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1:22 AM
@HugoRocha: If I add any details will it make the question less broader and specific? like field that I am working, fears that I have when my trust fails etc...
Anyone know SQL?
7 hours later…
8:13 AM
Could use a close vote (badly) as it is on the hot questions list and a very clear, "What should I do?" question:
Q: My title of programmer is mislabeled. Should I find a new job?

user13482I graduated with a BS in CS in late 2013. I began working my first job as a 'programmer' almost three months ago. Since hire I have not seen or worked with code, and my impression is this won't change in the near future. I have come to the conclusion that my position is IT-support mislabeled a...

8:32 AM
Addendum: please kill the above question with fire. Or downvotes. Or both. Really. It is on the hot questions list and keeps attracting upvotes despite being laughably off-topic. We do not want that question as an ambassador for our site.
8:48 AM
Q: VBA developper Career path

KennyI would like to have your opinions on career path. I am a junior in Information and Communication Engineering. I have 1-year experience in C++ development project. Currently I am searching for job. My profile has been considered mostly for Junior Software Developer position. People have contacted...

Thanks CMW!
For more insight in to how the hot network questions are designed to taunt us...:
A: Reorder questions picked for hot list based on adjusted hotness score (discard some answers by voting evidence)

jmacYes, yes, and absolutely yes Because of this question which got more views in 24 hours than we the entire site gets page views many days (question A), we have a lot of new users. That leads to people upvoting questions like this (question B) which are off-topic, has 4 close votes, but is still o...

Okay, time for me to get out of here before I do something regretful. We need to downvote more.
9:05 AM
Interesting stuff
3 hours later…
11:52 AM
@BVR I bet it will! :D
Good morning everyone!
good morning and welcome to another episode of judgement day
12:03 PM
hope you all have a awesome friday :D
And CMW, judgement day? I'm up to it every day!
Check the latest activities of the last 12 hours and don your helmet ;-)
meeting time... yey
@jmac A direct order to fire all guns? Roger that!
12:16 PM
Q: How should i explain short employment during interview?

Registered UserI worked for an organization about 1.8 Years, and I left to take another opportunity because they offer me 70% hike but the kind of work they gave me wasn't making me happy and I was working to add 2-3 lines of code to existing code and wait for 10-12 days for approval so i left that job after 5 ...

Time for judgement. The sentence... is close!
The hot question list really needed more polishing.. :O
I find the following question interesting:
Q: Conflict of knowledge with a colleague

PureferretAn experienced (but in no way senior) developer has joined the same project as myself. He seems to know vastly more about the programming language we use, but on the other hand I feel I know more about our client, how to deal with clients in general, and importantly how the established applicati...

now time for my tea and high-focus time. o/
1 hour later…
1:46 PM
Back :)
2:35 PM
@jmac too bad all those upvotes are on the same post in teh same period of time haha
3:03 PM
Q: Being asked to "politely" take a Demotion

JeffDoeI've been working as Director of Software and Chief Software Architect for 2 years with a team of talented developers building a rather complicated piece of code from scratch. We now have 13,000 lines of operational code, under Continuous Integration control with Unit tests, Doxygen, the works.....

This question is on topic. Please consider voting to reopen
hello Chad
let me see
Hey Chad, I think before reopening, the question still need more edits, no? It's still, in my point of view, asking in a way that is still not fitting for our Workplace, don't ya think?
@HugoRocha No I do not see a problem with that question.
could it be better maybe... but it is above the off topic bar and is answerable
About that
We seem to be getting a lot of "off-topic" questions and flagging
do we have a standart on how to fit a question as off-topic?
standart? that's wrong, lol.. standard, I guess? Anyway, do we have one?
Thinking that a off-topic question itself is a question that involves advices and personnal things, isn't classfying such question as so involves too much personnal points of view?
For instance, I still do not see how the question is above the off topic... But that's my point of view. It is not @Chad point of view.
3:30 PM
@HugoRocha I simply meant that the question is about navigating the work place. It is not asking for skills to learn or job to take, as it was closed for. That is the question the commenters want to tackle but that is not what is being asked
Then, if many people understood that, should we not edit it to make more understandable?
Like I said I do not have a problem with further edits. just that it does not need to be edited to be reopened. People see the question they want to see no matter how much you edit it
Q: How can I prepare for getting hit by a bus?

