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12:01 AM
@NewPosts annoyingly I'm a byte longer than JS. (Although it has the benefit of recursive functions, which helps.)
12:30 AM
Should I follow the suggestion and remove the conversion to and from letters (allow numbers as output and input) in my sandbox post?
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2:18 AM
there's nothing more alarming than having a program work first try on input data you haven't tested before
5 hours later…
6:58 AM
@Neil phew, managed to find a shorter algorithm
4 hours later…
10:42 AM
Q: Longest consecutive sequence of Egyptian fraction with n as denominator

AnmBackground From Wikipedia: An Egyptian fraction is the sum of distinct unit fractions. That is, each fraction in the expression has a numerator equal to 1 and a denominator that is a positive integer, and all the denominators differ from each other. The value of an expression of this type is a po...

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12:16 PM
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1:38 PM
TIL in CSS you can use transform:scale to center stuff
Next you'll be saying that you can use CSS to perform a bank heist
Absolutely ludicrous
i think you probably can with an HTML bank
2:20 PM
Q: Do we need a "I f the sourcecode, you f the input" tag?

Wheat WizardA somewhat common pattern in source-layout is to have competitors write a program which does task A (usually cat or printing a constant), but when a transform B is applied to the program the modified program does B applied to A. Here are a bunch of examples, (they also have very similar titles): ...

2:59 PM
posted on September 30, 2023 by WheatWizard‭

Your task is to write a program $p$ which outputs a string $s$ with the same length as $p$, where $s \neq p$. If I remove the $n$th byte from your program to get program $q$, then either...

3:18 PM
me when codidact
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4:34 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Rydwolf ProgramsGolf my code code-golf code-golf For this challenge, I'll use edit histories of answers to create a dataset of answers that have been golfed. Your task will be to write a program/function that, given a submission that was golfed in the future, will attempt to golf the submission. You may choose ...

5:26 PM
MFW SO is offline for maintenance
6:07 PM
@Ginger came here to post the exact same message
get noinja;d
6:33 PM
MFW SO is no longer offline for maintenance
6:48 PM
urgentish question
how does one tab out of a code entry field in firefox
because i may have forgotten to check if my trackpad can click
google is not helping
can't help ya
what is it on linux anyways
it’s worth a try :p
SysRq+B :p
7:05 PM
One option would be ctrl+shift+c (or j maybe on FF, idr) then use the console to focus a different element, then close the console with the same shortcut
CC @UnrelatedString
**PSA If you use any desktop app that uses Electron! (Discord, WhatsApp, GitHub, and more)**


Discord, YT Music, WhatsApp, Joplin and GITHUB, and any others here https://gist.github.com/mttaggart/02ed50c03c8283f4c343c3032dd2e7ec

there is a vuln currently that allows out-of-bounds writing, so attackers can control your PC worst case scenario https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2023-4863
(mostly copy-pasted from Conor O'Briens message on discord)
(the vuln is in chromium, not electron, so i guess it also affects tauri)
7:27 PM
@UnrelatedString you could try Ctrl+L to focus the URL bar
@noodleman I don't understand what you're saying
Electron has a vulnerability
@Ginger if you open a video in any electron app on chromium older than 116.0.5845.187, there is a vuln that can be exploited to gain full PC control worst case scenario
*looks suspiciously at vscode*
7:37 PM
Vscode should be fine unless you have extensions that load external video/images
unlikely to open videos from vscode but ig its vuln
i just updated it this morning and it's on chromium 114
4 hours later…
11:33 PM
oh dang that's right utc-midnight is now an hour later because clocks went forward here
Q: Decrypt an Autokey Cipher

SquareFinderThe autokey cipher is closely related to the Vigenère cipher (both were invented by Blaise de Vigenère). Decryption involves the encrypted message and the key. For simplicity, let us assume all characters in the message and key are lowercase letters (no spaces, numbers or symbols etc.). How to de...


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