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so sorry bae xo — NK7 10 mins ago
10:41 AM
Q: Tag Merge: quitting and resignation

LilienthalProposal: merge quitting into resignation Stats: quitting Questions: 160 Tag Info: Questions about leaving one's job resignation Questions: 301 Tag Info: For questions dealing with the voluntary parting of ways with a company. Questions can pertain to proper procedures to follow, etiquett...

11:07 AM
@Dawny33 Yeah I found that quite puzzling as well.
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1:57 PM
A: How can I sell a willing demotion to my management?

Joe Strazzere I would love to step back into my old role. How do I sell this to management? If you have a decent rapport with your boss, then you have an honest discussion. You talk about the stress of the job, and how you no longer wish to deal with it. You don't need to get into the reasons so much (...

Downright excellent answer @JoeStrazzere. Hit all the key talking points, well-reasoned and concise, answered from experience, pointing out points of concern, ...
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10:13 PM
@Lilienthal - thanks. Sometimes I get lucky and have relevant personal experience to draw on.
11:06 PM
Q: What are some signs of a "Sinking ship"?

FuriousFolderAs per the title, from an employee's perspective, what are some obvious signs that a company is about to go under?

^^^ Help! We need to close this fast!

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