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@Alborz I'm here now.
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This is not strictly on-topic here, but this is an entertaining read. Warning for people with weak stomachs: it's blood and mayhem.
Apparently, when it comes to SSDs, the Samsung 840 Pro is pretty much Superman.
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10:23 AM
in Linux kernel which module is required for MIC to work?
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11:54 AM
@mikeserv Thanks; accepted answer! btw, I've revised question which overcome timeout problem with while as suggested by @muru.
12:10 PM
can you explain how did you increase write buffer simply?
and/or how about a question like: How do I increase write buffer in our community?
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1:19 PM
@derobert So, how is the snow and ice? Did you build a snowman?
2:01 PM
@terdon (need your advise) (if matters) For this question, I've currently posted two edits with two command-line example in each edit. also see revision. Now I want to make sure if question became boring. Should I delete "for" command example or any other suggestion that should I do for making it sample. (if matter for visitors to be boring, simple or not-well-explained)
@Pandya - maybe dont change questions substantially from their original (or at least their answered) forms. different questions are just different - not better.
altering the source of a problem alters the meaning of the question - you can only make a question better by better describing the problem asked about - not changing it.
@Pandya 1) Never add "Edit" to your posts. The idea is that SE is like a wiki. You don't write the question/answer only for the 1st person to read it, you must write it in such a way that if I see it for the 1st time in 5 years, it will still make sense. So "edit" is noise. Just make the edits and don't point them out. 2) Since others have pointed out ways of improving the question, just keep the improved version and remove everything else.
There's no point in showing your first (not as good) attempts, just show the best one.
@terdon - that's flatly ridiculous.
yep, the old versions are always visible in the edit history, they dont need to be retained for historical use
questions arent about later attempts - they're about the attempt asked about.
2:07 PM
@mikeserv When will you learn that if you have a point to get across, it will be better received without aggression?
probably never
at least i havent done in 35 years.
its a chronic condition - and will likely kill me
And no, a question should be able to stand on its own, it shouldn't have "EDIT1" and "EDIT2" and "EDITN". That's just noise. If the previous attempts are important, they should be included in such a way as to not break the flow of the question.
ill die a jerk
@mikeserv That or someone.
possibly, but i dont think the cause of my passing could reasonably be considered different either way
if it matters, im at least as aggressivel critical of myself as i am of others.
so jerk, yes, but hopefully a fair one. RIP
^thats what it will say above my head afterward when all is done
2:11 PM
@derobert how well did that snow forecast verify where you are? :)
@terdon - but i have a point. i completely agree about the edit stuff, though. that is neither here nor there. but there ought to be some reasonably obvious connection to the problem asked about in the first place. wouldnt you say?
it does make sense to simplify some code snippet or whatever - to distill it to the core of the issue.
for questions with code content, yes and especially if they have been addressed already by answers
Well, yes. The problem asked about is "Why is yes so much faster than shell loops". Anyway you look at it, it boils down to the same basic point. To make the question as good as it can be, the shell loop in question should be as good as it can be.
and at a bare minimum they should be mentioned if otherwise removed so someone doesnt make a new answer suggesting what you already did
And yes, I write repetitive sentences.
Gimme a sec, I'll edit it.
2:14 PM
@Pandya - you asked if i could explain again or something?
maybe i can - but i thought i already had. so ill need some help in understanding what is not understood, exactly...
@mikeserv if its that thing about the write buffer, I think he just doesn't know you can drag the bottom of the answer box to make the textarea as big as needed
otherwise I have no idea what our "community write buffer" refers to
Q: How does `yes` write to file so quickly?

PandyaLet me give an example: $ timeout 1 yes "GNU" > file1 $ wc -l file1 11504640 file1 $ for ((sec0=`date +%S`;sec<=$(($sec0+5));sec=`date +%S`)); do echo "GNU" >> file2; done $ wc -l file2 1953 file2 Here you can see that the command yes writes 11504640 lines in a second while I can write o...

