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12:13 PM
@enderland Try the dog from Blues Clues, or the one in Yo Gabba Gabba (forget his name)
12:55 PM
Q: Should I accept a job to fill a work place status quota?

Greg McNultyI am in HENAC (please read what we are about before you answer) and the company I am interested in is coming to our meeting, looking for candidates - because they specifically have to hire a certain number of Hispanics. Is it better to accept/ apply outside of HENAC where they do not know if I f...

Reopen thoughts?
Seems it was closed based on a misinterpretation of the question
"Which job should I take?" questions are off topic as per the FAQ - workplace.stackexchange.com/faqenderland 20 hours ago
> because they specifically have to hire a certain number of Hispanics.
Oh wow. Hope they're not stationed in the US because that's illegal
@BenBrocka Its a straw man with 2 delete votes...
1:22 PM
The question seems to be asking what effects would occur if the OP applied for the position through HENEC instead of through normal channels
Seems OK to me, although the title should probably be rephrased to reflect the actual question being asked
How is "Is it better to accept an offer/apply for a job independently of HENAC where they do not know if I fill their work place quota?" constructive? Second am I not aware of the great and powerful latino McNulty clan?
I made an edit to update the title and cleaned up the rest of the question, including updating what appears to be being asked. Someone needs to review it though
I am not going to reject it but you changed the question entirely.
@Chad To me, the OP appears to be asking what the differences are between the two methods of getting hired
I just updated the question to make that clearer
"Is it better to accept/ apply outside of HENAC where they do not know if I fill their work place status quo" - We can't really answer that - "... and what are the differences?" - We can (probably) answer that, although I thought it needed some clarification about the difference between what two options
@Rachel Is it better to accept/ apply outside of HENAC where they do not know if I fill their work place status quo quota and what are the differences?
that is the original question
1:38 PM
I know legality's not our thing but I really don't like the idea of a "how can I get in on this illegal racial quota" question here...
@BenBrocka Is it a US company?
I still think it's a good question, because it addresses the question of what effects could occur if someone approaches you and say "hey, company xxx is looking to hire more [insert race, gender, religious affiliation, etc here]. Are you interested?"
Appears to be, headquarters in CA
For example, there aren't many female programmers where I'm at, and if someone told me a company was looking for more female programmers and was asking me if I was interested, I'd be curious to know what effects it would have on accepting their offer as opposed to applying by myself
@BenBrocka This is an anti diversity question...
Why would you join an organization that is dedicated to helping members of your race get ahead in they profession if you think it is wrong?
1:58 PM
It's gone now. Also congrats to ChrisF for joining the 4k club. 11 trusted users already (12 including @jcmeloni)!
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3:26 PM
Q: What should you do when your Doctor calls in sick?

aslumSo I was supposed to visit my dentist today, I got a call this morning that he wasn’t feeling well, and that they would call back later to reschedule. Now, I’d asked for time off from work (and I do earn Sick Leave). I wonder what the proper etiquette is ... should I have called in to work and le...

Is there any reason to try and save this question? I do not think it is off topic or to local but I am not sure that there is a constructive question that can be made of it.
Q: Unwanted answer-person

Jive DadsonI have gotten two answers from the same person. Each turned out to be a wild goose chase, although he answers as though he knows the answer will work. Now he has replied to a third question with a comment that says it is the same question I asked before (it isn't), and that he answered the previo...

People will go as far as calling someone "unwanted answer-person" (wtf?) and ask for others to be blocked, but downvoting answers is somehow rude... <sigh>
That's my alt. Stop answering my questions, @Yannis :(
3:41 PM
@BenBrocka ...and I have no idea why I dropped this in the Water Cooler, I was probably looking for the other room, you know, the one where mods whine uncontrollably all day. ;P
Was wondering that too
A: How do I (or should I) tell my manager that I am not enjoying my job?

George DutchMake it easier for your boss to help you. Remember, a boss is a human being driven by human nature, and we tend to react negatively to people who make our job harder. I suggest you identify and define your natural strengths and motivations, and build a business case on how you can add value to ...

Do we want this or burn it? It's his site, given the URL in his profile. I also stopped reading due to the wall of textiness. Just throw some spam flags on it if you think it's spam...
A: Diversity programs question - do we want it?

jmort253Original post closed, but could be reopened: The question is vague, and was rightly closed, if nothing else but to prevent it from getting similarly vague answers prior to cleaning it up and reopening it. From my perspective, the topic isn't what's the problem; this could make a good post for th...

@YannisRizos: ^^^ While participating in a discussion about a specific question on meta.workplace.SE, @jmort253 has actually articulated what differentiates a great moderator from the rest of the pack.
@YannisRizos: This is what I've failed to articulate in so many of my discussions with you.
@JimG. Read the "Comments should help improve posts, not berate the poster" paragraph carefully. You've received some comment flags on Programmers lately...
@YannisRizos So maybe I need to take some of this medicine myself. :)
@YannisRizos Nevertheless, I think that this is what you do especially well, and I wish that other moderators would follow suit.
@YannisRizos: Sound reasonable?
3:57 PM
@JimG. Stop fixating on people... If you have a problem with moderation (not moderators), bring it up on Meta constructively (and with evidence, not just wild theories). And I've been rude in comments a few times, we all have a bad day once in a while...
That said, completely agree that @jmort253 is an excellent moderator (he's a diamond on Project Management).
@YannisRizos I agree.
...and when the time comes for the next ProgSE election, I'll ask him to run.
Q: I have Sick Leave for an appointment that got cancelled. What should I do?

aslumI’d used some Sick Leave for the time off from work today for a dentist appointment, but I got a call this morning that he wasn’t feeling well and that they would call back later to reschedule. Should I call my work to let them know I'm available after all? And if I'm not needed, should I chang...