enderlandAs a member of small teams, I had significant responsibility. Whether driving progress by organizing meetings or maintaining/creating/understanding a large percentage of specific technical information, I often had such responsibilities. Sometimes I was the only person working on technical aspects...

why did that get community wikied?
Because the bus driver is dead because of the accident
And I see your point now Chad. Alright. :)
@enderland 5 answers on jan 23-24
3:36 PM
@Chad ahhh lamesauce. I guess I'll flag it
@enderland Flag it and ask that it be converted back
22 secs ago, by enderland
@Chad ahhh lamesauce. I guess I'll flag it
@enderland defintately not totes magotes
:) lol
Hey Chad, thanks for explaining your point
@enderland I still laugh every time i see your question
Specially this: enderland! Nooooooo! – pdr Jan 23 '13 at 23:12
4:17 PM
We really need the comments on that question cleaned up... they are discussing crap that does not belong here
I am going to go find a bowl of cereal to cry in
@Chad "that question" ?
4:48 PM
Q: Being asked to "politely" take a Demotion

JeffDoeI've been working as Director of Software and Chief Software Architect for 2 years with a team of talented developers building a rather complicated piece of code from scratch. We now have 13,000 lines of operational code, under Continuous Integration control with Unit tests, Doxygen, the works.....

2 rep away from free downvinting friday
1 hour later…
6:07 PM
Guys, I am leaving for the day
and probably for the weekend also, so I wish you all a good weekend. :)
6:52 PM
later! some of us are still here at work...
I have a "Great" idea
We should have a "Workplace Winter Olympics" Event!
@enderland Im pretty sure that would be a GRATE idea
unless that is your comment on the quality of my "Great" idea
no I was just being punny for no reason
The goal of the event is to have the highest voted question asked as if you were an olymipian dealing with your workplace issue
6:56 PM
Q: What is a 'friendly' way to let managers know that having good developers is a privilege?

guest11783I work for a small company, where we recently had a change of managers. The new manager has no experience managing developers, and the old manager has moved into a development role to fill in gaps left by senior developers leaving the company and being unable to find replacements. I was recently...

that one is doing pretty well - I guess that's the whole "sympathy developer" question
@enderland AKA how can I smell like roses while actually being an asshole
that's why I added the note at the bottom of my answer, lol
lol I just noticed NickC changed his name... iwas like when did we get the new mod :p
@Chad yeah that's what I was figuring
Unless that is someone different
7:01 PM
I'm assuming it's him
can you hide some sites from the rep notification? I randomly get residual voting on sites I don't care that much about
If it is he got hired at a SE Associate since the site opened. If that is true then we should get a new mod too. Since our mod is now an SE Associate.
oh? really? how do you figure?
oh different people
yeah different last names
@enderland I wish I could suggest that he tell his manager straight out how it is, that he can go anywhere he wants and that the manager just better sit down and STFU. Not only that he should demand to be treated like the code princess he is
7:09 PM
lol well yes princess is used as code for that word :p
I've never known if that's universal or not
7:38 PM
omg. I've seriously only just now discovered that hidden 'edit tags' link. Who hides something like that this way?
Q: How can I co-exist with a difficult colleague?

markdotnetThe setup... A little more than a year ago, we started a search for a "rock star" developer. We had lost our legitimately brilliant lead developer to a start up. I was able to step in and fill his shoes, but we needed a really strong person to come in and backfill for me. We searched for a f...

