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12:00 AM
And our userscript expert too
12:37 AM
I put all my userscripts in a repository
1:01 AM
good for autoupdating
Q: "Simple" Programming Homework

user101295Your friend has been caught sleeping in class again! As punishment, his computer science teacher has assigned him homework, knowing that he will not be able to solve it due to not having paid any attention. The assignment seems deceiving simple at first; all that is required is to output the stri...

1:34 AM
Damn, collectively, we have over 9.3m rep, or 1/9th of a Jon Skeet
That’s counting all users who have more than 1 rep, or more than 101 rep if the just have the association bonus
@cairdcoinheringaahing Jon skeet has 1m rep
9.3m is not 1/9th of 1m
1.24m more precisely
And I know that we have more than 500k collective rep on code golf, so it isn't a ninth
What kind of stats are you reading?
Q: Let's go on a mission

DoorknobWe've been in beta for 1129 days. Don't you think it's time we get out? We seem to be in a similar situation as Code Review. We don't have enough users with sufficient reputation to gain privileges like voting to close and delete. Here's some quick analysis I did with the API (the percentages a...

Take a browse through the SEDE queries
@Lyxal Bah, you youngsters and your “correct mathematical calculations”
Okay but I mean where are you getting your Jon Skeet info from?
You clearly have a dodgy dealer
9.3m and 1.something m = some relation involving the number 9
@Lyxal His dealer won't tell him where he gets it
1:40 AM
It’s like 2am here, I can’t do coherent maths
@cairdcoinheringaahing you need to sleep
Go on.
Go sleep
@Lyxal I need to finish my pint first
@cairdcoinheringaahing Imma pester you until you sleep.
Redwolf and sporeball both know how persuasive I can be in getting people to sleep.
Also, I never leave chat :P My computer stays on overnight, so I’ll stay here until my Wifi dies
But I know you're still awake
So go physically leave your computer
1:44 AM
while(1) { sheep++; }
@Lyxal On my phone rn
You’ll never win :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing turn your phone off and sleep.
You should give up before caird gets ahold of a smart toaster
@cairdcoinheringaahing if you go sleep right now, I might consider giving you rep
@Lyxal Phone’s off, now this is one of my crappy languages communicating with you
1:45 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing understandable
Hey wait a second
@cairdcoinheringaahing quickly wake up! Your esolangs have gone sentient
Come stop them
Before they dominate the world
nonono this could be revolutionary for golfing
@Lyxal No, seriously. I added a “create sentient AI” command to Whispers when it became LotM :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing oh
So you're saying I might have inadvertently caused the end of the world.
I'm proud of myself.
I've accomplished a life goal lol
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

user101295“Simple” Programming Homework code-golf restricted-source Your friend has been caught sleeping in class again! As punishment, his computer science teacher has assigned him homework, knowing that he will not be able to solve it due to not having paid any attention. The assignment seems deceiving ...

@NewSandboxedPosts yesnt.
1:48 AM
I suppose I can’t win this, because I have to sleep at some point, and Lyxal’s at the perfect time zone to stay awake and force me to :/
@cairdcoinheringaahing it's noon on a Saturday
I've got nothing but time
Guess I should take a page out of my pfp’s behaviour and hit the hay :P
See now you're getting it
Good night caird.
See you soon
As for the rest of you watching, take note of how easy things can be if you just listen to me
@Lyxal Think of it as me giving you a few hours to get some reviews in :P
Inb4 nothing pops up in queues
1:50 AM
Do you have the stalk script?
Mobile no let me have userscripts
Hmm, I wonder if it's possible to open the page in an iframe and inject the script into it like Tampermonkey would do
You haven't ever done much on mobile have you
Not really
Do you know how annoying opening a page in an iframe sounds?
1:54 AM
Not by hand :p
It's bad enough opening the results of the leaderboard snippet on mobile
Laggy as all heck
Hopefully duckduckgo listens to my feedback and lets us have userscripts
I think I did it
Got to go for now, I'll be back in an hour or so
I think caird is going to sleep
This means I can add yet another person to my list of people who I've pressured into sleeping.
1 hour later…
3:22 AM
@Lyxal Could this be updated?
You know what, sure
it's pretty much month end
Actually I can't
SEDE isn't working rn
4 hours later…
7:02 AM
@usr done
Q: Reverse and error!

