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1:24 AM
@TheSnarkKnight But its not comcast or TimeWarner so its got that going for it
@Kaz That is the worst. I would much rather have a worthless platform all around than something that keeps reminding you that you "Almost" got something great
@DarkCygnus ?
Have I mentioned lately that I really really hate the new coke variety of the top bar?
7 hours later…
8:13 AM
So I came and sits opposite to me. She freaked out telling I need to find another seat, looking at my face she said she got Asperger
I never knew sitting with one trigger frustration
8:49 AM
@Nofel it can do yeah
9:04 AM
hello @motosubatsu how r u today
Sad thing is, everyone was looking at her like a mad person/drunk
I only knew it after seeing the documentary @Snow told me on BBC
@Nofel I'm not too bad.. the arthritis is playing up today so I'm pretty sore though
@Nofel yeah sadly that's how many NT people see Aspies :(
@motosubatsu when I was young I always thought arthritis is related to heart
what's NT
@Nofel Neuro-Typical - ie non-Aspies
9:24 AM
Well, someone in the team committed a major breach in protocol. They took the chocolate out of door #16 on the team advent calendar.
That is treason
Had it been dark choclate, I would have taken care of the traitor
I think in advent calendars, it's usually milk chocolate, as it's the most popular. I might have to write a memo on the correct use of the calendar.
Even I wouid know how to use it
being a muslim and not very knowing of cultural.That was just mean of him
So i try to give mock test for my 50% prep for theory
I scored 32 out of 50
9:45 AM
Your driving test theory?
9:55 AM
@IDrinkandIKnowThings So I wrote what was a somewhat-controlled rant, with the intention that I would edit it down to something more constructive afterwards. Gave a copy to my boss to ask for some advice on how best to condense and frame and tone-adjust it, and he liked it so much that he just forwarded it, verbatim, to their CEO.
@Snow yes
studied 50% and scored 32/50, isn't bad. is it?
I sometimes wonder how well I'd do at that. It didn't exist when I passed my test.
is this an online test?
@Snow yes, it is CBT
mcq questions
@motosubatsu is that for @Snow not giving his test
@Nofel yeah that's not bad.. especially for a first effort
@Nofel nah for the guy who opened the advent calendar doors out of order
@Snow there are online practice tests you can take.. but the test itself is pen&paper multiple choice (or at least it was when I took it about 18 years ago)
10:08 AM
@motosubatsu it is just computer based now IMO
though help me with something. toucan n pelican crossing
whats the diff
@Snow if u fancy taking it safedrivingforlife.info/…
@Nofel "toucan" crossings are for both pedestrians and cyclists, whereas "pelican" crossings are for pedestrians only
@Nofel or the official practice tests can be found here
yes my link is from that page
@motosubatsu A illustration would be good.
@Nofel aha..sorry I hadn't clicked the link, I just saw the URL and presumed it was a third party practice site
@motosubatsu I wouldn't go for third party, given I have paid money for my test.
10:25 AM
Ok. I scored 46/50 on that theory test.
Which is a pass.
Nice one
I will appy for pass plus once I get my license
@Nofel good call.. pass plus is valuable for filling in some of the things that the standard test doesn't cover such as motorways and it can help reduce your first year or two of insurance as well
10:43 AM
Darn, I cannot move my house coz the new place rented need a person with a job out of probation
2 hours later…
12:56 PM
is it just me or does the site seem unusually quiet today?
Everyone is busy trying to ace Nofel's driving test.
lol, I am scared
43 out of 50
barely passed....
no experiences with horses or garden batteries....
should have eaten cookies to keep u company
by the power of cookie, u shall pass
1:02 PM
I had with me is panjeeri
donno if u have it back in india
1:12 PM
Not sure if this one can be saved:
Q: is $22 per hour an acceptable wage for an experienced programmer in the united states/san francisco bay area

starvingprogrammerI am a software developer with about 10 years of professional experience (approximately 20 as a hobbyist). I program in Javascript, Python, Perl, Java and also know a few other languages like Visual Basic, bash/sed/awk etc. I am currently doing a large number of tasks for the company I work at. ...

Nope. It's entirely down to people to research their own salary expectations.
