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8:12 PM
@user Time to invent a new language :P
cool challenge @hyper-neutrino
thanks :D
I'm sure there's something cleverer that's like a 15 in APL
@cairdcoinheringaahing I've got an ascii-only Jelly answer for that :P
just double checking: we're not allowed to solve sandboxed challenges right?
8:14 PM
I don't see a problem with solving then throwing away your answer
but not submitting it?
It's when you solve it and save the answer for when it's posted that's the issue
Solving is a good way to check that it's good for posting
right, yeah
wonder how many people actually adhere to that
I can't be bothered to keep solutions, so I do :P
8:15 PM
Or I'll just write up an ungolfed Python solution
For some reason, the RO nominations post occasionally pops onto the Featured On Meta list :/
@cairdcoinheringaahing 2 bytes in my Jelly fork :P
You have a fork for eating jelly?!
Nah, normally I use a knife
Heard good things about sporks tho
@cairdcoinheringaahing Just a knife? How?
Sporks are always good, though
@user With extreme difficulty
there has to be a jelly one byte [a, b, c, d] -> [0, 1, 2, 3] right?
8:25 PM
That takes in a 4 element list and returns [0, 1, 2, 3]?
J’ for 2 bytes
:( there are a lot of 2 byters
It's 1 byte in Husk with ixes: ŀ
seems much more useful than J on its own
8:26 PM
@rak1507 Not when Jelly is 1 indexed
oh, true
@user Isn't ŀ also 1 indexed?
> ixes The range [1 .. length(x)]
how do you take a list as input in husk
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh right :(
I keep forgetting Husk's indices start at 1 too
@rak1507 No commas spaces: [1,2,3,4]
8:29 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Did you mean no spaces?
@user In my head, I sent the correct thing :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing I guess your brain packet sender is just buggy then :P
Yeah, I blame the buggy implementation of chat :P
8:46 PM
Well, I succeeded in my goal of hitting the cap today, and unfortunately am now down 40 rep from capping :P
oh well; I don't care about reputation too much, i would like badges tho xD
@hyper-neutrino am I allowed to take just the list as an argument?
9:03 PM
yes, you may
(i should make this clearer, probably - two people have asked already, but i did say you could in the I/O specs :P)
ok just checking
yep, all good. i should've probably made it more obvious since it is the same as the length so i expected a lot of solutions, especially in golfing langs, to want to exclude it
9:33 PM
@Jonah Your comment on my Sandbox post reminded me to run my example Jelly program through my analyser to look if the code/answer had been posted before. Couldn't find anything either, so I guess it really isn't a dupe
Either that, or the dupe is so old it doesn't have a Jelly answer
can you post your challenge before I go to bed so I can fgitw please :P
You're in scotland right?
first day back at school tomorrow so I have to go to bed 'early' so I can wake up at 7
We're in the same timezone, so I'll be posting it at some point that you can FGITW it :P
I also have to get up early tomorrow :P
maybe when Scotland becomes independent we'll move our timezone 10 minutes forward so we can say we're always ahead of the English ;)
9:39 PM
I'd 100% support that :P
husk is a cool language I feel like it's similar to jelly in that noob golfers can do 'good' solutions but it's really hard to get shorter ones
need to use more advanced combinatory nonsense
@rak1507 The problem I mainly have with Husk solutions is exactly that :P
what, the noob bit or the combinatory nonsense bit
yeah, no explanations actually explain the combinators (mine don't either)
I can follow them easily in explanations, then as soon as I try to do it myself, it ends up twice the length
9:45 PM
haha yep same for me with jelly
I love being able to search for a builtin by its type signature though, that's very handy
I don't really understand the type signature notation, so it doesn't help :/
I can understand it if I try, but you can't FGITW by trying to understand things
(a -> b) means takes an a and returns a b
I guess it's easier if you already know haskell :P
@rak1507 Yeah, I get that. The issue is things like (y -> y -> z) -> (x -> y) -> x -> x -> z
takes a (function that takes two ys and returns a z), a (function that takes an x and returns a y), and two Xs, and returns a z
just from the type signature I can immediately tell what that's doing, it's applying the second function to both xs, and then applying the first function to that
func f g a b = f (g a) (g b)
this is equivalent to on, and that's probably what it's called
oh it's not called that but that's what it's doing I think
this is +⍥! in APL, apply factorial to both arguments and then add them
,f€g/ in Jelly I think
9:53 PM
jelly needs over/on :(
add that to your derivative
and under
Or fgf} in Jelly
what is that
@rak1507 That's a good idea
@rak1507 If f is a single byte, fgf} is the shorter version. Otherwise, ,f€g/ works
yeah definitely not as nice as f⍥g
My fork's running out of 1 byte atoms for quicks :(
9:57 PM
I have 9 single bytes for dyads and only 2 for quicks
And what I won't do is change the code page, break backwards-compatibility (mostly) or deviate from the naming conventions. At that point, I might as well make my own version of it and redesign the builtins from scratch
which is something you're doing separately anyways, isn't it
Peanut Butter is technically in dev, but I haven't edited it for a while
10:00 PM
you're developing peanut butter in the sense that i'm developing perhaps
I can either write an entire language in an afternoon (see Yggdrasil) or spend years on it
i'm trying to run a bash command with the contents of a file as the command line argument (so i can't do cmd < file); how should i do that for a multiline file?
cmd $(cat file) seems to work but only if the file doesn't have newlines
cmd $(cat "file")?
doesn't seem to change anything ;-;
...reminds me why haven't i moved Derived to record syntax in the last 4 days
10:07 PM
cat file | xargs foo?
probably because i was having second thoughts about the overall structure again
idk if xargs handles newlines
oh, i see. how does that work if i have other arguments?
like cmd a $(cat file.txt) b
no idea :) use a real language
idk how to do anything much more complicated than cat file and ls in bash lol
Take a look at the list of tags on meta, specifically the excerpt for :
> on the main site.
What the actual excerpt reads is:
> For questions related to the [graphical-output] tag on the main site.
Because for some reason, SE decided to strip specific words from the start of displayed excerpts ಠ_ಠ
10:20 PM
How has this not been reported on Mother Meta and fixed already?
Yes I'm here now
^ just in case anyone was wondering if I was
@Lyxal I didn't know you were changing your username again, though. It still shows "Lyxal" for me, maybe you need to try editing it again?
@user are you taking your meds?
10:27 PM
@Lyxal no, they're user, not "taking your meds"
@Lyxal nO, yOu'Re LyXaL
@cairdcoinheringaahing Mwahaha I ninja'd you already
@user Yeah, but I went for the lowest common denominator version of the joke so that Lyxal can understand :P
Well if y'all want to spiral into lyxalness that's fine with me
The more the merrier
@Lyxal Does the lyxalness ever end or do you become stable at some point?
10:30 PM
I think you stay as yourself, you never become "stable at some point"
@user idk it doesn't apply to me.
Can't get lyxalitis if you already are Lyxal amiright? ⌍P
mfw SIGSEGV but the debug output i put at the start of my main function isn't even showing up
This is why you don't use languages with one-letter names
try flushing stdout
What language is it?
10:43 PM
Q: Non-Hamming numbers

