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12:04 AM
@bobble I thought you were already done with your semester
It's mid May
My high school runs through mid June
oh quarters?
We have two semesters, which are broken down into two quarters apiece. And summer vacation which is separate.
Makes sense
Also, I'll apologize a bit for sending Rajorshi your way. He was badgering us in The Reading Room and I offered ELL as an alternative...
12:07 AM
Com'on don't say "badgering"
I don't think that word has any positive denotations
And said user is in this room
In fact sometimes I feel like Literature SE is a backup ELL
We told him to go away explicitly at least seven times and he did not listen... sorry, but I think that deserves a negative connotation
Because a lot of questions off topic here for lack of research or context will be accepted on Literature SE
We've directed a few people to ask here instead of on Lit for very basic meaning questions
12:13 AM
You mean in posts or in chat? Posts can simply be closed & migrated
For example, we were having a flood of Swimming in the Dark questions and the questioner was pointed to here in a comment. I don't think we migrated any of the posts, just the user :)
I am trying to get a grasp on the nature of said user's questions. I am looking at chat history from the reading room but there's just too much stuff
SitD user?
Can you please summarize for me the nature of their questions and why it was problematic?
Would you like a large number of links?
12:21 AM
Not really
I looked at some of their messages in chat and have indeed seen messages from other people telling them they were asking the wrong questions but am still confused
They came into the room and asked a question, and got an answer. Then they asked another question and got an answer, but also asked to not ask any more question in chat. Then they asked another question and did not get an answer. Then they asked the same question again. Then they asked for people to join a room they had made specially for tutoring them. Then they pleaded that they needed help to pass their test and get a job. Then they asked the question again. (cont.)
Then they asked a different question and were told to stop. Then they asked one of the original questions again. Then they asked a few more questions and were told in no uncertain terms to stop. Then they asked another question and were told to stop (repeat many more times, with the "stops" being insistent and no more answers being given). Sometimes they pleaded for pity as well, and at one point they defended themselves by saying they had a "sincere need". A few times this was moved to Trash.
and that's a summary, I suppose
The problematic part was the continued posting of questions after having been told to stop, combined with pleading for answers and acting as though we should be answering because they needed it badly
Okay that is indeed problematic and I agree that questions shouldn't be posted in chats in such a matter, so I am not exactly pleased that you directed that user here
I don't think I ever directed them to the chat, but just to the main-site
I see
Though I should have assumed that they would continue posting inappropriate questions in chat, and I am sorry for that
12:34 AM
sigh it's alright
Questions should go on main sites
Things for fun or off-topic stuff (including off-topic questions) that people enjoy can go in chat
As I recall, their two arguments for why they weren't posting on main-site were that they were question-limited (only 1 question every 40 minutes if you are low-rep) and that their questions were "easier" and "faster", thus they preferred chat discussion over waiting for an answer on main-site
The same behavior occurred in The Sphinx's Lair, but I think that has stopped now. (They actually managed to get question-banned on Puzzling for posting questions which were downvoted and off-topic)
I have to say that is not really good chat manners, judging from what you've told me
A few users have been helping them, generally in rooms set up for the sole purpose of being tutoring for them. However this requires a user who is willing to help and be pinged day-round, thus their many unsolicited room invitations.
I myself have an invite which I have not figured out how to dismiss.
Oh I do remember getting an invite to a chatroom which I never responded to
I don't mind answering questions once in a while but again chat should remain chat
Not that I am happy about the Reading Room, but from what I remember it was relatively new user friendly and open to general questions
But in this case I agree there has been a problem
And I am generally disinclined to respond to unannounced chatroom invites
@EddieKal my mistake, I didn't check it. But I found that sentence from coca, but don't know how to share the link, so shared the source coca quoted.
12:50 AM
@Man_From_India I think snail's question is a very important question. There should be a paper on this topic
or maybe snail has already published something on that
Since snail is the absolute grammar authority in these here parts, I think basically their post is indicative of that CEGL probably doesn't cover the question at issue
@bobble Oh I almost forgot I myself posted a riddle question in chat yesterday and got a brilliant answer! lol
Which chat?
Cuz it's a Japanese riddle or rather puzzle
I'll be taking Japanese as my required language in university :) maybe I'll make an account over there
Right @EddieKal and I also checked in CGEL, CaGEL, Biber et al. There seems to be nothing related to that.
Do you feel any oddity in that quoted sentence? Because in coca I didn't find similar sentence.
@Man_From_India I don't know what CaGEL and Biber are
Biber is an author?
Yes that sentence sounds off
1:00 AM
Yes. Longman grammar of spoken and written English, and the other one is A comprehensive grammar of English.
@bobble Good for you! Did you say you knew some Japanese?
@EddieKal very little, enough to form the move extremely basic and limited sentences. I have forgotten most of what I learned
Because it was posted long back, I mean snail's question. I just wish snail could clarify if she could manage to solve that. But unfortunately she doesn't turn up here any more.
I also know my hiragana, katakana, a smattering of kanji, and how to write properly in little boxes going down and left :)
Most of what I forgot is vocabulary, I understand and remember the particle system and some basic grammar forms
@Man_From_India Actually I never knew snail's gender or preferred pronouns...
Since you've been around much longer than I have...
@bobble Japanese is a very interesting language. And it blows my mind to see how many people in the West are studying it
Particles are difficult as heck
1:09 AM
@EddieKal how many of those Westerners are just trying to watch anime? :P
Almost everybody
I don't know complicated particle rules, but simple structures make sense at least
anime isn't my goal, I don't even watch it unless my sister insists
I took it in high school mostly based on the teacher. (All our language teachers are weird, but the Japanese teacher was weird in the best way). I like the grammar.
native speaker?
me, or the teacher?
for me no
The teacher
I am curious if high schools have native speaking Japanese teachers
because at college level it depends
1:13 AM
I am checking his website
@EddieKal hehe I understand. Yes it's a confirmed she :-)
Okay cool. She is hands down one of the nicest people I have met on SE
I have checked and am unsure. He looks Japanese, if it matters. He probably said something about it when on one of his tangents.
Well does he have a Japanese name...?
Neither name is Japanese, no
1:17 AM
Then the chance for him to be a native Japanese speaker is pretty slim
The difference between English and Japanese is when I google English phrases I get tons of stuff from non-native speakers, but Japanese published text can be pretty safely assumed natively written
2 hours later…
3:39 AM
This BBC headlines:
> Knife crime: St John Ambulance to teach teens to help stab victims.
4:20 AM
@Man_From_India I wanna enroll but none of the bloody stuff.
8 hours later…
12:07 PM
A: What does 'the safest way the quickest' mean?

