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4:02 PM
Making a custom library for DOM stuff for RTO because JS somehow managed to do it as badly has humanly possible despite JS literally existing for the purpose of DOM manipulation :|
I don't think modern JS' DOM interface is too bad
the only major thing it lacks is parent selectors
Also TIL sock² has a really bad memory leak, it was using 1.4 GB and I've done minimal web browsing today
@pxeger Parent selectors?
Not sure what you mean by selectors, there's parentNode
Something like querySelector and querySelectorAll, but instead of selecting children, it selects parents
@pxeger Wdym by modern? Nothing significant has changed in the last like three decades other than like, querySelector being added.
so x.querySelector('.a') === x.querySelector('.a').firstChild.queryParentSelector('.a')
@RadvylfPrograms That, in combination with other modern JS features like [...x], forEach, filter etc. which make it usable and pretty concise
4:06 PM
It's still ridiculously verbose and painful to do anything, you need like five statements that are all really stupidly named to just like...add a list item to a list
@pxeger hahahahahahahahahahahhaha what?!?!?!?!
Are you using jQuery or something without noticing?
I mean, obviously what it really needs is an embedded declarative DSL like JSX and a thin component management layer like React
but I think even for creating new elements it's not too bad
For example, I think none of github.com/pxeger/pn/blob/main/static/script.js is really that bad
var div = document.createElement("div"); div.textContent = "Hi!"; div.classList.add("xyz"); document.getElementById("parent").appendChild(div);
var div = document.createElement("div"); div.textContent = "Hi!"; div.classList.add("xyz"); document.getElementById("parent").appendChild(div);
This should be one or two lines. Something like dom.byId("parent").add(dom.build("div.xyz", "Hi!"));
(Sorry for the long delays between messages and duplicates, chat is literally unusable with this wifi. I'm getting tens of bytes per second upload speed.)
where are you?
My school
or newEl = new dom.Element('div.xyz', {text: "Hi!"}); dom.get("parent").append(newEl) is something that I would still be fine with
4:14 PM
@RadvylfPrograms It's not normally this bad, though, right?
Who would have guessed that they messed up something wifi related
@ophact Too many es
@RadvylfPrograms Ideally I'd like something like $"parent" += <div class="xyz">"Hi!"</div>
what do you mean too many "e"s`? did oyu mean the misspelling? @RadvylfPrograms
@pxeger what?
new syntax?
so $ is a keyword?
@pxeger That's the ugliest syntax I've ever seen, going to stab my eyes out now
@ophact No, I just hate the letter e :p
@ophact Radvylf has synaesthesia, and doesn't like the colour of the letter e (‽)
4:16 PM
Just seeing HTML outside a string gives me a headache
and so does $ followed by a " or any other quote
Let's just make JS entirely XML based, easy answer. Don't know why we've been making this so hard for two decades /s
@ophact yes, JS is supposed to be a web language, so having dedicated syntax for web things doesn't seem too bad to me
Aug 17, 2021 at 16:38, by pxeger
(no joke, the first programming language I tried to make used XML)
@pxeger Sure, and I was just about to say that. But make it good syntax
@RadvylfPrograms Well I was just trying to mimic HTML. Do you want something better than HTML (because, I admit, HTML doesn't have a great syntax)
Embedding HTML in JS is an awful idea IMO. Maybe a type of string that can handle things like quotes in attributes without escaping would be cool, but but "here's some HTML deal with it" is ugly, hard to read, and will undoubtedly create ambiguity
4:18 PM
@RadvylfPrograms JSX already does this and it works fine
How would you parse var x = y<z>w;?
I don't like the look of JSX frankly
@RadvylfPrograms I'd raise an error
that is if the HTML-in-JS feature is implemented
Why? That means you can't use var < var > var any more
@RadvylfPrograms same as ((y<z)>w)
@RadvylfPrograms if you separate with whitespace I will allow it
it's like how a++5 errors but a + +5 doesn't
something along those lines
I would allow y < z > w to be parsed as (y < z) > w
Requiring whitespace between operators and identifiers but-only-sometimes is just really wack IMO
@RadvylfPrograms It's how C does it too
Add another reason then
@ophact although in a perfect language, y < z > w should mean y < z && z > w
True. I find that really helpful
4:21 PM
@pxeger Was that supposed to be a case for the readability of that?
