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7:44 AM
@RhysW Doesn't our universe have like 13 Dimensions? No big deal then :)
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Q: How can I know and confirm whether I am going right direction towards my work goals

BVRI have joined new organization for a new job a few months back. I started as usual with apprehension and fear etc. I have slowly bettered my performance and delivered very good results. Management is happy and proposed bigger role for me. Everything is great. But one part of my mind is remindin...

@jmort253, regarding above question I would like to raise few concerns.

(1) You have suggested “Please avoid using comments for extended discussion. Instead, please use The Workplace Chat”. My concern is some of them is not looking the comments that I have posted in chat which I have done before post the question and acting directly on the chat. If it is the case what is the use of using workplace chat.
(2) You reminded me the rule of “be Nice”. Do you think making disrespectful statements on other websites is nice behavior?
@BVR Hi BVR! I think part of the challenge is that everyone here is a volunteer, so not everyone will be around 24/7.
In regards to moving to chat, what I sometimes do after a few messages back and forth is just drop a link and say "hey userXYX, let's take this to chat so we don't clutter up the comments".
@BVR It seemed things were getting a little heated between everyone involved in the conversation... I wasn't targeting anyone specifically with that message, mostly it's just a reminder that civil discourse will likely yield to better solutions and resolutions than when things get heated.
@jmort253, (3) I still don’t under why you guys are not recognizing that law even if it is published by on of the Top University in Canada?
@BVR It's not that we don't recognize the law... more so it's not something actionable in Q&A format.
There'd have to be a lot of back and forth to really dig down and understand what you're true fear is.
It's clear something is bothering you, but I don't think even you know what that is....
Funny thing is I've been there... just, if I were to answer it would be personal advice.
If you do want personal advice, I'd say take a deep breath and try to objectively look at what's going on around you.
Is there something that could go wrong? If so, what's the likelihood?
Use the likelihood of things going wrong in your personal risk management strategy.
For instance, if you see people getting fired/laid off, maybe it's time to build up an emergency fund of savings so if that happens, you're prepared.
If things are going well, and there's new hires and you've just got a promotion, then that's perhaps a lower risk so you look at the next likely scenario.... hope this helps.
@jmort253, if I modify question like below will it become acceptable ?
How can I tell I am going right direction to wards my work goals?
5:27 PM
@BVR That's a tough one... I don't think I can honestly give you a solid answer one way or another without seeing the edits, and I can't promise it will work.
I starred this chat
I believe in order to progress in our career it is very important to go in right direction and avoid wrong direction. But how can we know that one is going right direction or not? what are the indicators or mile stones one should look for?
So let's see if there's others who can offer some editing guidance.
6:23 PM
@jmort253 is this a question for freelancing.se?
Q: Dublin - contracting role versus permanent role?

user18204I hope that I could have your input on a contact job opportunity that I might have in Dublin. This role is a contract role (6month initial contract with possibility to extend it up to 18months). It is a programming job for a bank in Dublin. I was contacted by a recruiter who found me on Linkedin...

I'm not sure what to do with it
@CMW See my edits. I eliminated the polling parts, such as "what would you do and why" and focused on the areas where we can provide solid answers backed with facts, references, etc
Freelancing is more for self employed workers.
or consultants.
contract jobs are generally though of as working for an employer, but temporarily.
@jmort253 Oh, I see. We don't have that in-between thing here. It's either being self-employed, or working for an employer
well, unless it's "independent contracting"
I'd say contracting, unless it's independent, would be on-topic here....
My job started out as a contract job through an agency and then turned into a permanent role.
employment can be for a limited time, but you're still treated like any other employee in pretty much every respect
I was treated and paid as an employee, using their equipment on their schedule
whereas an independent contractor, freelancer, or consultant likely uses his/her own equipment, on one's own schedule, with one's own equipment.
@CMW exactly
6:32 PM
Here, sometimes freelancers are required to work on-premise, even with company equipment
but those differences probably just depend on national laws and can be different everywhere.
7:07 PM
@CMW Absolutely...
And I think things do blur a bit.
My next consulting gig might require working on site.
But that's really my requirement, since the software I'd need to work with is already installed on-location...
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11:11 PM
@jmort253: What's your specialty? Are you a web developer with Java expertise?
Little of everything, really. These days mostly JavaScript. Starting to dig into some Python too.
The freelance gig would basically be writing some SQL to extract and compile some data for import into another system.
And yeh, I know some Java too.

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