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12:56 AM
@FaheemMitha Ok, if Debian people will understand what you'll mean by "config file" then I guess it's a good idea
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2:16 AM
Q: Why is procmail not being run?

Cory KleinI'm running Fedora 13 Linux, and sending mail to myself using mutt, and I can't seem to get procmail to run. Below is what my .procmailrc, ~/Procmail/rc.testing, and .forward files all look like. As you can see, they are very simple. .procmailrc HOME=/home/cory SHELL=/bin/bash PMDIR=$HOME/Pro...

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9:01 AM
Q: Different Title formats for different Terminal apps?

fredI use a script which either activates an already running window of a program, or starts that program if it is not running.  It uses different shortcut-keys; one for each of my most used apps — it checks for a unique window title format.   This has worked fine, until today, when I decided to use t...

9:13 AM
Q: zsh history - full path

user5289Suppose I do the following in zsh cd ~ cd dir1 cd dir2 cd dir3 evince foo.pdf zsh writes exactly the same in its history file. Now my question is whether it is possible to have cd ~ cd ~/dir1 cd ~/dir1/dir2 cd ~/dir1/dir2/dir3 evince ~/dir1/dir2/dir3/foo.pdf in zsh history instead. I.e. t...

Q: zsh kill Strg + dackspace, Strg + del

user5289How to configure zsh such that Strg + backspace kills the word before point? How to achieve that Strg + del kills the word after point?

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10:49 AM
Q: retrieve password on remote server

BobI normally ssh into a remote server, for which I previously set an option that allows me not to type my password every time. Now that I forgot it, is there any way to retrieve it?

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2:12 PM
Q: perfect distro for an old mac desktop (ppc g3) (320mb ram)

hello I have on old mac desktop, Power PC G3 (300MHz) 320 MB Ram I Want To use it for browsing the internet, playing videos what distro should I use for it? thanks

2:33 PM
Q: Macintosh and powerpc tags

GillesTo designate Macintosh hardware, we now have a macbook and macbookpro. I don't think macbookpro should be a separate tag. There's a new question which is about a non-macbook Mac. Is macintosh the right tag? Or powerpc? or both? Should macbook be made a synonym of macintosh, or is there really a...

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4:09 PM
Q: Cloning/Splitting a serial port (COM) port in Ubuntu

James DysonEverything is working with my serial port. I have connected my FTDI converter into my computer, set my COM port... ln -s /dev/ttyUSB0 ~/wine/dosdevices/COM1 But now I would like to "clone" this port. I am using wine to run u-center a GPS visualizer and I have a Linux computer running Ubuntu Cou...

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6:49 PM
Q: Building 32-Bit on a 64-Bit system

TomHi guys! I'm trying to build the PHP memcache extension (v2.2.6) for i386 (32bit) on my x86_64 Ubuntu 11.04. ./configure, uses config.guess by default (which outputs x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu on my system) but I want to override that. How would I have to proceed? Best regards and thanks in adv...

7:13 PM
Q: Reverse grep to get the last couple of occurrences in a file

Kit SundeSay I want to grab the last 5 mentions of cron in /var/log/syslog.log looking over the grep manual it seems like I can't get grep to search in reverse. I can however grab the most recent occurrences. grep cron -m 5 /var/log/syslog Is there a reverse grep command I can use? :)

7:23 PM
@MichaelMrozek do you think this comment cleanup is needed?
@xenoterracide I was planning to go through it at some point, I'm just busy at the moment. You can poke through it, or if you leave it I'll do it sometime today
I don't much care about it tbh... I rarely worry about comments unless they are spam trolling
and this at a glance is all valid conversation
I think somebody turned a bunch of the comments into a new answer, that's why they were trying to get rid of the comments
My reasoning is that there are a few useful comments here and a lot of fluff, so it would be better if only the useful comments were there
isn't that what upvoting comments is for?
to say this comment is useful, insightful or something
anyways I think I'll let @MichaelMrozek have at it
7:46 PM
Q: Use alias to reinforce other alias?

Kenny YoungerI have set up an alias in my .bashrc as follows: alias u='cd ..' All is well in my world... until I type cd .. and cringe that I did not use my incredible new alias. In fact, with this particular thing, it's very ingrained. Hard to change my behavior - I need serious intervention. So, I natura...

Q: Linux user security

Cell-oHi All, My question is;When user create goes in the Linux Operating System ,The username can be seen publicly in passwd file. is there a hash set for that? Thanks in advance.

8:03 PM
@MichaelMrozek : Thanks for the feedback.
@Gilles, would you care to comment on:
@FaheemMitha Um, I deny having done it?
8:19 PM
Q: Replacing Multiple blank lines with a single blank line in vim / sed

Andrew BolsterQuestion more or less says it all. I'm aware that /^$/d will remove all blank lines, but I can't see how to say 'replace two or more blank lines with a single blank line' Any ideas?

8:52 PM
Q: Why are pid and lock files for?

AndreI often see that programs specify pid and lock files. And I'm not quite sure what they do. For example, when compiling nginx: --pid-path=/var/run/nginx.pid \ --lock-path=/var/lock/nginx.lock \ Can somebody shed some light on this one?

9:43 PM
@Gilles : Funny. The question was whether you thought it was reasonable to retitle, and if so, opinions about retitling as "conffile (or config file) handling in Debian/Ubuntu". Making it (possibly) more likely someone interested might see it.
@FaheemMitha meh, there as an apache-specific issue as well (multiple packages). How about “Missing /etc/init.d/apache2 on Debian”?

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