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6:00 AM
also "replies" to removed messages
apparently it's a ping if the message is deleted, else it's a reply
nevermind ^ it's just how SE works
6:17 AM
@EriktheOutgolfer You want to install all of the userscripts in the repo btw
yeah I do want
You can also do multiple ^s for more messages up
yeah I noticed in the sandbox
^?message? searches for the text
wow that's awesome
6:22 AM
Do you have TeamSpirit.js yet?
is that for a koth or something?
It's for memes
It's one of the userscripts
Of which you should install all of
oh... (note: chat preview is awesome)
chatformatting enables <C-i> and stuff for italics
autochatjax.js is for $\LaTeX$
yeah ikr
6:25 AM
autogoogleprettychat is syntax highlighting
@Phoenix I disabled it
chat commands is things like /0_0 for ಠ_ಠ, pretend 0s are os
You can see the script code for a list of commands
strawpollbox oneboxes strawpoll links
wasn't teamspirit actually a bit buggy?
Fixed now
oh... for what koth is that?
6:29 AM
It's just for memes
The scores are based on the starboard
@DJMcMayhem @KritixiLithos
The only reason I included Far is because my dad uses it
you can safely remove ms notepad imo
@EriktheOutgolfer what?
The best text editor is Emacs in evil mode
6:31 AM
oh, the strawpoll
I have installed a userscript which oneboxes it
of course you should vote for vim
I thought everyone had the tacoscripts by now ;-;
@Phoenix where is the red/blue star coloring based? (teamscript)
since it's for memes
@EriktheOutgolfer It's based off of chat user ID. Red means even, blue means odd. teamspirit.js is the source file
oh thanks...
6:38 AM
For example, my chat user ID is 169713, so I'm assigned to the blue team
gtg now bye
This used to make blueteam overpowered because Mego would pin things
Now pins are excluded from count
I'm starting to dislike the TeamSpirit userscript now, because it sometimes seems like people star things tactically just to increase a team's score
And I'm wondering if it's related to our recent incidents of star abuse
@Phoenix You make it sound like I pinned things to gain an advantage in TeamSpirit, which is certainly not the case (and I know that's not what you meant).
6:40 AM
The thing in question was already pinned when TeamSpirit.js became a thing
@Mego that's one of the reasons I stopped using the userscript
Q: Maximum Zig-Zag Subsequence

Mickey JackTask Input TestCase Scoring This is code-golf. Shortest answer in bytes wins.

7:09 AM
Wow, I never realized how stupid Python's import system is.
It's a huge PITA to do anything if you want to have more than one entry point or one that is not on the top level.
Maybe I'll just dump all my files into one directory.
@feersum __import__("foo") ?
@Phoenix What exactly are you suggesting?
You can make a call to it whereever you want in your program.
That's not what I'm talking about at all.
Plus, you can use real import statements anywhere else in the program where a statement is allowed.
By the top level I'm referring to directory structure.
1 hour later…
8:56 AM
@ASCII-only Yes? What about that?
9:12 AM
@feersum Can't you use that for entry points not on the top level
Not that I can find.
So I have directories A and B.
And I want to run A/a.py, and be able to import B/b.py
I can't find any way to do it
@feersum So from ..B import b doesn't work?
The only thing I saw is to add directories to sys.path which is bullshit.
@ASCII-only No.
Python 3, by the way.
@feersum you have __init__.py under directory B right?
Yes I copied some __init__s into all the directories.
9:24 AM
@feersum Well, there appear to be other ways, but they're almost as hacky
@Downgoat 11 but can wait until later
Some posts claim you can do it with a -m option to the interpreter but it doesn't work.
9:39 AM
New idea: put directory symlinks to the other directories that are needed
likt python3 -m A.a?
@ASCII-only Yes.
Doesn't work.
Another new idea: port everything to C++ because it's probably going to have problems with being too slow anyway.
@feersum Everything in what
The repository (acml).
10:02 AM
My symlink hack seemed to be going swimmingly, but now it mysteriously breaks on circular imports.
Sounds like you're going to have to implement an import module, to give the default import behaviour you desire. Maybe C++ after all...
Yeah I've read this page and it sucks.
Hmm, then I'd go with C++, it's faster plus ACML isn't that large so it won't be too hard to port
Well that was a joke, it is really true that Python might end up being too slow, but I'm not porting it because of imports.
@trichoplax The problem with this idea is that I can't use my custom import module... until I import it.
10:08 AM
@feersum make an import package instead :P
@ASCII-only What do you mean?
Ugh, why do relative imports not work even if all need files are in the same directory
Well this is annoying, now I am going to have to go and delete all this periods I added all over the place.
make a python package instead, so there will be no import issues
This is literally worse than #include in C.
@ASCII-only I still don't know what you mean.
a pip package
10:20 AM
Well this is probably the only solution that's worse than dumping all my files into one directory, making symlinks everywhere, porting to C++, or writing my own Python preprocessor.
Actually, I have no idea what that entails.
But I'm assuming based on my experience so far :P
10:31 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ArtyerLexicographically sort a list of numbers This question is inspired by the infuriating default behaviour of Array.prototype.sort() in JavaScript: Convert each element to a string and compare their Unicode code-points. document.write('<pre>' + [4, 2, 5, 1].sort() + '\n' + [42, 6, 10...

