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12:10 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

dylnanShifting digit rectangle code-golfkolmogorov-complexity Output the following text: 0000000000 1111111111 2222222221 3333333322 4444444332 5555554433 6666655443 7777665544 8887766554 9988776655 Here is an image with colors to make the pattern more clear: Rules You can't take any input Ou...

@Pavel Variant encompasses all types, whereas the tagged union doesn't.
@Mendeleev, HELLO! I haven't seen you in a while!
12:27 AM
@Pavel variant is a bit bloated, a tagged union is more controllable and visible
@ConorO'Brien would a struct containing an Algebraic be okay?
yeah probably
It works for the code that I had problems with, so I'll go with it ... as soon as I figure out how to opDispatch everything to the value contained within the struct.
Is there an equivalent to Python's f(*a)? Or do I have to hack it together with std.functional.partial
what's your use case?
Forwarding everything so a field (I think that's the name...) of the struct can handle it.
12:38 AM
struct Test {
        private Algebraic!(Complex!double, dchar, Test[], Test delegate(Test[])) value;
	// ...
	public auto opDispatch(string s)(...) {
		// HERE
I want the opDispatch to pass whats in ... to value
1:02 AM
Mostly because I don't want to have to rewrite all those methods/operator-overloads, but I may have to.
@ConorO'Brien, you find the "cannot convert ... of type ulong to int" message to be annoying as heck too, right?
its reasonable
did you try auto opDispatch(string[] s...)?
you could try a tempalte
And how would any of those work?
I might actually just do all the overloads manually anyway, since due to opUnary and opBinary it's possible to do them en-masse.
well I'm still not sure what your use case is
are you trying to initialize the algebraic?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

OrphevsPlay a Game of Balls Bounce code-golfgame The game Balls Bounce consists of the following: a number of blocks, each containing a \$durability\$ number \$\geq 1\$ a field of dimension \$h \times w\$, partially filled with blocks (field is \$9\times 7\$ in the example) a number of \$balls\$, ...

1:32 AM
I can just use This, I don't even need the struct, facepalm
2:30 AM
I have to type all the operator overloads out by hand: it's time like these I really wish D had macros.
2:41 AM
@Zacharý I wonder how bad would it go if you just passed D code + macros trough Cs preprocessor
I'm done coding for today: I have a bash script somewhere for that
2:56 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

u_ndefinedPrint a straight alkane with n of carbons code-golfascii-artchemistry An alkane usually follows a pattern like this: H H H H H H | | | | | | H-C-C-C-...-C-C-C-H | | | | | | H H H H H H Given the number n, output an alkane with n number of carbons. Rules: You only u...

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8:32 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

pizzapants184How Long Until 0 Inspiration Inspired by this challenge. Given a positive integer (K) Output a uniformly-random integer (Y) between [0, K). If Y > 0 Assume K = Y and repeat the process until Y = 0. Challenge What is the average number of iterations needed to reach zero for a given n...

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11:28 AM
vote to delete>
A: Print the Periodic Table

BlacksilverText, 3148 bytes _____ _____ | 1 | | 2 | | H | ...

11:54 AM
@TaylorScott Why?
I guess because Text is not a programming language according to PPCG's consensus definition of programming languages
but the consensus is now obsolete, isn't it
But to be honest I don't really see much difference between this answer and any other compression based answer
@Fatalize It's allowed for constant output challenges.
In that case no reason to delete it
12:05 PM
@Fatalize But then we should tell the OP.
about what?
Q: Find LCM of an array

Agile_EagleYou have to find the least common multiple of an array (LCM). Any language is allowed. Try to make your code as succinct and short as possible

12:39 PM
@Adám Sorry for the delay - because "text" is not a programming language as per the meta definition, I did think that it would be protected under the fixed output rule as it is not a, strictly speaking, graphical output and that context is not discussed therein
Most importantly, because I believe that copying and pasting the program spec and posting it as a solution is actively contrary to the spirit of code-golf.
Q: Help me please. I am trying to understand how this code works in order to extract png chunks and what exactly I should do

Serena OnwukaThis is my file name: e631a26.png This is my code: // Simple PNG parser. Can be used to discover and extract hidden chunks. // Minimal error handling, does not play well with malformed chunks and doesn't // check chunk CRC32 checksums. package main import ( "encoding/binary" "encoding/...

1:05 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

CharlieTimer simulator code-golf string time I would like to simulate a timer as if it were displayed in a screen like this one: This 7-segment display only shows four digits, with a separator between the second and third digits. For our purposes, that separator can be configured to show as a colo...

