I was just showing @randal'thor
@randal'thor we are apparently on a tiny footpath.
@MikeEdenfield Not the site, just Mos.
2:21 AM
To be fair, I doubt they'd shut down the whole site, maybe just chat and hold users on a tighter leash
Puzzling used to be on a short road to graduation (10 Q/day consistently when I was around), but now it's only 5 Q/day (Needs Work according to Area 51) and hardly anyone is active anymore.
Even Sockmaster has shut down his activity now that he's top user again.
Shog has never questioned the validity of SF&F, but he did explicitly say "I consider Puzzling to be a joke"
@randal'thor I think the fun police ruined puzzling
@WadCheber He may well think the same of SFF. Both are 'fun' sites, not serious stuff like SO.
puzzling got kinda old after I realized 90% of the questions are just fancily-worded trivia quizes.
2:24 AM
@randal'thor Maybe, but he's never said anything to that effect.
@SSumner It was semi-ruined way back in December by the site mods explicitly trying to shut down 90% of the content. They were stopped by the CMs, and I managed to get the site back on the road to success again, before a CM talked the mods into kicking me out.
@WadCheber YET...
10 messages moved to Trash
probably not. but I do get kinda frustrated when we get yelled at for trying to determine what the rules are under which we operate.
Yeah, technically, the room was frozen because Shog didn't like the way we answered his question.
that was just the second time
2:29 AM
That was the time that counted.
Timeout =/= frozen, btw.
When it was in timeout, it still appeared on the rooms list. Now it's completely dead until such time as a mod sees fit to resuscitate it.
at first, it seemed to be a short term thing, then we answered his question incorrectly and the room was nuked.
@randal'thor They appear to be effectively the same.
@WadCheber Nope - see my last message.
in Mos Eisley, 4 hours ago, by Shog9
This room was placed in timeout for 1 day; the topic of this room is "General discussion for http://scifi.stackexchange.com" - conversation should be limited to that topic.
in Mos Eisley, 2 hours ago, by Feeds
Shog9 has frozen this room.
@randal'thor Yep. See the word "effectively".
Frozen is worse than timeout.
Mos Eisley is now invisible to everyone who doesn't know to click "show frozen/deleted rooms". Before the freeze, that wasn't the case.
2:32 AM
@randal'thor It went frozen, unfrozen, timeout, frozen. The effect, for people trying to chat there, was the same: they couldn't do so. Thus, it is effectively the same.
Either way, you can't chat there, and what good is a room you can see but not chat in?
Effectively, from the point of view of a non-mod non-RO trying to talk there, yes.
And bizarrely, @DrRDizzle managed to sneak a message in after timeout.
Q: Should we split the chat into on- and off-topic rooms?

Josh PetrieA user has proposed effectively(*) splitting our site's chat room into on- and off- topic sub-rooms. A grassroots attempt to populate or otherwise prove obvious utility of the room was given about two weeks or so to show something for itself. I'm posting this question to get a feeling from the c...

@randal'thor Shog suggested the same thing.
brb, getting smarter!
2:36 AM
in Mos Eisley, 4 hours ago, by Shog9
If some of you must, must, absolutely must discuss topics which are known to be inflammatory, start your own chatroom, go there, and speak to each other as though you respect each other's opinions.
@WadCheber Welcome to "Off topic is on topic", Wad. Please read the name.
@WadCheber You'll notice it was strongly rejected on GameDev.
So, who else thinks the US should have stricter gun control laws? er, I mean, eaten any tacos recently?
In other news, I have finally overtaken Kevin in rep.
About anything
I don't tend to pay attention, I just make ridiculous statements part way through
Hi @DVK!
Just my observation, can't be false.
I bicker about nonsense, but I haven't talked politics in a long time.
2:44 AM
When I say anything I do not mean everything.
@WadCheber What a good dog :-P
Q: could clara become hybrid by joining w the Library database?

user55777Could Clara join somehow as physical embodiment of all that dat storage and, then, be able to "save" the Doctor's memories (which he is losing, maybe, because his brain is normal Timelord size for 12 regens)?