10:45 AM
@Sp3000 forgot to ask what happened with your B.. 8 wrong tries? must have been quite frustrating
I was trying something really naive for B-small and submitted a rush of attempts/tweaks at the end because I only needed B-small for top 1k
(it was something silly like assigning tickets to coasters arbitrarily at first then swapping them around to reduce the number of coasters)
huh, ok.. I thought the problem was not that hard
@Sp3000 are you doing gdcj?
@Dennis Okay. Sorry. Won't do again.
@aditsu Not planning to - it's at a pretty late time and I'm not good at distributed code. GL if you're going for it though :)
I see, thanks
11:33 AM
What in the world, there's an area51 proposal for memes
Well, it could actually be pretty useful, if taken seriously.
would it include twitch emotes?
I suppose it's a type of Meme.
See: :kappa:
Everything is a meme, even "everything is a meme" is a meme :-)
Jan Dvorak is a meme.
11:44 AM
That's a fact.
12:02 PM
Google loves me!
well done
I have no idea what I did but yay
Are you playing it?
it's got a time limit apparently
48 hours, from what I've researched
Are you able to do the challenges?
12:08 PM
the first one's easy
everyone here could do it
How do you get that?
I think it's semi random based on your search terms
it doesn't work if you directly go to the link
12:11 PM
I've tried before :P
I am madly searching programming-related terms right now :P
I just searched itertools :P
how many questions are there?
I don't know
I've got to request them
@muddyfish In your About me, shouldn't it be far too long rather than far to long?
12:21 PM
@Arjun Fixed :D
I hate that it doesn't give detailed errors though
Apparently it wasn't giving me the type I thought it was
Spend 15 minutes trying to work out why it was giving me a random TypeError
And there are 5 levels
What sort of non disclosure are they trying to get?
1 hour later…
1:52 PM
@muddyfish I just discovered that this is a way to get a job at Google, not a game!
@EriktheOutgolfer It's both
I just went to google.com/foobar and it says that I must've logged in before to log in
It did that to me before but now I think I can sign in because I've done the first level
it seems that you must be constantly searching for programming terms to gain access
like not only once but for weeks or something
Well that's kind of normal
1:56 PM
it's probably done that way to prevent spam
@KritixiLithos spam workers at Google?
no, but people spamming foo.bar to try to get a job
2:37 PM
I've been Googling programming terms for at least 3 years, but I think it doesn't show the foobar thing because I'm under 18.
I've got 2-3 years, but Google thinks I am over 18
Q: Name the Hadrons

Beta DecayChallenge Given a quark composition of a particle as input, output the corresponding hadron's name. Quarks will be represented by a capital letter and antiquarks by a lowercase letter. The quarks may be in any order, not necessarily the order given below. Built-in functions the access data ab...

