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5:01 PM
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's 12
what's the 4th one?
for 5 white
That third one is wrong
is it still wrong? I missed a b out
(wwwwwbbbbb), (wwwbbb)(wb)(wb), (wwwb)(wbbb)(wb), (wb)(wb)(wb)(wb)(wb)
5:02 PM
oh right
What is all that (wwbbb) you're talking about, if I can ask? :P
@Soaku white and black balls
@Lembik For a challenge?
@Soaku You are given an odd number of white balls and the same number of black balls. The task is to enumerate all the ways of putting balls into bins so that in each bin there is an odd number of each color.
1 hour ago, by Lembik
Suppose you have an odd number of white balls and the same number of black. How many partitions have an odd number of white balls and an odd number of black balls in each subset?
5:03 PM
@Soaku yes
I am about to post it
to sandbox or main?
@flawr why the @keyframes spaceboots{0%{transform:translate(2px,1px) rotate(0deg)}10% /* ... */ 100%{ /* ... */ }} tho
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

LembikIn this task you are given an odd number of white balls and the same number of black balls. The task is to enumerate all the ways of putting the balls into bins so that in each bin there is an odd number of each color. For example, say we have 3 white balls. The output should be: (wwwbbb) (w)(w...

@WhatWizard ^^
it's wrong
let me fix it
I don't know if code-golf is really the right thing but the options seem limited
I have been trying and failing to write code for this
is anyone having any luck doing it?
5:11 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

LembikIn this task you are given an odd number of white balls and the same number of black balls. The task is to enumerate all the ways of putting the balls into bins so that in each bin there is an odd number of each color. For example, say we have 3 white balls. The output should be: (wwwbbb) (wb)(...

@Lembik I think code-golf might be good. The task is non-trivial.
I just posted this answer last night. I'm extremely proud of it.
btw you can enable python syntax highlighting on the code snippets
I know it's self promotion, but this is the most time I've ever spent on an answer, (probably 10+ hours) so I feel like it's worth it
@Cowsquack oh yeah, how do I do that again?
I believe <!-- language-all: lang-python -->
5:16 PM
Does "language-all" mean I only need it once?
just language applies only to that snippet
Cool, thanks!
@WhatWizard Cool.. that's what I am going for
@WhatWizard I know we should all post the sandbox but it's so tempting not to :)
FWIW, I think it would be more interesting to count them than to print them
I second that.
5:28 PM
oh.. why so?
I suppose they are slightly different tasjks
I suspect that there are clever golfs for counting them
I mean you could have a formula to count them
and it would be nice to actually see the answers wouldn't it?
hmm.. feels like there should be two questions
I don't really mind though
@H.PWiz I gave in to peer pressure.. question changed :)
would anyone mind if I posted it now?
5:46 PM
posted (mostly as I have to go out now)
Q: Count the number of ways of putting balls into bins

LembikIn this task you are given an odd number of white balls and the same number of black balls. The task is to count all the ways of putting the balls into bins so that in each bin there is an odd number of each color. For example, say we have 3 white balls. The different ways are: (wwwbbb) (wb)(wb...

Q: Generate a Walsh Matrix

ScroobleA Walsh matrix is a special kind of square matrix with applications in quantum computing (and probably elsewhere, but I only care about quantum computing). Properties of Walsh matrices The dimensions are the same power of 2. Therefore, we can refer to these matrices by two's exponent here, call...

@Lembik I suggest you add more testcases for verification
@Cowsquack well... that's hard without know the answer for 7 white balls
is there way to search PPCG for quines in R?
I meant to say that before you posted :/
5:53 PM
@Lembik There's a Stack Snippet here.
And here's the R submission.
6:06 PM
@Scrooble thanks!
@Cowsquack thanks
Q: Precarious prefixes and suffering suffixes

caird coinheringaahingJust a warning: I expect this to be very difficult, perhaps even impossible. I have seen people downvote challenges they believe to be too difficult - don't do this, have an attempt instead. If I haven't got an answer in a month, a bounty will be put up for the highest scoring answer We define...

