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12:24 AM
@J.Sallé Mind rolling back codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/36431 ?
@Mego ?
@El'endiaStarman didnt recall you too have 12k here!
@ankii Yeah, most of that is from the Tetris in GoL challenge.
Just saw it on smoke detector.. this user is clearing up on all sites
@ankii Yep, I'm aware of it. Handling it now.
all in response to comment deletion!
@Mego Thanks! Do clean this part of chat if necessary. :)
Nah, it's fine
3:54 AM
@mınxomaτ This is an SCP waiting to be written :P
A _
5:33 AM
@KrzysztofSzewczyk I am working on solving projecteuler in Lambda Calculus. (I guess only I am using it on the site projecteuler.net/languages.)
Or another person is already using it. The cache update is 6 hours, I am not sure whether the cache had updated since I registered just now.
I would be glad if Project Euler users can say they are using Brainfuck to solve the problems.
6:31 AM
Q: L tromino tiling

Sara JInspired by this challenge from puzzling.SE. Polyominoes are fun - you can fill all sorts of shapes with them. But as soon as you have limits on what polyominoes you can use, you sadly start running into shapes you can't fill. Today we'll be looking at the L tromino - a shape made up of three c...

2 hours later…
8:12 AM
do I submit my solution to projecteuler in some language?
8:32 AM
@H.PWiz prplz just shattered a few python scores: code-golf.io/scores/fizz-buzz/python
8:47 AM
It's been a while since I've been there but I think you just submit the numerical answers you get
so how does the languages section work
9:08 AM
Oh darn, I missed the Happy Birthday trophy for code-golf.io, which is ironic since that's my actual birthday
9:24 AM
CMC: Given two distinct integers on the range 0,1,2 output the number you did not receive as input.
@SriotchilismO'Zaic So basically, how short can you write 3-a-b
In one sense yes
APL, 7 bytes: {3-a-w}, where a and w are alpha and omega except I can't type those
can't think of anywhere it's shorter than that off the top of my head
9:40 AM
@JoKing I missed it too >_<
J, 4 bytes: 3-+/ tio.run/##y/r/P81Wz1hXW/9/anJGvkKagoGC0X8A, with apologies to @Pavel
i think that's the optimal strategy
That works in APL too, I just can't ever remember how to trains
10:01 AM
in k it's even shorter: 3-/ because the left arg to -/ is used as the initial value for the reduction, and k reductions go left-to-right
10:13 AM
CMC': Given sets A and B, find A \ B
10:31 AM
CMC: The first four odd primes add to 26. Implement a permutation between the letters which has four cycles of different odd prime length. I/O will be whatever is nearest to a string in your language.
I'm suddenly curious what the reliability of a floppy is like
'cause I know SSDs last longer than HDDs
> Security by obsolescence
@JohnDvorak Somewhere, a shitty middle-manager read this phrase and is now using it to justify not upgrading from Perl 4
11:16 AM
Q: Output integer given a digital clock style input

Abel Makanzu KinkelaInput A digital clock style list of characters output 123456789

