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12:00 AM
I really think that would be an amazing interview question
12:22 AM
@PaulDonny Tangent - I've slowly been writing a set of meta guidance on questions - why they don't work often in the Q&A format of SE. You reminded me of this one:
Q: Why do interview questions make poor Programmers.SE questions?

MichaelTOccasionally a question that is asked at an interview comes up - "how would you design Amazon Web Services" or "how would you write Google" or some such question. These questions find their way to Programmers.StackExchange in hopes of getting an answer for the next time they are asked on an inte...

I'm not sure if you guys get similar "this really isn't appropriate here but we keep getting these questions" - being able to use an existing meta question to add the additional background as to why a given question doesn't work that won't fit in a comment can be quite helpful.
@MichaelT What are you referring to? Regarding the question for Mods?
@PaulDonny The interview question... not sure if you guys get the "how do you answer the 'what type of ice cream are you?' interview question"
I didn't mean that as a question for here
Though a WIKI of interview questions would be cool
12:30 AM
@PaulDonny Depends on how you guys want to do it... on P.SE, we really try to avoid the interview questions that people ask...
They get asked "How do you build Google" in an interview question, so ask us exactly as is... and thats not a good P.SE question.
So the question I linked tries to explain why that question doesn't work well and what the issues with it are.
Yeah, and typically I would agree completely with that. However a list of sample interview questions would be beneficial for this site I think
Quite possibly. Really depends on how you want to do it.
Tag Wikis need more love...
12:35 AM
18 hours later…
6:22 PM
Q: What does it mean when businesses say they "prefer" a certain skill?

NickI have experience with SQL/MySQL, but many businesses want "Microsoft SQL Server" or "Oracle" experience - not just experience coding in SQL. When companies say they "prefer" some kind of experience but that experience isn't listed in the required section, does that mean it won't be used? When ...

This question in its original form was waaay off-topic, but there was a part in there that I thought had value, so I edited it to focus on that part.
4 hours later…
9:58 PM
someone should probably tend to this question
it contains swearing
maybe @jmort253 or @Shog9 are around to take a look
@CMW poof!
the magic dragon appears
was just about to edit all offensive sections out of that question :D
thanks :)
10:03 PM
jmort's new avatar
Thanks @Alex for puttin this in here right away
I mean the post, not the image :)
i clicked on it expecting something entirely different to what i saw
Yeah, the headline sounded weird but interesting
I expected something like "African Blend or Arabica?"
This is hilarious! "I see you! I see you you little rats!"
10:16 PM
Please tell me this is from some comedy show
@jmort253 that's quite funny
@CMW it wouldn't be funny if it was
The Alex Jones Show (known in some markets as Infowars with Alex Jones) is an American talk radio show hosted by political commentator, author, and filmmaker, Alex Jones, on the Genesis Communications Network. The program is a syndicated radio show broadcast nationally on AM and FM radio stations in the United States, WWCR Radio shortwave, and on XM Radio Channel 244, and online on Youtube, audio podcast, and on the official sites Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv. According to Alex himself, the radio show has over 15 million viewers a week, which would be 2.5 million per day. Format Th...
looks like this guy is the real thing
eh, he's a real something....
10:21 PM
so um hi
So i think ive found way to draw 7 perpendicular red lines, some with red green or transparent ink
its simple really, i need to draw it in 7 dimensions, rather than 2!
You should post a link to it @RhysW
10:30 PM
um. i hope your client base live in at least a 7 dimensional universe, otherwise they might not be able to perceive parts of the advertisement
10:49 PM
ah... 7 dimensions... missed that part.

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