It has my delete vote already...
@Lilienthal Morning sir, how's the mod stuff going?
When I grow up, I'm going to be a moderator too.
@Snow 44/50 here..some of the questions make me afraid of people who get them wrong
@motosubatsu r u talking about me?
as I scored too less
1:21 PM
@motosubatsu I have to admit that I've never heard of a "puffin crossing", we don't have those automated ones where I live. And I don't think I know what happens when I get 6 points as a new driver (well, I know you lose your license, but that's about it).
@MisterPositive I'd delete-vote if I could.. the question is way too far off topic, the ranting comments from the OP don't help either
@Snow I know what a Puffin crossing is (somehow..no idea where I picked that info up) but have to say I've never seen one
@Nofel not really about you..just posting my score on the practice test
@motosubatsu 6 pts = 2 yrs ban and u have to redo everything
theory and pratical
@Nofel nope.. 6 pts in your first 2 years since passing your test means your license is revoked (you are not banned) and have to retake both your tests
So, you pass your test, get caught using your mobile phone at the wheel, and you're immediately screwed.
@Snow pretty much.. it's actually a sensible law IMHO, it's not overly punitive and if you manage to pick up 6 pts in the first 2 years then you probably aren't really ready yet
1:28 PM
I'd agree with that. I've never had over 3 myself. And that was a long time ago now.
I actually got my one and only set of points during my 2 year period (I got 3 for speeding) and it worked - I drove like an absolute saint for the rest of the "probation" period
Yeah. I didn't notice a 30 sign on an exit from a roundabout and did 36 down a dual carriageway. A nice policeman at the end was busy showing a young cadet how to process speeding tickets and breathaliser tests.
Him: When did you last have a drink, Sir? Me: A glass of wine two weeks ago. Him: I see - was it red or white wine?
I am still confused on what is dual carriageway, contraflow or single carriageway
dual carriage way is two lanes. Like a two lane motorway.
Ah, I need to update my skills, grumble grumble.
1:33 PM
But there's any applicable speed limit as posted. National speed limit on dual carriage ways if 70, where it's 60 on single carriageways.
dual carriageway = when the traffic flow is separated by a central reservation (it must be an actual physical barrier)
@Snow afraid not.. the number of lanes is irrelevant
@motosubatsu so does the motorway has a physcial barrier
to divide opposite direction flow
Really. I was sure that national speed limit on single carriageways was 60.
@Nofel exactly.. it's this that is the important bit
so motorway is a dual carriage way too
1:35 PM
@Snow yes that's correct - my comment about lanes was in regards to it being a single/dual carriage way
@Nofel in general yes.. but not exclusively, it's theoretically possible to have a single carriageway motorway but I don't think there actually are any
@Nofel @motosubatsu I'd love to take you two 4 wheeling up in the rockies above 10,000 feet. too high for trees, and dropoff roads.
@motosubatsu I don't get where you say I'm wrong. Unless I'm misunderstanding.
@TheSnarkKnight that sounds awesome
Dropoff road = roads with no guardrail, and a drop straight down :D
@Snow Your misunderstanding. Your never wrong, duh.
1:37 PM
"dual carriage way is two lanes" <- this bit. A dual carriageway is two carriageways (ie opposing flow of traffic) whereas two lanes are both travelling in the same direction
@motosubatsu my eldest daughter is completely without fear, she'll go to a cliff's edge and stare straight down.
@motosubatsu Interesting. I was always told it was a pelican crossing. Maybe there are slight variations between the various species ^^
you can have multilane single carriageways and single lane dual carriageways, they are just both pretty rare
It is fascinating as an American to read this conversation.
there are no carriageways in the US. Only Roads and Highways.
1:39 PM
@TheSnarkKnight yep.. we have those in the lake district here
And I worked six years for the road department. We simply don't have these terms
Don't the Amish have carriageways?
@TheSnarkKnight Americans do things different from world.
@TheSnarkKnight you lot use weird made up words like "freeway" and "interstate" :D
Freeway is a dog.
