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12:52 AM
Hi All,
I would like to ask the below question. But I would like to know your valuable opinion whether my question is constructive enough to post in workplace.stackexchange
Please help by providing your valuable opinions
What are the best ways to get true feedback from client about my performance?

I am working as IT Lead developer. I have been started working with new client. Recently the project that we have worked got released. But I would like to get true feedback about my performance from client. All I want to know how much I am meeting their expectations? what the things I need to keep it up and what needs to improve in my work. What is the best way to get true feedback from my client.
Please help
@BVR Might be too broad or opinion based, though what sort of answers are you expecting that aren't essentially 'ask them'? If you can describe more what sort of answers you'd expect we might be able to tailor the question a little more
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5:01 AM
Q: Can't I say 'Anytime' in reply to a 'Thanks' from my manager?

Vinay ChalluruThere was a small issue at work. I solved it and notified my manager over IM. She said, 'Thanks, Vinay'. I replied her, 'Anytime' as I do with my other colleagues and friends. A colleague of mine sees this conversation while working along with me on the issue and gets surprised and says, 'Anyti...

What's funny about this and the comments, is I've noticed that the more formal someone is whenever I talk to a customer support, the more likely it is that the person on the other end isn't going to solve my problem.
Conversely, whenever I've called or chatted someone and they said "Hey man, what's up, what can I do for you", my problem has been solved both quickly and efficiently.
Hence, if the colleague is worried about being overly formal, I wonder how many problems that person is actually capable of solving.
5:23 AM
Having been a long time participant on Programmers SE and Project Management SE, this question about agile interviewer questions is a little more answerable than it may have appeared initially:
Q: "Client, boss, team triangle" interview question

Sam LeachI was asked in an interview; Where am I on this (equilateral)triangle? Client /\ / \ / \ / \ Boss /________\ Team I said I was in-between Boss and Team but further up towards the client because the client is who pays the bills ...

I upvoted both the question and its answer. The interviewers were basically trying to determine if the candidate would fit into an agile environment.
Hey Sam, I wanted to address your comment that opinions are okay. Well, that's only partially true. Our site has no value if it's just random opinion, but if those opinions are based on supported facts and references, like this answer you received, then we've provided a great resource to the world. The answer you got makes me think you've asked a great question the does indeed have a factual answer! — jmort253 6 mins ago
If you downvoted, I encourage you to take a step back and give the question a second look.
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6:43 PM
Man, this place is a ghost town this weekend....
Hey @trpt4him, I went ahead and put this on hold. We're getting too many answers based on pure opinion and what they expect, not what's reasonable to expect. In general, a question like this is better if you're looking for solutions to problems. For instance, "How can I create a culture where privacy in the workplace is respected?" would be a question that would involve expertise to answer, not just unsubstantiated claims. Feel free to edit. Hope this helps clarify. — jmort253 1 min ago
I let that go on as far as I could. The question itself is encouraging unsubstantiated opinions. The English language is fascinating in that wording alone can determine how an audience approaches something.
Hello and welcome back to The Workplace SE. Our Q&A site put in place some back it up guidelines to help get the best and most accurate answers. Can you edit your post to include references or relate this to a personal experience. Also, be sure to answer the full question. As an aside, at-will employment may not necessary cover all 50 states as there are exeptions. See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/At-will_employment for details. Good luck! :) — jmort253 18 secs ago
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8:47 PM
A: Allow moderators to reply to a flag

LauraWe've (by "we" I mean "Jarrod") officially added this functionality to the UI, pretty much exactly the way Manishearth and Ilmari Karonen envisioned it. Note that the user still is not notified of the results of a flag they cast, so they won't see this feedback unless they go looking for it. For ...

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10:41 PM
@gnat Yeh, that's really super helpful!
A: Can't I say 'Anytime' in reply to a 'Thanks' from my manager?

ElliottMy suggestion is to say, "My pleasure," in lieu of, "Anytime," because this infers that you actually enjoy the task at hand. Politeness is a valuable skill in the workplace, just as it is in everyday life. In the study of politeness theory, value is placed on not being imposing. By saying a task ...

I honestly didn't hold out much hope for this question and its answers, but one of the users, Elliott, came back with some supporting resources that added a lot of credence to his claims. It's awesome to see users come back and take their original raw material and turn it into an authoritative, knowledgeable resource! Take another look at his post. It's a great answer.
I wonder if there's value in going through posts y'all have flagged and finding positive examples of posts that have been improved... Would it be valuable to have a Meta Workplace post that highlights some of these?
I feel like posts that are flagged and then later improved are some of the best answers on our site.
11:45 PM
@jmort253 I'm actually surprised that nobody stopped by to remind us that they're upset with the status quo and that as a consequence, they're coming to TWP less and less frequently. ;)
"Does anyone have experience in dealing with these kind of managers?" Yes. You are not the only one to encounter this situation. — Joe Strazzere 2 hours ago
^^^ You are not alone in this universe. ;)

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