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7:51 AM
@ChrisE close view is generally considered one of the very important ones on any SE site, as it forces out the bad stuff and has a direct impact on site quality
Yes, you need to make sure people know what to downvote, but that is relatively easy
@RoryAlsop out of the 47 questions currently on the front page, only 12 aren't closed and don't have close votes. Although you could tell people that the closed questions "need improvement", in reality, close votes mean "your question isn't good enough, it doesn't deserve to be here". Closing questions never "forces out bad stuff" - never has, never will.
Good morning Nofel. After what you said yesterday, I took special note of road stud colours. There's four that I counted.
8:13 AM
@Snow I did noticed And tested myself. They r hard to remember but informative if u know meaning. Yes there are four. Red, green, white and flourasent
Pardon my spellings
I always though the other colour was amber.
And just reading the highway book code. Puffin is with figures which switch red or green and pelican is where there are no figures and while pressed it will be red until the signal is green and then it turn green for u to pass. Just FYI @motosubatsu @Snow
Yea amber @Snow. Good one
It’s hard to remember
Green = Go (you can cross) Red = Stop (you may not cross) White = lane borders Amber = right side of carriageway
White can also be at the centre of a single lane carriageway.
8:44 AM
R u talking about lights or studs
studs. the ones on the road surface.
Green r sign of carriage way to slip road, Red r sign of hard shoulder to carriageway. white r in between lines. amber r physical barrier between roads
I hope I am right
Yes, that's correct. you also get red studs on the hatched portions of slipways to stop you from entering the main carriageway too early or too late.
Still have to understand what are hatched portions. broken lines etc
9:09 AM
@Snow my coffee lover friend
tell me a new insant way of making coffee
right now, I take one heaped tsp of instant coffee and 1 sweetex put boiling water
and bit on milk
1/4 milk
@DarkCygnus Fingers crossed for you.. that's one pint I will happily buy!
At work, I just put my mug in the machine and press a button.
@Nofel sweetner?? blasphemy!
Yes. Black coffee for me.
@JoeStrazzere I have to agree that people are far too trigger happy when it comes to closing questions around here
9:12 AM
75% of the questions on the front page are either closed or have close votes on them.
@Nofel rule of thumb is that broken lines can be crossed and solid ones can't
@motosubatsu @Snow only black coffee it is is filtered
instant r screws up
This close ratio, to me, indicates "low tolerance" rather than "high quality".
@motosubatsu @motosubatsu thnx
@Snow having grown a number of sites from private beta to full site, and moderated many, I can categorically state it absolutely does get rid of bad stuff. It is the single best way to start that process. Then you need to grow a community happy to edit closed posts for reopening. It's all been proven many times.
9:19 AM
@Snow I concur.. there's no denying that we have our fair share of low quality posts and that understanding what is "on-topic" here is a bit more difficult than some other big SE sites but I don't think those factors alone are sufficient to account for the number of closes
It works very well
Possibly more of a challenge on subjective sites, but one of mine, Parenting, has seen dramatic improvement since we moved to a policy of putting on hold quickly until problems are fixed
@RoryAlsop the problem we seem to have here is that transition to people being more proactive about editing for improvements, all too often it's clsoe and move on
@motosubatsu that I agree with - and that is a site maturity measure, as far as I'm concerned
Once you have a large enough core that fully support the aims of the site and have the energy and time to do it, edits happen
And the system flows
@RoryAlsop yep.. I do what I can with questions I think can be saved but as just one user out of thousands it feels like pissing in the wind sometimes
I been on SE long enough to post my problem and I can confirm, ppl r trigger happy to close then to edit it
those who edit are the ones who can answer it efficiently
9:23 AM
Workplace is over 5 years old. In my books, that's what I'd call "mature". But still we have a 25% acceptance rate and a predilection towards closing rather than proactively helping questions maintain a good quality. Whatever worked on another stack to improve things clearly hasn't happened here.
@Nofel some sites do it amazingly well.