uh the question doesn't specify if it is allowed to read from the internet
@totallyhuman it's a standard loophole to do so.
reading from the internet is a
2:44 PM
CMC: Find any one time Jelly was beaten by what could be considered a practical language.
@Phoenix No.
You jelly?
...that's... what
Practical means not-codegolfing, or really practical?
Probably pratical as in used in the workspace
2:47 PM
Either that, or intended to be practical e.g. Chedder.
@Phoenix Does vim count?
Does APL count?
IMO yes
Found one.
Q: Be the First 1 (leave only the first Truthy)

AdámIntro Every year, Dyalog Ltd. holds a student competition. The challenge there is to write good APL code. This is a language agnostic code-golf edition of this year's eighth problem. I have explicit permission to post this challenge here from the original author of the competition. Feel free to...

@Okx well done
2:54 PM
Here's another:
Q: Find the indices of values in one list in another

Stewie GriffinYou must take two lists of positive integers as input, let's call these n and m. You may assume that: All integers in n are part of m All integers in m are unique The lists are non-empty Challenge: Return the indices of where you find the values in n, in m. That might be confusing, but I t...

@KritixiLithos get ninjad :P
Forgot APL was a thing that exists.
CMC: divide Q into two dense subsets of your choice. Write a program to determine whether a given rational number (numerator, denominator) is in one set or another, producing consistent output. Prove that your two subsets are dense.
2:57 PM
you need to find it.
it's more of a math challenge though
I mean you could technically do something like 2|⌊ 2 mod the ceil of the number
@KritixiLithos not dense
@Phoenix not dense
The two subsets being numbers which when floored yeild an even integer or an odd integer.
->n,d{d%2}; to find a limit in even-denominator fractions, perform a binary search; to find a limit in odd-denominator fractions, perform a ternary search.
2:59 PM
@LeakyNun 1.2, 1.02, 1.002, 1.0002 all fit in the same subset
@KritixiLithos do you know what dense means?
not in terms of sets
@JanDvorak well done
Apparantly not.
CMC: given n, return the n-th decimal digit of an irrational number of your choice.
3:01 PM
@Phoenix A is dense in B iff for every element b in B there is a sequence of elements in A that converges to b
@KritixiLithos @Phoenix if a set S is dense in X, then every point in X is either in S or a limit point of S.
@LeakyNun ->n{n.to_s[/^10*/]?1:0}
@LeakyNun I think lD is a valid vim/V solution
(returns the first digit of N)
you're joking right?
well done both
3:03 PM
@DJMcMayhem You sure that's irrational?
@Okx yes it is
@Okx it changes digits less and less often
05AB1E, 3 bytes: žs¤ nth digit of pi.
That's really clever.
@Okx can be shorter using DJ's method
3:04 PM
@Okx Yeah. .123456789111...222...333....... it doesn't repeat cause each time it comes back to 1 it'll repeat each digit ten times as long.
Port of DJ's solution: ->n{n.to_s[0]}
@Okx do you know what irrational means?
I think that (DecimalDigits@N[Pi,#])[[#-1]]& should work.
Yes, digits going on forever
I'm really proud of my solution. :)
3:05 PM
@Okx hint: irrational doesn't mean it doesn't have a nice pattern
Port of DJ's solution in APL: ⊃⍕
@DJMcMayhem it's nice
@DJMcMayhem what does lD do (hint: nothing)
3:05 PM
people, stop porting solutions.
I would prefer longer solutions over boring solutions
@EriktheOutgolfer One char to the right, delete the rest
I don't think that was supposed to mean that you get the irrational as input though...
@EriktheOutgolfer what?
@Phoenix Fails in Mathics because it tries to coerce Pi to a standard floating point number for reasons.
->n{2**n%n%10} - I think it's irrational?
3:07 PM
oops, @DJMcMayhem it doesn't work for single digits
It doesn't. If the input was 11 for example, it'll delete the second one and print 1
@LeakyNun Yeah, I just realized that now. :(
ñlD should though (not tested)
No, wait I have a better solution that'll work in vim too: xVp
Dyalog APL, 2 bytes: ⍴⍕
Stringifies argument, then gets its length
Can be shortened to just if the argument is a string instead
3:09 PM
You know how git opens a text editor if you don't specify a commit message in args? That was my friend's first experience with Vim. Somehow. Has not been able to exit yet.
Should I help
@LeakyNun Nice CMC btw. :)
@LeakyNun Pyth: e. Input mod 10.
@JanDvorak I tend to believe that it works, although I cannot prove it.
@Doorknob nope. It is rational.
It is?
It is.
it repeats with a period of 10
3:11 PM
Oh, wait, yeah.
@DJMcMayhem thanks
Someone should do it in brain-flak
@KritixiLithos Wouldn't that return a two or more digit number if the input is greater than 999999999?
@KritixiLithos you think they do? ;)
Q: #Rotate the Roots