i took it to mean should he ask another question - similar to that one^
@Pandya the objective is to make the question easily understandable for someone who reads it for the first time after the edits. There's no need to highlight the history of the question's evolution. Just integrate the changes into a coherent whole that can stand alone. As I tried to do to yours.
that was only because of another question of his which was recently closed after he had asked a similar one
i dont know how to find it though
@terdon - what about that sed question you closed yesterday?
2:21 PM
@mikeserv You mean the one you complain about and yet refuse to even vote to reopen?
yeah. i guess i do. and that is a fair criticism.
@terdon but i also there was a chance you understood something differently about it than i did - which is why i tried talking to you about it. twice now.
@terdon OK. Thanks for revising and improving my question.
that was a good edit too, by the way.
@Pandya No problem. By the way, here's an even more impressive one:
$ time perl -e 'print "GNU\n" x 30000000 ' > file

real	0m0.790s
user	0m0.067s
sys	0m0.197s
That's 30,000,000 lines in under a second.
@mikeserv I consider it a dupe and did what I was elected to do: I closed it as a dupe. If you disagree, vote to reopen or post on meta. I answered your comment, wasn't convinced by your arguments and have absolutely no desire to get into another long discussion with you. There are mechanisms to deal with this sort of thing, use them.
thats weird - as i recall your campaign strategy reflected a somewhat opposite opinion about a moderators role to the one youve just now proclaimed
2:29 PM
@mikeserv Perhaps. But one of the side effects to being a self-described jerk is that after the 200th time, people no longer have the patience to deal with you. Not even in the cases where your arguments are valid. It's a shame but there you go.
@casey So, snow/ice, yes/no?
well, it is better than being a jerk in denial, perhaps.
I hope Anthony is Ok. Haven't heard from him.
it doesnt require much patience to consider an argument on its own merits, though.
@FaheemMitha Well, his machine is still connected, so it can't be that bad.
2:30 PM
I believe @terdon has been seduced by the power of the Dark Side.
and anyway, whether or not you were convinced you made zero attempt even to justify why you consider it a dupe.
He will now wield the mod hammer like Thor's hammer.
$ time perl -e 'print "GNU\n" x 30000000 ' > file

real 0m3.418s
user 0m0.116s
sys 0m0.715s
For me ^^^
and have offered not a single iota of justification for bypassing the policy of requiring 5 people to close a question
@terdon Maybe Anthony froze to death vainly reaching for the keyboard, in a last ditch attempt to call for help.
@mikeserv If you expect the world to be fair, you must find it a very frustrating place.
2:33 PM
Dinner time in India for me. good-bye! (again thanks @terdon)
Huh, this is odd:
Actually, I already had dinner.
@FaheemMitha - is it not by now obvious how often i am frustrated.
 time timeout 1 yes "GNU" > file1

real	0m4.218s
user	0m0.007s
sys	0m0.633s
2:33 PM
Therefore, I declare dinner time in India over.
@mikeserv I wasn't really keeping score.
yeah. i tried that before.
Regardless, @Pandya have a good one.
i wound up in an endless frustration loop
@mikeserv Tried what? Keeping score?
It's the time it takes to write to the file:
 $ time timeout 1 yes "GNU" > /dev/null

real	0m1.002s
user	0m0.117s
sys	0m0.863s
2:35 PM
yeah. you try scoring how often you are frustrated for the sake of fairness while maintaining some amount of sanity
@terdon - is it or is it not the sites policy as the moderators judge it that questions should require 5 votes to be closed as duplicates?
Anyway, yes gave me 151131136 lines in a second:
$ time timeout 1 yes "GNU" > file1

real	0m4.218s
user	0m0.007s
sys	0m0.633s
$ time perl -e 'print "GNU" x 151131136' > file

real	0m4.447s
user	0m0.303s
sys	0m0.410s
@mikeserv No, that's why mods can close with a single vote. It's the whole point.
@mikeserv I don't think I want to play that game. It doesn't sound like fun.
if you keep writing to the same file, you'll flush caches between each write for the times to matter at all.
@mikeserv It's discretionary. The mods have that power if they chose to use it.
If they weren't allowed to use it occasionally, they wouldn't have it.
@terdon - so thats a mere formality then? and moderators should close every question immediately if, in their opinion, a question might be related to some other?
2:37 PM
Though I must admit I'm not clear why they do have that power.
I suppose just to facilitate getting things done.
@FaheemMitha - it was my understanding for the sake of handling spam and abuse.
Seeing as nobody has infinite time.
which is what i thought moderators were for.
@mikeserv Well, closing questions is in general just a tidying up tool. It's not intended as an insult.
apparently, some others believe that if a question asked about a thing reminds them of another thing then concept of the quorum should be damned.
2:39 PM
Though if terdon starts wearing an all-black mask and breathing heavily, watch out!
@FaheemMitha snow/ice yes/no is a poor verification metric. accumulated depth makes for a better verification.
@casey I stand corrected.
@mikeserv I don't follow that sentence at all.
and I know they got snow, I'm just wondering what his totals are as they varied across VA-MD near the capital from around 21" to around 36"
Let's hope Anthony isn't buried in miles of snow.
Q: How can I get rid of all script blocks in html files?