1:40 PM
@Nofel I missed your mention of "contraflow" - this is where the flow of traffic in a lane is temporarily reversed to normal (due to roadworks or similar)
@motosubatsu here, we drive on a parkway, park in a driveway, and pay on a freeway
@motosubatsu I worked for six years for the county road department, the frightening thing is I know what all those words mean, plus what the numbers on our highways mean as well.
you can have permanent contraflows in some cases - usually it's something for a different class of traffic like buses or cycles to travel in the opposite direction to "normal" on a 1-way street
@motosubatsu all this carrigeways and contraflow and pelican crossing I need illustration for it.
Apparently, Toucan Crossings are also a thing.
@TheSnarkKnight our "derestricted" roads are anything but :D
1:43 PM
@Kaz wow
@Kaz yep.. cycles + pedestrians
yes @Kaz as @motosubatsu told me, I have remembered it as a tou (two), ppl and bicycle can cross
I like to keep simple to learn
@Nofel yep exactly the way I was taught to remember it as well
@Snow nope
though learning studs colours and what colours goes for what is hard
1:44 PM
Entirely different question: Who here is currently playing #Whamageddon?
@motosubatsu hi fi
that I learned too
my way of learning
Danger, Response, Airways, Breathing and compression
@Kaz a puffin crossing is essentially an upgraded pelican one - same principle just smarter tech
bt studs r hard to learn
@motosubatsu there won't be any MCQ answer for smarter one
@TheSnarkKnight If you want to poke fun at our great british road system then there's plenty of ammunition here
do you really deal with horses on a regular basis @Snow
1:48 PM
I do deal with horses, yes. See them fairly often driving around my parts (there's a few horse riding places around here).
@Snow bullshit
@Snow same for me.. I'll see horses on the road several times a week
@Snow really?
that is very different from here
How to people in Pennsylvania deal with Amish people on the roads? Do you drive past at 70?
@Snow yep
at least 70
1:49 PM
whats amish
no seriously that is such a small percentage...less than 1%
@Nofel Amish are a religious group. They don't allow themselves modern conveniences like cars/trucks/tractors etc.
@MisterPositive Horses are very common on the roads in the UK.. in fact they not only have priority over motorized traffic but are considered so different legally that they have a right to use the roads, those of us in cars are only granted permission to use them if we meet the appropriate conditions
I myself have never dealt with a horse on the roadways in over 30 years of driving
I'm from NJ, but I go out to Lancaster on occasion.
1:52 PM
In the same way as Americans can't walk dogs wherever you like. You have to drive to a dog-park and allow your dog to be mauled by other dogs and you're forced to pick up other dogs crap.
@motosubatsu Wow. Learn something new every day.
motosubatsu - Master of Useless Trivia for over 15 years
@Snow I prefer cats. they use a litter box
@TheSnarkKnight well.. mostly :D
@TheSnarkKnight You don't prefer cats, cats prefer you. You never own a cat, you have no control over cats.
1:54 PM
@motosubatsu I lived out in cattle country in Colorado. The cows have an absolute right of way, and if you hit one, you're done. If the cow doesn't kill you, the rancher just might.
One of mine seems to take a perverse pleasure in standing on the litter box and pooping onto the floor
@Snow the absolute truth
@Snow True enough. My cat tells me when to go to sleep, when to get up, and when to get out of the shower.
or, as the old saying goes: You own a dog, but you FEED a cat
@TheSnarkKnight and when to feed them, pet them, where to sit etc
You subservient weaklings.
@TheSnarkKnight I always liked "Dogs have masters.. cats have staff"
1:58 PM
It's true about my cat though. When the alarm goes off, my cat pesters me until I get up. She will even bat at my nose with her paws. If I'm in the shower too long, she comes into the bathroom, moves the shower curtain aside, and meows at me.
At bedtime, she'll go back and forth from the living room to the bedroom until I go to bed
if I'm later than normal getting up I can hear my two going mental at the door to "their" room, bedtime is less defined as my two aren't really fans of the concept
All you need now is a pair of half-moon glasses, slippers, and knitting lessons and you'll be set for life....
@Snow well, mine is a Maine Coon. They're so big, she should have come with her own saddle.
It's all fur. When shorn, all cats are the same size.
@Snow i do sometimes wonder how little my Birman would be if you took away the fur, he's a stocky kitty but I think his "actual" size is nowhere near what he appears to be
2:04 PM
There's one way to find out....