I think it is a decent question now objections?
@Chad Nope, I voted to reopen it already :) I like the edit you did to it to focus on professionalism instead of etiquette too
4:12 PM
@Chad I liked that question before
so I definitely voted again :)
@Rachel blues clues would be great! Thank you :-)
Q: How can I delay job offer acceptance?

egidraI was offered a job at a company, and I only have one week to respond. The offer is good, the company is good, but I'm not completely certain about it. I am looking at different companies. What is the best way to delay the offer until I find a company that I am certain I want to work at?

Havent we had that question already?
Q: How do I coordinate the process of pursuing multiple job opportunities at the same time?

atconwayIn the hot field of software engineering, a competent programmer wanting to switch jobs will be able to apply and interview easily for at least a half dozen jobs. However, coordinating the speed at which the interview and eventually offer process occurs can be a nightmare. For example, I intervi...

also workplace.stackexchange.com/questions/395/… closed as a dupe of the above
I really like the answer given in the most recent copy of that question though
which answer?
Does it really hurt us to have a few different questions on the same subject, phrased slightly different ways?
4:20 PM
the top answer does not answer the question
"how should I deal with this situation?"
@enderland I updated the comment with the link to the answer
"here is some thoughts on the issue!"
I like that answer, too, but it does not really answer the question
it does not give the asker a "what should I do" answer
@enderland It kind of does, it tells you to set a deadline and stick to it instead of delaying it multiple times
@Rachel It does if it scatters good advice to the same particular problem in different places
"What is the best way to delay the offer until I find a company that I am certain I want to work at?"
that is NOT answered by the answer you linked
4:22 PM
@Chad Reopened
@BenBrocka I'm looking at the one you linked, and there are slight differences. One appears to be asking how to coordinate multiple job leads at the same time, while the 2nd is how to delay an actual offer when you want to still look into another one
I don't think there'd be any harm in having both around. Perhaps add a comment containing the related link too, so they show up in the "linked" section along the side
I love browsing the "Linked Questions" list on the side when I find a question that almost matches my situation, but not completely
@Rachel Presumably the second either has/is looking for additional leads. He hopes it's the same situation as the first
@BenBrocka I think that one is the same question asked much better
I'm reading through the questions and answers now, and I guess they do ask almost the same thing
I'd still prefer to keep separate questions though, as the answers seem different. One appears to be looking at the overall picture of how to communicate with the companies honestly, and the other is looking specifically for how to delay a job offer. Some parts are the same, but there are nuanced differences
@Rachel I added a link to the second one to the bottom for the OP as well
1 hour later…
5:48 PM
Evil mod deleted an answer I had downvoted and screwed up my palindromic reputation, must fight the urge to downvote a random answer just to get back to 2112...
6:10 PM
@Rarity I'm located in Mexico — rvs 3 mins ago
Time for locale based funtime...how specific do we want to tag? Mexico, Latin America? US and UK are the only ones with their own tags so far, to my awareness
@BenBrocka tag it [tequila]
I'd just go with South-America :)
Although I suppose technically Mexico is in north america....
@BenBrocka @Rachel Mexico is large enough to get its own tag (113 million people), I already tagged it.
Well One of the purposes of country tags is so we know what laws would apply, so I'd tag it with Mexico so we know mexican laws apply
@YannisRizos That works too
@Rachel If the UK gets its own tag, Mexico should as well (almost double the population)
6:17 PM
Now we just hope we get a second question to tag Mexico before the system kills the tag automatically
@BenBrocka I'm on the fence on locale tags, but they could save us some time on culture dependent questions...
Well if people want to search by locale tags, or filter out questions by locale, then we should have locale tags
@YannisRizos I'd only like them added when specifically relevant. Since he referred to a practice that'd be very weird in the US but apparently common in Mexico I think it's worth a tag
1 hour later…
7:47 PM
@BenBrocka Does it matter? I have had employers want proof of my previous income in the US too. Though usually it is so they can get an exception for the limit of the position
Q: How to deal with unsupportive coworkers

NeerSome of our team is located in the US. In someways there is a lot to learn in my job. However, I am facing the following problems regularly: For any tasks within the work profile, the US guys discuss the details amongst themselves and design a roadmap. When they bring the topic up for discussio...

Have we had this question, not the details but the general how do i handle a difficult coworker?
There is a good question in here but I think it needs some work
The difficult coworker questions are about people who seem to be difficult at everything but doing their actual work
@Chad I think the core of this might be the fact half the team is from India, and the other half is from the US, and there are big cultural differences between the two
@Rachel That is probably part of it. Combined with the question about how do i request better requirements
Requirements: better Requirements
8:03 PM
The other problem is this should probably be the responsiblity of the team lead at the dev location but so often the leads do not understand how to lead they just are really experienced developers
or worse... just the person picked to lead the team that isnt qualified or experienced

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