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12:01 AM
You might find answers to those questions on Seasoned Advice
I try to get food that requires less or no cooking
such as canned food
and vegetables
Sometimes they give me rice, pasta and noodle, and I return them back the next time
sometimes they give me canned fish, and I like it
My most favorite fish is canned Sardine, then canned Salmon, then canned chunk light tuna. canned Albacore is my least.
What food do you eat?
11 hours later…
11:03 AM
Do you have recommendations on text processing books?
This one "Blueprints for Text Analytics using Python" was recommended but not yet published
I happen to read about natural languages and programming languages. I find languages can enrich my understanding about communication
I learned languages by studying grammar in elementary school.
Then I thought I was attracted to visual things. But that didn't last long.
In theory, which one can help improve understandings and reach more satisfaction: natural language processing, or computer vision?
In industry, which one has more career opportunities and applications?
2 hours later…
1:12 PM
Where were the riots from, the left or the right?
1 hour later…
2:31 PM
Sadly, in Zsh even $path would cause problems, as it's magically tied with $PATH... — ilkkachu 14 mins ago
@ilkkachu seriously? How? You mean you can just use $path in your script and zsh will magically decide to screw with PATH instead? Are you sure? That seems completely insane.
@terdon yes, Zsh reads path ...
it’s an array, equivalent to PATH
zsh -c 'echo ${path[@]}'
Hello guys, could you help me with a JS question w/ HTML?
2:47 PM
@StephenKitt Ah, OK, so it's a reserved name then? It doesn't just ignore case?
@GustavoR. probably not, we're Unix geeks here, not web developers.
@terdon it doesn’t just ignore case, no; PATH is the traditional colon-separated value, path is a mirror array
OK. phew. That's a little bit less insane.
3:24 PM
@terdon yep, it's a variable it uses itself. Not in sh-mode, luckily, but as zsh. There are some other lowercase ones: zsh.sourceforge.net/Doc/Release/Parameters.html#index-path
@ilkkachu Yeah, I had first feared it was simply ignoring case, which was insane.
no no
Wonderful. As though the virus was not enough, we are now expecting a cyclone. Apparently the first recorded one in Bombay's history.
I hope all the folks here are cyclone-free.
Famine? Check. War? Check. Pestilence? Check. Death? Check. Thanks, 2020, you're the best!
At times like these, I'm really glad I'm not religious...
Yes, I think I might have a word or two to say to the Big Guy if he invited me over...
6 hours later…
10:02 PM
Greetings - I've closed a question on my site - but wanted to be sure it wasn't answerable on this site without needing the improvements I've asked. Let me know here or flagging the post if it's a viable candidate for migration. If not - no need to act.
Q: Mounting a loop device on macOS in C

spvHow do you mount a loop device (similar to hdiutil attach) on XNU / Darwin in C? Specifically I'm looking for functionality that would be in linux/loop.h, but on XNU. ( I'm going to be doing this on iOS, don't ask ;) ) I've looked on Google for a while and haven't found much. Thanks!

10:32 PM
Looks like it's about iOS - so I've sent it to SO. Thanks everyone, carry on...
10:45 PM
Could you people take a look and maybe comment?
A: Using regular expressions (regex) in sed

IsaacYou need an automated solution, too many things to quote and keep track of. A two step solution (not 100% perfect (there may be pathological corner cases)) is: Get the string verbatim in a variable. Why? Because the contents of a (quoted) variable ("$var") is never modified (again) by the sh...

@Tim The riots are not left or right, they come from the center of people discomfort with in-justice.

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