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11:06 AM
@enderland lol i know what you mean! which one did you dislike?
4 hours later…
2:38 PM
A: How can I tell, during an interview, that my potential boss is a poor communicator?

Neil T.While being able to communicate is important, I believe the bigger question is: Is his lack of communication ability hampering your ability to do your job satisfactorily, from both his and your perspective? It's sounds like he is more of an idea person than an implementer, which is why he n...

how does this answer the question?
2:57 PM
ugh people here are even buying into the "non-answer" problem
btw, looks like there will be more advice on how to act in this situation, rather than how to avoid it next time — superM 3 mins ago
3:15 PM
yup these things are irritating
Q: Quit job and start my own business

John KI am a recent graduate who has been working in IT for several years. I enjoy supporting systems, deploying new infrastructure, and can troubleshoot a wide variety of IT problems with a wide variety of technology. I am coming up on my year anniversary at my big corp sysadmin job and would like t...

this was a weird one
@BenBrocka as a UX person what do you think of Facebook's website?
@enderland In what ways?
There's lots to hate and a few things to like
Just overall. Having done (well almost) an HCI degree makes me really quick to judge websites...
I loathe the Facebook site
@enderland hci?
Facebook's biggest success is that lots of people are on it and you can actually reach people with it, the actual design isn't really that amazing
3:28 PM
I wouldn't mind it so much if it was still a hacked together site rather than a site with millions of dollars funding it
@RhysW Human Computer Interaction - lots of UX stuff, kinda sorta. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human%E2%80%93computer_interaction
ah ok that makes sense
It really makes you think about the user, basically, from a design perspective - you'd be surprised how many engineers/coders/anyonemakinganything just don't do this
i have no feelings towards it, its a tool, i use it to talk to people through chat but purely because thats where everyone is, when the next thing comes out and everyone moves there ill go to to stay in contact with them. i have no attachment to the site, unlike some people who will feel the need to defend it til it dies
If you have no feelings towards your tools you're not using them very much
@Benbrocka by which i mean, just because i have a hammer i dont see everything like a nail. each tool has its place in the tool belt and thats what i use it for, when a better tool comes out ill replace it
3:33 PM
@BenBrocka Another element of the UX/HCI idea which is so universally ignored :( little things make people LIKE them better
@RhysW except if the hammer grip sucks, or if it isn't balanced right, you'll dislike it, but still use it
@enderland ill replace it with a better hammer
which in many cases (corporate software for example) isn't a HUGE deal but it contributes to people enjoying their job. Well, normally the opposite is true...
@enderland Yeah. If you use a tool often enough, one of three things happen: you hate it (why does this can opener never work right), you forget it's even there (most door knobs) or you love them
@BenBrocka just so frustrating to me. it's so obvious yet always ignored - especially internally developed tools...
HCI kills you with this sort of thing. I used to be able to ignore annoying stuff like that! :)
@enderland yeah
for all the talk of UX being "over hyped" people still ignore it en mass for simple stuff
3:45 PM
I honestly find the idea of "think of the user" to be so completely useful in everything I do
Going into an interview? Who is the "user?" it's the people interviewing you - you are marketing to THEM - not the career coach, not the friend you talked about the job with
running a meeting? who are the people there? what do they need? etc. oh that the rest of the world would care about this... :-)
2 hours later…
5:29 PM
@enderland The money goes to making more money not in actually giving the users things they want... it already has that
5:51 PM
@Chad unfortunately youre right XD
6:58 PM
@RhysW is that supposed to be my gravatar? it takes me to a thumnail of mine
@enderland You would be surprised how many web developers do not do that. They think of how they want them to use it not how they will actually use it
@Chad Nah I've been on the interwebs - most sites are this way. I think by far the worst feature of all time is auto playing video or audio
7:31 PM
Beta day 300 - updated trending stats: karmanebula.com/wpc-blog/2013/2/7/…
Technically today is day 302, so I hope you'll forgive me for missing it slightly. :)
7:55 PM
@normalocity You will be forgiven after a mandatory 3 day shunning followed by stoning
Hmm I notice a huge dip that has since recovered in daily users
@enderland I get that but even when you are developing apps for business you have this issue.
8:19 PM
@Chad people not concerned about workplace politics while on vacation over Xmas? :D
8:57 PM
@allquixotic I bet that is what it is
if you take out that anomaly the growth is pretty consistant
@Chad - seems fair. :P
@Chad I think it's interesting that the number of avid users almost exactly equals the number of 200+ rep users.
...and that the number of +2000 rep users is almost the same as the number of +3000 rep users.
It's as if there's a large valley of users between 200 and 2,000 that are avid (based on whether or not they visit often?), with only a small percentage of those people participating in activities that give them enough rep to go into the list of top users by rep.
As for the daily users dip and recovery, I remember being told that previous peaks were primarily when a single question would spike and get shared around.
9:22 PM
is there an "average rep per answer" stat somewhere?
or the number of total up/down votes on YOUR answers?
9:36 PM
in my case I don't have enough time or expertise to really get tremendously involved in workplace.SE, aside from the occasional upvote / question search (most of the things I've thought of are already covered), and I spend most of my effort on the SE network at SuperUser / Root Access chat
but given unlimited time I would definitely contribute more here
@allquixotic you mean you don't just hang out here during work? I'm pretty sure this site has 95% of its activity during USA working hours
@enderland I hang out at SuperUser at work, and after work I pretty much forget entirely about StackExchange, unless I'm either having a problem, or one of my acquaintances from Root Access chat has an ongoing issue that I want to help with
@allquixotic Yah. I've been hitting stackoverflow with a variety of questions as of late...

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