On the Health stack, there was a hard moderation style of closing any questions that weren't academic in nature and downvoting any answer that wasn't citated sufficiently. The site is now effectively dead.
@Snow no. It is reasonably old. But in the approach to questions, and the makeup of the community, I would definitely not class it as mature. There is a small core of people who approach things in a way I'd class as ut you have the challenge of a high number of one-visit folks, the high subjectivity of the site, the perception of many visitors that their view must be right etc
@Snow it has major problems that aren't the voting issue
@Snow I am victim of health stack
I think there is a pts system to closing, and ppl violate it.
As a counter example, look at Skeptics. The hardest rules on SE - incredibly successful, but vast numbers of questions are closed instantly, and then reopened when fixed
@Nofel what is pts?
9:27 AM
How - how do you get points from closing something?
If I look at the questions on the front page here, many are closed because they are just badly written, and a bunch of off topic or opinion based ones. The badly written ones could be edited (and you'd get badges and rep for that @nofel) and the opinion based ones could be re-written to fit, although that is more work.
@RoryAlsop I guess you and I have different perspectives here. I'm interested in helping the users more than the stack - I don't think that many people on this stack search for answers before asking something. Other stacks are more knowledge based, WP is more subjective.
People just need to do it - I've not been great at it here, as I have to put most effort into the sites I moderate, obviously, but it needs more people like @motosubatsu who are willing to edit.
@Snow yeah - people need to be encouraged to search first. Help vampires tend to plague subjective sites more than strict ones
@Snow WPS is by no means the most subjective. But it is in the top 5 I reckon
IPS and Parenting are probably most subjective
@RoryAlsop agreed
The problems wps has now, we had on Parenting a couple of years back. So we got much stricter at closing fast and editing, so no answers until the question was fixed.
That really helped with quality of questions and answers
There's a really good SeDE query showing editors - worth looking at it. Good game I have used elsewhere - see if you can move up 10 places in the editors league :-)
Encourage everyone to make improvements - folks with low rep can get a lot of points for doing this!
9:35 AM
I remember the time when I had msg from mod and I had to tell her that before closing question if ppl can edit it or recommend me as I am no good in english
overtime I saw that change
9:46 AM
@Nofel most sites (not all) are pretty good at helping folks who don't have English as their first language. But again, this needs a good sized core of people who are willing to edit.
10:36 AM
If I mentioned company A's offer deadline to company B, would it make sense to ask for time to think about company B's offer that goes past A's deadline (hoping to get an offer from company C in that time)? Or would that make it seem like I just used A's offer to speed up B's process?
@NotThatGuy yeah.. if you're stating to B that you need them to speed up so you can make a decision due to A's deadline asking for time beyond that isn't going to go down well
11:25 AM
I need to start a blog for timeless errors and what I did to fix them
turns out, the company I am in now, was suppressing errors by hiding them in a blank htm
@Nofel if nobody sees an error message..did the error really happen? :P
@motosubatsu the google crawler see's it
they were doing blackhat SEO
any layman would do that to get it out of way.
@Nofel I was being flippant - referencing the old thought experiment about trees falling in woods
so just a poor attempt at humor
11:40 AM
no it is me
who didn't get it
more seriously.. obviously I don't know the full circumstances of what they were suppressing but there are legitimate reasons for suppressing the details of error messages on public-facing websites (not suppressing that an error has occurred at all though), primarily it's a security measure
@motosubatsu that error was simplying saying "u didn't close the closing tag which was remarkably hidden so ppl don't see it but it all came down while I give facelift in my final days
coz I am too good at RWD
according to my office
my colleague told me yesterday that he had to leave the company right after he get his IRL
and hoping I would stay here
and said don't share my plans to leave company as he won't get IRL
@motosubatsu @Snow whats the best place to apply for loan with bad credit rating
I might need coz on probation they don't give u new house coz of job uncertainity
so only way is to get 6x months advance
12:00 PM
Sorry, Nofel. I have no advice regarding loans.