@Snow lol.. I don't see that ending well for me!
Oh I know. That's why I suggested it... :D
@Nofel I actually just remembered that there is a single carriageway motorway, and it's not actually that far from you - the Walton Summit spur between the M61 & M65
@Snow you cruel, cruel man :D
So where are all the questions? I need 24 rep to clip 30K....
Come on peeps!
@motosubatsu I had a tuxedo tom, appropriately named "Big boy". 28 lbs, and NOT fat
@MisterPositive I've noticed the lull in the action myself.
2:12 PM
a rumble in the force, there was!
@TheSnarkKnight yeah it's tumbleweed central out there today
the last new question was posted 5 hours ago!
and that was DV'd into oblivion and put on hold
@MisterPositive That was gas.
@Snow *mostly*. It's not that they reject technology outright, just that, rather than defaulting to use whatever the latest technology is, they default to sticking with what they currently know/use, and only adopt new technology if they are sure it provides a wider community benefit.
@Kaz what they SPECIFICALLY reject is outside interference from the outside. So any phone will be out at the roadside. They will use lights and appliances, but they are all powered by propane and they have large tanks to store the propane. They essentially "live off the grid"
2:29 PM
@Snow Maybe......
On a fairly happy note. My blood sugar is *FINALLY coming under control
@TheSnarkKnight that's good news!
@motosubatsu It's still high, but I already feel much younger
@TheSnarkKnight that will mess you up for sure, glad your doing better.
Anyone know how Joe is doing?
@TheSnarkKnight are you type 1 or type2 (if you don't mind me asking)
2:36 PM
@motosubatsu I work along side walton summit
@motosubatsu I'm type II.
I got HUGE at one time, then I lost the weight. It was jump-started again with all the stress that caused my stroke.
2:48 PM
@TheSnarkKnight My mrs is type 1, I like to read so send her this for Type 1. Maybe worth a read? bbc.co.uk/news/health-42154666
@Nofel thanks. The American diabetes groups are useless. The American diet is a quagmire of dietary refuse, barely edible and entirely unhealthy. I've been reverting back to a traditional German diet, it's helping.
@TheSnarkKnight Try handful of nuts everyday
cashnew, almonds, walnut and whatever u think u like
My mom told my mrs and she is loving it.
I might do a dietry course for her to keep a eye on it.
and exercise, don;t stop that
3:09 PM
@Nofel Nuts, eggs, beef Jerky, sunflower seeds on my salad, pungent cheese, spices, herbs, and anything to avoid the standard American diet.
@Nofel It's a cycle. Get the sugar under control, I feel more like exercising, the more I exercise, the better control of the sugar.
Sugar is business
if they cut out those and tell people to come to healthy side
the whole equilibrium of the economy would fail
coz junk is cheap, give u diabetics, stroke, n stuff which make u spend money on meds, health n hospital
ultimately ur paying a person who knows what u shld know to tell u what u should know to keep fit
that how I see it
@Nofel my health insurance company got me in touch with a group that's helping me get it under control.
@Nofel btw, it's come out that the whole "low fat diet" was pushed by the sugar companies.
@ChrisE morn
Top of the morning to you @ChrisE
3:13 PM
I dont go with diets. they r crap.
I go with labels and rainbow
colours vegggies
@Nofel I don't diet either. I'm bulking up on greens and eating whatever else I want :D
I get the volume through roughage :D
It has been 2 yrs since I went to gym
I got tummy hanging out
sometimes I wanna research why tummy happens
@Nofel I have the reverse problem... I can't gain weight, which sounds like a non-problem - except when I get ill and my body tries to sustain itself from it's reserves I don't have any and bad things happen
@motosubatsu my firend was like that, I think people r divided into 2 categories
one like me and one like u
3:29 PM
@motosubatsu my eldest is like that. She is going to be skinny all her life.
@Nofel one of the biggest things that affects it is a person's basal metabolic rate (i.e. how many calories they consume just by being alive at "rest", I suspect that for someone like me it's higher than average
@TheSnarkKnight yeah people kept saying things like "oh when you turn 30 you'll balloon" (didn't happen) then it was "when you hit 35.." (didn't happen)
@motosubatsu what killed me is I went from outdoor work as a laborer/sign-maker/installer to a computer programmer without pulling back on what I ate.