SadiHow can I remove all script blocks (including multi-line ones) from html files such as: <script type="text/javascript"> var googletag = googletag || {}; googletag.cmd = googletag.cmd || []; (function() { var gads = document.createElement('script'); gads.async = true; gads.type = 'text/javascript...

2:40 PM
@casey The pictures his camera were taking looked fairly brutal.
quorum be damned, quorum your rosy behind - do you mean to substantiate my complaints?
@mikeserv if its a dupe its a dupe, if it isn't edit to make it clear, vote to reopen and organize 4 more votes here or on meta.
theres only one vote to close on that question, and it is yours, @terdon.
@mikeserv My point is that I had more of a quorum than you do.
@terdon Hey, you wanted to be a mod.
2:42 PM
i only see any evidence of a 1 : 1 ratio.
I do the same thing where I have a diamond -- I one-vote hammer obvious dupes and egregiously off-topic and I abstain from most others unless its sitting at 4 votes
@mikeserv Mike, enough of this. Take it to meta or vote to reopen. Use the tools available to you.
@FaheemMitha Still do. Most of you all are great to work with.
@casey I forgot, you're a mod on the aviation site. Does it get contentious there?
that question is not whats important - i want to know if that is what i should expect or not?
and I'll say SE is ok with dupe-hammers as they give them to gold-tag-badge holders
@FaheemMitha I'm a mod on earthscience, not aviation.
2:43 PM
and anyway, theres no obvious duplication there.
@casey Ok, sorry.
the questions are about different kinds of tags and different tools altogether.
@FaheemMitha where are the pictures?
I'm wondering if I should be adventurous and trying doing a win install in virtualbox.
@casey That link he posted earlier.
@mikeserv Yes. When I find things that I consider to be clear duplicates, I will close them as such on my own initiative. If you disagree, you can take it to meta and/or vote to reopen.
2:44 PM
and none of the answers on either question actually answer the questions responsibly.
@mikeserv Great. Bring it up on meta and get a quorum. Stop bugging me about it.
and you object to even being questioned on such things? you refuse even to justify your decision to do so,.
why would i do that when you can just answer now and resolve it altogether.
and at least vote to re-open it, for all the complaining I see 0 re-open votes...
if you had a good reason - im capable of hearing it.
@mikeserv I refuse to deal with you when you're in this mood. It is not the first time. Hell, it isn't even the 10th time. You always do this instead of using the tools available and I;ve had enough of it.
@casey That's not how he rolls.
2:46 PM
@casey - that is a fair criticism. but i respect terdon's judgement in most cases. i just wanted to hear why it was made...?
@casey ^^ I think he might have moved the camera.
im just asking so i can know whether i should.
@mikeserv the answer on the dupe works perfectly for the OP's example here. I have no idea what ..."...span>"... is supposed to be. In any case, this question has already been answered to the OP's satisfaction so, again, there's no point in having them both open. However, there are mechanisms in place for cases where you feel a question has been wrongly closed: i) vote to reopen and ii) bring it up on Unix & Linux Meta. — terdon ♦ 18 hours ago
@mikeserv write a level-headed meta post if you want a properly addressed answer. that way it also stays around so future equivalent meta complaints can be dupe-closed to it
2:47 PM
@casey - i really dislike those kinds of meta posts. and i dont want it to stay around. i though it was a simple thing.
@terdon - it doesnt work for the question. and that is not the last comment on that question, either.
that comment was summary dismissal. and a little aggressive i think.
@mikeserv No, but it's the last I have to say on the matter. I. Will. Not. Be. Dragged. Into. Another. Long. Discussion. With. You.
@mikeserv simply put, the answer on the dupe answers the question as far as I can see it. The other difference is <span> vs <script> tags, but the result is the same
^that also is summary dismissal.
<script> tags
Anyone have any ideas about this?
Q: KVM - qemu - virt-manager : How can I store files in the mounted shared folder?

cl-netboxI am running a Fedora Workstation virtual machine on an Ubuntu host. I created a folder /home/cl/share in the guest and mounted the shared folder /media/cl/system/virtual/share as root following the instructions from linux-kvm : mount -t 9p -o trans=virtio,version=9p2000.L /host /home/cl/share ...