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2:35 PM
@Adám I think that the downvotes are sufficient for "telling the OP".
The consensus doesn't (or don't?) say it should be deleted, so no reason to delete it.
We have a serious contender rule, but it doesn't really apply here, as it's the shortest possible in Text.
And we don't have any low-effort rule. Really. Not that I'm saying that we should not have it, but it's too subjective.
3:23 PM
I don't get why people want to delete that answer. Not every bad or lazy answer has to be deleted.
@CatWizard or downvoted
No I disagree there. Every lazy or bad answer should be downvoted.
What's lazy though?
As in, no attempt to golf?
No, lazy as in took very little time or effort to produce.
Like the dictionary definition of lazy.
Most of the "add two numbers" question should be downvotes then :p
3:31 PM
Most <s>of the "add two numbers" question</s> answers should be downvoted then.
The least they could have done is written something like PHP instead of just "Text"
That wouldn't really have made it any better, would it?
4:23 PM
# Question: If I have a statement like this:
with open(file, 'r') as file:
    text = file.read()
# Is `text' still in scope at the end of the with block?
@CatWizard avatar suggestion: i.redd.it/6th791lz64911.jpg
ah look slike you just changed so maybe just save this one
D freaks out when I try to do an operation on invalid types ... that means I have to go through each and every operation manually to check for types, rather than using C's macros
4:45 PM
@CatWizard This isn't even an answer. It's just copying the challenge.
Do we really need a rule stating that we don't want answers like that, or could we just use common sense that answers like these add nothing to the site?
@DJMcMayhem How is it not an answer?
@Riker ô_ô
How is it an answer?
CMC: f(n) = 1978 for n=1, 1993 for n=2, 2007 for n=3, 2020 for n=4…
@Adám What is this for??
4:49 PM
@DJMcMayhem I does the task? What more can possibly be required of an answer?
CMQ: Find what sequence that ^^^ is
It's some quadratic... I think
TIL Google collab has free GPU support for Jupyter: colab.research.google.com/notebooks/gpu.ipynb
@DJMcMayhem We already have one and it is here.
Why are you fighting so hard to keep around a garbage answer?
4:55 PM
Because I don't think it is right for an answer to be deleted when it complies with site policy.
I don't like the answer, but I agree.
That's what downvotes are for.
@Adám f(x)=1/2*(-x^2+33*x+3924). Does it have any significance?
5:23 PM
@Zacharý Yikes, that one ugly formula. How about 1962+1⊥17-⍳? And yes, it is the year of HOPL n.
... is it weird I know how to program 4 languages from HOPL I?
Yeah, those are the four.
Huh, I've never heard of Jovial - anyone know where I can practice it - my google-foo found nothing
5:43 PM
I love how half of this site's community begs .*Wizard to stop using horrifying avatars, while the other half encourages it by suggesting new horrifying avatars. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
I missed the snap livestream yesterday feelsbadman
What about High Performance Fortran from HOPL III? it seems that most of the site for that language is dead
@Pavel I lived. :/
I did not.
5:47 PM
I did get reddit gold by commenting "hi" in a thread though
are you inthesoulstone now?
Massive programming language family tree:
… with just exactly too low resolution to be usable.
5:50 PM
This is my second time getting gold. The first time was when I commented on a thread telling a guy you can unpack archives with tar -xvzf foo.tar.gz. I don't think a question googleable in five seconds is worth five of anyone's dollars, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ not complaining
@Zacharý So Morten Kromberg and Roger Hui were chosen to present APL for HOPL IV, which means that next APL presentation will be at HOPL VII in 2053.
@Adám What's HOPL?
history of programming languages
History of Programming Languages (HOPL) is an infrequent ACM SIGPLAN conference. Past conferences were held in 1978, 1993, and 2007. The forth conference will take place in June 2020. == HOPL I == HOPL I was held June 1–3, 1978 in Los Angeles, California. Jean E. Sammet was both the General and Program Committee Chair. John A. N. Lee was the Administrative Chair. Richard L. Wexelblat was the Proceedings Chair. From Jean Sammet's introduction: The HOPL Conference "is intended to consider the technical factors which influenced the development of certain selected programming languages." The...
From that - does anyone know anything about JOVIAL or High Performance Fortran? They seem like cool programming languages, and I would hate to find out that they are actually dead
Dang, someone answered this question codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/168361/60043
It looks valid, but I haven't tried deleting every single byte.
I'm pretty sure if you delete every single byte it won't print anything :P
5:59 PM
English is not my first language, okay -.-
@JungHwanMin haha, I'm sorry. You didn't say anything wrong
It's just an ambiguous sentence
@Pavel They forget something on the schedule:
November, get around to PPCG
Good afternoon
Q: Black Box Trigonometry

LaikoniWrite a program or function that can distinguish the following 12 trigonometric functions: sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, sinh, cosh, tanh, asinh, acosh, atanh. Your program is given one of the above functions as black box and should output the function's name as given above. This is code-go...

