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12:17 AM
@jmort253 Thanks for the kind words @jmort253 ! I'm pretty new to writing answers on SE sites. Should the question remain on hold?
@Elliott That's a tough one. One of the reasons I dropped the link to your answer in here is to also give the question some more exposure. If the community thinks it can be reopened, and if one of our editors thinks he or she can reword it, then that's certainly a possibility.
@jmort253 I understand. I suppose I could consider rewording the question though I don't feel like I have the experience to really make it outstanding. Thus I tend to think it'd be good to wait-and-see, as you said.
@Elliott If you do want to give the question a suggested edit, this post meta.workplace.stackexchange.com/q/2168/98 and this post meta.workplace.stackexchange.com/a/1820/98 cover some editing guidelines, as well as some of the problems we've faced in editing questions that already have answers.
It's generally much harder to edit questions that have answers, but the advantage you have is you know the subject well enough to where your edits might not necessarily invalidate your answer.
I wonder why the alcohol in the workplace has been downvoted. I think it is a valid question. workplace.stackexchange.com/questions/19943/…
12:40 AM
@Elliott I downvoted it because there is no way to answer it. I've had workplaces where it's okay to have a drink, and ones where it isn't. There is no way for us to be able to state whether or not it is okay in this individual situation better than the person asking. It doesn't seem like it will provide any value to future visitors as-is. Maybe an edit changing it to, "When is it appropriate to have a beer with lunch as a remote worker?" would be better, but I don't know...
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2:09 AM
For the blog, this post has been drafted for anyone who wants to review it, and my previous one was moved to 'ready to be published' after the great copy-editing by @enderland
2:19 AM
I am confused as to how this is a legal question. If someone is fired and not paid, I am quite sure that there is a system in place to handle it that does not require a lawyer to answer. Pointing the person to the relevant information does not constitute legal advice in my book, and I don't think it should be closed...
2:30 AM
Made an aggressive edit to this question if anyone wants to revisit their vote.
3 hours later…
5:10 AM
@jmac So is the correct answer, "Hire a lawyer"?
5:26 AM
@JimG. No, the answer is likely "this is what the government website says", "this is what the regulations say about employer obligations", and "if doing these things doesn't work, your can hire a lawyer/attorney/barrister/solicitor/whatever"
The answer may look something like the existing one, which says nothing of hiring a lawyer and strikes me as sound advice:
A: How can I get my former employer to pay my notice and give me my P45?

NeuromancerI would send a polite but firm letter requesting that they pay you what you are owed - within 7 days and say that you will take them to an industrial tribunal - which will cost them a lot. You can approach the CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) or if you area a member of a union they should also be a...

I am not a fan of the way we close anything even mentioning regulations or law as 'legal advice'. Common problems having to do with taxation involving employment, being laid off or fired, collecting unemployment, etc. should definitely be on-topic for the Workplace so long as it isn't specifically asking for interpretation of the law. That's what lawyers do. What the statutes say, and what the government says about statutes doesn't require a lawyer.
3 hours later…
8:05 AM
If anyone is bored and has time to make TWP a better place, there are a ton of horrible answers returned by this query: under 50 word answers. I am not SQL-savvy enough to make it filter out already-closed questions, so please don't flag bad answers on closed questions as they will be auto-cleaned up.
(naturally, if you are SQL-savvy and can work some join magic, I would love to be able to filter that sucker by date, and eliminate answers on closed questions.)
(note, the above query uses really...dodgy...math to calculate the number of words, so it isn't exactly accurate. It is a good indicator though)
(and all my votes for the day are gone...goodnight moon)
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3:37 PM
Not only that I found out that he gave $1000 dollars of my bonus to my coworker. Every year we get $2000 dollar bonus. This year I received $1000 dollars and my co worker received $3000. That was also listed on the document. It just seems that no matter what I do it will never be enough for my boss. I hate to say this but I also fell he hates on me. Other people in the office tell me that he talks bad about me, but to my face we are the best of buds. I believe he uses my age as a reason not to pay me what I deserve. — alex 9 mins ago
this question is a rant
It's also in essence a dup of the linked question. maybe we can get it closed as that quickly
4:23 PM
Q: What kind of questions would I expect from an interview for a job in mental health?

coeusI am preparing for an interview for a job that is within the mental health industry/field. This is my first interview within the aforementioned industry so naturally, I want to be armed well. The screening process with involve an interview with the Regional Manager and a Data Analyst. The role wi...

good question to throw DV/delete votes on
I would love to deletevote
4 hours later…
7:56 PM
Q: My boss gave me everyone's pay by mistake

alexI found out that a co worker is making 10,000 dollars more than me. My boss handed me a document that had increases for all our employees by mistake. He grabbed in back when he realized it had someone in my same position pay on it. I have been with the company longer and held more responsibilitie...

I don't understand why this only has 2 close votes on it
it has 20+ comments on it
clearly not a defined question at this point...
8:22 PM
My boss thinks I am a worthless tool... can i sue him for telling me that
probably not
you can show him how much you need him though
@Chad it's only defamation if.... errr woops did I say that out loud ;)
@enderland I wanted to answer no Its always legal to speak the truth :p
3 hours later…
11:21 PM
Q: Does an American business need to have a foreign office to employ foreign workers?

abenrobNot specifically freelancing, but this list fit the bill better than any others! If an American business wants to employ someone in, say France (who is French), for example, do they need to have an office in France? Are there specific hoops they must jump through in order to employ a foreign nat...

What do you think? Would this be a good question for Workplace SE?
@jmort253 Yes, I think so personally.
@jmac Would anyone care that there's a legal component to it? I don't want to send it over if it's just going to get closed. :)
@jmort253 Unfortunately I am guessing that people would close it. I strongly disagree and despite the repeated attempts to clarify what 'legal' questions are on meta, we are still closing anything that mentions a law or regulation
what a shame, because those are the large bulk of questions that HR specialists would ask about. By pushing them out, we end up accommodating a lot more questions from employees having 'soft' questions about their bosses.
On another note @jmort, should I bring the attention of the post notice question to meta.so today, or would you rather have me wait longer? The sheer volume of flags recently is pretty rough without more mods. Every day there seem to be 20+ close vote reviews and 10+ flags to deal with
@jmac I personally think it's worth having the discussion again. On Freelancing SE, our community made the decision to allow legal questions and we've required that they be backed up absolutely with legal references.... or at least that's what we're pushing for....
The results on one answer that was backed up was overwhelmingly positive..... I think it could work here, especially considering how vigilant everyone is on making sure answers aren't just unsubstantiated opinion....
11:36 PM
@jmort253 I would tend to agree, but it will be the third time in a year, and the community always seems divided the same way...
Maybe the question should be framed differently... instead of "Should we allow legal questoins" perhaps "What would it take to allow legal questions on our site?" would be a better approach.....
As for the post notices, Grace mentioned it may not be necessary to take that to MSO... I've noticed y'all have .... struggled.... a bit with some feature requests on MSO... so maybe it might be better to tailor it to this site, and then I can just take that to the community team for more input....
@jmort253 I have a pretty good track record on MSO actually, about to hit 10k reputation in the near future.
Post notices are something that I believe Skeptics and Workplace are really pioneering, if that makes sense.
Programmers could use them too, and it looks like UX is struggling with bad answers too, so they may want it.
Do what you think is best.
On that note, I'm getting back to work. ttyl :D
11:41 PM
I love the stream of consciousness in this answer. You can almost see the (twisted) logic in the progression

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