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7:10 PM
Q: Is it a Cactus?

Wheat WizardIn graph theory, a Cactus is a simply connected graph such that any two simple cycles in the graph share at most one vertex. Task Take a simple graph as input and decide whether it is a Cactus graph. You should output two distinct values one for True and one for False. This is code-golf so yo...

@EriktheOutgolfer 0110011000110011 is f3?
@TuxCopter I wish I could downvote in chat
@Downgoat I just typed that stuff randomly watched the whole video in really fast speed and that part was so hilarious...
@Phoenix My first experience with vim as well
7 messages moved to VSL
7:19 PM
@Downgoat Done
7:37 PM
I finally finished porting CodePageKeyboard over to pure JS instead of Brython, so it's a lot faster and more stable!
@Mego Great!
@Mego :D <insert comment about JS superiority over python :P>
@Downgoat Python is better obviously, but it doesn't work for client-side browser scripting (yet)
When in Rome...
@LeakyNun found the relevant meta post for yesterday's discussion: codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/7206/8478 so the answers (the Axiom one and my CJam edit) weren't valid
7:47 PM
@MartinEnder I'd argue that this is the stronger consensus: posted later, with +16/-3 versus +20/-7, and no edits that contradict the original statements made by the post
doesn't seem relevant to the case at hand
the question is whether + is a valid submission for "add 2 numbers" in a language which has this built-in operator but where stand-alone operators aren't expressions
Oh, I misunderstood. Yeah, that's not acceptable.
8:27 PM
Q: How to find the sum of series 1 + n + n*(n+1)/(2!) + n*(n+1)*(n+2)/(3!) + ...... + n*(n+1)*(n+2)...*(n+k)/((k+1)!)?

Sandeep GuptaSince the value of n and k can be large as 10^18, i'm stuck on how to code to find the series sum. C/C++/Python will overflow. I thought of using log10 in python but it is not giving the correct answer because of anti-log i guess.can anyone help me on how to approach this question. Sorry for a...

8:48 PM
Q: Calculate the binary split sum of a word

Stewie GriffinTake a string, s containing printable ASCII-characters as input, and output its "binary split sum". Need an explanation? How do you get the binary split sum? We'll use the string A4 as an example in the following explanation. Convert the characters to binary, treating each letters as a 7-bit ...

Q: Solve as many challenges as possible in 200 bytes

Bald BanthaWrite programs and/or functions to solve as many PPCG challenges as you, where the sum bytecount of all your programs is less than or equal to 200 bytes. You may only use one programming language throughout all of your programs Each individual program must be a valid, working submission for i...

9:00 PM
wow, it's 55 to 1 red vs blue stars :/
I starred another one
What do you mean?
There are "blue" or "red" teams that were divided up by a couple of challenges, and ATaco made a userscript that tracks stars based on team
It's not really relevant, and you can completely ignore it if you want
he also has some really useful ones, and Downgoat has a PPCG auto-graduation script too.
What to you all think of this?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Bald BanthaSimilar to this: https://codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/9917/47019 Esolang Interpreters, Version 2 Use a language on this list to write an interpreter for another language on the list. Then use that second language to write another interpreter, and so on. Ex: JSfuck interpreter for BF, the...

@MistahFiggins I've used that. Does anyone know when the real redesign is going to happen, if ever?
9:20 PM
@flawr When you say "any of them are acceptable", which of my 2 comments is that answering?
or both?
Q: Esolang Intepreters

Bald BanthaEsolang Interpreters Using a programming language from this version of this list, write an interpreter for the next language on the list. For example, if you choose to start with LOCK, you would write an interpreter for LOLCODE. Continue this pattern (use LOLCODE to write an LCBF interpreter, e...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Bald BanthaSimilar to this: https://codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/9917/47019 Esolang Interpreters, Version 2 Use a language on this list to write an interpreter for another language on the list. Then use that second language to write another interpreter, and so on. Ex: JSfuck interpreter for BF, the...

