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11:04 AM
@Ausername this shoudl be fully explained now.
11:19 AM
would it be a duplicate to post codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/15791/histogram-generation but with the y-axis for the counts?
so basically the same challenge rotated by 90 degrees
11:35 AM
@ophact Wow, just did ctrl-f on the frontpage for "A username" and 14 occurrences came up.
11:55 AM
Was just checking the leagues and saw that @lyxal lost 644 rep this month. Probably because of how many bounties he was giving
12:16 PM
@ophact that's right
Lotm is actually quite expensive
I'm very lucky I had 14k to start with
I can't imagine myself giving out +50 bounties to PPL answers (only 1.6k rep, coming up on 1.7k), besides Primitive Programming Language is quite, well, primitive.
@Ausername What I've been doing today :)
Mind you the 644 also includes the 5 answer bounty
@cairdcoinheringaahing uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i thought i put yours down first oops :(
btw I was replying to an old "One thing I've noticed about this site is, whenever someone digs up an old gem, everyone starts answering it."
how do you quote?
my thought process was "there are 4 mods and 4 ROs" then "wait i forgot about xnor" so 5+4=9 but since doorknob is both then -1, except i forgot to account for doorknob so i was un double counting nothing reeee
@ophact > hello
12:22 PM
> so
> like this?
> So just like in answers.
> I'll be talking like this from now on.
Hm, someone should make a definitely SE Chat Markdown guide.
Mar 6 at 1:08, by Lyxal
I found this markdown tutorial for SE chat
12:25 PM
> To think I actually clicked it...
> need to be more critical of things
There is a fairly complete description of SE chat on the APL Wiki.
1 hour later…
1:45 PM
Uh oh
@NewPosts REDWOOOOLLLLFFFFF!!!1!1!11!!
Okay, it was a very small bug, no worries
Just the script running in the wrong working directory
What is this, a party? Hi user, rak, NP, and SP!
I dislike being grouped with three other bots, though
Bots are inferior to humans. I hate all of them
1:52 PM
I like bots more.
It's easier to have a conversation with them.
You wouldn't say that if you were a bot
the nice thing about bots is that you can turn them off
wish you could do that with some people
@rak1507 Only authorized users can, unfortunately
I'm basically just a very well trained markov chain
@user Which means that I can't turn you off :(
1:53 PM
@rak1507 You can!
@RedwolfPrograms Good doggo markov chain
@RedwolfPrograms Um, I don't think I like where this is going
@RedwolfPrograms not remotely
@rak1507 You can if you have $\infty$ stones
unfortunately I don't :(
@rak1507 Here, have a $\lim_{x\to\infty}x$ stone
Great, another bot just popped in here
2:04 PM
@Adám it's something that could go in a revised chatiquette+guide
which i made and then forgot about and never made a meta post about
Can you modify the ppcg.github.io repository?
@user no, I'd have to ask Doorknob to do that
1 hour later…
3:16 PM
Q: COW interpreter in codegolf?

raspiduinoQuick note: this is my first time to codegolf(.stackexchange.com) :) so forgive me if I made any mistake. Thanks! Task: Write a COW interpreter in any other (codegolf) language. (This COW language is weird, but you can try writing COW interpreter in COW language!) Rule: This is codegolf, so the l...

4:08 PM
@NewPosts Do y'all think this is clear enough?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ophactConic Sections (simplified) code-golf math characteristics Given the equation of a non-parabolic conic section, output its characteristics. Spec This assumes prior knowledge of hyperbolas and ellipses, as well as their characteristics. (This includes circles; they are a special case of the elli...