@Nofel I don't really have any advice as to where to go for such a loan - but what I would say is if you can avoid doing it in any way then do so, loans when you have poor credit and/or job "uncertainty" tend to be astronomically expensive
if the alternative is a slightly crappy commute for 6 months while you work your way through the probation period I'd pick that every time
12:19 PM
The house I live in has been turning hazardous to us
fungus, spiders, snails
and I m tried of me mrs hovering 3-5 times a day
even hoover r busted
and she got type 1 and now shoulder degenration due to type 1
12:48 PM
@Nofel not good :( can see why you might want to get out sooner rather than later
yes, I can travel. Had been doing it since 2.5 yrs
bt dont wanna put them through hell
the other day, we woke up for prayer around:5ish and after praying came down while sitting in longue my mrs saw a huge spider
had it our son, he wouldn't have notice (hell I didn't even) as it was too camo in the carpet
1:43 PM
Coming in late to the game, but I agree. We are a bit too close-happy here, esp for duplicates.
hello @TheSnarkKnight
Dilly Dilly
that is new @MisterPositive Dilly Dilly
Greetings, program
1:48 PM
Hello Dave.
main(){printf("Hello World");}
There was a snail who wanted to be faster, so he took his shell off. It didn't work - it only made him more sluggish.
@Snow And left him defenseless
var d = new Date();
var n = d.getDay();

if(n === 4){
alert("Hello World")
that will keep u busy
@Nofel That is lame...
I know
I had to go to jsbin to create one
didnt wanted it to fail
2:02 PM
I have reached 1 million people. I hope I haven't proved too disappointing to them.
@Snow Congrats!
It's YAMM....
Wow, that last time I was this bored was 12 minutes ago....
2:24 PM
sometimes I just want to rage quit......
but then I don't
Have a cookie
Makes it easy
2:38 PM
@Snow I was actually bored enough today that I bothered to provide backing to a common sense answer on a common sense question, even though it's been put on hold.
I need more hobbies
Drones are more trouble than they're worth. You can't fly one without justifying yourself any more.
@Snow yes, the FAA has decided it owns everything more than an inch off the ground
I want to fly coz I want to
Here in the UK there's so much legislation and people who will object. you have to get permission from the FAA, the land owner, anyone within (or without) visible range. You have to have a certificate, a florescent jacket, a portable fenced off area to take off and land the thing, someone to supervise you, you need to be insured. yada yada yada.....
2:48 PM
for drone?
@Snow OMG wow. Talk about government micromanagement of daily life!
the drone thing is tricky
Like anything in life, there's always someone to offend, there's always someone who might get injured, there's always someone who might get sued.
I don't want some asshole hovering a drone outside my window.
2:50 PM
Sorry, that was me.
I knew it!
@MisterPositive I know u mix weed in cookie
@Snow that's what I loved about where I lived in Colorado. It was so far off the map, nobody bothered you. A few times the state tried to bother us, we ignored them.
and don't wan't to show it
or get caught
@TheSnarkKnight You're a survivalist?
2:52 PM
isn't everyone?
@MisterPositive So you also have a cache of guns and beans out in a shack in the woods?
@ChrisE Morning, Sir.
Watch The Survivors (Robin Williams, Walter Matthau, Jerry Reed). Hilarious movie.
@Snow and if I do?
I read a good book about survivalists when I was a teenager. I forgot what the book was called now.
2:55 PM
here's a good site to buy survival stuff. :)
We mormons are encouraged to have a year's supply of food & fuel for emergencies (as well as a "72 hour kit" so we know all about survival stuff.
where do you store a years worth of fuel?
@MisterPositive That's what the beans are for. Dual purposing.
well, that's usually money, tbh.
But the principle is sound. Like if you have a fireplace, make sure you have more wood than you need because you may need it of your world goes in the crapper.
But emergency storage is a principle my church taught before there were cars so, there you go.
