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12:04 AM
no, you're supposed to all hate it, like in the stereotype!
Good pun (that was a pun, right?)
@user you right
No, I'm user :P
ah my bad I left the edit info page open again
see that's why
Civet’s goofiest feature is that another spelling of foo.bar is foo’s bar
(no, the curly quote is not a mistake)
12:13 AM
why not?
Easter egg or real feature?
real feature
's works too but ’s has higher shock value
but what if it isn't foo's bar?
what if baz passed its bar to foo
a more useful one is that foo@bar is short for foo.bar.bind(foo)
12:17 AM
Ah, like :: in Java
T:: for T.prototype is available behind the 'civet coffeePrototype' directive
I think they're reserving :: without that flag for typing within object literals?
i.e. { x:: number: 1 }
but that doesn't exist yet
@DannyuNDos Terminal ;-)
@Bbrk24 nvm, it's the fact that the config file is 🐈.json
12:35 AM
<raised eyebrow emoji>
tragic wormhole 2 is now available :3
lmk if you find any bugs or the like
here's a test file:
(it errored lmao)
Me, about to click "download": It's a rickroll isn't it
it autoplayed as soon as it finished downloading
12:53 AM
I didn't realise software testing was so adventure oriented
bros are out here hunting and killing mutants
I took a testing & QA class last year and I got a couple good screenshots of my textbook for that exact thing
> Our goal is to kill all mutants.
> The more mutants we can kill, the higher the quality of our tests.
1:08 AM
just before it gets too conversational
ah missed one
that's the kind of room moderation that should have happened instead of TST :p
2 hours later…
3:06 AM
Cursed idea: A terminal that works like Microsoft Word.
So \t would introduce a table cell, and \v would be a table-row-feed.
And it would have pages as well; \f shall introduce a next page.
\r would clear the terminal screen (including pages), and \0 shall exit.
1 hour later…
4:15 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Dannyu NDosUltra-modular representative of rational numbers Objective Given a rational number, output the corresponding representative in the additive (abelian) quotient group \$\mathbb{Q} / \mathbb{Z}[1/2]\$. \$\mathbb{Q}\$ is the additive group of rational numbers, and \$\mathbb{Z}[1/2]\$ is the additive ...

Freakin' abstract algebra. I dunno laymen terms.
I just tried to npm run dev on a react app thinking it was svelte
javascript ecosystems man
@SandboxPosts Even as someone who understands all the terminology I find it hard to understand what this is
4:44 AM
@Bbrk24 I believe I read that was debunked
But take that with a few grains of salt lol
@Bbrk24 The latter and as a sort of reference to a song
@Rosario welcome to The Nineteenth Byte! Is this your first time visting chat?
(Not That Kind of Girl by My Chemical Romance, which as a fun bit of trivia later evolved into a song called Gun. [period included])
I thought the link url ended with go/outside
and was questioning why docker is requesting I touch grass
although it makes sense given docker never seems to want to play nice
mfw I forget to start localstack with strict CORS off
5:14 AM
woo! local testing of aws products!
it's disabled cors checks all the way down
my localstack docker container is being called with cors checks disabled, the lambda url is being created will all cors domains allowed, and the lambda response is returning cors-allow-cross-origin *
it takes a lot to put yourself in a situation where you can shoot yourself in the foot
1 hour later…
6:23 AM
CORS is pain
The preflight check existing too just adds injury to insult
@RydwolfPrograms I run a CORS proxy on my server so I can just avoid the issue for my small scale projects. Highly recommend it
ooh that's neat
My old projects before I had it had a list of like 20 existing CORS proxies and just tried them one by one until one worked. Hosting it yourself avoids relying on unreliable free services
3 hours later…
9:45 AM
@lyxal I've been doing mostly Deno for a while so every time I open a svelte project I instinctively type deno task dev
and actually with all the Deno/node interop I wouldn't be surprised if it actually worked
maybe once I should try it
So flat vote
Is cyclic duplicate still possible if the later closed one is 4 dup vote and 1 for another reason?
10:10 AM
1 turtle eaten by a python
3 hours later…
1:19 PM
Q: Error: the server's response cannot be decoded

3-1-4-One-FiveToday, there was a problem with TIO/Try It Online: Every program I ran (except for the default Hello World) gave me an error, which said that the server's response cannot be decoded! Your challenge here is to implement a simple stack-based language, however on the 10th to 20th of May (dates inclu...