@StackExchange Unclear what OP is smoking (I think?)
@randal'thor You shoud ask on Meta to make that official VTC reason. We have had many questions that clearly fit the wording you used.
2:46 AM
@randal'thor Woohoo! @Richard next?
@Himarm How safe is safe? Don't forget the top pinned message from Shog ------->
ah crap.
@Himarm the point of shunting the inflammatory discussion elsewhere is 1) to not annoy general chatters with the same arguments over and over and 2) if the room gets shut down, it's not the main room.
@DVK I've been ahead of Richard in the weekly leagues all through this week, and am hoping to be so again by the end of today :-)
2:49 AM
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@randal'thor Yep.
@randal'thor You could be the first person to knock @Richard off the monthly number 1 since his inception
2 hours ago, by Shog9
PSA: Mos will remain frozen until the SciFi mods decide otherwise. ALL mods have been instructed to freeze any SFF chatroom if a valid flag is raised unless/until a SciFi mod is able to intervene.
can we all calm down and play with the bot?
@randal'thor randomxkcd? I don't know that game. How about a nice game of chess?
2:53 AM
%%xkcd beer
@Richard - in case you're still online, answer accepted. Simply slipped my mind, nothing wrong with the answer.
@CandiedMango I'LLTAKENOFOR500? I don't know that game. How about a nice game of chess?
alive, utc, listcommands, help, cat, read, getcurrentusers, ping, flip, random, randomint, randomchoice, shuffle, detectlang, translate, translationchain, translationswitch, stop, disable, enable, ban, unban, delete, module, define, sort, accio, modcount, seen, afk, back, users, games, globalthermonuclearwar, tictactoe, chess, xkcd
2:54 AM
%%games help
Games Menu:
1) Tic-Tac-Toe: %%tictactoe <# of players>
2) Chess: %%chess new
3) Global Thermo-nuclear War: %%globalthermonuclearwar
Read bolded portion.
@randal'thor Would you like to play a game?
@randal'thor UH HUH! We all know how THAT ends! And we don't even have Matthew Broderick around!
@WadCheber Here you are, proving my point by insisting on having the last word :-)
2:55 AM
%%xkcd api
@WadCheber Seriously dude.
Technically, you're having the last word, because quotes. :)
%%ping somerandomguy
@randal'thor @somerandomguy
2:56 AM
@CandiedMango No, humorously.
%%ping @randal'thor
@CandiedMango @@randal'thor
%%sort DVK, Richard, WadCheber
@randal'thor DVK,Richard,WadCheber isn't enrolled at Hogwarts... I don't deal with muggles.
man im not drunk enough for this chat tonight
2:56 AM
%%xkcd the moon
%%sort Slytherincess
its so downsy
@MikeEdenfield More than one comic found; try %%xkcd <#> with one of these numbers:
1456: On the Moon
@Joshua What the hell kind of syntax is @@user?
2:56 AM
1291: Shoot for the Moon
I'm not drunk enough for this chat this midday
SRSLY GUYZ I implemented the xkcd search and no one's paying attention.
@randal'thor Slytherincess is enrolled at a different wizarding school!
@DVK CandiedMango did it wrong.
@DVK it's just sticking @ in front of whatever you said. I didn't write that one.
2:57 AM
@randal'thor :(
%%xkcd stack exchange
@randal'thor No matching comic found.
%%xkcd reddit
%%xkcd mos eisley
@CandiedMango No matching comic found.
@randal'thor No matching comic found.
2:57 AM
%%xkcd mike
%%xkcd rand
@CandiedMango No matching comic found.
@randal'thor Too many matching comics, be more specific please!
@MikeEdenfield I would but I'm stopping myself from reading XKCD by a force of will. That's like TVTropes in terns of addictiveness.
%%xkcd random
@MikeEdenfield More than one comic found; try %%xkcd <#> with one of these numbers:
1277: Ayn Random
2:58 AM
Can I come out of the winchester now? Has it all blown over?
1210: I'm So Random
221: Random Number
@Joshua The bot really should be taught the @Slytherincess OWNS the bloody wizarding school. ALL of them.
%%sort DVK
DVK belongs in....... House Slytherin!
2:59 AM
@SSumner Wouldn't you prefer a nice game of chess?
@Joshua :-O @DVK do you really?
i think I broke something, it says that "no enrolled" line way more than it really shoudl.
%%sort randal'thor
rand al'thor belongs in....... House Slytherin!
2:59 AM
@Joshua no
@randal'thor According to Pottermore, Ravenclaw.
@Joshua You are dead to me.
@randal'thor Having said that, I may have done well in Slytherin. I'm half Snape half Hermione personality wise.
%%sort me
@CandiedMango me isn't enrolled at Hogwarts... I don't deal with muggles.
3:00 AM
%%sort CandiedMango
@CandiedMango CandiedMango is enrolled at a different wizarding school!
@randal'thor Is a bot technically alive or dead?
how the f@%$%&^$ does this room have 43 stars? ITS ONLY LIKE 3 HRS OLD
@DVK Maybe it's undead?
@MikeEdenfield Welcome to SFF chat :-)
%%sort MikeEdenfield
Mike Edenfield belongs in....... House Hufflepuff!
3:01 AM
@randal'thor You forgot to add "Have a star".
@Joshua HAHAHA
@MikeEdenfield In part because room owners have unlimited stars.
@WadCheber Oh no. Someone un-RO Wad.
Is that true?
@phantom42 WE SUMMON YOU
3:02 AM
@WadCheber Itty bitty living space?
@SSumner Yes. And we have 3 or 4 RO's.
@CandiedMango Summoning phantoms doesn't tend to end well.
I think he got fed up with the whole lot of us and left.
%%sort WadCheber
3:03 AM
@randal'thor Wad Cheber is enrolled at a different wizarding school!
%%accio @phantom42
<points wand at @phantom42> Aparecium!
Does it always give the same answer for the same person?
@Joshua At least he's at a wizarding school?
3:04 AM
%%sort WadCheber
no. it's entirely random
Wad Cheber belongs in....... House Slytherin!
%%sort randal'thor
3:04 AM
@randal'thor rand al'thor is enrolled at a different wizarding school!
@Joshua Yep, that works.
@WadCheber I have a module for Joshua that lets him star things...
@phantom42 Wad is getting out of hand; we needed another RO :-)
I'm afraid that making @Joshua an RO for real would make him go all Skynet on us,
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So what's the most off-topic/on-topic discussion we can have?