@ChrisE You might like to look into Kendal Mint Cake. It truly is survival food fit for a king...
Not sure how or where I could put a years worth of fuel. Or how to keep it from going bad...
3:03 PM
If the "fuel" is wood, it won't. If it's petroleum, yeah. that's not happening
@ChrisE Good point. I am thinking like propane for heat, and gas for auto
Wood will eventually be less and less useful.
(rot )
But the point is to give it consideration when preparing for long-term emergencies and plan for it.
@ChrisE agreed.
It takes a long time for wood to rot if you keep it covered. And like all storage, you rotate it by using it and replacing it.
And choose wood that doesn't smoke when burning. Moonshiners learnt this a long time ago.
3:07 PM
wow, those mint cakes are 97g carbs per 100g.
Uhuh. And they'll never go bad.
Super tasty too.
smoke or leave much residue, like pine does.
@Snow au contraire. We fly drones most weeks. Both the Scottish drone racing league and the UK nationals had very successful 2017 seasons
@RoryAlsop But you have permission and follow guidelines. It's not like you're buying something and flying it out of your back garden.
Nope - we fly from my back garden whenever the weather is good
@Snow To be fair though, the drones we use would be no use for hovering outside your window for a number of reasons. 1) the camera angle is generally over 60 degrees up, as these things are meant to always be accelerating. 2) they are quite noisy - no subtlety there. 3) racing is generally below tree height. 4) we do require public liability insurance and correct failure modes
@Snow across my family we maybe have 20 drones of different kinds, from phantom camera platforms, through carbon fibre racing ones, to tiny whoops for in the house
3:11 PM
@ChrisE speaking as someone who had to clear out a metric f##kton of mice-infested grain from a house occupied by a former Mormon I have to say it's a great idea - as long as the Church also educates it's members in proper food storage methods
@Snow you don't need any of the things you listed unless you want to fly drones commercially
@Snow Kendal Mint Cake kicks ass!
If under 250g and non-commercial your only limitations are - some locations are off-limits (e.g. Near airports), keep it below 400m, and you need a spotter with you if you use VR
right...can we finally put the "can my employer access my work computer?" thing to bed now? I think I've covered it all:
A: Can my employer force me to open my office macbook?

motosubatsuYes they can. You have made the classic misunderstanding - it's not your Macbook, it's your employer's Macbook which they have assigned to you to use. It remains however their property. The finer details of what the company can access on a device they have assigned for your work use depend upon...

For anyone who is interested in drones, please sign up to area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/107036/drones
3:14 PM
@RoryAlsop You're pretty lucky to have a 150ft garden without anyone around then.
@motosubatsu They do. The problem is that people don't listen. Rotate, rotate, rotate. And don't buy stuff without knowing how to cook with it. So many idiots buy a bunch of grain and a) nothing to grind it with and b) no knowledge of how to cook with it.
And most drones are over 250g so you'll need to get certified for them. There's enough stuff here for me not to bother trying.
(in reference to my comment above btw - I'm kidding, I know that my answer only scratches the surface of this can of worm in a global sense)
@ChrisE yeah.. this was the Mormon parents of a former Mormon mate of mine, they literally never used the grain, just kept adding to the stock pile
it was not only a utterly horrific waste it was also verging on a freaking biohazard to clear out
@Snow I don't have a 150ft garden, but off the bottom of the garden I have a couple of miles of green belt with trees to fly round
@Snow only two of mine are over 250g. And that's the phantoms. And as I'm non-commercial I do not need any certification or licence
@motosubatsu that is scary
@RoryAlsop If you want another phantom body, I have a mark two. I left the batteries go dead and they won't charge, so it's pretty much useless now as I can't buy batteries for cheap enough to make it worthwhile.
3:23 PM
To be honest, I'd probably sell my 1 and 2. We don't use them anywhere near as much as the racers. I mean 100mph is much better than 20mph
Yep, and the mavic is so much more portable. I shudder to think how much I wasted on that thing for it to be worthless a few months later.
