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1:00 AM
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Is this function communative?, Test Cases
1:57 AM
@Bubbler Interesting. (I cross-posted it in The Tarpit.) Took me a while to wrap my head around how the push instruction works and why no-op and empty tiles aren't the same thing.
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6:26 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

tshGet cell content by index from HTML table Input a strict subset of HTML <table> element as defined below. And two integers row and column. Output the content of specific cell at given index. Supported HTML Syntax Table: '<table>' Row* '</table>' Row: '<tr>' Cell* '</tr>' Cell: '<td' (' colspan="'...

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8:37 AM
Has anyone ever made a web app that needs to handle 30,000 requests per user per hour?
3 hours later…
11:45 AM
@RydwolfPrograms this is reminder five gazillion to update Who's Typing :p
12:34 PM
@TheEmptyStringPhotographer That's like only 8 requests per second, you should be able to handle trivially several hundred per second
Depends heavily on how much work handling the request is of course
2 hours later…
2:45 PM
@DLosc Tried things with a₁ but it won’t work if the list is full of 0s
(because it doesn’t unify with the empty list as the last possible suffix)
Someone posted a link to an elevator algorithm visualizer like 8-10 years ago either in this chat or as a challenge and I cannot find it :(
Went through every single mention of "elevator" in The Nineteenth Byte (wasn't that many, only three pages)
Found what I was looking for play.elevatorsaga.com
3:15 PM
like a week or 2 ago, I asked about what to do with my brainfuck derivative where you can pipe one brainfucks output into the next one's input by putting | in between the code blocks. codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/95035/natural-construction/…
2 hours later…
5:18 PM
@mousetail I’m controlling Minecraft player instances, and running on 0.1CPU and 512MBRAM (free stuff isn’t great).
And I thought 8 requests a second was a lot
CMQ If someone challenged you to write breakout in 60 minutes, what language would you choose?
@Simd Luau (Roblox)
@TheEmptyStringPhotographer interesting. Why that language?
5:37 PM
@Simd do i get an imaginary game engine for my lang too
6:05 PM
@Seggan no!
@TheEmptyStringPhotographer do you think you could do it?
6:36 PM
@Simd No. I don’t even know what it is, let alone making it.
@Simd Because Roblox already has an in-built physics and rendering engine and a lot of other utilities.
@Simd GDScript then
@TheEmptyStringPhotographer eh not for a 2d game
Might be possible to make a Roblox game 2D
@Simd Scratch is also a good candidate
If it’s a 2D game
@Seggan interesting!
@TheEmptyStringPhotographer is it a 2d game
@TheEmptyStringPhotographer scratch.mit.edu/projects/173183056
I couldn't see the source
Just suffix the url with editor: blablabla/project_id/editor
1 hour later…
7:51 PM
Today in Comment of the Yesterday:
Never forget that LASER stands for "Legal Amusement for Scientists, Engineers and Researchers". — cmaster - reinstate monica yesterday
8:30 PM
Fun fact: "Laser" and "razor" looks exactly the same when written in Hangul.
8:59 PM
@DLosc given it's a digit list, i think you can just cẹ
1 hour later…
10:19 PM
@UnrelatedString That's... really smart. Thanks!
np :P
i feel like i've done this before somewhere
Cursed challenge idea : Implement a sorting algorithm, where your code is sorted.
@UnrelatedString I also didn't realize that would convert a number to a list of digits. I probably would've tried ḃ₁₀ or ~c, lol
i don't actually know what else even does other than explode ints to digits
maybe strings?
and then it's a no-op on lists
Strings yes, and it's not a no-op on lists, it vectorizes
10:31 PM
Huh, but it just fails on floats and negative numbers
not surprised about floats but i am surprised about negative numbers
...combining those, it might be useful for checking if all elements of a list are nonnegative...
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Dannyu NDosCursed Sorting Algorithm restricted-source Objective Given a bytestring, sort the bytestring in ascending order. The cursed part is, your source code, as a bytestring, must (almost) be sorted in ascending order as well. Scoring The submission with the least number of ascending runs shall win. The...

This would be vulnerable from builtins but whatever
you could just make a cw to collect trivial answers
10:40 PM
What's a "cw"?
community wiki
answer type that's easier for other people to edit and doesn't give rep for votes
What about turning this to code-bowling?
as a tiebreak after least number of nondescending runs, or?
And an additional restriction: Your source code cannot have duplicated bytes. That sets the maximum length of submissions to 256 bytes.
@UnrelatedString Yeah, a tiebreaker.
that would uh
completely change the challenge
10:45 PM
Still viable, I think.
basically only golflangs could do it at all and it would be a game of figuring out the most no-ops you can cram into a single run
because there's not that many operations you can actually compose into a sort operation
I can change the objective, I guess. A no-op.
Or the identity function.
back to the bowling idea, that would i guess give golflangs something to do and might not be too weird for praclangs? and maybe just tack pristineness on to avoid trivially padding runs out
10:57 PM
@UnrelatedString pristineness creates the opposite problem of golflangs being the only viable approach
At least it does with ones that have implicit output
@UnrelatedString that one too
Because now, modern golflangs all score 0
as in can't be reduced to a solution that sorts with the same number of nondescending runs
Then it's just code golf with weird restrictions
Prac-langs can't be too long because of the no duplicate bytes restriction
11:01 PM
i'm saying without the no duplicate bytes restriction
Golflangs can't be too long either because you'd risk having an irreducible program
@UnrelatedString ahh that makes a bit more sense
because that murders praclangs either way
Nevermind. The idea was cursed anyway.
challenges are never blessed.
@UnrelatedString if I have something with a large amount of non descending runs that can't be reduced anyway, then the restriction is basically nullified
I don't think code bowling is the answer here :p
Code bowling is something you need to design intentionally, rather than sticking it onto a challenge idea because it's trivial otherwise
11:16 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Dannyu NDosCompose Two Polynomials Objective Given two polynomials \$p\$ and \$q\$ with integer coefficients (and with one indeterminate), output their composition \$p \circ q\$. I/O format Flexible. It is assumed that the inputted polynomials have no leading zero coefficients, and the outputted polynomial ...


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