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4:17 AM
What is meant by "how many volumes of manuscript with commentaries"
In a news it was reported that NArendra Modi released how many volumes of manuscript with commentaries by 21 scholars on shlokas of S Bhagvadgita at his residence
Please give me a slightly detailed insight into this..
5:04 AM
@RajorshiKoyal 11 volumes :-)
True but what does the news mean?
Could you explain the meaning slightly of the headline?
5:27 AM
You have not quoted the headline.
@Man_From_India I figures it out slightly that maybe Mr Modi is releaseing manuscripts of explanations on various slokas of the Bhagavad Gita.
Lets move over to some news from today's The Hindu
Let us do something..
Here what exactly is Let
I mean parts of speech?
On top of my head it looks like a verb.
What exactly is NITI Aayog?
Yes @Man_From_India but do is also a verb.
@RajorshiKoyal yes exactly. Do is also a verb.
Then please describe slightly this way of writing.
5:34 AM
And that do is a part of bare infinitive clause.
Not sure but I will try to explain -
I cannot really follow this
Please describe slightly
> Allow me to have that ice cream.
what is meant by bare infinitive cause?
Here both allow and have are verbs. allow is part of thr matrix clause, and have is part of the subordinate clause.
The verb of the matrix clause allow an infinitive clause. Here it is to have that ice cream.
Can you assist me slightly with matrix clause and subordinate?
5:47 AM
I think in your sentence with let it is similar construction. Except that the infinitive clause is without to that is what I meant by bare infinitive clause.
Main clause and subordinate clause. (Sorry I am on phone with limitation)
Can you assist me with some news artcle?
What is NITI Aayog can you explain this slightly?
6:05 AM
No please, no this way. It's a govt scheme. You can find several information about it on Google.
Ok then can we discuss news article online?
Language related?
Then please go ahead.
Let me get hold of the news
Can you assist me in some language terms?
6:12 AM
Ok. What did you get from that sentence?
Could not get you.
And how it is different from "let me do it"?
Did you get the meaning of that sentence?
I do not know:-(
Please assist me with this
And how is it different from "let me do it"?
I mean syntactically.
You say
6:15 AM
Try, it will help you.
I am not familiar with the clauses that you mentioned
Don't worry
> Let me do it.
Let me tell you this one is syntactically similar to the sentence you are talking about.
> Let me get hold of the news.
Can you spot the similarity?
Both used the word let to begin with the sentence.
6:19 AM
I do not know anything else
me is also common.
Try to find out the meaning of "get hold of"
Can you skim through the first three paragraph
I need to improve my descriptive writing skills
Only the first three paragraphs..
6:22 AM
But before writing, my suggestion is try to understand the meaning of a sentence when you read. Then write.
Yes so let us discuss each and every sentence together and discuss about it.
We need not discuss the whole news
Even a partical part of it should be sufficient
@RajorshiKoyal it's a huge task to discuss each and every sentence.
Frankly speaking it won't help you much.
I mean each point not each sentence
The first sentence in the article is a straight forward one:
> Many States have announced their intention to import COVID-19 vaccines through a global bidding process, and several tenders inviting Expression of Interest have been issued, including by Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Uttarakhand, and also by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation for Mumbai.
ok it is straightforward
Lets move to the next
6:26 AM
Yes, but the important thing is whether you understood it.
What is global bidding process?
It's nothing related to language, you can search for it.
Linguistically it is a bidding process that takes place globally.
But from the sentence and as I know the context, it doesn't seemingly mean on international level.
Got you:-)
please move to the next
2 hours later…
8:19 AM
@EddieKal I didn't know that new users now has to have certain reputation before they can post a comment. Were it introducted recently? Because as far as I remember it was not there when I started or in the initial days of ELL, I might be wrong, but I can't remember.
Now this poses a problem. I mean this restriction.
@Man_From_India Dude !!! I type as comment because its a comment not an actual answer and the reason I am doing it its solely because I have no enough reputation to do so... I dont think its that had to understand by just looking at my reputation number. and thanks for the comment — Atrin Noori 2 hours ago
Though I don't approve of his posting his comments as answer. I already let my disapproval known through a comment posted before that comment.
2 hours later…
10:20 AM
What is the work of a secretary?
How is it different from a President?
What is meant by Assistant Secretary General and head of the new york office
Could they equivalently be the same post
@Man_From_India Have I explained the things properly?
@RajorshiKoyal what explanation?
My question can you assist me with them?
They are important from examination point of view
Yes I understand Rajorshi, but I really have no idea.
ok no problem:-)
10:59 AM
@Man_From_India Do you have any idea what motion pictures are?
11:18 AM
@RajorshiKoyal are you referring to movies?
1 hour later…
12:43 PM
Motion is associated to movement but there is nothing else that I can figure out
1:12 PM
Q: English- I couldn't understand the structure and meaning of a sentence?

Aldin322 however small the words he exchanges, he makes friend impatiently with everybody he meets I couldn't understand this section: "however small the words he exchanges" What can you explain what that means and which tense is used Thanks in advance

1:28 PM
Interesting that here we get feed from other SE sites as well.
2 hours later…
3:18 PM
Q: Why do I need 50 reputation to comment? What can I do instead?

PekkaUsers with less than 50 reputation points cannot write comments on questions and answers that they don't own. Why does this limit exist? But I want to contribute now. What should I do instead? But I can't write a good answer without more information! Shouldn't I be allowed to post comments if I ...

See that question's linked questions (especially the lower-voted ones); many, many people have complained about the 50rep barrier and proposed alternatives, all have been shot down.
3:46 PM
4:25 PM
@Man_From_India I don't really know. It's been like that since I first came
Ah ha it's pretty annoying. Because you see that user is posting comments as an answer. If everyone does similar things, it will create clutter.
Mods have the ability to convert an answer to a comment, at their discretion.
5:04 PM
I see
@Man_From_India Wanna be a moderator?
We could use some help
For real
I am ready to help, but do you really think I can?
5:24 PM
If the mod team feels they need more help, you could contact CMs and ask for an election
6:12 PM
@bobble An assessment in the near future has been mentioned, after I asked two different CMs
@Man_From_India I think if you run you are vey likely to win
5 hours later…
10:51 PM
@EddieKal sure then. I am game. I will keep an eye on when the next assessment is due.

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