My first phantom I got from a friend who lives in the highlands - he realised it was too heavy to take up the mountains. Now he has a mavic- and he loves it
So if I were to buy my first one, what would be a decent one to look at? Purely to see if there was a more than passing interest...
For cheap? I'd get a little Hubsan X4. Small enough to be indoors and pretty easy to fly.
Damn crappy link. Go to hubsan.com and look for the X4 nano. cheap and fun.
I have mine here in the office. Just make sure to buy extra blades.
30 minute charge for 5 minute flight?
3:35 PM
Those are 5 fun-filled minutes.
18 dollar
that is cheap.
Yeah, like I said. Cheap enough not to feel guilty about it.
@RoryAlsop it was.. we half filled a skip with it. I still retch a little at the memory
And good for office hijinx
3:38 PM
Q: How to ask politely someone to not call me 'Sir'?

utilityIn my office, a newly recruited employee calls me 'Sir'. How can i politely ask him not to call me 'Sir'? It appears to be simple, but I am finding it hard to address this issue.

> Believe it or not, some folks really do not like being called sir. – Mister Positive 1 hour ago
@MisterPositive good one, Sir
how much are extra blades?
@DarkCygnus Thanks...my answer was sent sideways....but that happens.
@ChrisE 18 dollars ;-}
@ChrisE 88c a set.
for how many?
@ChrisE for a whole new drone.
3:42 PM
@MisterPositive <smack> It's hubsan, not Bic.
$19 for a drone, 88c for a spare set of blades. Although you can probably get blades for cheaper in other places.
The problem is with this drone is that the blades are exposed - they get dented and bent when you fly into things, which affects the flight charactaristics.
@Snow hubsans to fly like phantoms though. So the fun pales quickly. Go for a lumeniere if you want crazy fun
The entry level lumeniere does 60mph
You do go through a lot of props...
looks like the blades are exposed in everything they sell.
@RoryAlsop Mist Positive is asking for a recommendation for a first drone, hence the Hubsan X4. Cheap and fun. If you want more fun, you spend more money.
cheap is best for first one.
5 min is kinda short.
may bump up one level
3:56 PM
Stick with the X4 for now. Five minutes is longer than you think while you're concentrating. When something is cheaper than a pizza, you can't really go wrong. If you want to spend more after that, then you can do.
Put it this way, there's cases when 5 minutes of really good fun seems like a really long time while you're doing it....
@Snow I've been telling women that for years...
4:18 PM
Thanks to YouTube, I've learned how to effectively take down drones. youtube.com/watch?v=vRJjBYp76QY
@JoeStrazzere Pump action shotgun usually does the trick.
I'd prefer to see fewer shotguns at soccer matches. Maybe that's just me...
@JoeStrazzere you're more of an assault rifle kinda guy?
@JoeStrazzere You gotta TP that devil
@motosubatsu Joe is obviously a RPG kinda guy
4:38 PM
@DarkCygnus as long as it's the right sort of RPG.. somehow I doubt rolling a d20 at it will work :D
@DarkCygnus cheers for the VTRO :)
@motosubatsu NP. Now I have a Meta Q about reopenings...
@DarkCygnus linky?
writing it
@motosubatsu Not at soccer matches, no.
@JoeStrazzere hmm..yeah they'd get all tangled up in the turnstiles. Maybe something a bit more compact would be better.
4:44 PM
@DarkCygnus I remember when the BFG3000 was in vogue. But no, I'm not into video games.
@motosubatsu I'm watching Concealed Carry law changes being proposed in the US with horror even as we speak (er, type)
@Snow I'm not a survivalist, but I lived so far off the map, you couldn't find it with a hunting dog and a Ouija board
BTW, seems that I just posted the 1000th question
I wonder who is the only user that follows that tag
For taking down drones, nothing works better than a GAUS GUN
4:53 PM
@JoeStrazzere I can see how concealed carry makes sense in some, very select situations - but IMO the requirements for getting a CC permit should be really, really high. Although to be honest I think the requirements for any firearms permits should be really, really high.
