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12:10 AM
In response to Adám's CMC that I missed: RAD, 4 bytes: ?~⍳⍵
@Mego but the changes will come in one at a time so if I wanted to batch them together, by doing update_task.delay(object_id) wouldn't I be doing a separate update for every single change?
which is why I am wondering if there is some way to add to a queue and then process all things in queue periodically
Would that be so bad?
@Mego we have a limited amount of index operations and while at this point it isn't that bad I feel with comments etc. it could get significant
Why index comments?
I should be able to search for comments. It happens all the time that I recall that someone said something funny in a comment one time but I can't actually find it.
12:19 AM
@Mego even if we don't search comments themselves things like votes, and comments would be useful in a popularity index
So Steam on Wine is telling me it won't run on Windows XP anymore... :thinking:
@Downgoat Why not have algolia do search and our site do sorting?
@Pavel just change the version in your wine settings
(i think it's because of the new steam chat)
It is because of the new chat
@quartata I didn't know you could do that, and I wonder why it defaults to XP
best stability, usually
you can set it to 7 though it's fine
12:22 AM
@Mego if they are 1000 matches and we want to display 20/page it would be inefficient to get all of them and then make more DB/backend requests to get data to prepare an index and then sort client side
> Enable CSMT for better graphic performance (deprecated)
> deprecated
> enabled by default
@Downgoat I guess. Celery DB access might also be ok
2:15 AM
looking for a Customer Satisfication survey on my latest tweets
please rate their Relatability from -5 to 5. no pushing in line.
Relatability? -2
thanks. im going to lose my funding now.
I don't think that's the best metric you could have used
its the only one that matters
havent you ever seen the thing where the guy is wearing the forwards hat and carrying a skateboard
it's the same deal
you mean foreman's hat
2:25 AM
no no
sorry I got the direction wrong i think
yes you do
you mean inside-out?
one second i need my topology book
Maybe you could draw it paint or whatever
2:26 AM
@Pavel ok found it its the one where the guy goes "how do you do fellow kids"
same concept
steve buscemi
I believe that is called a baseball cap, but I am not sure.
well normally it points forward
so its a forwards hat
isn't a backwards forwards hat just a hat?
you tell me
you know i shouldnt be the one answering the questions here
thats not how this dynamic is supposed to work
@JoKing italian? oh hey thats cool maybe he does research for us too
3:13 AM
@JoKing I have a new lost answer for you to beat.
@WW The question looks similar to Radiation Detector, but I'll have a go at a shorter Lost answer
Q: Make a Geiger Counter

W WA Geiger counter is a device that is used to detect radiation. We will be making a Geiger counter program. As we all know, when radiation hits a computer program it removes exactly 1 byte at random. So A Geiger counter program is a program that itself does nothing, but when any byte is removed...

@JoKing It's a much easier version. I was trrying the radiation detector, but it is way too hard.
3:38 AM
As usual for radiation hardening challenges, solutions in practical languages are usually impossible.
Is perl a practical language?
Well most practical languages that I know has "uninitialized variable error" on usage.
thinking Lua doesn't.
3:56 AM
With the new theme, crossed out 44 looks even more like normal 44:
Is the new design intended to make beta sites feel their inferiority
They said the new theme is intended to make it easier to get non beta sites like us out of beta-looking, so that's consistent
Q: Optimal Caching

isaacgYou will be given a sequence of memory requests and a cache size. You must return the least possible number of cache misses under any cache replacement strategy. An optimal strategy is Belady's algorithm, which you can use if you want to. A caching system works as follows: The cache starts ou...

Oh, this is a design for non-beta sites?
Well so much for that theroy.
4:08 AM
@WW Your Geiger counter doesn't account for newlines :(
Oh shit
Well now I get the fun of fixing that. :)
2D languages are both good and bad for those challenges.
Oh no
It is just impossible
Well rest in piece
Hm maybe not impossible
No, this isn't a theme for non-beta sites. This is the baseline theme for beta sites that is easy to modify and customize into non-beta themes.
All right this is too confusing, just tell me who should feel inferior
4:13 AM
All of the non-redirects need to be on the first line
@feersum The people not using the design script
1 hour later…
5:38 AM
I've sunk way too much time into this now, but I think it is possible. 500 reputation to the first person who can make a lost Geiger counter.
5:58 AM
@WW "Lost", not "lost" ...
3 hours later…
8:39 AM
@Pavel fair enough, for my needs I've only rarely needed to use better regex, sed fits the bill most of times
@Pavel well they both have the same features, it's just the escaping that changes
9:15 AM
@WW I'm pretty much done, but testing is going to take a while, since I had to add a couple of extra lines and it's at 308 bytes currently
nevermind, there's something wrong with the 2nd newline and I have to scroll through 2000 lines of 'beep' to find the one wrong one :(
if you have two strings of length 1 million each, is it possible to compute their edit distance (Levenshtein) if you are told it is at most 100?
10:18 AM
@Anush Very interesting puzzle (however if you cares about getting an answer more than challenging others, you can post on Stack Overflow)
Given two strings, their longest common substring is a part of their matching edit when <...>
Much simpler solution: Just do normal O(n²) DP, ignore the cells too far from the diagonal.
@user202729 can you do that in small space?
10:34 AM
Scrolling window across the diagonal.
2 hours later…
12:14 PM
Q: Plotting Julia set in Complex analysis

StanfrdMathGuyHere is the Pseudo code - For each pixel (x, y) on the screen, do: { zx = scaled x coordinate of pixel (scaled to lie in the Mandelbrot X scale (-2.5, 1)) zy = scaled y coordinate of pixel (scaled to lie in the Mandelbrot Y scale (-1, 1)) iteration = 0 max_iteration = 1000 while (zx...