DaemonYou have to write a program, if its source code is reversed, then it will error. For example, if your source is ABC, then reversing it and writing CBA should crash/throw an error. And ABC itself should be a vaild program (I mean your primary source should be a valid program). Output of the main s...

7:30 AM
Q: Square root multiples

Peter KageyThis code-challenge is based on OEIS sequence A261865. \$A261865(n)\$ is the least integer \$k\$ such that some multiple of \$\sqrt{k}\$ is in the interval \$(n,n+1)\$. The goal of this challenge is to write a program that can find a value of \$n\$ that makes \$A261865(n)\$ as large as you can....

8:01 AM
@Lyxal You couldn't have. SEDE is also not working for me as well.
If you managed to do it, either 1) you are God or 2) the link above links to the best song in the world
8:21 AM
posted on February 27, 2021 by DanielOnMSE

Background Let \$a\$ \$\in \mathbb{N}\$ and \$b\$ \$\in \mathbb{N}\$ and \$S\$ be some set of Naturals. Consider \$X(a ,b, S)\$: The number of integer partitions of \$a\$ into \$b\$ many parts, where each of the \$b\$ numbers are co-prime to all elements of \$S\$. Example: $$X(a ,2, \{a\}) = |\{(x, y): x + y = a,\ gcd(a, x) = gcd(a, y) = 1,\ x \leq\ y\}|$$ In fact it can be sh

8:34 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DanielOnMSEBackground Let \$a\$ \$\in \mathbb{N}\$ and \$b\$ \$\in \mathbb{N}\$ and \$S\$ be some set of Naturals. Consider \$X(a ,b, S)\$: The number of integer partitions of \$a\$ into \$b\$ many parts, where each of the \$b\$ numbers are co-prime to all elements of \$S\$. Example: $$X(a ,2, \{a\}) = |\{(...

8:59 AM
@Lyxal My troll using Japt, 14 bytes: Try it online! "`yŒr èœe Ò5€"
1 hour later…
10:25 AM
hi all
does anyone know a way to easily make this image black and white so the grey parts are black and the rest is white? ibb.co/WG2RnQH
@rak1507 thank you!
@ngn thank you.
@user thank you
1 hour later…
11:44 AM
Q: Continuous Port Ranges

cyberixaeBackground Network discovery tool Nmap takes a list of TCP/UDP port numbers as input and performs a security audit against the listed ports. The target port listing on the command line includes selected port numbers as strings separated by a comma. To make specifying big amounts of ports more con...

@Anush <img src="https://i.ibb.co/TYgNcZw/mazurka2.jpg" style="filter: brightness(.625) contrast(8);">
12:21 PM
@Neil interesting. I never would have tried that
1:02 PM
@usr @Lyxal I don't think we need that updated every month. At best, every 3/4 months is enough
3 hours later…
4:01 PM
Hi everyone, a question popped up in mind, can we as ffmpeg for writing answers?
like, as a standalone language? IIRC the consensus on what constitutes a programming language requires that it can perform a primality test but even if it can it would be weird to score because everything's a bunch of flags so you may as well just make it a bash/zsh/what have you answer
(and add two numbers but I feel like there's some way or another it can do that)
4:16 PM
@UnrelatedString So we need to write the title as bash + ffmpeg?
ok thanks for the info
1 hour later…
5:29 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

HyperboleGray code... Gray code? Your task: to print the numbers 1-100 in some form of gray code with no input. Your restrictions: Each successive byte after the first can only change one bit from the previous byte. Example valid code (in utf-8): q1!#c. Here, q (01110001) and 1 (00110001) are different i...