2:50 PM
do you not think there is a reasonable chance "</script>" might be found between <script> and </script>?
@mikeserv the question is about removing a tag, tags have names, any code to strip a tag will work if the tag has a name and takes no arguments.
so the answer to remove <script> is equivalent to the answer to remove <span>
and you could copy that dupe-answer verbatim | sed s/span/script/g and post it and it would work
now there is a quorum. and someone bothered to explain that.
i can accept that.
thank you casey.
and im sorry, terdon.
ill delete my comments there.
@casey I'm officially awestruck.
2:52 PM
i thought i had a point. i still do think that "</script>" might be reasonable to expect, but i can also admit that i dont know that it is.
@mikeserv that would a malformed page if it did. The contents of the tag are almost always going to be javascript and there is no reason it would emit an html script tag that I can think of.
well... but arent those used for code injection though? i really dont know javascript very well, and so i am honestly asking.
@terdon Hello, are you available for an off-topic (but Linux-related) matter? I am looking for Linux-related people in Greece.
@HaukeLaging In Greece? How come? But sure, try me.
2:55 PM
@mikeserv they are used to put in client-side javascript, either actual code between the tags or reference to an external file containing the code
@terdon The Berlin Linux user group (BeLUG) has been organising the Linux revolution for about a year now.
ahh! thanks twice.
@terdon The first event of our new kind of Linux information event was in May 2015 at 8 locations in Berlin. The second was in November in 79 locations in 72 cities in three countries (de/at/ch). The next event will be on April, 30th in at least 7 European countries.
e.g. <html><body><script>alert('Hello, world');</script></body></html>
@HaukeLaging Sounds interesting. I'd be willing to help but not to tale a very active role. I just started a new job a couple of months ago and don't have much free time. I'd be happy to give a hand though.
2:58 PM
@casey - i thought people used js to remove/add members to the dom and stuff - dynamically.
@terdon The main problem is to find the right people (in time). Bringing this information to the right people (whoever that may be) or pointing me at them may be much more worth than doing an event yourself.
@mikeserv javascript is Turing complete. You can do whatever you want with it, but yes you can dymaically alter the DOM (add/remove elements, hide/show them, populate them, etc).
@HaukeLaging I don't really have any contacts in the Greek Linux world, I'm afraid. I know it exists but that's about it. I've only been back in Greece for a year now and I'd left in 1998.
assuming you are running it in a browser, server-side js will have no access to a browser DOM
Hmm. I think @GeoMint is studying CS in a Greek university and working with Linux. He might know more people.
3:01 PM
ok. that is useful information, and appreciated.
no problem
@terdon I have one contact in Greece (Pireus?) who wants to help and has told me that there were just very few Linux user groups in Greece. I have written to 12 organizations / mailing lists and he was the only one to reply (not a Greek problem, though).
I didn't think people bothered with LUGs any more. Seeing as Linux systems are relatively mainstream now.
Well, maybe in really out of way places it makes sense.
@HaukeLaging I don't really know. I've seen quite a few Greek names in the Linux world but I have no idea if they're actually in Greece.
@FaheemMitha That assessment does not make sense for people outside the Linux community.
3:02 PM
I need to motivate myself for a push to 10k. I've been sitting just under 9k for too long
@HaukeLaging Don't quite follow that.
@casey There are all those Kali questions waiting for an answer.
@HaukeLaging Once upon a time there was a real community feeling around Linux system users. It seems to me that time has passed.
@FaheemMitha Linux has an estimated desktop "market" share of 1.5%. That is not mainstream. Not nearly. Installing Linux has become much easier over the years but that does not get people interested it can just scare them off.
@FaheemMitha With the LPD 2015.2 we have founded two new LUGs in Germany.
@terdon Hi ! Thanks again for your helping me with this ! :)
@HaukeLaging Well, mainstream is relative. There are a lot of people using Linux systems now, especially in universities.
@HaukeLaging I found this: linux.gr. I can send them an email if you like. Do you have a press release or something I can show them?
3:05 PM
@HaukeLaging I see.
@HaukeLaging I don't understand why an easier install would scare people off.
@terdon This chat is the only way to contact the SE users directly (without getting terribly off-topic...), isn't it?
@HaukeLaging Yes.
@terdon You can show them the call for participation: linux-presentation-day.org/call-for/2016.1
OK, I'll do that.
How about a community ad thing?
3:08 PM
@FaheemMitha You have misunderstood me. A complicated install can scare people off but even a perfectly simple install does not generate interest in the system.
@HaukeLaging That's true, it doesn't. But it's better than not getting it working.
And recent developments have got increasingly better at hiding the system internals.
Not that is necessarily a good thing.
@FaheemMitha If we have a Linux event for non-Linux users twice per year in several hundred European cities (the Italians and French had already 135 each with a similar event) then it should be possible to get media coverage in the nationwide non-IT media. Thus a< lot more people would HEAR about Linux at all.
@HaukeLaging Hmm. I'd have thought most people would already have heard about it.
I remember once, a while back, I had the amusing experience of searching for the Windows drivers for some piece of hardware, I forget what.
@FaheemMitha I have thought about that but I thing the event has to becomne a bit more mature for that. Currently we try to get contact persons in as many countries as possible.
The funny part was, I kept getting Linux driver links for that hardware.
@HaukeLaging Well, the more people using free systems the better, certainly.
3:14 PM
@FaheemMitha We were quite surprised by what we have learnt from the first event. Our local press failed completely thus nobody from the target group attended because they didn't know about the event. It turned out that many people who even tried to use Linux before had not even heard of Linux user groups. If they had then they had come to us years ago...
@HaukeLaging Hmm, that's weird. I got the strong impression that everyone who wanted to use free Unix-like systems was already using them, whether it was Linux-based or a BSD, or something else. And that the user groups were passe.
Plus Germany is ground zero for this kind of thing, surely?
I mean, it's probably got among the highest density of tech people on the planet.
@FaheemMitha And, of course, it's not enough to have heard about Linux. 99% of the users have to have seen and used it in order to decide to install it. Those who hate Windows so much that they are willing to switch unseen are too few... And hardly any non-nerd would consider using an OS if he doesn't know anyone who uses it, too.
Possibly only exceeded by some place like Finland.
@HaukeLaging There is substantial overhead to starting to use it, certainly.
@FaheemMitha Germany may be the source for some parts of the concept but the Italians and French have been doing something similar for 15(!) years.
Though in my case, I got myself a PC in 1998. It has Windows 95 on it. I installed Red Hat 5.2 on it (or whatever it was). I was expecting to use both of them to some extent, because I didn't really know anything about Unix at the time. As it turned out, I basically never used the Windows at all.
In fact at some point it just stopped working for no reason, and I totally failed to notice.
Maybe I should put this in my "getting to know you" answer.
@HaukeLaging Hey, answer my "getting to know you" question!!!! Pretty please.
@HaukeLaging Well, Germans more than everyone else, in my experience.
3:20 PM
@FaheemMitha ?
Q: Getting to know you: who are you and why do spend time on unix.sx?