1 hour later…
1:26 PM
Anyone online?
nobody at all
But isn't it still morning in the us
i'm not in the us
i see
btw what do you think about a koth based on the famous game "Playerunknown's Battlegrounds"?
I don't play pubg
1:32 PM
I'd better make a document first.
It's still an early-idea, so I need some data to use.
1:53 PM
btw i thought PUBG and PPCG rhymed nicely
gr8 m8 i r8 8/8
@DJMcMayhem = 1
@flawr fail
2:11 PM
now star it and we get 100 stars ;)
not that one
Q: Decrypt the extended Wechsler format

alephalphaThis challenge is based on a sandbox post by user48538. Since he is no longer active on this site, I took over this challenge. apgsearch, the distributed soup search program for Conway's Game of Life and the search results database, Catagolue use apgcodes to classify and denote patterns. apgco...

would a pubg koth be too hard
I tried to write the rules; There were too many.
1 hour later…
3:51 PM
Anyone online that could answer a JavaScript question?
Are you just reading in the values as an ascii string then converting to bytes according to EBCDIC then back to ascii>?
So what you want is the bits of the string only?
@lol Oh I'd enjoy one sooo much (PUBG player here :D)
ಠ_ಠ suddenly the whole PPCG theme gets smashed by StackExchange.
4:10 PM
Sorry @Soaku, I haven't found anything on stackexchange after about an hour of looking, so I figured the people who hang out here might be able to give me a push in the right direction.

And I'm getting the input as a string via another function call, so I can't get anything other than a string. My hope would be to treat that string like binary data so that I can do a conversion
?? what has that got to do with the theme getting smashed by stackexchange
@ArnoldPalmer If you are trying to convert string to byte array according to EBCDIC you will need to do it yourself as JS doesn't have the EBCDIC encoding. To convert to ascii from the byte array you should be able to just use the plain String.fromCharCode
What I'm trying to figure out is how to convert it to a byte array. That would solve all of my problems. All of my attempts so far have resulted in bad characters showing up in the output
4:33 PM
not not totallyhuman can be golfed to bool(totallyhuman)
4:49 PM
The problem is that you are trying to feed characters which do not exist in JS to JS. This probably won't work. If you want to receive the byte array you would need to send it as a byte array.
@ArnoldPalmer A lot of the control characters in EBCDIC do not exist in Unicode. This means that JavaScript is unable to identify them and therefore it can't really do anything with them.
27 of the control characters in EBCDIC do not have a unicode equivalent
I've hardcoded my test case to be a hand done transcoding of "Hello, world!", so it shouldn't be a problem with control characters
Soooo, We got the new theme before all other SE sites?
Is the input string always going to be a valid ASCII string?
Yeah. I'm trying to turn some C code stored in EBCDIC into ASCII, so it will always be 100% printable characters
@ArnoldPalmer but didn't you say that something got interpreted as a multi-byte unicode character?
5:00 PM
var x = new Buffer(string,"ascii") the problem is that he is reading it from an EBCDIC file
Bytes >=128 do not count as printable ascii :p
which means that the bytes of the file are stored as EBCDIC
Seems like a limitation of Atom if it can't gice the file's bytes as a typed array
I know what ebcdic is :p
The easiest way would be to read the file as a txt file and do byte to byte translation I think
The problem with that is that I think there is probably some formatting information somewhere in the file
5:03 PM
Can't you do the translation outside of atom :p
Where you can read the file as bytes yourself
I'm trying to do it all in the editor since that seems to be the limitation of a plugin at this layer. I guess I should have been clearer and said that all of the characters of the file are printable ASCII characters, once they've been transcoded from EBCDIC. For some reason the first two characters in my test are being interpreted as a unicode character by js, so my string gets out of whack after that
> once they've been transcoded from EBCDIC
And that's the problem :p
I think atom already interprets the file as utf-8 before you get to see it, and that already is a lossy process
Maybe :/
Since e.g. a single FF byte doesn't copy cleanly to a valid utf-8 bytestream
It did read the 0x00-0xff file correctly though
5:08 PM
And charCodeAt worked?
Somehow I doubt that :p
Oh interesting
the FF byte doesn't really mean much in EBCDIC either though (eight ones...)
Okay sure, but any byte >=128 isn't going to work, and those do mean something in ebcdic I think
They do. The entire alphabet is above 0x7f
5:10 PM
There, those are going to get lost if they accidentally form a valid utf-8 character apparently
But regardless of how it's interpreted and displayed in the editor, that shouldn't change the actual data I get in my variable
It does, because utf-8 is lossy :p
But I don't know how to solve it
What are the bytes that get lost in translation in your file?
The editor can't read a file with any encoding other than utf8 ??
i.e. the start of the file in xxd and using charCodeAt in atom
@feersum apparently, which is one ot the reasons I don't use atom :p
You'd think it would have latin1 or something
That's the easiest possible encoding
5:14 PM
That plugin tries encoding conversions, but just re-reads the file using fs.readFileSync
Which works mostly, but doesn't if your buffer doesn't correspond to an actual file on disk
@feersum that would work if JS supported it as well in a String, which it doesn't as far as I know
@ArnoldPalmer is it acceptable to re-read the file from disk in your plugin?
If so, life is easy
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

