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6:03 PM
@AndrasDeak lol. As you should
@terdon great to hear!
Better now?
haha, much, thank you
Also lol at the conclusion of the selling free software discussion. 10/10 would walk in circles again.
6:16 PM
@ilkkachu I don't know. So some people actually sold patches to the Linux kernel? And those patches were never distributed? And if I want to get my hands on those patches, I need to pay someone?
Honestly, I never imagined a scenario involving patches. I just imagined like a standalone software program.
@terdon I did indeed. I'm still not seeing what your difficulty is. So, if you want to sell your GPLd software to someone, and they are willing to pay you money for it, that's all fine. Nothing to stop you. But you have to find someone who is willing to pay. The point is that in the real world, the price of something that can be freely distributed and has no marginal cost fairly fairly quickly to zero if it wasn't already at zero in the first place.
With the possible exception of some Linux patches.
Of course, if there is marginal cost, it's a slightly different situation.
Back in the day, Stallman and possibly other people used to sell "tapes" with GNU software on them. Starting with GNU Emacs, I think.
And more recently you could buy boxed sets of CDs with Linux distributions on them.
In 199 I purchased RH 5.2 (I think) for like USD 30. And in 1999, aSuSE 6.4 boxed set for USD 40, give or take. Exciting times.
That was at a time when downloading an entire Linux distribution wasn't practical. And also CD burners weren't as easily available as they are today.
I can't remember whether one could install RH and SuSE over the net at that time or not.
199 -> 1998 above, sorry.
@FaheemMitha OK. To me, "X follows from Y" suggests that you feel that if Y, then X. So I took your statement to mean that "If software is Free like speech, then it is also free like beer".
@terdon Well, in practical terms it is the case. It isn't the case that the actual statement "this software is available gratis" is part of the rules of free software.
That isn't part of free software, and never could be.
Oh no you don't. I'm not starting this all over again!
still lol
Did you mean to pin your message there, @FaheemMitha? I assume it was you since only room owners and mods can pin.
6:28 PM
There are lots of thing people think they would like to add to the rules, but mostly they don't work. Like - I won't allow my software to be used by the US military to murder brown people in faraway places. That would be nice. But no, you can't do that.
@terdon Um, no. Accident, sorry.
How do I unpin?
Or maybe it was someone else?
I don't recall clicking over on the right, though I might have.
@FaheemMitha free as in freedom
@jesse_b USA! USA! USA!
@AndrasDeak Oh, it shows who pinned it? Ok, I'll unpin.
Sorry, I don't know how to unpin it. Can someone tell me?
6:36 PM
message context menu
in the starboard ->
assuming you're on desktop
On mobile you get the context menu by tapping the message.
@AndrasDeak I'm on desktop. But if I click on it, it says I cannot star my own messages.
Clicking does work to remove starred messages, but that's a pin.
@jesse_b I'm no gun expert, but I've heard of recoil, and that strikes me as a particularly numbsculled position to hold a gun in.
@FaheemMitha no worries. I unpinned it.
@terdon most guns have surprisingly less recoil than you would think but his hand also isn't on the trigger
@FaheemMitha you clicked the star. I mean the context menu, opened up from a small black downward-pointing triangle at the end of each message on the starboard
@AndrasDeak Yes, I know what I did. Without noticing, apparently. Weird. So how does one undo it? Click it again?
6:53 PM
yeah, for a pinned message you see "unpin this message" or something along those lines
bottom left
@FaheemMitha but you need to do it on the starboard on the right. So not on the actual chat message but where it has been pinned.
@terdon Oh, on the little downward facing arrow that appears at the end of the message. I see.
I didn't notice that before.
@jesse_b And/or the recoil matters less if you hold the gun properly. Like with two hands and the stock on your shoulder. Unlike that dude is doing... Also, if that's a pump action, all the more reason to use two hands, I imagine.
@ilkkachu yeah shotguns generally have more recoil but for all I know it's a 20 gauge which would make it almost non existent. Also some pump action shotguns have a recoil spring
@FaheemMitha It's easy to miss. For one thing, it only appears when you hover.
7:00 PM
but again he's holding it with his off hand with no intent of firing
Also, no, @ilkkachu and @jesse_b you both got the type of the gun wrong. That one is known as a penis substitute.
@terdon Indeed it does.
Sensible people stay as far away from guns as possible.
Extreme trivia corner. In all my time in the USA, I never held a gun.
I use my guns for everything. need to heat up some bread for toast? Shoot it. Door is locked? Shoot it. Printer is jammed? Shoot it.
horse has a broken leg?
shoot the leg?
7:06 PM
@jesse_b I hear they are very effective when used for flossing.
@terdon I've been shooting myself with smaller caliber guns to build up an immunity to the larger ones
(and I'm also really happy I've known you long enough to know I don't need to add a disclaimer to that, but if anyone else reads it... don't, ya tool!)
@jesse_b Oh brilliant. Literally loled.
How's that working out for you?
@FaheemMitha or "sell", present tense. If you look at the download page (I thought I linked exactly that before), the latest one is dated yesterday. And no, I haven't seen them in the wild (but I haven't looked that closely), and yes, I imagine you need to pay, that's what the web site seems to imply with words like "Purchase" and "Subscription".
I go through a lot of bandages
@ilkkachu Wow, that's amazing.
7:08 PM
Also, given that they went closed some time back (was it 2017? I checked earlier but forgot already), and the site is still up, I suppose they have clients.
and, well, I wouldn't be exactly surprised if there were other companies that sold GPL'd software or some product that included GPL'd software to business customers, all with providing source code etc., and we never heard about it.
2 hours later…
9:31 PM
@ilkkachu yeah, 2017. I found lwn.net/Articles/721848 after you mentioned it
9:55 PM
stackoverflow.com/teams i am again asked about cookies and presented with a confusing term like technologist. And the banks stopped awarding me credit cards anyway, which is an outrage in itself really, i am still an outstanding credit to humanity therefore deserving of further magic money cards
@AndrasDeak now that I actually read the whole piece, the comments also have some rather sane discussion on the legality of that all, with Red Hat mentioned too. (sane until about May 11, at least)
10:20 PM
I also liked the other side of the story :P
10:37 PM
yeeah... I've read their comments on LWN in earlier times, and, well... the least bad thing I can say is that one about there being two sorts of intelligence: social and technical. And they don't always meet in a single person.
11:04 PM
oh heaven, that "Is there a file that will always not exist?" doesn't stop giving
11:21 PM
that is one part of why I don't post any more
there are thirteen answers?!
/dev/null/foo is the most elegant solution there and I like it a lot
Thirteen? There's "how do I delete a git branch remotely and locally" on SO that has literal dozens of answers. One page visible, two pages deleted.
mktemp/random probably are the right thing to do in most cases though. most of these answers are a disaster area
Or is this a new question?
they have now started duplicating the answers that were deleted for being awful, but also getting belligerent about it
ah yes, april 4th
It usually takes longer for the Long Tail of Crap to grow. I bet it was a hot network question.
11:27 PM
it was, and people were getting holier-than-thou obnoxious in the comments of both terdon's and ilkkachu's answers
it had 2 answers when it went HNQ
in Discussion on answer by terdon: Is there a file that will always not exist?, yesterday, by terdon
@ilkkachu quite frankly I'm guarding against even more comments arguing what I feel are completely irrelevant minutiae about absurd scenarios of attack. Since people keep commenting, I am adding stuff to appease them in the hope that I can stop receiving notifications. I now delete the tmp file which I had forgotten.
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