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oh why do you think it might be incorrect? Doesn't your code guarantee to give the right answer?
@Anush No, it does a 128-bit decimal float computation, then finds a fraction which gives the result.
But if the decimal representation runs out of precision, the fraction will be too simple.
aha... I didn't realise
@Anush You clearly need to learn to read APL.
I believe I will never see APL in my life except for here :)
but that is not a reason for not learning
(,÷∨)∘1 is idiomatic APL for "find the fraction of my float"
2:04 PM
my main problem is that I find it hard to read things I can't pronounce
but that's a nice command! Does any other language have that
@Anush Companies are asking us to find people to fill their open job positions faster than we can find people for them.
@Anush But you'll learn to. It is actually a strength of APL that the "commands" don't have fixed pronunciations.
@Adám I mean, that’s probably because the pool of people skilled in APL is extremely small
not because there are loads of offers
ok.. I find that hard even in math. I mean if I don't know the greek letter I can't remember the formula
@Fatalize don't be mean!
2:06 PM
@Anush ∀ X in "Does any other language have X" → "Mathematica"
I’m not mean, just realistic :p
those are sometimes the same thing!
@Adám :)
@Adám This sentence is actually probably valid code in Mathematica itself
Our biggest customer has given up trying to find people. They just have their own internal APL school.
can you say who your biggest customer is?
A _
2:07 PM
An APL school?
SimCorp (Nasdaq Copenhagen: SIM) is a Danish-based company providing IT solutions and services to financial institutions such as asset managers, banks, national banks, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and insurance companies worldwide.Their core product is the SimCorp Dimension, a front to back integrated investment management system used by more than 190 clients around the world. Over the years, SimCorp has acquired several companies. Equipos, now SimCorp Coric, was acquired in 2014 and offers client reporting solutions; APL Italiana, now SimCorp Sofia, was acquired in 2017 and is the leading...
I love the Danes
@Anush Me too?
@A_ Yeah, they find people with suitable knowledge in finance (or whatever they do) and teach them APL — en masse.
Actually, besides for their internal schooling, we're running 4 workshops for their employees in the next 3 months or so.
Actually, we may need to duplicate 3 sessions, because they have so many people that they'd like to limit the class sizes…
quora.com/… is quite interesting
Ugh, don't say the "Q" word on SE!
A _
2:14 PM
quora.com/… is relatively interesting
@A_ Uh, same page?
A _
"Ugh" -> "Uh" -> ?
CMC: Given string, answer its progression until empty by removing the middle character when odd-length and the middle two characters when even-length. E.g. Hughes'Huges'Hus'H'
You may (but are not required to) include the original and/or the empty string.
A _
Adám, 0 bytes. What Adám just did is exactly a progression of "Ugh". (With some trailing garbage)
2:21 PM
@Adám You example is wrong isn’t it?
shouldn’t it be Hughes -> Hues -> Hs?
You're missing the trailing '
now I want to set imgur.com/a/zru0DDn as a code-challenge. That is compute it to as many decimal places as possible
but I fear the wrath of the community :)
at least some part really doesn't like challenges that their favourite esolang is not designed for
Also people don't like when the challenge is just "compute annoying amounts of floats" with minimal interesting variation besides "use different numbers".
2:26 PM
@HyperNeutrino what do you mean by "use different numbers"?
the point is that the function is somewhat pathological.. it's really hard to increase the precision
which is what makes it interesting for me
I don't personally mind but
there are a billion different quadrature methods so there is a huge range of ideas one could try
I can see why some people don't like challenges that are pretty basic otherwise but then have the requirement of "have high precision" such that half of esolangs are just instantly wiped for no reason
2:28 PM
@HyperNeutrino right.. of course the esolangs are not wiped out. It is just harder in them. But the whole point of this site is that the competitions are per language so we are not comparing Jelly to Java
It is kind-of like a do-X-without-Y challenge.
@Adám that's interesting. I really don't see it that way
I think this comes down to a misunderstanding of the particular challenge
Do X without X is some big brain challenges
@Anush Isn't it do X without floats?