lol"Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" king-of-the-hillgamegrid In PUBG, 100 people fight in a large virtual arena. We, on the other hand, have neither 100 people, nor time to make such large virtual arena. So, We get our codes ready, and let them fight! == IN PROGRESS, ADVICE NEEDED ==

@tomsmeding That's not necessary. It could use Unicode in memory but read/write to another encoding.
Atom supports a handful of different encodings for stuff like cyrillic and arabic and stuff. I think the only latin option is UTF8
And I guess I could just reopen the file
If there's any encoding where 1 character = 1 byte you could use that
If you can reread the file, you can use fs.readFile(Sync) to obtain a Buffer, from which you can read the bytes directly as numbers
5:19 PM
I'll check out my options around that
Possibly, you can create a Buffer as well using Buffer.from(your_string_from_getText)
I'm not sure whether that'll work, but github.com/EoinDoherty/hex-editor/blob/master/lib/hex-editor.js seems to rely on it
6:05 PM
@DJMcMayhem searches for status-completed...realizes failed attempt
tfw you can't star "2 = 1"
1 hour later…
7:15 PM
@flawr whose was the 8th star of the 8th star?
like he can answer that...
8:20 PM
This star meta is great.
8:42 PM
Q: The Largest Good Subarray

andreYou are given an array a with n integers. A subarray is any subset of consecutive elements from this array. Let us call a subarray good if its first element is greater than or equal to the last element. For example, if the given array is (2,5,1,6,4,7), then (5,1,6) is a subarray, but it is not a...

9:02 PM
@NewMainPosts CMC: Try to outgolf my Jelly solution to this challenge (of course, making it with only one input) (9 bytes)
Anyone know if Python's cryptography module has a way to import an uncompressed EC pub key?
I mean I don't want to have to use pyOpenSSL to convert that to a PEM pubkey and then re-import that
Or actually since this is TNB, make the CMC open to any language
oh boy time to see if my rusty memory of jelly still works
it most probably doesn't, lots of new changes
9:10 PM
(that is, if your memory is actually "rusty")
My solution only uses some aliases
it is probably entirely corroded
I think the trick I used is quite neat-ish... That is, until Dennis pops in and gets a 6/7 byter :P
MD5: C88C400BE4CBCD15E61D75C3EF2AFE02
Maybe should've posted the MD5 in JHT instead
TNB doesn't have anti-spoiler rules :P
But the CMC is to outgolf me, so I don't want to reveal it. After all, it's your job, @EriktheOutgolfer, to outgolf me :)
9:16 PM
best i came up with is this disgusting mess Ẇµṙ1ṫ->/¬µƇṪL
To get the ball rolling, Ẇṙ1ṫ->/¬ƲƇṪL for -1
@Downgoat What exactly would the format look like? Just x, y, and curve?
wait does rot and tail vectorize
Hmm, no? There's a Ʋ in there
doesn't that only take 3 links
9:20 PM
No, Ʋ takes 4, Ɗ takes 3
oh ok
wait right the nilads get put with the dyads
so like
r1 then t- then >/ because quick then [not]?
oh ok thx
Hmm, perhaps we could move our (short) discussion here?
1 hour later…
10:27 PM
@Mego binary sec1 formatted key
turns our there's a function for that though :P I was looking at the wrong class
Q: Ruby beginner question about arrays

erikaI'm just learning ruby and I came across the question: write a program which asks us to type in as many words as we want (one word per line, continuing until we just press Enter on an empty line), and which then repeats the words back to us in alphabetical order. I figured out how to do it but ...

10:59 PM
TFW you post an answer in Swift and realize that the last answer in Swift before that one was from February (6 months ago :||)
I was thinking of posting Make the super number hyper-pyramid today, but I realize that the current meta consensus doesn't really have any measures against abuses . i.e. It is possible to make the "extractor function" do all the work.
Should I wait until there is a good enough meta consensus, or should I just limit it to built-in arrays for now?
11:20 PM
I think you should limit it to built-in arrays.
11:30 PM
@JungHwanMin BTW it is extremely biased towards Mathematica :))
@JungHwanMin I think it should be limited to arrays, sorry, but sometimes there's a price to pay for the sake of saneness

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