I started this, thinking it'd be trivial in Jelly as ® is the only "variable", before realising that it could be in strings, and I'd have to write a Jelly program to detect Jelly strings ಠ_ಠ
I was about to say it wouldn't be too bad because string terminators are contiguous at the end of the code page, but then I actually checked and is in the middle of them, so... that might actually help, depending on the approach, come to think of it
@UnrelatedString The worse thing is that the terminators all have meanings outside of strings, so it's context parsing, which is so much worse
3 hours later…
8:37 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing might be doable in Charcoal; ´ quotes the next character (except inside a string quote) and ”...” quotes a string (except after a character quote)
3 hours later…
11:24 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

bigyihsuanShortest and Asymptotically Fastest Sort of 3-Tuples Tags: fastest-algorithmcode-golfsorting Write the shortest and asymptotically fastest function or program that will sort a set of 3-tuples. Input Input is a set (or unique list, array, etc) of 3-tuples. Each 3-tuple contains elements \$0 \le n ...

11:39 PM
> Performance is not critical - let's say, for an input of total length < 100 characters the result must be computed in < 10 second on average modern hardware.
Ah, the naivety of old questions :P
If it's a complex challenge that could be quite difficult
But then you can't save a byte by using an O(n^n^n) solution rather than O(log n) :p
If I can't implement a O(n^{n!}) solution, it isn't worth answering :P
CMQ: What's the worst complexity you've ever had in an answer?
my slowest ever answer was constant time
I think mine was O(9^{n^2})
11:44 PM
lol what was that
sudoku or something?
codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/218544/… this probably has pretty bad time complexity, I don't know what the complexity of integer partitions is but it probably isn't great
> For each i in 1,2,...,n get the i'th Cartesian power of the fish
Where the "fish" was a 9 element list :P
I don't answer many challenges, but I know I've written at least one program with O(2^(2^n)) compexity (don't remember if it was an answer to a challenge, probably wasn't)
I think I once made a Worstsort implementation for a sorting algorithm question, but it wasn't on CGCC
I have no idea how you represent the complexity of Bogosort, though, let alone Worstsort
11:52 PM
bogo is n! right
Bogosort has a chance of running forever, so I guess the worst case is O(∞)
It's not totally deterministic, unfortunately
And even if it were n!, the coefficient is really, really high
It does have fairly good best case compexity, though :p
It ranges from "Never had to loop" to "I'm sorry, did you need this computer?"
Permutation sort is a somewhat nicer version of Bogosort because it's deterministic
11:54 PM
does something have to be deterministic to have a time complexity?
@rak1507 I'm guessing so
<s>I don't think so</s>
Great, <s> doesn't work here
There is worst and best case complexities tho, so I guess maybe not
I think it can still have worst/average/best case time complexities
@user ---abc--- is abc
11:55 PM
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bogosort average is o(n * n!) or o((n+1)!)
@cairdcoinheringaahing Ah, thank you
What's big theta and big omega again?
Are those for lower and upper bounds?
> also known as [...] stupid sort
Bit judgemental
It is an objectively stupid algorithm
Whose to say which sorting methods are bad or good?
I say, whichever is shortest is good
@cairdcoinheringaahing No one. But some are just stupid :P
I never said stupid is bad
11:57 PM
in The APL Orchard, Nov 30 '20 at 14:16, by rak1507
more proof that bogosort is the superior sorting algorithm
@cairdcoinheringaahing Well, of course :P
It's stupid, right up until the client asks for it :P
Bogosort is almost infinitely parallelizable
It's the best sorting algorithm
11:57 PM
Perfect for when you have multiple cores
@rak1507 Those are not the same
no, if you have multiple cores, you should use sleepsort
Y'all are missing out on sleep sort
That's actually not a bad algorithm
With a very precise clock, you can make it very fast /s
@cairdcoinheringaahing (n+1)! = (n+1) * n! = n*n! + n! so the highest term is n*n! and the n! gets discarded (I think)
11:59 PM
Yeah, but the time complexity is still going to be O(n), where n is the highest element
Just use microseconds instead of milliseconds
@RedwolfPrograms Yup, but we can scale it down
@RedwolfPrograms O(n+m) where n is length and m is max element
But bogosort could be O(n), no m, with enough cores

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