tail spark rabbit earHamming number (also known as regular number) is a number that evenly divides powers of 60. We already have a task to do something with it. This time we are going to do the opposite. I define non-Hamming number as in: \$n\$ is non-Hamming number if and only if it satisfies following two condition...

@NewMainPosts Yay for math vs brute force
lol I just copy pasted the letter p, golflang mentality
Sep 26 '17 at 20:26, by caird coinheringaahing
ಠ_ಠ I hate what Jelly has made me do. I just copy pasted the character W
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

qwrBest Rolling Ao5 In speedcubing, an Ao5 (Average of 5) is computed for a set of five times by removing the fastest and slowest times, and then computing the mean of the remaining three times. A "rolling ao5" is computed for a sequence of at least five times by computing the ao5 for each set of co...

10:53 PM
@rak1507 I did too :\
yeah, you beat me to it by about 10 seconds :P
I wish we all really were part of a hivemind, just so that people could coordinate answers instead of ninja'ing each other
Y'all code golfing while I'm watching model trains running on reddit
What a nerd, not golfing :P
Model trains are kinda cool
10:55 PM
trains are cool but model planes are cooler
@cairdcoinheringaahing Um, I'm not sure if you got the memo, but the non-nerdy kind of golfing isn't the kind we do on this site
you saw nothing!!
click click click
There we go, no one will know you tried rickrolling everyone now
tfw the gradscript doesn't understand ties
It defaults winner = earlier post in ties
Applaud my slightly earlier post! :P
@rak1507 Feel free to fgitw it :P
Q: Close neighbours stick together

caird coinheringaahingGiven a list of positive digits, return that list with consecutive elements grouped together. For example: [1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 5, 4, 4, 1] -> [[1, 2, 3], [5, 6, 5, 4], [4], [1]] Essentially, all adjacent elements whose absolute difference is 1 should be grouped together. The input array will only ev...

11:15 PM
oh i vote capped
is Ø% (2^32) acceptable as 'infinity'
i.e. can assume min(x, 2^32) = x
does jelly have a value s.t. min(x,y)=x?
@cairdcoinheringaahing damn I was afk lol
@kops probably -inf
there's no literal or built-in for it but you can use something like -:0
11:26 PM
@rak1507 Looks like you got payback for me sniping you on my Husk answer :P
I had a 17-byter in vanilla Dyalog that was pretty much the same thing
or wait do you mean positive infinity
there's also that
mine is vanilla dyalog, I just submitted on extended bc that's what opened first on TIO :P
Oh *facepalms*
I just need to trainify mine, then
when in doubt about jelly, just think about python, except when that doesn't work either
Then you think about what you're doing and why you're doing it, and whether you'd be better off eating some pizza
11:29 PM
{⍵⊢∘⊂⌸⍨+\1,1≠|2-/⍵} fun solution using ⌸
@UnrelatedString Yep, my solution was IACk :P
ǐG5> in vyxal checks if a number is non-hamming how do I combine that with ȯ (first n integers where f(n) is truthy)
69420 I am JoKing
@rak1507 ^ Use the above incantation to summon Lyxal
11:46 PM
@rak1507 This doesn't work. That should help you narrow it down a bit
yeah, I found that one lol, most complicated cat program ever
I was hoping there'd be a <7 but it doesn't look like it
damn you @Lyxal! introduce a golfier way of doing lambdas!
I'd say that's a pretty acceptable way of doing lambdas, just two characters delimiting the start and end
Oh I think I know what happened
It's using the second overload of ȯ, which tries to slice it
I like the way husk does overloads
I think it needs to be swapped
Not sure which command you use though
@rak1507 Yeah, those are nice
Although doing stuff at runtime can allow more overloads, I think
I'll have to remember $
Man, I got +180 today with 2 minutes left on the clock :P
Should've posted the challenge earlier
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