The number of seeds produced by a dandelion growing on the north Side of mount Everest?
3:05 AM
@Joshua Uh. It's not nice to insult your own creator, Joshua!
@SSumner Surely we can find a more interesting off topic discussion.
@dvk - as much as I agree with you, let's not bring it up again
@catija - but not a more off topic off topic discussion
@DVK Fair enough.
@SSumner What makes it so particularly off topic?
Gimme a minute
@DVK I'm not an RO in other rooms.
3:08 AM
@catija - I dunno. It seemed off topic
@randal'thor He also removed the stars on the comments of yours
@CandiedMango Or someone did.
Maybe @phantom42 should de-RO Wad?
@randal'thor aye!
@mikeedenfield - there are three types of falsehoods: lies, damned lies, and statistics
sorry, I'm doing in now too.
3:10 AM
Moving swiftly along ... anyone read Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis series?
I'll stop
@randal'thor i can if that's what everyone wants and wad is ok with it
46 messages moved to Trash
now that the bot can search xkcd, what else?
@randal'thor no, any good?
3:12 AM
2 messages moved to Trash
@CandiedMango I dunno, I haven't either. But there's some free rep for anyone who has!
@MikeEdenfield Searching SE?
@randal'thor Couldn't find anything on wikipedia ay? ;)
%%modcount record?
@randal'thor There are one Shog9, one bluefeet, 2 moderator(s), and 2 owner(s) in the room.
@randal'thor working on that. I'm trying to impement the whole Stack API.
3:13 AM
The current record is one Shog9, one Ana, one bluefeet, 18 moderator(s), and 1 owner(s)
it's harder than I thought.
@Joshua Not in this room it's not.
9 messages moved to Trash
not the API, implementing it in a bot in python.
@CandiedMango I've done a lot of Googling for it, but without success.
3:14 AM
@MikeEdenfield Make it recite the fresh prince theme
i can do that.
flood control will make it sound like it's drunk
1 line every 5-10 seconds
Let the topic go. DVK is entitled to his opinion, but we don't need to discuss it.
DVK, I'm sorry I reacted badly.
As everyone, including myself, has said, I would be the worst mod ever.
Can we let it be?
@WadCheber Good man.
Like him?
@randal'thor Doesn't seem like my cup of tea
3:17 AM
Q: Did Gandalf know Bilbo had the One Ring?