> onClick={
        (event: any) => {
          if (event.target === event.currentTarget && language !== null) {
@ophact Actually, why shouldn't a++5 be something like a=5*(a+1)?
Just go all implicit everything /s
@RadvylfPrograms It's a case for showing you that this syntax has been implemented and works
and yes, I find it pretty readable
not perfect, definitely, but better than the equivalent with document.createElement or whatever
For me I just work with HTML, but with strings
and I insert them so that the elements are not overwritten
@pxeger Sure, it's better than document.createElement, because literally anything is lol
4:24 PM
I don't use innerHTML (except to delete everything from an element) but I insertAdjacentHTML which (at least in my experience) preserves everything else
@pxeger Ahh no, even worse
@ophact That causes a ton of problems
@ophact that's a good way to get an XSS
@ophact Oh nvm
@pxeger XSS how?
4:25 PM
@pxeger Not if it's HTML you control which it often is
If you're using dynamic strings
tf is a dynamic string
Could you give an example of how an XSS would work with dynamic strings?
but if you're only using literals then that's fine
does the attacker "inject" strings into my code?
4:25 PM
@RadvylfPrograms I just mean one where you construct a string with some user input in it
Usually you can just get around that trivially with JSON.stringify or some replaces
@pxeger Well in my case the string is built either from data from an API or user input
so I guess I'm vulnerable
but how?
If you do something like el.insertAdjacentHTML("<p>Your name is: " + userInput + "</p>")
well not usually like that, but if the user clicks on something then I display some text
then if userInput is something like <script>alert("hello maybe I can now execute arbitrary code on another user's browser")</script>,
you'll get an XSS
4:27 PM
Oh I see
but it doesn't affect the backend does it?
unless I stupidly create some API calls to manipulate the backend
in ways that cannot be done from the frontend
as long as I implement secure defenses on the backend it should be fine right?
@ophact No, but running arbitrary code on users' browsers still ranges from fairly bad to really bad
Unless it's purely a self-XSS, but that's just a problem that isn't currently exploitable, not not a problem
@pxeger But that doesn't affect the other user's browser, it only alerts on the attacker's browser.
And it'd be annoying if I wanted to type in a string with <s and stuff and it broke the page
but now there's a problem not just with security, but with user experience too
@ophact If you can somehow save that user input in the site database, or if it can be somehow included in the URL parameters, and the attacker sends the link to the user
4:31 PM
Yeah, and even if it's only a self-XSS now, there's always a risk you'll implement some sort of feature that saves the string on the back-end, and allows various attacks
what exactly do you mean by "self-XSS"?
An XSS where you can only XSS yourself
If I'm understanding this correctly, it goes something like "attacker inputs malicious code -> submits in a form (perhaps) whose data gets saved in a database -> other user opens page that relates to the content in that form -> HTML is generated dynamically from that data -> malicious code included -> malicious code is run (?) and causes catastrophic damage"
To me a self-XSS is where the attacker convinces the user to paste some malicious code in the browser console or something
(^^^ in response to @pxeger's reply to my message)
4:32 PM
@ophact Yeah, sort of
@pxeger That's a self-XSS too, yeah
One where the user's the one running the code, regardless of whether it's intentional or as part of a social engineering thing like you mentioned
This sounds pretty bad, so I think I'll have to implement a defense on the website I'm currently building
putting the user input in a pre tag should work
@RadvylfPrograms But a self-XSS where it's "haha make your username <script>...</script> and something funny happens" is way easier to pull off than "hey paste this into your console"
@ophact What if the attacker puts </pre> in their input?
You need to HTML-escape it properly
like replace < with &lt; etc
@ophact The normal way to do it is to escape what they type in. Just replacing < with &lt; is all you really need.
yeah, that's another potential solution
4:35 PM
Escaping the input is the only real solution other than not using innerHTML or its variantsd
@ophact putting it in <pre> isn't gonna work, you really need to escape it
@RadvylfPrograms if you want to ensure the input is unchanged, you should also replace & with &amp;
and if you're putting user-generated content inside an attribute, you also need to escape " into &dquot; (or whatever that is), and maybe ' into &apos;
@pxeger Oh true
really you should just use an existing library
clear star on Ginger's 2 hour old message?
ik it's completely unrelated to the topic at hand but just noticed it
@pxeger I agreed with you until this part
Libraries are almost always stupid, especially for things you can write in 10m
4:37 PM
especially JSX...