I currently weigh 8.5 stone - I think the most I've ever weighed was 10.5 stone and that was during a period when I was doing no exercise, (basically sitting on my ass all day every day) and I was stress eating nothing but crap
@TheSnarkKnight yeah that'll do it
at my lightest I was 7 stone dead about three and a half years ago - my clothes didn't fit, my body was falling apart and the people who were aware of it were rather seriously concerned as a bout of food poisoning or prolonged illness could have done permanent damage or even killed me
3:46 PM
Someone told me they love history in here.
@motosubatsu @TheSnarkKnight Everyone is very special, being here has given me so much to thank about, may God bless u with good health
Q: Reopen "How to find out knowledge level of coworker"

David KI'd like to request to reopen How to find out knowledge level of coworker. It was closed for being too broad, but this question seems clearly answerable to me (and the upvoted answers support that). The question is asking how to effectively and professionally communicate technical knowledge when...

4:04 PM
@Nofel I do. Love it love it love it. I could see myself as a history teacher if I were young enough to go to school for it and start that as a career.
@Nofel that's me. I'm the history fan
@ChrisE @TheSnarkKnight Have u ever had read of Islamic history
For me it all started when we took a family vacation to Gettysburg (for non-US, that's a pivotal Civil War battlefield)
@ChrisE my focus is Roman and Renaissance. Thomas Aquinas and the origins of Scholasticism.
with any rular named Salar
4:10 PM
@Nofel I've not
Yay - 5pm meeting cancelled.
@Nofel I haven't read much, but I do know it's a rich one.
I've read parts of the Quran but that's it.
I'm familiar with Saladin, for example, but not much detail.
and obviously, that's not a history text but a religious one.
4:10 PM
I've also read some of the Hadiths as well as the Koran
My son name Is salar, someone pissed me off when they called him Salad
and since then Its hurting my head
that I might named my son wrong
hoever it mean leader
@TheSnarkKnight @ChrisE u guys r better than me
You didn't name him wrong because some people are assholes.
@Nofel one of the diminutives of Richard is "Dick". Not a good nickname thes days
you didn't name him wrong, as @ChrisE said, people are just jerks
kids will make fun of anything.
adults too
plus on top of that my in laws said, he will called Salad in school
@Snow I was going to leave at 4 today..unfortunately my plans for the evening fell through as the friend I was going to the cinema with isn't well and had to cancel. I'm mainly remaining at work so I can dodge a dark and rainy commute in crap traffic
4:13 PM
coz salar name is so sound like salad
@TheSnarkKnight Nope. I knew a guy (now deceased) named richard jr. He worked with his father in construction and they called them Big Dick and Little Dick. No lie. And they didn't mean it as a joke.
@Nofel Rain wouldn't stop me from leaving work. no way.
@Snow I think u meant to tag @motosubatsu
@Snow guessing that was meant for me? tbh it's more the traffic, leaving here at four means I run into a load of school run traffic and just can't really be bothered with it today - not if I don't have a good reason to be back by a specific time. Instead I'll just bank the extra hour and use it to leave early on a day when it suits
@Snow @motosubatsu where u guys located
4:15 PM
@nofel I did indeed. Your avatars are both little black squares. Hard to tell the difference sometimes.
@Nofel Home is Blackpool.. work is Southport
And I'm 30 miles west of London.
@Nofel it's possible that someone will call him that at school...but I wouldn't worry about it. If kids want to give another a mean nickname they'll find one regardless of what their real name is
lol. Thankfully, I don't need glasses yet.
@Snow ugh.. that reminds me, I need to get my eye test done - I've been getting guilt trip emails from Vision Express about it being overdue for..erm..a few weeks now
4:26 PM
As a new intern fresh out of college how can I best explain to my long time sucessful company that they are doing things wrong?
How do I propose a new stack? I want to start up sarcasm.stackexchange.com.