2:29 PM
@Adám no
The thing is that the challenge had room for interesting golfs but with the arbitrary high precision requirement, the viable method for most esolangs just became a KC-golf which is a lot less interesting
@HyperNeutrino that wouldn't work here though as that would be infinite size
@Adám It is, can you find an algorithm that will give you better precision.
it's a numerical integration challenge
I think generating the matrix is the interesting part:
which has little to do with flaots
2:32 PM
(2∘*∊⍨∘|∘.-⍨)∘⍳+,⍨(¯2⍭⍳∘≢)⍢(1 1∘⍉)⍤⍴0⍨   ⍝ generate the matrix
⌹                                        ⍝ invert it
⊃                                        ⍝ top-left element
(,÷∨)∘1                                  ⍝ find fraction
oh you are inverting it
that's interesting
@Anush Now that you know is matrix division/inversion, you'll never forget. But what was the Mathematica function again? Inv[], Invert[], Inverse[], InvMat[], ^-1,…?
but I can't type it!
why would I use a language I can't read and I can't type
it makes no practical sense
Well, it looks similar to:
nice picture
2:36 PM
So you can read it as "domino"
ok.. so how do I type it?
I mean, the whole thing needs to be in ascii if you ask me
i managed to get ["Hugghes'","Huggghes'","Hugggghes'","Huggggghes'","Hugggggghes'","Huggggggghes'","Hugggggggghes'","Huggggggggghes'","Hugggggggggghes'"... with my first try
@Anush one way to do so is ``domino
@totallyhuman That's perfect, then just apply that function -1 times.
@Anush Imagine doing math in ASCII. E.g. imgur.com/a/zru0DDn
My favorite APL command is the dragon ball
@Fatalize Ooh, I never heard that name before. Most people call it "splat" or "log" (as in a cross section of a tree log).
2:40 PM
@Fatalize If you use it 7 times, you can solve any problem or get the world's most comfortable pair of underpants
…I can find plenty of other ridiculous names like this one for APL symbols :p
@Fatalize I should add them to APLcart. Want to send me a list?
julia allows greek symbols I notice now
but they show up oddly in emacs so it's not ideal
If we follow conventions, then ÷ is named borderless domino, or open domino if you have a diploma in topology
2:45 PM
Wikipedia says it's an obelus ... though open domino is much clearer IMO
someone should really give a C++ answer for my Pi question. I think it would be straightforward using boost
@Veskah Repeated application does look interesting. I guess the solution to all problems lie at the bottom of that spiral:
IANAPL -> I am not a pine-lapple?
A _
2:58 PM
I Am Not A Programming Language. Really clever mention of APL.
I am not APL
Also, Pen Pineapple Apple Pen
Loooooooooooong pen
A _
: 52454993 This makes me hungry.
Looks like some star abuse in the starboard
@AdmBorkBork Uuuuuh
3:11 PM
A _
Unique. Unexpected. Unidentified. ... High-level.
🎶 uuuuuh. ✒️🍍🍎✒️ 🎶
grr.. how do you search in a pdf in a capital sensitive way?
the default search in evince doesn't seem to care if it's m or N
@DJMcMayhem Oh. You were trying to reply to PPAP message and mis-clicked?
Use an OCR tool on your phone that you point at your computer screen, scan the whole PDF that way, then search in the scan
very practical solution
3:14 PM
@AdmBorkBork Oh I didn't realize
Yes, that
Gotcha. That makes much more sense. :D
found it!
it's quite hidden
A _
@DJMcMayhem That is indeed unexpected.
That song's an absolute banger
I don't know if I'd go that far
3:16 PM
I know I would
A _
I know
3:47 PM
A _
What's this? (Image not found)
It's an image of a stereotypical adventurer being chased by stereotypical natives, captioned "Fire up the plane! They don't care the least about APL"
That's from Raiders of the Lost Ark
@A_ a joke. ctrl-f5?
A _
I don't get it...
3:54 PM
It's a colorized photo of Adam trying to tell COBOL programmers about APL, circa 1938
A _
2019 - 1923 = 96
@Veskah lol :)
A _
Adam decided to "Fire up the plane!" because "They don't care the least about APL"? I still don't understand it.
... chasing with murderous intent. I thought it was obvious.
A _
Aha, they are angry about Adam's decision!
4:01 PM
@A_ you know, there are those people, missionaries, who fly to remote places in the hope of converting the natives to their religion... sometimes they succeed, sometimes they get ignored, sometimes they get eaten :)
A _
Sometimes they get beaten :)
@ngn The word length is strictly dividing by 2. 8 -> 4 -> 2 -> 1 (I guess an image is equivalent to a word).
No, 1 image = 1,000 words.
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9:37 PM
Good morning everyone!
Good time zone!
10:22 PM
Q: "I Drew Sans From Undertale!"


Q: Making Sandwiches

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11:18 PM
nnoremap <expr> <leader>a ":\<C-u>set formatoptions".['+', '-'][&formatoptions =~# 'a']."=a\<CR>" vimscript is... Kinda ugly lol
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