Faheem MithaI thought it would be a nice idea if we could have a question thread where everyone posts an answer where they introduce themselves, talk about themselves a little bit, and tell the community their motivation for participating on this site (unix.stackexchange.com). Some SE sites don't have much ...

Go on then, there's a good chap.
@FaheemMitha Where do you live, Europe?
@HaukeLaging Bombay, India.
You should read Mike's answer. It's very entertaining.
Actually many of the answers make interesting reading.
@FaheemMitha OK, that's too far away to care about spreading there soon. But I assume that the LPD will be a worldwide event within a few years. Too easy to organize, too attractive for different types of organizations, too successfull not to spread "everywhere".
@HaukeLaging There's some activity around here. The local Debian group is quite active, relatively speaking.
3:37 PM
They used to have Linux installfests once. I don't know if they still do. Since it's got a lot easier to install.
@HaukeLaging The PGP stuff looks interesting. Good initiative. More people really should be using it. What do you do professionally?
In the category of silly questions that get lots of upvotes:
Q: Could I recover the content of file from its checksum?

beppe9000Let's say I have a video file that is splitted in multiple parts. Each piece is long 2 Megabyte. Imagine also that i have a list of the Sha256 of each piece and the Sha256 of the full file. Now assume that i have somehow misplaced one of these pieces. Could I retrieve the lost piece from its ha...

1 hour later…
4:56 PM
@FaheemMitha the funniest part of that for me isn't that he's asking an impossible question, its that in this day and age he's still downloading pirated video in 2mb chunks, I figured the days of .rar, .r01... .r99 were long behind us.
@casey Oh, I missed that part.
5:20 PM
@FaheemMitha he didn't say it but...
Not many people have answered that "getting to know you" question lately. Maybe I should offer cookies.
6:03 PM
@HaukeLaging I just got a reply from the Greek Linux group I found (which is a good sign, they actually exist) and they're interested but understaffed. He said he can put up an announcement on their page and will discuss it with the group's board. I gave him your email from the linux-presentation-day page and asked if it would be OK to give you his. I'll let you know if there's anything new.
2 hours later…
7:48 PM
@Ter what's with the flag? :O

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