thegreatjediFrom the movie, you can see that Gandalf knows Bilbo found something special during their adventure, but Bilbo did not tell him the truth in the end, nor did Gandalf pursue it. His final words seem to hint that he knows Bilbo has some treasure of significant power on him. At the point of their pa...

Q: Why did Mark Watney include a question mark in his hexadecimal code?

CJ DennisNot a duplicate of Why does Mark use Hexadecimal to communicate? ASCII can encode a question mark. Its code in hexadecimal is 3F. Since a question mark only appears once per question and most questions would be fairly long (i.e. many characters) why would Mark Watney waste precision (17 position...

@StackExchange Dupe!
@WadCheber SIGHMON
@DVK - As far as I can recall, the only other room (besides "Trash") that contains discussion, on my part, of the debacle, is Agents of Nothing. Whoever owns it can delete whatever is there. I'm not, so I can't.
3:19 AM
@randal'thor That is probably hardcoded to main room
@WadCheber Trash was the one where I saw the messages originally. Interestingly, where I'm prohibited from posting by room rules
@CandiedMango No, I deleted them, along with everything I myself said that was even tangentially related to the issue.
@DVK It's a room for deleted comments. No one actually chats there.
@WadCheber @phantom42 is your man for that.
@DVK Trash isn't a real room, I don't think anyone can post there.
@WadCheber When I checked the messages were there but the stars weren't although I could not restar because I had already done so. But it doesn't matter
The only other option was to send it to the room of the same name that serves the same purpose, but for all of SE, which is seen by far more people.
3:22 AM
@MikeEdenfield Wad clearly can, since he did
oh, you made your own Trash?
@CandiedMango I don't know why, but I had already deleted them when you said that.
@DVK sorry. There's a "Trash" room on SE who's entire purpose is to dump "deleted" comments into. I thought that's where he was sending them.
@WadCheber Weird! Probably screwed up.
@MikeEdenfield Yeah.
3:23 AM
@MikeEdenfield No, our own Trash. Don't ask. We have too many rooms that are all confusing
@DVK I moved deleted messages there. If you want to debate with a pile of what is basically garbage, I'd be happy to oblige.
still, its the same idea. room owners can't delete messages, so they thrown them into Trash. you're not supposed to go read them.
@WadCheber Apology accepted provisionally (if you get your messages deleted from both other rooms).
Knock yourself out. It's an open room now. Argue with garbage.
@DVK ...
I literally do not have the ability.
@WadCheber Get room owners to do it? They do.
3:25 AM
@MikeEdenfield Mike, if you own AON, delete the messages.
i do not.
@phantom42 is the only RO
So @phantom42, please delete the messages.
Mike only owns the bot that can start WWIII. He don't need to own no rooms
so long as you both realize the "delete" means "move to Trash" where they won't be deleted....
I can only say "those messages should be deleted" in front of the guy who can delete them so many times.
@MikeEdenfield Exactly, which is why they can't be deleted without being flagged, but if we flag them, every room gets frozen, because...
3 hours ago, by Shog9
PSA: Mos will remain frozen until the SciFi mods decide otherwise. ALL mods have been instructed to freeze any SFF chatroom if a valid flag is raised unless/until a SciFi mod is able to intervene.
3:27 AM
otherwise you're gonna have to wait for an SF&F moderator to wake up and deal with it without requiring outside intervention
Trash doesn't have an owner now, so even if it isn't handled by a mod, the room will automatically be deleted. I don't know how long that takes.
Can we just make @Slytherincess an owner of ALL rooms?
She clearly can use more absolute power
@DVK - I have done everything that is in my power to do now.
I can do nothing more.
And Trash was deleted
Read any good tacos lately?
3:34 AM
Thanks to one El'endia Starman
Keen has frozen this room.
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