Q: Re-open advanced disclosure from different countries

DrakenThis question was closed due to being company specific or requiring a lawyer to answer. However that's not the case and I'd like to request we open it. The question is referring to criminal records checks, which is a national certificate in the UK but can be obtained from different bodies and ha...

@Snow yeah cos that'll work
How do I professionally tell my coworkers that they are all stupid horrible people that suck to work with?
@motosubatsu I would support it
4:29 PM
@IDrinkandIKnowThings <cough>humor</cough>
@Snow There's a new stack for procrastinators coming out. It's supposed to open last week
next week, you mean?
maybe the week after.
@TheSnarkKnight There is one for curmugens and cynics too... but I doubt it will work and its a stupid idea anyway
@Snow January at the latest
@IDrinkandIKnowThings isn't that just called "The Workplace"?
@Snow I just announced it... because I procrastinated :D
4:33 PM
@motosubatsu you just made me spit out my coffee
I worked at a cookie shop, but it was a crummy job
We so need a "puns and innuendo" stack....
@Snow I'm not quite sure what you are implying by that
i dont know about innuendo but we definately need one for immature sexual inferences
I always say you're only young once, but you can be immature forever
4:42 PM
I think we should have a "How can I take offense to this statement?" SE. The idea is people share something that someone said to them innocently and we mansplain how what they said was condescending and irresponsible.
@IDrinkandIKnowThings so...like an inverse of IPS (aka where people seek to make offensive statements/actions acceptable)?
@motosubatsu LOL
The taggging doesn't work in chrome
@IDrinkandIKnowThings Did you get your comments issue resolved?
4:55 PM
I didn't get notice for few days when someone calls my nickname
@motosubatsu Blackpool, I come there to have donor, one shop has the amazing I had since I came
Wow! In less than a week, I cut my blood sugar levels in HALF!
Fudge me, I was screwing live site thinking it was QA site
thank God I had it open in my IDE
saved me
@Nofel sorry fella, not sure what you mean there?
@motosubatsu U said ur from blackpool
so I was saying there is shop there who's donor kebab is amazing IMO
@Nofel ahh I'm with you now Doner not Donor :) don't suppose you remember the name? I've not found a really good kebab shop yet
5:06 PM
Ah, thanks why i always thought donor is to donate
lol thanks for correcting me
@motosubatsu try it sometime just-eat.co.uk/…
@Nofel cheers.. it's pretty close to me actually. I'll give it a whirl and report back :)
anyway probably should be getting off now.. cya later all!
lucky @motosubatsu I need it everyday...laters
5:30 PM
funny how I became valuable to my manager after I handed my notice @TheSnarkKnight
he is liking my ideas and want my input
Something that came too late
@Nofel that's the thing, you always were valuable. He was just a jerk
5:47 PM
@MisterPositive unlikely to ever happen
@TheSnarkKnight I hope I made a wise choice, As I am weaker in everything, yet I am praticising very much my new job subject and stuck on a thing for a week and again and again I m going over it as I don't want to leave it thinking It is undoable
still got 65% to cover
@IDrinkandIKnowThings How long to moderators stay on the job?
@MisterPositive till they leave. But I really dont want to change any completely id just like amore transparant and consistant process
I think they should serve a term, and be up for re-election....
not just keep the job forever.
@Nofel you made the right choice. We took on an additional programmer here and I've been teaching him constantly. He's eager to learn, and THAT is what matters to me, not any lack of knowledge
5:57 PM
@MisterPositive I doubt many would run for the new term then you just have a green mod all the time trying to figure out how to do things and not get yelled at
Speaking of new mods, I haven't seen Lillenthal around is quite some time
I think he is avoiding chat... we are tough on him.
mostly because he tries to engage with us and make things better
@IDrinkandIKnowThings Hell the term can be several years, but not forever....
its not forever its just not a definate term
if they stop participating or something they get removed
@IDrinkandIKnowThings that does not compute.
@IDrinkandIKnowThings But if they stay active, they are a mod until they don't.
6:05 PM
@MisterPositive yes if they do their job well and regularly then they get to stay on. Do you really want it any other way? or do you just want a method to show your displeasure with certian mods in a way that can have a lasting effect as a personal attack at the mod?