For taking down drones nothing works better than the new recruits in the company I work lol
@motosubatsu Thanks for updating your answer. Original comment removed.
@Lilienthal Thanks :) I confess my initial stab at it was before the caffeine had kicked in so it was a bit half-assed, my bad!
That and my presence, as "the IT guy" once went to see a flight-off, just to see a good crash lol... the "Ops guys" now don't want to take me see flights :(
@motosubatsu I feel strange today. Haven't had a single cup of coffee and I am already pumped up and working efficiently
> BTW, seems that I just posted the 1000th discussion question
That means we have 1000 discussion questions and 212 that are not
@JoeStrazzere I've known Americans who have expressed utter horror at how restrictive the gun laws are in the UK.. given we have a lot less of this sort of thing I think ours are much better
@DarkCygnus probably because "discussion" is the most generic of the "required" tags
@DarkCygnus WITCH!!!
4:58 PM
@motosubatsu yeah, I really put my Captain Obvious hat on that one :D
“Certainly, Sir Joe!” — Konrad Rudolph 2 hours ago
Can we call you Sir Joe from now on @JoeStrazzere?
Surely the 200k rep mark comes with a knighthood of some sort? :)
@motosubatsu My wife carries and so do I. I know a lot of people who carry. We all had background checks and we're all law abiding citizens.
The people to be afraid of, who do people harm, are going to acquire (and carry) illegally anyway.
Q: (REOPENED) Can my employer force me to open my office macbook?

motosubatsuCan I ask for this question: Can my employer force me to open my office macbook? to be re-opened? While it certainly has legal aspects I believe that they are ones that a competent HR manager should know and given we have the jurisdiction for the OP now it's answerable (and I've edited my answer...

Q: Is adding a "(REOPENED)" prefix once a reopen request is completed a good practice?

DarkCygnusI have noticed that when a reopen-request is carried out and the Question is finally reopened, some users edit their posts to include a "(REOPENED)" on the title of the Meta Question. I think I like this practice, but I was wondering what do you think about it? Have you done it? In any case, ...

Suddenly, Chis's Avatar turned more into Kilisi's in my head...
5:10 PM
@Lilienthal HEY!!!! Long time no see, hope everything is going well with you
Whoa, that's a visually irruptive Feedback
@TheSnarkKnight Has it been that long? I do regularly check in on the chat.
But it's moving pretty damn fast these days.
@DarkCygnus lol, why? Because I carry?
But sure, things are going well, hope it's the same on your end. :)
@motosubatsu I lived in an area where literally every household owned at least one gun, usually more. No mass shootings where people can return fire.
@motosubatsu does @DarkCygnus weight the same as a duck?
5:13 PM
@ChrisE Just kidding, but yeah I have a strong opinion about guns, I just don't like them at all. Probably cause in my country when you see a gun there is no chance that the guy has a clear background
You either see a gun when getting robbed or assaulted (or killed) or when some stupid dude wants to intimidate you
(at least in the City, in the Eastern parts is more common to see guns)
Hah, over here it's the opposite. Anyone with a gun is either a cop, soldier or went through a one-year-plus waiting, training and certification period to get one.
I see guns in the grocery store, on the train, wherever.
Yeah, probably cause many people have guns but not necessarily have a background check
@Lilienthal Here you can get a carry permit in a few weeks.
I think that all you need is to be 25+ to get one
5:16 PM
And while we're on the subject I can segue into a shameless plug: anyone interested in guns should consider joining the Weapons proposal on Area51. :)
@Lilienthal Lol I saw that one... (was even thinking of mentioning it actually). But its a no thank you from me
A: How to ask politely someone to not call me 'Sir'?