1:32 PM
@NewPosts on topic but too much a random combination
it's a confusing challenge; the stack part seems interesting but the "it doesn't work on some days" thing is completely random and makes no sense
could this be two challenges? a) implement the stack lang and b) output whether the date is between 10 and 20 may?
primarily because the challenge set as it is excludes many languages from participating in an otherwise interesting challenge
2:20 PM
I think "between 10 and 20 may" is basically a duplicate
Idr what for though
2 hours later…
3:55 PM
why is Cloudflare triggering on the image domain
Q: Cloudflare is causing i.sstatic.net images to return 429s

GingerAfter loading a chat transcript with a large number of images, requests to i.sstatic.net have started returning 429s and a Cloudflare CAPTCHA check, which... seems to defeat the point of a dedicated image hosting service? See also Cloudflare protection is triggering on Stack Overflow authenticati...

thanks stack
3 hours later…
6:35 PM
@l4m2 I could see a case for opinion-based too lol
@Ginger fairly sure that TW2 had a hand in triggering this for me, since it fetches every image sent in a message twice
well, the browser fetches the image once and TW2 fetches it again
Yeah that's not good design
there's not really an alternative :p
TW2 needs the raw image data to do its magic
saying that does make me realize that it doesn't currently handle non-PNG images very gracefully, I should probably fix that
Hmm, now that I think about it you might be right
Only solution I can think of is to use an actual chrome extension instead of a userscript
6:41 PM
Which probably isn't worth it
Cloudflare still shouldn't be doing that, though :b
I wonder if the raw image data gets stored in RAM at all
might get cached
I mean, I'd assume it is. What if the image gets resized?
6:43 PM
Like I'd assume it stores the raw image data in RAM, not just a bitmap of it
Since it might have to re-render the image if the image resizes
the browser? no clue
that's an implementation detail d:
Yeah, I'm just curious if the browser would need to know the image data for any reason, since that might hint at a possible way of finding it
Have you tried converting to a blob/dataurl?
what, the image element? I don't seen an API for that
ig you could do it with canvases
Oh, yeah, now that I think about it that'd be a security issue
but that feels even jankier q:
6:47 PM
Since then you can attempt to load any image file as an image (which bypasses CORS) then read its raw contents
You can't even extract data from a canvas which has had a CORS image drawn on it
oh yeah lol
@Ginger You'd lose the other segments of it tho ofc so that's kinda useless here (but it is the normal technique yeah)
already enough magic going on in that script as-is
Alternative approach, if you could get to the image before the browser, is to load the image once then change the src to a blob/data URL
Would take some work to make it at smooth and fast as no middleman tho
And you'd have to do some stuff with preloads probably
that's possible (since the script can load before the body), but I don't think it's worth the effort
did you know? CHAT eventHandlerHooks are fired before master-chat does its own handling, so the script has to use setTimeout(..., 0) to wait for a page refresh so it can actually replace the message element
I wonder if it would be possible to make, like, mappings for master-chat
like Minecraft :p
Ghidra.js when
7:05 PM
@RydwolfPrograms the bakde pottato is borked D:
no hotlinking allowed
also this is me reminding you yet again to update Who's Typing
7:28 PM
wait did hyper change their pronouns
or am I hallucinating
POV you're generative ai
i think they changed a while back but i forget if anyone noticed here or if it was just on the particle collider
after some very normal and non-creepy checking of archive.org and GitHub I have determined that they changed their SE profile after May 7th, but their website on March 5th
that's a funny pair of dates for some reason
7:59 PM
3/5 5/7
both are pairs of increasing odd numbers
@Ginger Is this Ghidra written in JS, or Ghidra for JS?
Ghidra for JS
@noodleman and considering they share a 5, i guess they're also two linked pairs of twin primes that i was about to call a prime triplet until i looked it up and found out that means something a bit wider specifically so as to not definitionally only be 3 5 7
...and if you write them with slashes, they look like fractions which multiply to 3/7
8:55 PM
iranian president may or may not be dead
...also til that 1. iran has a president and 2. the official title held by khomeini and khamenei is straight up "supreme leader"
(although it seems like "exalted leader" might be a more accurate translation? i don't speak farsi)
what a title
9:35 PM
> Tender crispy chicken sauteed in the chef's special sauce ...
9:59 PM
Huh, the post about working with Open AI is the second lowest scoring post on the Meta
TIL it doesn't show the minus for sufficiently large numbers when you show up- and downvotes separately
It's nuzzled between two Monica Cellio posts, so clearly the community is very keen for this.
10:16 PM
damn, 48942 upvotes
11:04 PM
Am I the only one who doesn't actually care about the OpenAI thing
Like they gotta make money and this does not hurt my experience on the platform
Also I don't think people are understanding the part about integrating SO into OpenAI's products
I read that as it being like a plug-in that returns stuff from SO directly, not just training LLMs on SO answers which they're probably doing anyway
@RydwolfPrograms no
There's other people
It's just that the post has been greatly misunderstood
Everyone is assuming what is happening with the deal when no one even knows SE side afaik
@RydwolfPrograms this is most likely the intended use case
RAG technology
Also, the fact it's open ai probably doesn't help
Like the Google partnership only got -400 or so downvotes and didn't cause too much noise or mass vandalism
Yes there was skepticism but it mostly went by unnoticed

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