@IDrinkandIKnowThings My angle was more along the lines of why not let someone else have a crack after awhile, not I am unhappy with our moderators.
@MisterPositive we have regular openings for new mods as our traffic increases
Right, as we need more, we add more that makes sense.
We had one elected last year as I recall.
its been a while since we have had an opening but we also do not have a large queue of unhandled flags as far as I can tell and we are not having a rash of unhandled issues
@IDrinkandIKnowThings But the issue of not like a particular moderators style for example might solve itself if limits of service were set.
Just a random thought
6:15 PM
If you think there is a need for another moderator i would ask about it in meta. I suspect that if we asked for another they would give us another slot.
While i dont see an immediate need, I can definately see where we could expect to need one in the next year or so. So having a mod up to speed when that need gets here is not a bad thing.
@Snow home already sir?
Here is a different totally hypothetical question. How would we go about exposing and removing a bad moderator? IMO we don't have this situation, I am simply curious.
Q: What recourse do I have if I believe a moderator has abused his/her privileges?

joeOne or more of the following things happened to me on a Stack Exchange site: My post(s) were wrongly deleted or locked by a moderator A moderator posted a wrong comment to one of my posts I was suspended, but did not do anything wrong I asked a meta-question, but the question was closed and/or ...

Though that may be a little different than having a moderator who's just bad at their job.
@DavidK Thanks!!
@DavidK I do not think we have any bad moderators though. I think we have policies that are open to interpretation and an inconsistently enforced process for moderator intervention.
6:30 PM
Oh, I agree, I was just taking this as a hypothetical situation.
and worst a process that allows for the inconsistant application and the appearance of impropriety where I suspect none actually exists
@IDrinkandIKnowThings Agreed. PURE curiosity only
I think part of the problem is that issues pop up and whichever mods are around need to respond, often without waiting for a collective decision. Those kinds of inconsistencies are unavoidable though.
I rarely have an issue with them taking action. For me it is more the times they choose not to take action because the situation has not spiraled out of control yet. Even though the expectations based on the rules would seem to point towards taking action.
Ah, I see
6:37 PM
I feel like I completely wasted time since the entire point of the controversial post notice was to preempt and stop the poopstorm before it gets all over everyone
and maybe its that they are declined with messages that infer that I am wrong for asking for the notice rather than they decided not to act. Its possible im just too close to differentiate the a real problem from a percieved problem
Yeah, I can see how that would be frustrating.
@IDrinkandIKnowThings happens to the best of us.
7:11 PM
The best way to deal with anyone being unreasonable is to be VERY reasonable yourself. It exposes their pettiness
7:23 PM
@Nofel I can confirm that it's good doner :)
7:53 PM
@motosubatsu glad u enjoyed it. Last time we went to him for 15 doners he was like “u family crazy”
@TheSnarkKnight I am very much working hard. I hope I make it through probation
I miss doner
that's something I really liked when I was in Germany
@Nofel either you make it or you don't. Put in your best effort and only worry about that. All else is external.
8:44 PM
@enderland where r u now
8:56 PM
Know what guys? Just submitted my application for a Masters, as well as a Scholarship
I really hope I get those, still, I should keep applying...
Just wanted to share that with you :)
(And if I get it, I'll be moving to Cambridge, so @motosubatsu will have me closer... lol)
9:20 PM
@DarkCygnus nice one Gary! If you do end up on the correct side of the pond I'll buy you a pint!
9:53 PM
I wish we could get rid of the close queue. We have some people who will close anything they can and one person who clicks Leave Open on literally everything (last close vote for this person was Nov 20).
It's weird.
10:45 PM
@ChrisE SO implemented a feature, were users are randomly passed a review that has already reached a consensus as a "test" for the reviewer. If you fail you are suspended some days from doing review queue
@motosubatsu thanks :) I really hope to get that pint, I am positive on my application
It'd be interesting if they did that here. There are some very obvious off-topic questions that get "Looks OK" just because someone apparently doesn't even read them. And same with the other way around.
1 hour later…
11:55 PM
@ChrisE I'm probably the one who leaves everything open. I think we close far, far too many questions. I won't do a love of voting to close - others can do that if they choose. I usually do read them before acting on the close queue though.

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