@user Yes, but it's a dupe
Oh nvm then
4:23 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Yes, like that, but covering chat's markdown.
That does cover chat markdown
No, it doesn't.
What doesn't it cover?
Quote (`>`)
Code blocks
The rules for long messages
Reply tags
The full chat FAQ also mentions one boxing and tags, but that isn't as easy to link
4:26 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I didn't mean subject tags, I meant reply tags, like :58176193
5:22 PM
Anyone else find chat sometimes goes all white when you switch to it from another tag?
@hyper-neutrino if doorknob is unresponsive, I think I might be able to as well
Not sure though
Oh, that would be cool (yeah doorknob hasn't been very active and especially not in chat :/)
might be worth using a new one though given we're not even called "PPCG" anymore lol
Oh well at that point it would probably be easier to just make a new one rather than editing the old one
Especially to make sure that the right people have access
yeah. i'm thinking it'd make sense to just create a new one with the new name (unfortunately cgcc is taken but I have cgcc-se) and that way i can give access to the current mods+ROs
speaking of which... your last (non-recent) message here was in oct 2020 and i am pleasantly surprised to see that you're back, but i removed your RO permissions alongside almost all of the other previous ROs to keep the list clean and only including active users, so... sorry about that lol
Columbia Gorge Community College doesn't even have any public repositories
5:31 PM
if you ever want to be a room owner again i'm sure nobody here would object though :D
I say we report them to GitHub and claim their name for ourselves!
@hyper-neutrino I noticed lol. No offense taken, I was definitely gone for a while
I'm fine with DJ being an RO, but I don't think I trusted this "James" fellow who was around before :P
Since DJMcMayhem was already elected, there won't need to be another meta post to decide if they should be re-elected, right?
Yeah, he was sus. Stole my avatar :P
5:38 PM
@user if they want to be a room owner again, I think a quick consensus here would probably be enough, so long as all of the ROs agree it should be fine, and I'm sure WW and JK would be fine with it but I can ask them too
@pxeger All blank, yes (I have a user style, so I get all dark grey.)
since the only reason I removed DJ in the first place wasn't because they shouldn't be an RO anymore, but that I wanted to remove all of the inactive ROs so people knew who the active ones they could ping for help were :P
@pxeger Happens occasionally to me, I just reload the page and it fixes it
it's mildly annoying though
5:42 PM
happens to me too
@user Stack Overflow's old dark theme CSS was orange, apparently (irrelevant now, but it came up during the conversation about orange sites)
Anyway, CMM I guess, should we link to the new chatiquette? I can bring this to meta if wanted but it isn't too significant of a change
main changes are: includes up-to-date list of current moderation and RO team, slightly clearer wording about things to avoid and things to do, new guidelines based on more recent information and incidents, and the most important thing of course, the new site is green, which is CGCC's theme color, and as we all know, that is clearly the most important
oh also it's named CGCC since we're not PPCG anymore
It will always be ppcg in my heart
I have a really fun cmc but I can't do it because of the dyalog competition :( sad
@DJMcMayhem i have a userscript somewhere that will undesign the site back to PPCG and even ungraduate it all the way back into beta, if you want :p it just steals conlang.SE's beta CSS page
5:47 PM
@hyper-neutrino The "room owners" link could go straight to chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/info/240/…
Ooh, that section has an ID. convenient. thanks!
@hyper-neutrino I think it can't hurt. Given that it's mainly just updating info, rather than changing anything, I can't think of any objections
I wonder how many people here have actually read the chatiquette tbh. Not that anyone needs to, but it seems similar to the CoC in that not enough people read it
I can't say I've read every word in detail
My only feedback is that it should be chattiquette with a double T
that looks wrong to me (possibly just because i'm used to seeing it with one T)
though i have fixed the bolding in the new one lol, since the old one is chat + tiquette = chatiquette which is technically incorrect
6:10 PM
@hyper-neutrino Cool bookmarklet for discovering ids: javascript:document.body.innerHTML+="<style>[id]{outline:1px solid #ff0!important}[id]:hover{outline:1px solid #f00!important}</style>";document.querySelectorAll('[id]').forEach(i=>i.title='#'+i.id)
6:21 PM
oh nice, that's cool
That bookmarklet's opened my eyes. With it, I can see (sections) much more clearly
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

caird coinheringaahingBut is it Art? But Is It Art? is an esolang created by ais523, where one step is break the program into orthogonally connected "tiles": A BBBB A B B AA CC A CC Each separate letter shows a different tile. Interestingly, programs in But Is It Art? only rely on the orientations of the tiles thems...

