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1:25 AM
Q: Are questions about school on-topic?

Voldemort's WrathIf I want to ask a question about how to ask a teacher about some school policy they are violating (for example), would that be on-topic here? Is a school a "workplace?"

5 hours later…
6:39 AM
Just touching base... how cool are we... I met everything donated so we've helped cover two soup kitchens for 2 days, and milked and nappied around 25 babies for a couple of days.... well done (Y)
4 hours later…
10:41 AM
I'll truly miss you @Snow. Take care.
11:20 AM
advice on a specific choice Insecure about job as a programmer‭ - MapleLeaf‭ 2019-11-19 11:15:16Z
11:33 AM
Sorry to see you go @Snow - although that said I totally understand where you're coming from.
12:14 PM
Its Chilly here...
@Snow I still want to click the cancel link. ;-)
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1:17 PM
Hello, I have a question I am afraid to ask on the main site as I think it might be quite easy to identify me. I hope it is OK if I can ask it here.
Is this blackmail: I want to shorten my notice period, and I believe my contract breaches employment law. I tell employer if they do not shorten notice period then I will seek advice from lawyers / the authorities. In my country the authorities take breaches of employment law incredibly seriously.
@user110693 what country?
1:33 PM
@Kilisi sent you some funds.. not much but hope it helps!
2:13 PM
I cannot see any way to address this one without snark
Q: How to stop being labeled in a certain way by one's boss?

A.SRecently I noticed that my boss labels me in a particular way in conversations with me, and in meetings with other higher-ups and colleagues. The label appears to be intended as a compliment and is generally viewed as a positive quality. However I feel that this particular label projects a very n...

2:25 PM
@user110693 is the notice period they're asking for longer than the standard 15 days?
Yes it is three months, I want to offer 1 month
@RichardSaysReinstateMonica I had the beginning of a "pick your battles" frame challenge type thing typed out and then realised I don't care enough for this particular question
@mag If the worst thing I ever had happen at work, was someone calling me "Devil Man" (true story) I'd die a happy man.
2:38 PM
@user110693 I'm not a lawyer (and certainly not a Spanish one) but some jurisdictions would consider a "release me early or I'll report you" blackmail
Thanks for the advice :)
@user110693 it may well be that the presence of the employment law breaches would render the contract effectively void meaning that you'd be operating on the "default" terms (i.e. 15 days notice), and that may mean that they would be unwilling to go to court if you gave them just the month's notice
Yes it would. I don't really have any budget for legal advice, so the only recourse I have is to tell the authorities. Or make clear the errors in my contract and hope my employer relents.
2:57 PM
@user110693 you could, essentially call their bluff - give one month's notice and say they can take you to court over it if they object. At this point you aren't blackmailing them - since you aren't threatening them with anything - you're hoping that that they realize it will backfire if they pursue it. But that's risky IMO.
I'd want to be 110% sure I was on solid ground before risking that
Here in germany we have something called unconscionable working conditions. In this case you could chance just quitting with no notice and complain to the authorities anyways, which would back you up in case they object to the no notice thing
that is a very much scorched earth type tactic though so expect to never hear them say a non negative word about you again
3:15 PM
@mag FWIW, a company that would write illegal contracts would not be likely to be ethical even if @user110693 were to follow their demands to the letter.
4:03 PM
Q: Reopen request: Sent technical test that was impossible, other candidates completed it

dwizumSent technical test that was impossible, other candidates completed it This question was just put on hold with the "questions require a goal we can address" reason. I'm not sure I agree with that, because the question has a clearly stated goal in bold: I feel like I need closure, but the employ...

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5:24 PM
On my tombstone, I wan the words: "You know, I learned a very important lesson that day...."
@motosubatsu Thanks fella. I'm sure you're going to carry on being annoyingly competent...! :D
@avazula Thank you Ava. It's going to feel a little weird not having the community here. It's going to be good to have a rest though.
@snow Got your message and replied. Keep in touch. We don't have to fall apart as a community just because things are going south on SE right now. All I know is that things change. Perhaps they'll change for the better around here, in time.
@Snow I'm sure you're right (at least on the first part) :)
@motosubatsu {ThereIsNoDoubt]
Yeah, things do change, and this community will get over the current problems and find more challenges to deal with. The amount of people here and the differences in culture and personality means that the community will never take the simple, straightforward approach to anything as long as there's an overly complicated and dramatic way of doing it instead.
5:39 PM
@Snow I've joked about my posts getting traction because of snark, but the reality is that I tend to be confrontational, a bit harsh at times, and straightforward. That translates to drama, which translates to upvotes. I'm not doing this on purpose, as everything I post is 100% me being me, but I do see what it is about mine (and kilisi's) that get traction
@RichardSaysReinstateMonica Some of your posts are just simply really good.
@Snow Not much more to say, except I will be reading the Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy.
@MisterPositive if that's the case than I can only credit it to a lifetime of bad choices
@RichardSaysReinstateMonica experience
Gotta roll for today. Take it easy...
6:40 PM
It's funny, whenever I think I can't possibly answer a question without snark, I manage to crank out a decent answer.
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7:40 PM
@motosubatsu gratefully received. I match everything coming in, between us we just fed a baby for over a week with quality formula.

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