Mister Positive How can i politely ask him not to call me Sir ? In my experience, these two approaches have worked well if done in a in a tongue in cheek manner: "Please do not call me sir, my Dad is a sir, I am just a regular guy." Or "I am not an officer, please do not call me sir." Followed by: "Plea...

@ChrisE Yeah, can't say I'm really in favour of most US states' stance on gun control.
I am a bit surprised this is closed.
@DarkCygnus Here (in GA) you need to be 21 and have no felonies, drug crimes or violent misdemeanors.
5:17 PM
@ChrisE Yep, this is correct.
@MisterPositive It's on 3 re-opens already, will be probably be opened before long. I guess I can see how it's not really all that WP-specific.
Some states (like MI) require a training class, which I wouldn't oppose if it were required here. I think it's a good idea actually.
In theory there's a different social dynamic at work but in practice any answers to this particular question aren't affected by the fact that you're dealing with coworkers rather than acquaintances.
@Lilienthal We have had far less relevant questions stay open....This on has gotten some extra special attention.....
@Lilienthal I can see the case both ways
@Lilienthal No knighthood. I have heard talk of cookies, but so far none of those either.
5:19 PM
@Lilienthal Just be glad it's not "How to politely ask my coworkers to call me 'Zhe'?" :)
@JoeStrazzere Cookies were supposed to happen at 25K. I was told a high rep user ate them all.
@ChrisE While my knowledge on the subject is admittedly limited, I imagine a lot would be improved by simply unifying a minimal background check + waiting period + registration and putting a stop to things like the gunshow loophole. Which is a set of measures that most Americans across the country seem to agree on but which the hardliners are considering a slippery-slope to gun-grabbing.
@JoeStrazzere I can smell cookies on you breath over here... leave us some cookies plox!
@DarkCygnus already gone....
No more cookies. For shame. Must be the recession. ;)
5:21 PM
But yeah, Guns are a cultural thingy. If the culture here were not so violent I would also agree (or not disagree at least) on people having guns.
@Lilienthal I just want to make sure that my state's gun laws aren't usurped by concealed carry laws in other states. (I like to know in which state I will feel safe, and which states to stay away from)
But you got to think of something. If a culture is mature enough to be able to peacefully carry guns, why would you all carry guns then?
@Lilienthal I have no problem with public sellers of any kind being licensed. None whatsoever. I think BG checks are a must, but I think the waiting period is silly.
Will it converge to a point where everyone has a gun but no one uses it?
That would be funny
@JoeStrazzere Interesting that I can't quite figure out from that sentence if you're "pro-gun" or not... :)
5:23 PM
@Lilienthal there are places in the USA where it is a 2 hour drive to the nearest traffic light. If you don't have a gun, you're not going to do well.
I also oppose firearm registration. That serves no useful purpose. If you have evidence that a guy has illegal weaponry, get a warrant and go clean the place out.
(Never posted there, but this seems something that could be developed to a Worldbuilding Q)
@ChrisE oh, it serves a useful purpose. Hawaii is rounding up guns from anyone taking antidepressants.
@TheSnarkKnight Agreed. I'm contemplating a move to the US long term but viable locations would depend a lot on whether I'm able to register for a CCP as a foreign national...
(Heading out for a bit.)
@TheSnarkKnight ok, I meant useful for citizenry. :)
5:24 PM
@Lilienthal We already concluded Joe is pro-BFG3000
@Lilienthal the laws vary wildly.
@DarkCygnus I am pro-imaginary guns. Real guns, not so much.
Another thought. Would you obtain a guns just because you can and everyone else has one? Will not getting one then would be something risky?
@JoeStrazzere Only problem with imaginary guns is that they don't do well against real mountain lions or real wolves.
or real bears, for that matter
@TheSnarkKnight Or real home invaders.
5:27 PM
@MisterPositive funny, but that town I lived in where every house had a gun had zero home invasions.
Very little crime, never involving guns, although there was a stabbing once.
I am 100% in support of anyone's right to not have a gun, just so long as they support my right to have one.