codegolf.codidact.com/posts/281956 new challenge go solve
relevant (basically identical) problem has appeared on the Canadian Computing Contest in 2015: DMOJ link
cool challenge tho; I think the main difference is that one doesn't require backspace at the start of an array
wonder if that's where the commenter got it from
mentioned a french forum, they speak french in canada so it's possible
6:53 PM
Argh, Codidact just tricked me into posting twice ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
It told me my draft wasn't saved even though it was, so I saved it again just to be sure, and whaddaya know, I'd already saved it (and apparently the save button posts the draft as an answer)
do you mean the "save post in challenges" button?
yeah that means post. for some reason lol.
@hyper-neutrino You may want to mention not discussing suspended users in chat in the new chatiquette
True. that seems to be coming up often
6:58 PM
The only other thing I'd change is that background color :p
Lightness needs to be increased a bit imo
My first CGCC post with +60!
Just plain black on white (or an optional white on black) shouldn't be too bad
@RedwolfPrograms Nice!
added a section
@RedwolfPrograms the background color is #efe; I can't really make it that much lighter :p
should I just make it pure white?
the text color is #333
Yuck, hex
Even worse, three digit hex
Try hsl(120, 100%, 98%) or hsl(120, 100%, 99%)
it's golfier :p
HSL is so nice once you switch over
7:05 PM
It's like spending five years hitting nails with your bare hands, then finally coming across a hammer
changed it to what you mentioned (99%)
question: how do I get firefox not to be stupid with caching?
@RedwolfPrograms That's what everyone says about their choice of date format/browser/car/religion/diet/philosophy/side of war/anything
@hyper-neutrino wdym
it's not acting like a reasonable browser and i'm tempted to switch back to chrome because half of the sites i try to use just act really weirdly
why would you ever want almost white and almost black? just use #fff and #000, it's simpler
7:06 PM
Do you have an extension or userscript screwing up caching or something?
like 10 times in a row earlier today i opened CGCC with 2 inbox notifs and +10 rep even though it was the same thing every time
i shouldn't; my userscripts on FF are a subset of what i had on chrome
It's the Pauli effect :P
If you're going for the green color, I'd do the 98%
Tampermonkey wasn't working for you either, right?
99% is a bit too subtle to me, it almost looks like it's accidentially not white
7:08 PM
tamper is fine, grease wasn't
i may as well just make it pure white lol
the old chatiquette is blue and that's more or less why i made mine green
Both of those are weird background colors
i don't like to make my text color pure tho; i usually do #333 over #fff in light theme and #ccc or #eee over #333 with #222 or #444 for highlights in dark theme
I usually do #202020 for text colors in light themes
White and black seem the most natural
But on dark themes I do #ffffff
7:09 PM
apparently if you select multiple tabs (at least in firefox), ctrl-r reloads all of them, which is pretty cool
okay i just made it off-black on pure-white lol
Make sure the text is rainbow-colored Comic Sans
With a line height of 0.5
There was an actual presentation we watched in a CompSci class where this professor had rainbow colored text, Comic Sans, and weird pictures such as a guy carrying happy watermelons
why does this not work
i hate CSS btw
Remove the colons maybe?
0% { ... }
7:17 PM
VTC. Needs more details
And those semicolons after the keyframes don't seem like good practice either
@hyper-neutrino did you reference the css from the html?
well it's in body {}
also yeah the colons must be the issue thanks
well it's still not working...
<link href="/style.css" rel="stylesheet" /> better use a relative href
wdym, like just style.css?
7:22 PM
@hyper-neutrino <link href="../style.css" rel="stylesheet" />
Did you also remove the semicolons after the x% { ... }s?
Wait you did
Try removing infinite
The <link> isn't the problem if any of the other styles show up
Fixed it. Remove the !importants
removed infinite, still nothing
@RedwolfPrograms they didn't show up for me
7:25 PM
um.. i've cloned the repo and opened the html locally
anyway this is too much effort for a stupid joke
i'm just gonna restore the real stylesheet
HSL looks way better than red/orange/yellow/green/blue/purple btw :p
too lazy to use HSL
@hyper-neutrino s/%:/%/
7:28 PM
I made it look really good, no idea why I spent this much time on it though lol
already fixed
but... firefox won't use the new style
i'm using ctrl-shift-r
did you remove the !important-s?
it works for me when i do that
please can firefox just load the right stylesheet
going to the style.css link itself shows the updated version
going to the view-source of the page itself shows the updated relative link
all that doesn't work is the actual page itself
i am going back to chrome if this doesn't work within like 2 minutes
It's not really funny when caching's the obvious issue though
7:32 PM
it doesn't even work on chrome
is github pages just stupid or smth
If you make too many changes too quickly it stops updating for a while
wait frick i made the wrong change
this is what i get for messing around with like 120% of my stylesheet
No, the caching is just too aggressive. I've had success with leaving the inspector open, and then spamming Ctrl+Shift+F5
lol this is what i get for implementing jokes
this is why i never do fun things
conclusion: pebkac
ok anyway chatiquette is formatted properly now and i am not messing with it anymore
If I have a list of items with sizes and costs and I want to get as much as possible (in terms of size) for a fixed amount of money, is that a hard problem?
7:44 PM
Sounds almost exactly like the knapsack problem
ah.. is that what it is?
@Anush Yes, NP-.
hmm. thanks. I guess it has a simple 2 -approximation
CMC: Solve any NP-hard problem in constant time
x=>0 (solves special case of knapsack problem)
7:47 PM
there seems to be an algorithm that runs in O(nW) time... but what is W?
@user doable for a sufficiently big constant ;)
@rak1507 Wait, can you actually pick a large enough constant to do that?
I thought since the size of the input was also unbounded, that'd be impossible
7:48 PM
Oh ok
@Anush the knapsack problem?
@ngn You've been ninja'd already
@ngn yes it seems so. I am trying to understand the complexity of the dynamic programming solution from the wiki
can someone verify if this is right? "the definition of big O notation is that a function f(x) is in O(g(x)) if there exists some constant C such that for all x, f(x) <= Cg(x)"
@Anush which wiki?
7:50 PM
The knapsack problem is a problem in combinatorial optimization: Given a set of items, each with a weight and a value, determine the number of each item to include in a collection so that the total weight is less than or equal to a given limit and the total value is as large as possible. It derives its name from the problem faced by someone who is constrained by a fixed-size knapsack and must fill it with the most valuable items. The problem often arises in resource allocation where the decision makers have to choose from a set of non-divisible projects or tasks under a fixed budget or time...
ah, wikipedia..
@hyper-neutrino Yes, someone can.
wiki/wikipedia is like crypto/cryptocurrency
Wikipedia is a wiki, no?
@user yes. and cryptocurrencies use cryptography :) i mean if we abbreviate wikipedia to wiki, it's just as wrong as abbreviating cryptocurrency as crypto
7:52 PM
I'm dumb
@hyper-neutrino Do you mean the running time of f(x) is proportional to g(x)?
@user idk how to terminology
idk Big O and Big Theta and Big Omega, I'm just guessing :/
is W the sum of all the weights?
IIRC Big O is upper bound, omega is lower bound, theta is both?
@hyper-neutrino yes
although they are all "for sufficiently large input sizes"
7:56 PM
@Anush it seems to be the capacity of the knapsack
wait, my issues with firefox might be being caused by privacybadger? idk
@ngn ah ok
so, an upper bound for the sum of the weights (of picked up items times their multiplicities)
Ugh, not having my good laptop for a month and a half is going to be awful
O(nW) seems fast
8:04 PM
@lyxal Don't forget you would've earned a thousand or so in that month.
What about it?
Nothing really, you did a good job. I've just never seen you use JS before.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ JS was easy to use there. I've never used it for anything complex (I do have a few JS answers though) :P
8:21 PM
@rak1507 6 bytes in Jelly :D
wow that's clever
i couldn't think of a way to get it to avoid the last element and then i was going to use the until-non-unique but this is much better :p
IIRC we've had a similar challenge here
every time I post a challenge on codidact I worry that it's a dupe but at least it can't be closed as one!
8:33 PM
if a challenge was posted on codidact and it wasn't announced in tnb, was it really posted? :)
I think people would see it eventually but I like to speed up the process
Maybe we should have knapsack challenge
not sure, as a code golf it'd just be bruteforce or dp, as a fastest code lots of algorithms already exist, so either way it's not particularly interesting
Q: Solve the knapsack problem