JSX isn't really a library
it's a syntax layer on top of JS, but it's part of React, which is a library
oh (on top of JS) (which is part of react) not (on top of (JS which is a part of react) lol
@RadvylfPrograms but for security things like this, you might write it wrong
This is the same reason you're told not to roll your own crypto
Middle names are so weird
Like, I just have this random thing in my name that I only really need to remember exists on legal documents and standardized tests
@pxeger True, security stuff is really the only time they're mandatory. But for a few .replaces, if you know to actually bother with it, you already know enough about the danger to likely do it right
And I trust myself more than whoever wrote some random NPM package
thanks to both of you for pointing out security issues in my website ;)
4:47 PM
Not really a fan of how convenient innerHTML makes introducing security vulnerabilities and performance and usability issues
And if it does exist, the ordinary DOM manipulation should be made nice enough that innerHTML is the uglier choice, not practically the forbidden gold standard of readability
The practice of naming dangerous functions with unsafe in them should have been invented earlier
Like dangerouslySetInnerHTML
5:06 PM
Henceforth, I shall be more careful about my choices in frontend JavaScript (and backend too)
got a ton of security libraries to install.
5:25 PM
@RadvylfPrograms This is how I feel about both my first and middle names, given that I don't go by either of them :P
"Oh, you want my legal name? Ugh, sure, lemme remember that"
Legal names are overrated, illegal ones are way better :p
5:55 PM
Is O((2x+2)^n) the same as O((2x)^n)?
Aren't constants ignored entirely? So it's just O(x^n)?
Wait, is n a constant or a second input
But 2^n isn't a constant
x is constant, n is the input
@cairdcoinheringaahing Is O(2^n) the same as O(3^n)?
I don't think so wait yes
@pxeger I feel like this is a question you ask to get someone to realise something, but I legit don't know :P
so therefore the base is not important
6:02 PM
@pxeger Ah ok, good to know. My Jelly answer to your powers question can be even more inefficient then :P
because 3^n = 2^(log2(3) * n)
and log2(3) is constant
so their big-O notations are equivalent
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Honestly, at this point, I don't think I can be bothered to simplify the big-O notation :P
(2x+2)^n = (2x) ^ ((log_{2x}(2x+2)) * n), which is just (2x)^n' where n' is a linear function of n
and big-O notation is the same under linear transformations, right?
I'm really confused now
@pxeger The multiplication has to go on the output, not the input.
Well that's what made me doubt myself
6:09 PM
They are not the same, there are some functions which are O(3^n) but not O(2^n). But often in cases where we apply big O asymptotic analysis we actually don't care.
6:25 PM
@pxeger Oh look, more pointlessly starred messages
Whoever's starring random messages, please stop
The purpose of stars is to highlight particularly useful information, or other things worth highlighting, like things which are funny, sufficiently on-topic, and are both of these things both with and without context. Starring things like "hmm" or messages in ordinary discussions is an abuse of the starboard, and hides things actually worth highlighting.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Looks fine, my main issue is that describing the challenge in terms of shuffling poker chips had me a bit confused about what was actually being asked. Reversing a shuffle seems like it ought to give two stacks which could have been the original stacks that were shuffled to give the input, whereas the challenge is to give one stack with all the chips of each color together.
@DLosc Yeah, I wasn't sure how to best describe the process, and given that I got the idea while shuffling poker chips, I went with that. I think I'll try to reframe it before posting
7:01 PM
TIL mods can move chat messages to a new room, but normal users can't
Hmm, the trivia you learn from reverse-engineering the chat JS
My favorite is the debug commands
chat users have two different privileges called is_moderator and can_moderate with bizarre subtle differences between them
e.g. you have a diamond next to your name in popups iff you can_moderate, but you have a diamond next to your name in chat messages iff you is_moderator
also, there are some references to "[easter-?]eggs" and "asteroids"
maybe to do with past april fools' jokes?
