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10:22 AM
Q: Some questions surely must be a joke

PequodI mean, come on. How do I ask my manager for time off? How long should I wait before decorating my desk? How do I follow up an email that just says "thank you"? My colleagues have too much fun! What should I do? How can I ask my boss to leave two minutes early? I think there's a really thick lin...

11:15 AM
Q: Is this response from management to a casual harassment claim appropriate?

user1261710A number of my colleagues asked me some very rude questions after I came back from maternity leave. I was feeling sad because of the way my manager was treating me, and he was giving me horrible deadlines on top of that. They attributed this to my home life and asked: Your breasts are bigger!...

^^^ OMG! OK. So this might be a real question, and if it is, then I feel bad for the OP. On the other hand, if you assume nothing and just read it as is... Wow.
I don't understand why people ignore OP and take comments more serious then the question itself
@Mathematics: Agreed.
@OP: What country are you in? You've posted two questions about this insane workplace so far but I can't determine if this is in the US or elsewhere. Whether their response is "appropriate" depends on where this is taking place. — Lilienthal yesterday
^^^ LOL!
I asked a question related to principles and everyone is linking it to productivity
11:31 AM
@Mathematics Most of the workplace people are firm believers in the Death of the Author concept. ;)
11:45 AM
@Lilienthal that's not good :(
Q: What are the effective techniques I can try to ignore casual behaviour of colleagues

Please TeachRole in the teamI am not a manager but soon going to be one of few lead developers Issues Some colleagues are, Taking unofficial or longer then allocated breaks e.g. 10 - 20 minutes breakfast break, longer lunch breaks by 30 minutes in few cases Starting at random times and finish earlier ...

I managed to ask one of commenter to delete his comments but now I received down votes, so sad
12:01 PM
@Mathematics Are you using multiple accounts?
@JimG. It's a bit too close to "too broad / opinion-based" but it has some good answers and seems answerable even if it's not the best fit for a Q&A site.
@Mathematics If your question was the deleted one you linked: the problem is that you have a mistaken interpretation of the situation. You need to adjust your expectations because they don't match the reality of the workplace. That your coworkers are taking breaks or leaving early sometimes has zero impact on you as long as they aren't leaving work undone that you require.
Some people put in long hours, some people go for the bare minimum and as long as you're not managing them you should learn not to care. That's what the comments are saying.
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1:56 PM
Morning. @enderland or other The Workplace community members, is this of interest for your community?
Q: Is "mobbing" used in BrE and AmE to refer to harassment in the workplace.

Josh61The concept of mobbing, originally used referring to animals, according to the extract below, is now applied also to human beings, and is used specifically to refer to subtle aggressive behaviours in the workplace: Konrad Lorenz, in his book entitled On Aggression (1966), first described...

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4:26 PM
@KitZ.Fox Why do you ask?
Just to drop the link or are there talks of migrating it?
OP requested migration.
4:45 PM
@KitZ.Fox That definitely doesn't belong on Workplace and migration would probably be rejected. Etymology and word meaning/use is off-topic here.
OK. I'll let him know. Thanks.
No problem.
Q: Are employers allowed to access/search through one's personal email outside work hours?

LuplinRecently I have been noticing some weird activity on my workstation (which is password protected) such as Browser Data (History, Saved Passwords, Ignored Prompt Options, Plugin Data, Browser Session Data which is used to restore tabs on startup) being erased. I suspected that it was either my emp...

OP tagged this as Australia but I have a feeling a lot of answers are invalidated by that. How should we handle that? Add notes/comments to answer that are relevant to other countries?
I'm not sure. It would be useful for future visitors to know what the rules are elsewhere, but unless it addresses Australia, it's not an actual answer.
It's a common problem with this site :)
Q: What are some signs of a "Sinking ship"?

FuriousFolderAs per the title, from an employee's perspective, what are some obvious signs that a company is about to go under?

Wonder if this should be reopened. As-written it's probably too close to a list question while "How can I recognize an impending bankruptcy?" is not as obviously off-topic... maybe.
5:01 PM
Well, the "as per" makes me think no, but that's just my irritation with such crass abuse of the language.
"as per" is typical business lingo, you'll probably find it quite often on the site.
129 times to be exact.
Yeah. It's wrong.
It's "Per" or "As". "As per" is as grating as PIN number or ATM machine.
5:21 PM
Sorry. Pet peeve.
Anyway, I'm off. See you!
7 hours later…
11:54 PM
You are asking for a list of problems that might indicate a bigger problem. That is not how this site works and these types of questions are expressly forbidden meta.stackexchange.com/questions/158809/…Chad 1 hour ago
^^^ Chad's right @Lilienthal.

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