@TheSnarkKnight Thats different. That is more into sport and hunting gun owning. Not for the sole purpose of slaying humans that may hurt you.
@Lilienthal If you have a Green Card (permanent resident alien) then you can get a permit here in Georgia as long as you meet the other requirements that we all have to.
I am for common sense gun control.
For example, I do not want my neighbor owning a bazoka
@DarkCygnus most guns are dual purpose ;)
that is as far out on this limb as I am going...
5:30 PM
@TheSnarkKnight I carry a handkerchief in my pocket. Zero home invasions. Plus no lions, wolves or bears.
@TheSnarkKnight Yeah, I like the ones that can also turn into grenade launchers...
@JoeStrazzere LOL
The only gun I would own is a Snark Gun
Even though I'm pro-gun (so-called), my all-time favorite Simpsons episode is the one about gun control.
I firmly believe in gun control. How else are you going to get a tight grouping?
And my family's guns killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy's car
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6:35 PM
@JoeStrazzere Thales make some fun kit in this area...
@TheSnarkKnight you, Chris and others here are probably note people who would scare me if they had a gun
But in the US, toddlers and kids have shot and killed more people than terrorists. Generally their own family guns... Proper gun control (requiring training) would go a long way to helping that
It wouldn't stop criminals, though
Making guns unavailable would be the only solution there - and that's unlikely in the US
Guns are so 18th century, we should already have Light-sabers of phasers already. At least would make the killing more fun (?)
@DarkCygnus this ^
And they need the right sound effects
Yes, they should be designed to sound like a regular saber or phaser
Otherwise we don't want no boring guns
Know what @RoryAlsop I suspect I have been efficient at work today because I have been listening to Stoner Doom since I came to the office
gotta try that more often
7:12 PM
@RoryAlsop The shootings get WAAAAAAAAY overplayed in the media. Half of gun deaths in the USA are suicides, most of the rest are illegal guns, the remaining are our own police
You are much more likely to be killed my a medical mistake, a car accident, a knife, a baseball bat, et cetera than a legally purchased gun
@RoryAlsop fun fact. There are more guns in America than there are Americans.
7:34 PM
More than 1/3 of Americans are legal gun owners. That's tens of millions that own guns legally. Believe me, if legal gun owners were a problem, you'd know it.
Gun control is one of two areas where law abiding citizens are targeted because of the actions of criminals.
The other is opiods.
My wife has severe, chronic pain so (among other treatments and medications) she takes opioids. She has to see her doctor every single month. That's a $60 copay for us and several hundred dollars from the insurance company.
Her pain doctor is double board certified with a sterling reputation who follows all the rules. My wife follows all the rules. And yet if our pharmacy has a new pharmacist, she gets looked at like Dave Chapelle.
That's why I get pissed off when I see people say "opioid crisis". There's not an opioid crisis. There's an ILLEGAL opioid crisis. Yet you have companies like CVS saying that they won't fill most opioid prescriptions that are longer than the number they choose.
Not that I'm passionate about these 2 subjects. :)
@TheSnarkKnight That's not entirely accurate. Even though I support gun owners' rights, I support accuracy more. Firearms account for the vast majority of homicides in the US. Look up the FBI UCR data. If you don't cherry pick "rifles" and include firearms generally, it's around 70% of murders.
7:56 PM
@ChrisE those are homicide rates though, all of which are not murders or even crimes. I'm not cure, and will have to check, but I think that suicides are included.
Look at the chart. It says "Murder Victims"
@ChrisE ooops, sorry. You are right.
The distortion isn't made when dealing with percentages, it's with raw numbers when they say "20 gazillion gun deaths".
When they say things like "gun violence" they're typically including justifiable homicide and suicide.
@ChrisE Yes, it's confusing, so much so that I made that mistake.
BTWMy SO's mother has SEVERE pain too, and is on opiods, and thanks to the protections, it's damn hard for her not to be in pain. Sorry about your wife, I understand
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