JiminPKnapsack Problem (Actually, this is a subset of real knapsack problem.... - there's nothing to optimize!) The knapsack problem is: Given positive integers , and an integer S, find non-negative integers satisfies ... or in (my bad) English... Suppose you have many stuffs which weight...

though this apparently isn't the real knapsack problem
8:39 PM
0,1-knapsack DP was posted here but closed
@cairdcoinheringaahing ugh
i'm not too surprised an iterative non-oneline is shorter lol
@cairdcoinheringaahing did you mean to reply to that?
@rak1507 Reply to what?
8:42 PM
that's just a regular chat ping
since i posted a much longer solution on codidact
oh, right
I hate posting dupes :( sad
mfw the Java answer is two bytes shorter than the JS answer
Fun fact, I found that dupe by searching for Ṗ;¥/ in my Jelly corpus, and it spat out ṣ0Ṗ;¥/ :P It was by Dennis tho, so I know its probably close to optimal for Jelly
@hyper-neutrino I meant the real knapsack problem :)
8:49 PM
well the last one was closed so maybe a good one could be posted? :p
@hyper-neutrino sounds like a challenge in itself :)
Just follow rule #1: Don't talk about CGCC Use the Sandbox :P
Yeah, "Don't talk about CGCC" is rule #0 :P
Ninja'd :(. I think it should be closed too, no idea why it wasn't back in '12
8:58 PM
2012 was a different time
The three answers already there aren't for code golf, they're SO answers, and the new answer isn't in Python
@user it was active 23 minutes ago; how did i ninja you by just a few seconds o.O
closed as what?
Code golf questions should go to Code Golf, it was decided that they don't belong here anymore (AFAIK). — Jeff Mercado Jan 1 '12 at 7:51
It got migrated over from SO, it should be "sent back" if possible
Not sure how long the rejection window is for migrations
9 years later? lol
8:59 PM
it is too old to migrate

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