this is going places...
@enderland hover with your mouse over the empty space right of a question's tags
oh. neato!
is that new?
I thought I was just oblivous
no I think that used to be there, but is now hidden
unrelated, but how do I stop a manager from propagating help vampires
7:48 PM
I'm an excel and VBA wizard. so every once in a while I get a "referral" from a manager who realizes this and it's normally a "help me plz" type request
"Identifying Help Vampires can be tricky, because they look like any ordinary person (or internet user, whichever is lesser)." <- this!
someone basically saying "I was hoping you would be able to do this for me" is not high on the list of "how to get me to help" strategies for me, that's for sure
so, is your manager an HV himself?
it's a manager who isn't even my manager
7:52 PM
'your' in the sense of 'in your example'
oh, ah, he's referring you to somebody else as a 'fixer' for their problems?
yes :P
well idk if the "fixer" but that's definitely how someone was asking me just now
bad. he may be trying to play the role of the proverbial guy who can set everyone up with what they need and you're one of those 'needs' :)
in that case bad luck. You actually might have to make him look bad for referring you, and that may blow back.
lol I'm not too worried. it's just annoying, Stack Exchange has made me REALLY appreciate the importance of asking a good question and not just "halp me plz!"
OTOH he might just think he's being nice. In that case just explaining to him, that his referrals are at the expense of the quality of your work, might get him to think about it first, next time
maybe make him use SE
he might learn to appreciate the same things :D
and we get even more users
I really, really want to link him to superuser
or something
8:00 PM
win win win
but... yeah he'll get downvoted to oblivion asking a q like that
that'll teach him
give him a cup with the downward chevron printed on it, front and back. Watch who gets the joke
8:12 PM
I feel like i am in the mood to dish out some cold hard truth today :p
^ also in Dredd voice
You guys agree that this is more of a legal issue?
Q: Should I tell my full-time boss that I'm considering additional part-time work?

ZachI graduated 8 months ago, got hired full-time a month later under a good boss. I enjoy the work and my co-workers (the company as a whole leaves something to be desired, but that's beside the point.) I was recently contacted by a recruiter looking for someone to do some part-time work. I met w...

@CMW It is not asking for legal advice though.
Legal advice is how do i deal with this in court. what do i need to know aobut issue X
Did somebody said... Dredd?
It's time to lay judgement?
And yes, I'm back... stuck at the office because of some heavy rain
So, just for the sake of free time, I'm building a console rpg in c#
@Chad Ah, okay, I see the difference. Thanks!
@HugoRocha Zork 2014 sure to be a hit in the shareware aisle
8:22 PM
@HugoRocha Crystals of Arborea II. A sure-fire shut-up-and-take-my-money
@HugoRocha no matter what you typle have it respond with you do not have an axe
I do not see a pond
You can not go that direction there is a pond in the way
8:40 PM
My boss is such a jerk, he gets mad when i come in 2 hours late, then has the nerve to whine about my taking 2 hour lunches, and leaving 4 hours early... what does he expect of me?
@Chad Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!
@Chad ridiculous. who does he think he is!?
If I could find another job that paid me this much for working 20 minutes a day I would quit
well... might be worth a part-time position
So I came in on time today didnt take a long lunch but now he is mad because I played WoW all day... wtf is wrong with this guy
8:50 PM
should I work on the WoW interface? I kidna sorta have a connection
at blizzard?
I was in a Guild in EQ with one of the core devs of WoW
i like trainz
@Chad Shareware... God, i miss Carmack
@enderland I think wow interface could do some rethink.. EvE interface is on other level... :D
i really like eve.
And whitewolf.
And ccp.
And gamez.
And trains.
and dredd.
and 2000ad.
and for (int ....)
I mean, i miss Carmack "age"
the John's
I was playing last week freespace 2, open source, with modded graphics :)
It's something to make envy..
9:22 PM
I couldn't live with myself if I worked for WoW though
hey guys, i'm going.
Have a nice weekend.. for real now
@HugoRocha I liked eve but my wife decided she was tired of being the other woman so I quit
10:13 PM
@jmac here's an idea you might find worth pondering about...
in The Whiteboard, 32 mins ago, by gnat
@MichaelT even better place is full list. @JimmyHoffa go to http://stackexchange.com/questions (two pages, 100 questions!), pick SO questions, lemming-upvote them then have fun watching them bumped at collider. Smaller sites strike back
10:28 PM
@gnat I just hit my vote limit :p

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