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12:14 AM
@enderland oops didnt mean to select your gravatar, dunno how that happened XD
14 hours later…
2:24 PM
Q: Etiquette for team lead calling a no-call no-show peer

maple_shaftI am a team lead and also an early riser, I am usually the first person in the office so I am already working by the time everybody else starts rolling in. Occasionally somebody on my team will not show up near their usual start time in the mornings. I tend not to think much of it, as traffic i...

i think this is incorrectly tagged
ettiquette i dont think is right in this sense
etiquette would be mainly being polite and what to say on the call, i would say its more professionalism about whether or not he should be the one making the call
2 hours later…
4:12 PM
@AmyBlankenship - I would not place blame anywhere. Accept responsibility for your actions. I may not know how to solve the OP's problem but I do know that making excuses for it is not helpful. — Chad 1 min ago
@Chad I wonder how different this is given it's an interactino between women rather than men (or men/women)?
@enderland you think that excuses are more helpful with women than men?
Q: If my employer is planning a big project around me, should I tell them I'm looking for a new job?

zipquincyI've been in meetings all week with my small company's owners, planning a big project for which I am a critical resource. However, meanwhile I'm looking for a job. My company has pretty low turnover and has a hard time hiring people so I know when I leave this will put them in a lurch. But I...

I wish we could have gotten this question fixed before it went viral
4:30 PM
@Chad Not necessarily but I suspect the social dynamic there is a lot different
@enderland Like I said I do not know what the right answer is but my experience is that excuses are not ever helpful and can be harmful.
And it could back fire... ohh so you do want to be my twin sister... we should do a sleepover!~
5:29 PM
@Chad weve seen questions about bosses slapping employees, co workers stealing food, managers having no respect for their employees, and we see a question about someone complaining that someone at work got along with them, ...
@enderland the question would be a whole lot weirder if a guy said to another guy 'were like twin sisters'
6:01 PM
Not bad
I think that puts us right around the median for visits per day across the network too: stackexchange.com/sites#traffic
6:55 PM
@benbrocka damn we need way more questions per day :/
5 per day is a fair amount. 15 per day is a pretty tall order for non-technical sites
anything that doesn't get 10 "how do I X in Y software" tends to get far fewer questions per day
7:50 PM
We need a comment totalitarianist Mod!
@Chad ... what?
@enderland Evidently people take offense at being called nazi's
@Chad ... well, kinda makes sense? :)
so we need a comment totalitarianist
@RhysW My next cube neighbor coworker thinks i am kind and considerate. What should I do!
@Chad Kill them, immediately
7:54 PM
@Chad IIRC I had deleted several hundred when I retired
@BenBrocka yes I miss you and your SS Unicorn :p
Lots more to delete than UX
get it cause Unicorn sounds like Uniform...
i guess when you have to explain the joke is lost.
Although seeing your and JCMeloni's contributions since stepping down... I can totally understand why you did
I think we were only explicitly called nazis in one comment though. You can probably guess what happened to that comment
@Chad I kinda want to try an answer like that to the 5-year question
8:06 PM
@Chad I haven't been posting much for a long time
@BenBrocka You have votes all around though. and comments I suspect that mod rarity would not have made
That's odd...the delete votes tab only shows undeleted posts
@Chad mmm hm
@enderland Retired on a private Island I bought with funds I embezzled from your clients...
8:26 PM
@enderland In 5 years you want to become a comment nazi?
@BenBrocka how did you know
I guess I always see that q as a "what are yoru priorities in life?" type qusetion
All I can say is why wait?
9:05 PM
Well. hmm. You got me there! :)
9:50 PM
@BenBrocka Its comment totalitarianist!
@BenBrocka Because as a mod you cant tell people posting stupid questions or answers... that they are morons.
@Chad Well you shouldn't do that regardless, in those terms
@BenBrocka What if it is really really warranted?
@BenBrocka sorry to drop in, I just tried to open Teacher's Lounge and I can't get in
is the room down or something?
hey, I'm not blue anymore!?
@F'x You will hense forth be known as Albino Smurf!
@Chad so not funny :( I want back in!
10:00 PM
@F'x is it a super secret mod only room?
@Chad it's the moderators room, for when we need advice from other mods
and now it works, go figure
@F'x First rule of the Teachers Lounge is we dont talk about the Teachers Lounge
Ohh wait never mind that is something else
@Chad don't worry, your mind will self-destruct in about… well, now!
@F'x Yeah I've had that happen on occasion. Your account just forgets it's a moderator and then when it works out that it IS a moderator you regain access. Make sure your chat parent site is set right if it happens again (that's what determines your blue-ness)
@BenBrocka I did, and it did not work
then GraceNote did it, and it worked :)
10:10 PM
Mods can force a chat profile refresh, which is probably what grace had to do
Ironically I don't believe you'll have access to that feature when you need it to immediately get mod powers back
10:23 PM
brb kickbanning @enderland with mod powers
@BenBrocka I see you have become the mod totalitarianist :|
1 hour later…
11:44 PM
unrelated to anything except MY workplace, I have an opening for a Ruby dev (remote work totally fine) if anyone here is of that ilk or who knows someone who is. link in my profile.
and feel free to delete that if y'all think it's too spammy or whatever.

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