randomheadThis is rather informal speech and probably not what you would write in a formal essay. I would agree with the suggestion to use "quickly" instead of "the quickest." The meaning is between to your versions 1 and 2. It means that using the tube is the quickest way to get fluids into the animal whi...

Is ot really informal? Yes there are really some complicated constructions happening in the sentence.
I really can't understand what makes it informal.
1:03 PM
@Man_From_India Ah! English headlines must play havoc for non-native speakers!
"Eats shoots and leaves"
1:32 PM
Folks, do you know the name of topic for the following grammar?

I like my coffee strong

I find it difficult to make money.
1:50 PM
@GWarner Yes some times. But in this case it is purely for entertainment purpose :-)
By the way, I always heard "play havoc with". :P Another non-native issue :D
@KimJongUn hmmm what exactly causes you trouble? Then I can tell you in a better way.
2:20 PM
@Man_From_India In "I like my coffee strong", what grammar is it? Subject + Verb+ Object + Adjective?
Can we say "I like my coffee to be strong." ?
3:09 PM
@KimJongUn That strong is an Object related Predicative Complement. And it is licensed by the predicator.
@KimJongUn Yes it is grammatical but the better version is the one with PC, and I would use that version myself.
> I like you to be honest.
This is correct but the following is not
> I like you honest [INCORRECT]
The verb - like - can license both a PC and non finite infinitive clause. But what is correct over the other depends on the meaning and context.
3:36 PM
A: What does 'the safest way the quickest' mean?

Man_From_IndiaI think you have no problem with this: It's the safest way to get the fluids into her. Now you want to add the manner by which to get the fluid into her. So you need a Manner Adjunct there, which can be realised either by a Noun Phrase (NP) or by a Preposition Phrase (PP). The manner adjunct th...

4:30 PM
@Man_From_India: Thank you for your explanation. Insightfull!
What is meant by impersonal pronoun
I really cannot figure out..Any assistance will be most welcome.
4:57 PM
@RajorshiKoyal I don't remember. Personal pronoun, yes I heard. But this one? Hmmm I think I forgot. Will get back to you tomorrow.
Sure:-) It is lockdown from tomorrow in our state!

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