@Cowsquack I always like to make a bet about how long until the first answer
in this case.. I am going to bet 95 minutes.. anyone want to bet higher/lower?
maybe I am optimistic
2 hours
ok we are on (betting wise) :)
@Lembik I prefer having a bet on how long until the inevitable, silent downvote :/
6:15 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing :( I hate it when that happens
@user202729 you are right the generating function was wrong
assuming it was you who said that :)
TIL where Windows Subsystem for Linux comes from. Apparently they had a project to get Android apps to run on Windows 10 as an attempt to save the Windows Phone. By the time they realized nothing would save it and killed the phone off, they already managed to get the Linux kernel to run on Windows.
@fergusq For the record, the question was not Should we change the levels, the question was Should we change them now instead of sometime down the road
Just to clarify
@DJMcMayhem I know. That is why we should oppose the raising of them during the full graduation. If we can voluntarily raise them now, why shouldn't we be able to voluntarily lower them then?
They're going to be raised at some point though. That's non-optional
Is it?
I think it is not.
Can I have a reference for such claim?
7:11 PM
I think I agree with a lot of your reasons but not with you conclusion
All sites get them raised by the time they have a design
However it seems that there is a very real chance we just won't get a design in the next couple years.
@Pavel Maybe that is only because they haven't tried to negotiate.
No, it's because that's how SE works
For example: I fully agree that rep can be gained easily without necessarily proving skill. But the important thing about rep is that it proves familiarity with the site. And needing to prove familiarity with the site before being allowed to edit/close/delete posts is a good thing and IMO takes priority over some useful things like seeing vote counts
@fergusq Also, you can see vote counts with this: codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/16151/…
Seeing deleted posts tho
7:15 PM
Seeing deleted posts is useful but actually becomes annoying after long enough. I wish I could hide deleted posts
I don't think that skill should even be relevant. Everyone who participates should receive reputation (for the voting is not about the skills, but about how relevant the answering is).
We should also think about the current situation. Do we have any problems with the current levels? If not, the raising is not needed.
@DJMcMayhem no repro :P
Q: If an answer on a challenge not tagged with abuses this loophole, is it invalid?
@DJMcMayhem me too!
@DJMcMayhem I think you as moderators should also try to negotiate with the staff to make privilege levels more suited for this particular site. Like seeing deleted posts is much more useful here than at for example Stack Overflow.
You can hide deleted posts using user css.
7:18 PM
I like that people are now suggesting that my challenge might be trivial despite their being no answer so far :)
@fergusq I do have problems with the current level. I've seen too many worthless edits from low rep users just for the sake of increasing their edit count. And new posts can be opened and closed several times by lower rep users before finally figuring out whether it should be closed
@fergusq Sorry, I have a lot of thoughts but I'm typing really slow on my phone and I may need to go soon
<-- really doesn't want to lose "see deleted posts"
@cairdcoinheringaahing No.
<-- Doesn't have any of "special" privileges (except the first review queues, which are always empty)
I never had the skill to earn rep
The only privileges I want (or enjoy having) are the review queues. Everything else just detracts from the site
7:23 PM
@fergusq I can try, but I think it's highly unlikely that they would adjust one privilege level on one site. What reasons do you think seeing deleted posts is more valuable here than SO? I'd like to hear your reasoning
The privileges up to 1.5k seem ok, the later are only moderation tools
@DJMcMayhem 1) Sandbox posts are historically important (for their comments, for example), but deleted. 2) Posts that do not follow the rules of the challenges are deleted, but they are useful for other people who want to follow the specs, and when answering similar challenges.
@DJMcMayhem for the point about closing posts, I agree with you in the sense that it can result in the challenge constantly being closed/opened, but then again, everyone is typically of a different opinion and it is hard to come to a unified conclusion
I do think that access to deleted posts is useful, I can remember several cases where a user posts an invalid answer that is equivalent to a deleted one
Users who can see deleted posts do that too...
@Cowsquack This. It can also be a symptom of that the so called "meta consensus" isn't a consensus at all (the use of that word is ridiculous). The meta system is also flawed similar to the reputation system, in that voting does not work and the earliest voters can determine the outcome and the new users have less say. This has resulted in our contradictory "consensuses".
7:35 PM
btw have you heard of ppcg-v2?
I really dislike that name.
@Cowsquack No, what is it?
Q: Precarious prefixes and suffering suffixes

l4m2This is a repost of other's prob because the author deletes the problem once possibility to solve this problem show. We define the prefixes of an array to be the first n values in the array, where n increases between 1 and the length of the array. For example, the prefixes of the array [1, 2, ...

a couple of ppcg users are planning to create a "better ppcg", an improved website for code golfing that hopes to fix the flaws of ppcg.se, you seem like you would be interested in it, the chatroom is here
@NewMainPosts Am I allowed to flag that as plagiarism?
7:39 PM
@Dennis I think the team is open to actual name suggestions
@cairdcoinheringaahing The avatars are so similar I didn't realize that wasn't yours...
Hold off on deleting it (if you are), I want to leave a comment first
@cairdcoinheringaahing Is it a word for word copy? I can't tell (mobile)
Aside from the note at the top, yes
So can it be deleted now
7:45 PM
@Dennis heh, but personally I have found it useful (since I usually see all the deleted answers to a new challenge)
@DJMcMayhem Hah, I didn't differentiate it at first too
@cairdcoinheringaahing Abuses which general rule about proper quines? If it's reading its own source code, then I think that doesn't make it invalid, because at least the rules of IOCCC specifically allow that.
On PPCG, it's an improper quine if it reads its own source code
8:26 PM
@Dennis Not everyone agrees, there are divided opinions.
8:42 PM
That image is very wrong. 120 is not the correct answer.
9:09 PM
@Mego what image?
4 hours ago, by flawr
user image
Oh wait, it is 120...
Yeah, it is
oopsie :P
9:11 PM
I made a stupid factorial joke without even realizing that the image is a stupid factorial joke :P
you were so meta you ended up on the wrong end
@Mego I don't get either of them
@Pavel 5! = 120
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

msh210Is this a Boggle pad? code-golf boggle Given a list of case-insensitive ASCII letter strings, determine whether the entire list can be found on some four-by-four configuration of letter squares, in which no square can be used more than once in a word, and in which strings are formed by moving f...

9:22 PM
Whoever decided that ! was a good notation for factorials should be held accountable for all the stupid jokes they enabled.
@WhatWizard I agree m8!
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