6:02 PM
Good... Noon?
Good almostnoon
(I wouldn't call 11 morning)
Good Morning, I'm gonna close this tab because Chrome can't take this many chat tags open... If you need me, just ping me
Good day, sir.
Huh, it looks like the radiation-hardened quine was copied from someone else
the entry looks identical to this
6:28 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Cat WizardExistential Golf Math has a lot of symbols. Some might say too many symbols. So lets do some math with pictures. Lets have a paper, which we will draw on. To start the paper is empty, we will say that is equivalent to \$\top\$ or \$\textit{true}\$. If we write other things on the paper they...

The challenge is now technically complete but It still needs polish. Any thoughts?
@CatWizard this is a very small pet peeve of mine, but could you use \implies instead of \to? It figuratively hurts when I see a single arrow being used to mean "implies."
@JungHwanMin No, implies is actually a different symbol. implies is a meta-logical symbol. Using it would be innacurate.
However I might want to use \rightarrow instead of \to
Interesting. I have yet to learn this topic.
I stand corrected.
For mathematicians \implies will almost always be the correct symbol (and it rarely matters anyways) but for logicians they should be kept distinct
6:56 PM
@JungHwanMin uuunacceptable!!
@flawr 10/10
> Our lord and savior -1/12
@Riker Please not again. I had enough of 1+2+... = -1/12. >:(
did you try convolution? I've heard it helps
Is 315+ lines for just overloading operators normal?
is this java?
and is this for a a language you're making or something, or a production language/
7:07 PM
@Zacharý what operators are you overloading? Like all normal math ones so you can e.g. add RAD arrays with just a+b?
@dzaima ... no. Just making it so the Value struct can actually be operated on, because Algebraic!(...) doesn't overload pretty much any operators at all...
@Riker It's a rewrite of RAD in D.
@Zacharý I have no idea what I'm looking at but it feels horrible
@JungHwanMin this time it is 1 + 1/2 + 1/3 + 1/4 + ...
@flawr ?
@Zacharý the harmonic series
7:21 PM
@flawr I know that ... but why did you say "this time it is ..."
@Zacharý well it is not the natural series 1 + 2 + 3 + ... as @JungHwanMin feared
7:37 PM
@Zacharý I assume NIY is Not Implemented Yet? I.e. Dyalog's NONCE ERROR. K uses niy.
7:48 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

trichoplaxKissing number approximation code-golf geometry approximation Given a number from 1 to 24, output the kissing number to the best of current knowledge (some numbers will have more than one acceptable output). From the Wikipedia page on the Kissing Number Problem: a kissing number is defin...

I feel like this must be already done or trivial. I can't find anything searching the site for 'kissing number'
@Adám Did I type NIY somewhere? I remember typing NYI.
@Zacharý No, typo on my part. You seem to have NYI everywhere, which I wanted to contrast with K's niy. And I failed.
Decision: NIY will be for atoms that are not yet implemented in RAD, where as NYI is for D code that I haven't implemented yet (something the user should not really see)
@Adám it's nyi in k too
7:55 PM
NYI = something happend in D's code, NIY = something happened in your RAD code.
@ngn Yeah, I messed up.
8:18 PM
> and password
I'd never seen that SE before
They have a nice design
@cairdcoinheringaahing This launch was already over a week ago: blogs.nasa.gov/kennedy/2018/06/29/…
@Laikoni ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@cairdcoinheringaahing those happen all the time :P
1 hour later…
9:54 PM
Anyone know how I tell python setuptools to run a command (e.g. make) before installation?
10:45 PM
why did I get stars for mentioning convolution lol
@Poke I just saw the title and starting cracking up
1 hour later…
11:50 PM
Q: How to perform custom build steps in setup.py?

eigeneinThe distutils module allows to include and install resource files together with Python modules. How to properly include them if resource files should be generated during a building process? For example, the project is a web application which contains CoffeeScript sources that should be compiled ...

That's for distutils, but the process should be similar for setuptools

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