11:31 AM
@Pavel is this why so many people still use python 2.7? :P
Those people at least have the not entirely unreasonable excuse that converting from Python 2 to 3 isn't a trivial task
ugh, my new PC boots into F29 liveusb and F31beta liveusb but not F30
(inplace upgrade from F29 to F30 also fails)
just install F31 ???
A _
@JohnDvorak That's not quite true. If people have already found bugs in the old language, continuing using it will not ensure security. People can still use the bugs to break security.
@A_ thatsthejoke.pngif
A _
11:41 AM
Personally I prefer to use the oldest releases of the languages I can run (I am using Python 1), because later versions of the language add a whole bunch of garbage that users will never practically need.
I can't tell if you're trying to convey sarcasm or making a horrible mistake
...do i pronounce pngif /pi.ɛn.gɪf/ or /pi.ɛn.ʤif/
A _
You pronounce 'g' as in 'go'.
The g in gif is silent
A _
Gagrgeg gygogug gsgugrgeg?
11:50 AM
A _
@Pavel Simplicity is weighs over all of the bugs. Simple is better than complex. Complex is better than complicated.
Python developers are disobeying this Zen; they are complicating the language Python.
Simplicity at the expense of expressivity comes at the expense of simplicity.
A _
So simplicity results in expressibility which results in simplicity?
A simple language leads to less expressibility which leads to less simple code written in that language
Brainflack is a simple language but programs written in it are anything but
Perhaps the simplest language is "toggle bit and jump if true". I'd never use it for any serious coding task.
A _
11:59 AM
You just need to follow the Brainflak style guide.
@SriotchilismO'Zaic Is there actually a written BF style guide?
Mm. Wouldn't have been surprised if there was.
A _
12:12 PM
@SriotchilismO'Zaic Is there a written text document style guide?
A _
Hm. Then I will try to make one myself.
@Pavel yeah, just a few days too early for that... I guess I can install the beta and update
@A_ There are bugs in that, as well as some typos and spelling errors. It also doesn't conform to its own standard.
1:19 PM
Q: Surjection from one string to two strings

GammaFunctionThis is the inverse of negative seven's question. Write a program or function which, given any single, possibly-empty string of printable ASCII (codes \$[32,126]\$) outputs or returns two strings of printable ASCII. For any two ordered, possibly empty strings \$s_1\$ and \$s_2\$, there must be ...

Q: How wavy is an array?

someoneA wave of power \$k\$ is an infinite array that looks like \$1,2,\dots,k,k-1,\dots,1,\dots,k,\dots,1,\dots\$, and so on. For example, a wave of power 3 starts with \$1,2,3,2,1,2,3,2,1,...\$, and repeats indefinitely. A wave of power 1 is a infinite array of ones. They happen to be beautifully ex...

1:39 PM
Q: Create a program that prints the amount of characters it has, in words

AndrewCreate a program which prints the amount of characters its source has in English words. If your program is nine letters long it should print "nine". Capitalization is ignored: in case you're printing "one" (somehow) you can print "one", "oNe", "ONE" or anything else. In the (unlikely but just ...

Q: Challenge to write a compiler using folowing keys

Abel Makanzu KinkelaThe challenge is suppose your PC only had these few keys and you were tasked to build a compiler

3 hours later…
4:42 PM
@ceilingcat after reading your FFT answer, I think you might appreciate this
Q: Implement the HTML color parsing algorithm (make "chucknorris" a color)

Purple PInspired by this StackOverflow answer as to why HTML thinks chucknorris is a valid color. Your task is to take in a string as input, and perform on it the algorithm described in the linked answer. To re-state it here: Replace all characters that are not valid hexadecimal digits (not matching th...

5:05 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

GammaFunctionCan I run this? I'm a big fan of file-system code-golf challenges, and an idea recently struck me. Suppose you're on a *nix system and you want to know how many executable programs you have installed that you can run. Given a file with mode mode, you can run it if it is a normal file (mode & S_I...

5:15 PM
@flawr my brain feels like my stomach after I eat lots of dangerously spicy food.
6:05 PM
Q: how to find 4L from 3L and 5L in c++ programming

H-Sevdal have no idea but... class X{public static void main(String[] s) {int n=Integer.parseInt(s[0]); int t=0;int c=0; while(n>4){n-=5; System.out.println("Fill 5L jug\n5L: 5, 3L: 0, T: "+t+"\nPour from 5L jug into tank\n5L: 0, 3L: 0, T: "+(t+5)); t+=5;c+=2; } while(n!=0) {switch(n) {case 1:System.out...

6:33 PM
@ceilingcat can confirm =P
5 hours later…
A _
11:57 PM
@NewMainPosts Cool, the Bing chat allows me to golf to 8 bytes.

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