@RadvylfPrograms there's also //cash
7:16 PM
It logs a bunch of garbage to the console though
Interestingly, that means it's impossible to send either //test or //cash on an unmodified chat client (without editing the message)
@pxeger Nope, these are to actual easter eggs :P
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1732348/regex-match-open-tags-except-xhtml-self-contained-tags/1732454#1732454
If you go to any SO chat room, and enter a message that "looks like" an attempt to parse HTML with regex, you get a bunch of weird symbols and text floating around
Q: What Easter eggs do the chat sites have?

MosheAccording to balpha, the SE chat sites may have individual Easter eggs, depending on the site. If you find them, please post. Because it's so easy to make this stuff up, a screenshot as proof would be nice. (Although Photoshop isn't that hard either...)

7:22 PM
I literally got one message from that, saying
> The sun may rise in the east, at least it settles in a final location
Is chat search run by some dying god? :P
That is not a reference I would expect to see in a chat.SE easter egg :P
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DLoscStoring a band matrix code-golf matrix Related A band matrix is a matrix whose non-zero entries fall within a diagonal band, consisting of the main diagonal and zero or more diagonals on either side of it. (The main diagonal of a matrix \$A\$ consists of all entries \$A_{i,j}\$ for which \$i=j\$....

7:40 PM
Okay I give up trying to implement the cookie spec properly
there barely is a spec lol
It'd be a lot easier if I didn't subconsciously try to change all of the variable names to not include es
CMC: ASCII art portrait of Marilyn Monroe, minimum 32×64 chars.
(Does Mathematica have a built-in for that?)
I couldn't OCR it successfully
@pxeger I'm getting websocket connection errors on this.
7:54 PM
@Adám Yep, the old unexplainable intermittent ATO error
Looks nice when rendered in Ubuntu Mono at size 3:
@pxeger It happens occasionally on f007320, and very often on 6fea956, and I wish I knew why
The underlying error is that the directory /run/ATO/{invocation ID}/ is not created
Maybe your server is on fire
But why would my server mysteriously extinguish itself when I rollback the version?
Couldn't you try a couple of times, rather than error immediately?
@pxeger What did the code for that look like?
8:01 PM
@Adám If it's something that only works sometimes, that's the problem, not how many chances you give it to probabilistically succeed.
@Adám I've tried inserting a sleep, to see if it's somehow that the directory isn't created yet, but that doesn't help
And because it's intermittent, not purely random, I don't think retrying would be helpful
Dyalog APL sometimes fails to delete a directory, but succeeds upon a subsequent try.
How long do such outages typically last?
If you can recognise the situation, you could tell the user to try in X seconds.
What really annoys me is that it's not "I haven't worked out what is causing it to not be there", but "I have worked out that there is no reason for it not to be there"
The only way it could possibly not be there is if it somehow gets removed by github.com/attempt-this-online/attempt-this-online/blob/… before the command executes
but that simply can't happen
I have honestly pored over this for hours
@Adám it looked like "open up google and type in 'Marylin Monroe ascii art'"
@pxeger How much logging of stuff did you have? If in doubt, add more prints.
@pxeger That's forbidden by default loopholes ;-)
8:41 PM
would anyone like to have a go at figuring out the format of SA2 files?
Is that your custom file archiving thing?
it's a simple format
but I figure yall might get some entertainment out of it
A table at the front listing the files and their locations within the archive?
wait, did I tell yall the format?
Not to my knowledge
8:46 PM
But that's the most obvious way to do it
the intention was for you to look at the files
...but yes, that is part of it
wait, that's an old version
one seccy
You should make the format optimized for Jelly compression :p
caird readme.txt aachen [data] Dude file.js aachen. [data]
8:55 PM
there we go
@RadvylfPrograms ^
arguably even that's wrong
but eh
2 hours later…
11:24 PM
Oh no...I just got to the domain part of the cookie RFC and I'm going to have to deal with international domain names
IDN is hellish.
I'm just going to throw an error if anything's not an NR-LDH label
So far I'm only planning on using this for SE chat bots, which I know won't have to deal with any of that
@RadvylfPrograms let me introduce you to E4X
Oh no...
I mean, I guess for XML-in-JS it's not that bad, but XML should never have existed in the first place (and arguably neither should JS have) IMO
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