flawrGiven a nonzero polynomial with integer coefficients and roots that are on the imaginary and on the real line such that if a is a root then so is -a, return another polynomial with the roots rotated by 90 degrees. Details The polynomial can be given in any reasonable format, e.g. as a list of c...

@DJMcMayhem oh, um, then take the modulo 9 of it: 9|⍴∘⍕
3:16 PM
@Phoenix nah, he'll/she'll figure it out one day
@LeakyNun Brain-flak port, 7 bytes: ({}<>)
Surprisingly short
I'd love to see a pure arithmetical solution though
@JanDvorak well...
How do you know that it's irrational? ;)
3:20 PM
@betseg left as an exercise for the reader
@betseg if it were rational with period p, then it would mean that there exists a and b such that an+b is prime for all n.
Then, pick a number co-prime with a.
this could make an interesting challenge on PPCG
people would just take the first digit.
too broad
oh right, it wouldn't encourage unique solutions
3:27 PM
I don't think it would be too broad.
Proposal: use CPC for chat popularity challenges and CGC for chat golf challenges
And CCC for chat code challenges?
@JanDvorak Closed as unclear
@muddyfish what do you want clarified?
I mean those are pretty similar characters
3:29 PM
CMC: return the middle element(s) of an array
[1,2,3] => 2 and [1,2,3,4] => [2,3] (in whatever format you like)
What if the array has an even number of elements? (Ninja'd)
You can also take strings instead
Jelly, 4 bytes: L‘Hị
vim: qqddGddggjjkk@qq@q
3:33 PM
@Doorknob really?
@KritixiLithos Does "middle" mean "the 1 or 2 elements at the centre" or "all the elements that are not endpoints"?
the first one
@JanDvorak It works for both even and odd length arrays. Probably not for short inputs though, which would require some special casing.
I mean, there are far too many double characters
@Doorknob Can you do ddG. instead?
And possibly { instead of gg
3:35 PM
And { instead of kk maybe
You could make it work for shorter inputs with :let@q='jjGdd{.@q'<cr>@q
@Okx how do you create an array in Fireball?
(btw Leaky's CMC has a really short solution in Fireball)
V does it in 8 bytes: òHddG.kk (same method as Doorknob's, more or less)
lol did I say Leaky's? I meant Kritixi's.
3:52 PM
Κριτικσι Λίκίς
@KritixiLithos Python, 38 bytes: f=lambda x:len(x)<3and x or f(x[1:-1])
@KritixiLithos Κριτικσι Λίθος
user image
bad ad placement much?
cc @flawr
from bbc news app on my ipad this morning
wtf this is rude
thank you cpt obvious
4:03 PM
@Adnan doing CMCs in Python gets you stars
Gimme stars
In the bbc android app, whenever I exit the app accidentally (but not close it), the app starts from the beginning again, ie I lose the article/section I was on
yes, same for me
it's a pita
@muddyfish how it always works...
Apparently that technique still works
4:04 PM
I wish it was a pita, then I would be able to eat it
basically because "he knows we won't give stars for that. give star good joke 10/10"
@EriktheOutgolfer You wanted to create an array in Fireball? I believe the only way is using (split) or c (array of chars)
@Riker I know a bunch of places on reddit that might like this=)
I've borrowed a friend's acct for r/crappydesign
about to submit to r/funny
r/hmmm maybe?
4:13 PM
Almost forgot about r/ppcg, it's almost dead
oh, huh
TIL that exists
@flawr it can't go on hmmm due to the no text rule. if you have a better place, let me know ;D
nice vote/view pattern
Today I finished my mini steam bot to tell me what things I should buy/sell on the community market
@Riker HNQ
0.6305128496942486 14. Crystals of Time (Booster Average: £0.04, Card Average: £0.03<£0.04<£0.05, Card cost: £0.05, Booster cost: £0.06, Booster Worth: £0.10)
0.6559400247797743 36. Approaching Blocks (Booster Average: £0.04, Card Average: £0.03<£0.05<£0.07, Card cost: £0.05, Booster cost: £0.08, Booster Worth: £0.12)
0.6639889100572243 30. SUPERFIGHT (Booster Average: £0.06, Card Average: £0.03<£0.05<£0.06, Card cost: £0.05, Booster cost: £0.08, Booster Worth: £0.12)
And those were nice chat flags
and some more
I remember when I couldn't wait to get 10k network rep to be able to see chat flags
4:22 PM
@JanDvorak yes, I was referring to votes being 1/2 the answers
and then a round number of views
4:36 PM
Q: Catalogue of Catalogues