I decided that I wasn't patient enough to wait for feedback in sandbox ^
9:38 PM
I never got around to doing my RProgN esolang write up 😢
@BaldBantha Please delete your sandbox post then.
CMC: Let there be a finite number of red and blue points with the same number of red points as of blue points. Prove that there is guaranteed to be a way to connect each red point with a blue point such that no connecting line segments cross. You may assume that no three points are colinear.
this is a beautiful classic problem
Yes. I heard it yesterday and it took me a bit of time and more hints than I'd care to admit but its proof is very nice.
9:43 PM
Um... Google's going crazy again?
Another interesting problem: Let there be finitely many points on a cartesian grid. Prove that if the area of the largest triangle formed by connecting any three points is at most 1, then there exists a triangle of area at most 4 which contains all of the points.
@NewMainPosts feels like a dupe but cant find it...
There is a similar sandbox post here
9:47 PM
and the same user. the one i saw could be that one
Yeah. I don't know why the user posted two nearly identical sandbox posts; just editing would be better to avoid clutter.
@HyperNeutrino Because I wanted feedback specific to the edit. Also, please tag me when talking about me
Hm. Fair point. And alright, I'll keep that in mind.
@BaldBantha Now that you've posted this as an actual question now, would you mind deleting it to reduce clutter? Thanks.
9:54 PM
:thumbs-up: thanks! :)
In this Befunge interpreter, printing N characters is O(N^2)...
@feersum not sure if it's the Befunge or JS end of that; it may well be that they wrote something like output = output + newly_output_character, which is O(n) with a naive implementation of JS strings
I mean I found that by looking at the source, not by measuring the performance.
It applies some regexes to the entire output each time a char is printed.
@ais523 your edit to my question is reeaaaally confusing, care to explain?
I mean, I get what it says (mostly) but I think it may change the challenge a bit, and it isn't clear that all the interpreters must be written by the same person to be included in their chain
10:11 PM
@HyperNeutrino that's a nice problem, i think i have a solution
@BaldBantha it's to do with PPCG rules
most of the languages on the list don't have pre-existing interpreters
and so they wouldn't be allowed without that change
I did change it so that you could legally start a chain by continuing someone else's but that's just to give a legal starting point, you wouldn't get points for it
I should make the scoring clearer, though
10:39 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

arodebaughAdd numbers without math functions. In this challenge, you must take an input that can take at least 10 numbers separated by commas and add them together with no math functions. Least bytes win. Normal codegolf rules apply. Examples: Input: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Output: 55 Input: 1,1 O...

ReferenceError: |this| used uninitialized in SendAction class constructor
what does that even mean
10:57 PM
@TuxCopter You did not initalize field
What field
The constructor is
constructor(dst, src) {
        this.dst = dst;
        this.src = src;
I don't see what can bork
@TuxCopter :O is this JS :D
what compiler are you use
@Downgoat using*
And I'm using browser JS
11:01 PM
changing the superclass of SendAction fix the error
that makes no sense
you have to do super() even if no-args constructor
My VPS payment came out ;-;
so it is saying that super is uninitalized so you can't use this
well thx
11:16 PM
@Downgoat TLDR?
@TuxCopter you can do foo.bar?.baz?.goat
It's a . that doesn't error?
omg I need this
@TuxCopter it mean like if foo.bar is null, the expression will eval to null without thowing error
that's awesome
11:23 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

LiamHidden Strings This is real rough, I just wanted to get the idea down. The strings utility that comes on many GNU/Linux distros finds the strings in executables and lists them. The goal of this challenge is to write a program that has a null-terminated string in the compiled executable (compile...

Red is winning by quite a bit and I'm a bit concerned.
that's what happens when like 70% of chat is red
Second question is: Why is 70% of the chat red?
Yeah, SE has a strong red bias
11:31 PM
It's literally just: Is your ChatID even or odd.
random chance? easter egg? bug?
@ATaco That means that people with an even chat ID are more likely to be golfers
Clearly this is a previously unheard of sociological rule.
"Even Numbers make people golf"
golf makes even numbers
it's predestination
Or, Perhaps, It's simply correlation.
11:33 PM
if you are going to golf, when you sign up you are given an even number
Perhaps, for every person who signs up to PPCG, someone signs up to CodeReview to balance.
what would that have to do with the imbalance?
The chatID, to my knowledge, is shared across all of chatexchange
So, CodeReview gets a blue, we get a Red.
11:44 PM
I went to codereview once
it was awful
But ppl at CR are nice
@Tuxcopters account has been compromised

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