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6:53 AM
Not really my area of expertise, but does this fall into the Is there an app for X and/or development category and should be closed? android.stackexchange.com/questions/58238/… I'm not sure whether "What's the status of availibility" questions are a good fit here, as answers might age out soon.
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10:08 AM
It's a tricky grey area. The main reason to leave questions like this open is that there's a thin line between using something like Tasker to automate something, and using (say) a short Python script.
OTOH, there's a thin line between using an OCaml compiler to build a quick automation tool you need, and using it to build a program for distribution to others.
Also, I think Stack Overflow would take this particular question: questions about using programming tools are on-topic there, even when they're not asking about writing a particular program.
10:25 AM
I voted for migration to SO.
10:50 AM
Good point. I cannot change my vote anymore. Also, Android related stuff is not OT there per se. I'm just unsure whether this kind of "status request" is a good fit on SE at all.
The answer to "does this thing exist yet?" is going to change, certainly.
But say in a year's time the thing becomes available: even an out-of-date answer is better than no information at all.
Oh, and there's another "here's my code please fix it" :(
yeah, I saw that
I think SO should introduce a paid tier for that kind of question
10:53 AM
@DanHulme Though it might be "wrong" then. If I want it now, I don't care for how long it has been around. But yeah, it's still a helpful hint to see it was not there in 1995. If we have 1996, that is... OK, subjective :)
@DanHulme +1 to that! Could be setup similarly to the Bounty system: "How much are you willing to pay?" If it sounds reasonable, someone could pick it, make an offer, and then should either get it exclusively or not at all...
I would know ways to silence the device when a certain app is in foreground (Tasker of course). But cutting off sound from a specific app, while keeping it on for other things?
In this case, easy: All vol to 0 except for alterts and ringer :)
probably he should just disable notifications from that app
oh, also
if he's rooted, he could try to replace the sound file with an empty one
but that wouldn't work if it's not a file per se but an asset in the APK
11:18 AM
Feel free to add that to the comment/answer section :)
Good points all. But it also could be different sound files. Hm, talking about that, I guess I've got another one: when rooted, there was an "settings per app" mod. Will see if I can find it again.
Btw: Booting to when in a force-close-loop requires pressing the menu key while switching the device on. But most newer devices have no menu key (soft-keys are not yet displayed when the device is off). Any idea what substitutes then?
no idea
OK, one more thing to google or duck.
For the other one: App Override (unfortunately pulled from Google Play, but should be available via XDA still :)
11:36 AM
"-Sound Mode
This allows you to set a Sound Mode such as Silent or Vibrate which will be activated when ever the application you selected it for is launched."
Ah! Guess I've found it (safe-mode): pressing both volume keys while powering on.
It sounds like it does the same thing as your Tasker trick, which won't help with sounds coming from background apps.
Huh? Ah, yes, of course: "Sound mode: Silent (just-for-this-app)"
@Izzy Oh. I'd expect that to go into the recovery menu.
It's per-app settings.
@DanHulme No. Recovery is either vol+ or vol- pressed. Or vol+, home, and power (Samsung) without letting the device fall down...
11:40 AM
@Izzy On the Nexus 10 power + vol up goes into the recovery regardless of whether vol down is held too.
Reminds me of factory-resetting my old Palm, which in the service department required two people to achieve: press a needle into the reset hole on the back, while on the front pressing power plus two more keys. i.e. you needed both hands for the front, take the needle with your teeth, and try to keep the device from falling down at the same time. Took me half an hour to succeed #D
yeah, well, you wouldn't want to do it by accident, would you?
@DanHulme Ouch. Maybe depending on which you pressed first?
@DanHulme LOL Fat chance with that procedure! Support was really surprised how I managed at all!
@Izzy I'm not rebooting it again just to check, but I don't think so.
Thanks! Hm, what combos would that leave? Are there any other hardware keys on the Nex10?
11:42 AM
I spent too much time watching these things reboot when I was working on them
there are no other buttons
I've never heard of it having a safe mode
OK. So power with vol+ goes to recovery. What does power with vol- do then?
sorry, I meant that the other way round
power and vol down
@DanHulme So with a FC loop, the only thing you can do is a factory reset? I cannot believe that.
(the two that are next to each other)
Yeah, I always have to check myself on the tabby as I don't remember which is which #D
Usually, for factory-reset it's the one farthest from the power button.
11:45 AM
power and vol up boots normally
Gna. So no safe-mode on that Nex.
Google help is very funny: Yes, Nex-10 has a safe mode! To get into it, fully power up the device, then go to... What? How! In a FC loop there's no go-to! support.google.com/nexus/answer/2852139?hl=en
More helpful: If you are experiencing a problem with your Nexus 10 and you want to determine whether they are being caused by a third-party app, press the power button for seven seconds until your tablet reboots. Then press and hold both the volume up and down keys until you see the words ‘Safe mode’ appear in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.
You've almost tried that, but please note the subtle difference: press both volume keys while rebooting, not with an initial power-up.
Might work when pressed after you initiated power-on (i.e. first the power key only, and when it starts booting up pressing both vol keys)?
I'm surprised I've never done that by accident, TBH
the number of times I've rebooted into the recovery menu
So it works?
I haven't tried
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1:40 PM
bahahaha, best answer I've seen here: "this is bullshit. google is a motherfucker and needs to fucking die "
1 hour later…
2:44 PM
@Krampus Mine just arrived. And even if I can only use Youtube, Google Movies and Google Music I really enjoy watching SC2 replays on my flat TV
1 hour later…
3:58 PM
@Flow Well, don't forget about Hulu Plus and HBO Go.
@Krampus Not here in germany…
Ah, yes. I'm spoiled that way, I guess. Not that I've ponied up for either of those.
There's a Mod election going on at Web Apps right now. Does anyone know if one is planned for AE?
@Krampus I haven't heard of one. Have we asked for one?
Just going by this answer: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/193555
And, just curious, really.
4:39 PM
@BryanDenny LOL Have you upvoted? #D
@Izzy that was an insta-delete ;)
I haven't really noticed us getting swamped to warrant another mod, but I thought the same thing last time we had an election
@BryanDenny Ah, not down-vote but down-cut #D
@Izzy I am the law
@BryanDenny I think you're confusing Judge Dredd with Zorro
5:01 PM
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7:56 PM
David Fullerton on December 04, 2013

The top bar of a Stack Exchange site has always been a bit of an odd place. It somehow combines user info, navigation, search, and a one-size-fits-all popup that includes hot network questions, a list of 100+ Stack Exchange sites, personal inbox messages, and other system notifications (lovingly referred to as The StackExchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™).

It was, in retrospect, overdue for a face-lift which is why we’re excited to roll out a new top bar this week.

So, in the redesigned top bar, we wanted to make sure that it would look the same across all sites, and make it obvious that you’ …

@StackExchange bigger, blacker bar!
8:48 PM
"StackExchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™", LOL!

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