user69279I am currently developing a new language and thought that catalogue questions such as Hello, World! and Golf you a Quine for great good are good challenges that a language should be able to do. However, it can be kinda difficult to find all the catalogues as they aren't all linked and not alway...

Question: does glibc work on windows
Just FYI: you can (and should) golf "question:" down to one character just by appending a question mark (?) to the sentence.
@Riker /r/unfortunateplacement/
Question: what would you say most important libc function are
4:56 PM
Question: I think it would be worth adding the default representations of polynomials to . Is it ok if I edit that in or should I write a meta post first?
Question: what is FILE defined as in C? an Int?
Question: what is love?
@Dennis Could you mark this question as ?
Q: Definitive policy about answers not meeting the challenge specification

Martin EnderThis question has been asked so often, I have no idea what our actual policy is: Almost-correct answers Should answers that break the rules be deleted? Should we flag and delete Not an Answer posts? Can we stop flagging poor answers as "not an answer"? What should count as "not an answer" here?...

@flawr Baby, don't hurt me
@DJMcMayhem Done.
That was fast. Thanks!
5:00 PM
@flawr goats
Question: What is the answer to this question?
@Okx 42
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@Okx lol your punctuation is completely wrong
PSA: I'm going to ignore any chat message that starts with "Question: ".
5:03 PM
Question: Do not read this question @JanDvorak
@JanDvorak Answer: No
Question: @JanDvorak you have read this question
Question:@JanDvorak must read this it doesn't start with "Question: "
5:31 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

musicman523Broken Path Detection Challenge Given a plot with broken paths, return the plot with all paths connected in the minimum number of changes. Explanation This problem deals with graphs on the Cartesian plane. Every node has 8 possible edges, extending vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Eac...

5:43 PM
Q: default format for [polynomials]

flawrSome languages do not have native ways of representing polynomials, others do. Many times a list of coefficients (in one or the other order) works well. In order to avoid explicitly specifying this over and over again in all polynomials challenge, I'd like add that to the tag info. Please add y...

5:53 PM
Do a paint.net plugin from 2006 still works?
Question: how to do UTF8 in C?
do I really have to implement all weird glyph stuffs
@Downgoat wchar_t
and all other things in wstring.h
but that just is how much space needed for char
@TuxCopter Nope
is there a way to get the offsets of each glyph/char
@ASCII-only btw do generics work for like: class String<T: StringView = UTF8View>
Btw in terms of public generic classes. If it has a default generic it'll be like @"String" for public String, but public String<Goat> would be @"String.generic.Goat"
6:24 PM
@TuxCopter XD
6:42 PM
@TuxCopter 0110011000110011 lol that's so hilarious
can't stop laughing yet...

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