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12:23 AM
free flags
The Question also hit 'Hot questions' (with 4 downvotes). Can someone protect?
4 hours later…
4:32 AM
Hi user1547670! I am sorry that you are depressed, but you have a medical condition and we are not licensed or paid to treat you. PLEASE seek medical help IMMEDIATELY before anything happens. Thank you. - Your friends at Beta.Workplace.SE. — Jim G. 1 min ago
^^^ Mods... Help! We have someone with a medical condition over here.
11 hours later…
3:04 PM
Q: Unsure am good enough for new job

user115127How do I stop worrying about being good enough for my new job? I recently interviewed for a .NET developer role. They asked me some technical questions at interview, most of which I wasn't able to answer. I assumed that they were looking for a more experienced developer. However, they have recent...

why did this get closed? it seems a very common problem in the workplace
2 hours later…
4:43 PM
@enderland "What should I do?!"
I just don't see a 'practical answerable problem based on an actual problem you face' in there. It sounds like, "I got a job, but I'm worried I can't do it, how can I do my job?" which just doesn't work so well as a question.
2 hours later…
7:18 PM
The Workplaceworkplace.stackexchange.com

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11:46 PM
@enderland - In regards to this question, workplace.stackexchange.com/questions/18189/…, keep in mind that you have the privileges necessary to create a gallery chat room and invite that user. See workplace.stackexchange.com/help/privileges/gallery-chat-rooms
Of course, the user will need 20 reputation to join the chat room. I'd suggest encouraging him to look around the site and see if he can answer any questions to bump that up.

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