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4:39 AM
Q: This question doesn't ask for legal advice, but the answers are mostly legal. What should be done?

MarsCurrently the top answer to this question has at least one answer and a few comments with sources (buried by move-to-chat) that suggest that it is factually wrong. The issue that the answers are making only really address the legal issue (if there actually is one), which doesn't belong on TWP. ...

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9:31 AM
@Kilisi Excellent! Nice to do something that makes a difference
10:10 AM
@Kilisi it doesn't happen often that we get the opportunity to direct charity money such that it has a direct, measureable and corruption free impact, so this is awesom
10:25 AM
@mag absolutely, I do this sort of thing only for the big issues like cyclones or tsunamis etc,. gives a solid example to my kids. This one is not too bad, the tsunami cleanup was pretty distressing as you'd find kids bodies, but someone has to do it.
Cyclones normally fine, just end up with a house full of people who's shacks blew over, and I have generators and a huge water tank
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1:29 PM
Q: Thank you Gnat for over 10K helpful flags raised!

Mister PositiveI just wanted to give a huge shout out to Gnat. Gnat has raised over 10K helpful flags, which to me is an amazing feat. Thank you Gnat for your contributions here, and please continue!

1:57 PM
@mag that's what I liked about being well off. You never feel helpless if you can help others
@RichardSaysReinstateMonica feels pretty good to be able to go "you know what, I can spend a hundred bucks on that. And not having to look in the bank if there's enough for it. I live really frugally in general but random spur of the moment charity is a guilty pleasure of mine :p
@mag it always was one of mine. It was also the worst part of being homeless for me. Although, I can say that I literally gave everything I had to someone who hadn't eaten that day.
@mag the quote is not "money is the root of all evil", it is "the love of money is the root of all evil"
I love to make it, but I don't love the money in and of itself, but what I can do with it.
most often, to help people
Q: Are ergonomics questions regarding home offices off-topic?

BSMPWould a huge screen/projector be healthier for the eyes? As of the time of writing this meta post, the question above has 4 close votes. Ergonomics questions in general are on topic but someone questioned whether it being about a home office made this specific question off-topic. (Two close vot...

2:52 PM
Hey, can some of our folks outside of the USA explain what "notice period" means? In the USA, the "notice period" can be the two seconds it takes to say "F&&& you, I quit"
3:17 PM
@RichardSaysReinstateMonica 6 months paid gardening leave ^^
@RichardSaysReinstateMonica in the UK we actually have the time period set in contract - along with certain minimums set in law
it's usually symmetrical - so it protects both employer and employee
@motosubatsu that is actually beyond belief for one who grew up in the USA
@RichardSaysReinstateMonica and the US system boggles my UK mind
While there's always the risk of being escorted from your desk (happened to me once) there is a certain satisfaction in walking out and costing your now former employer thousands, or even tens of thousands by leaving them in a lurch
oh you can still leave employers in the lurch over here - the minimum period in law is 1 week (if you've been there more than a month) and that's f~~k all, especially if you don't feel like being co-operative in that time
3:32 PM
@motosubatsu ah well, I DO have a black belt in malicious complience
One of the few perks of a union job, when I had one is we could screw with management HARD
When I drove a truck, the "pre trip inspection" was required by federal law. The thing is, there is always something wrong with a truck.... So, one time, we were able to take all of the trucks off the road on the same day by everyone doing the pre trip inspection "by the book"
Now, of course, the mechanics were in on it, and declared all of those trucks unsafe, and fixed them, by the book as well. Orders for parts were placed five minutes before the supplier closed for the day, delaying even he start of repairs by one day
4:04 PM
Hello darkness, my old friend:
Also, hey everyone
@Kaz hi there. BTW. A personal peeve of mine is people who don't use option explicit.

If I ever see it missing, i put it in, and go about fixing the 100s of variables that were never declared.
Maintenance coders: "We are crazy for a reason"
Aye, VBA (And especially the IDE) may be restrictive by today's standards, but that doesn't mean you can't still write clean, clear, consistent code in it.
4:55 PM
Today, I am giving hell to an unethical collection agency that is trying to collect a debt from me that is out of statute (beyond the statute of limitations) It is illegal to do this. I am posting their number, along with links to the "Fair debt collections practices act", as well as the better business bureau complaints filed against them to every reverse lookup site I can find
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6:57 PM
@RichardSaysReinstateMonica It might be beyond belief to some. For me, who grew up and lived exclusively in the US, it's completely believable. Over my work career, I've learned that there are a multitude of different hiring/work systems/processes/laws in the world. Some are quite different from the US. That doesn't make any one better or worse than the other. Just different.
@JoeStrazzere In all honesty, you're far wiser, and more worldly than most of us, though you may not think so.
@RichardSaysReinstateMonica LOL! That's not something anyone who knows me in real life would say - particularly the "worldly" part. My friends here just don't know me as well. I'm not at all worldly, though I try to be respectful of others, their customs, and their laws.
7:43 PM
@JoeStrazzere the Dunning Kruger effect goes both ways. The highly competent do see themselves as such any more than the incompetent see themselves as such.
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10:19 PM
@RichardSaysReinstateMonica The way I look at it you don't have to save the world or overstretch yourself, buy a single meat pie and you've helped someone get through a day. One container of baby formula and thats a baby fed for a week and two parents with that much less stress for a week. That's a whole lot of good karma going your way.
Get your kids involved and that's an example they'll never forget and will last their whole lives. There is no downside unless you hurt yourself doing it or get 'too involved', or treat it as a competition, which is just silly.

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